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<HdkR> alyssa: Super bi-tastic
<alyssa> We should maybe rebase mesa again soon
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<Lyude> HdkR: how far have you got?
<HdkR> Not too terribly far :P
<Lyude> I have spent all day bisecting a kernel regression on my laptop :(
<Lyude> build #33
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<alyssa> Oof
<alyssa> So, trying to run any wayland egl apps (glmark, gears, etc) under sway results in a segfault in wl_proxy_marshal_constructor; we're fine under weston
<alyssa> Wonder what's app
<Lyude> alyssa: run the app with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 and tell me what it says
<alyssa> Aa where is this screenjunk coming form
<Lyude> ok so it's not setting up the wl context right
<Lyude> it might be crashing on [4278301.916] -> wl_region@9.destroy()
<Lyude> alyssa: what is the bt like?
<alyssa> Lyude: (glmark) -> wl_shell_get_shell_surface -> wl_proxy_marshaal_constructor
<Lyude> alyssa: I mean can you copy/paste the whole thing from gdb
<alyssa> Was trying not to since copying is hard
<alyssa> So the answer is "probably not" :p
<alyssa> (How does clipboard work in weston-terminal?)
<Lyude> alyssa: if you've got it on another machine you probably should just run stuff like that through ssh to make it easier to grab the output of
<Lyude> so you don't need to copy/paste it
* alyssa grumbles
* alyssa remembers why she doesn't touch winsys
<alyssa> :p
<Lyude> you should experiment with your setups more ;P
<alyssa> Nah
<alyssa> :P
<Lyude> simple stuff like this has saved me days of effort ;)
<alyssa> Delegating winsys to other people has saved me months of effort ;)
* alyssa works on rebasing perf counter dumping
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<alyssa> T86x_TI_POLYGONS: 6
<alyssa> 0xD is the draw mode for POLYGONS (I just tried every mode, lol)O
<alyssa> Why there's GL_POLYGONS support in an ES3 part is beyond me
<alyssa> But, cool! ^_^
<HdkR> polygone support is so weird
<HdkR> polygon even
<alyssa> HdkR: And yet it's there
<alyssa> Confirmed with the perf counters
<HdkR> Did you say it had quad support as well?
<alyssa> Yeah
<alyssa> Which means we can throw out primconvert, I think, and still get desktop
<alyssa> (=cleaner code / less indirect paths)
<HdkR> Wonder if bifrost still has that
<HdkR> So weird
<alyssa> HdkR: I mean
<alyssa> It does
<alyssa> :p
<HdkR> :P
<HdkR> I guess the perf counter is still there for it?
<alyssa> Er wait no
<alyssa> Er wait maybe
<alyssa> HdkR: The counters for bifrost don't include any primitives (even triangles)?
<alyssa> Er wait they do
<alyssa> No more counters for QUADS/POLYGONS
<alyssa> Doesn't mean they're not there but
<HdkR> Probably gone...or undocumented
<alyssa> HdkR: Silly children, it's all undocumented
<alyssa> :P
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<daniels> alyssa: they're crashing because wlroots doesn't support wl_shell, only the newer xdg_shell
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<tomeu> robher: I see you have forked panfrost/linux and I have done that as well now
<tomeu> robher: how would you like to share code at the end of our days? MRs? private branches?
<robher> tomeu: probably easiest to just push branches in and we just check if there's any changes.
<tomeu> sounds good
<tomeu> looks like tomorrow will be my panfrost day :)
* Lyude wishes she had a panfrost day :(
<alyssa> daniels: Ahh... so Not My Bug (TM)? :P
<daniels> alyssa: correct!
<alyssa> Hooray! That happens about 0.1% of the time!
<alyssa> :p
<alyssa> robher: tomeu: BTW, for as many linux repos as we have cloned and forked and whatever, it's up to you if using any of them is actually a headstart
<robher> alyssa: Are there others?
<alyssa> The linux-panfrost changes never got to the point of, well, testability; it's certainly good reference code I think
<alyssa> robher: I can't keep track :p hanetzer started writing a DRM driver from scratch (that's linux-panfrost, iirc). There's the fork of the mali_kbase driver. And there are... other forks of mali_kbase that are even more broken, do not touch
<alyssa> :p
<robher> alyssa: certainly with ARM's driver, there are no shortages of forks to use.
<alyssa> Hehe
<alyssa> robher: BTW, are you planning to write this module out-of-tree (at least for now)?
<alyssa> At least on Chromebooks, reflashing the kernel is Not My Idea of Fun (TM), but with mali_kbase I can just recompile and insmod it over
<alyssa> ...although I guess I could do that too with an in-tree module, just setting the relevant CONFIG=m?
<davidlt> Are there panfrost related talks at FOSDEM?
<robher> alyssa: that's probably going to be a bit harder with a DRM driver because for one, ARM's driver probably has kernel version abstractions built in (#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE(...)) and is less dependent on kernel APIs.
<alyssa> davidlt: Not to my knowledge
<alyssa> robher: Oh.. well, in any event I can (and would probably prefer to) stick with Arm's driver until the DRM stuff is mature
<robher> alyssa: It probably going to be easiest to maintain a CrOS specific backport while the development tracks mainline.
<raster> davidlt: no idea, but i'd love to hear some... :)
<HdkR> Graphics devroom is only one day this year as well
<raster> lame
<raster> :(O
<HdkR> Not that big of a deal. I'm sure there will be more talks in the future :D
<raster> people didnt submit enough talks to make it 2 days?
<HdkR> I can only imagine
<HdkR> Original call for talks only said one day as well. Could be the waning talks over the past couple years have made it be only one day
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<ezequielg> who wants hw decoding, rendered with panfrost ?
<HdkR> hw decoding of what?
<robertfoss_> vidya!
<ezequielg> everything ?
<HdkR> Oh snap, everything
<HdkR> I don't know if I can open my mind that far
<ezequielg> i'd like to decode the meaning of life. but we have to settle with video decoding.
<ezequielg> mpeg2 at the moment.
<ezequielg> h264 if the afternoon is long enough
<HdkR> Nice
<ezequielg> i needed to force the vop big to be used. should check if there's a way of asking it politely.
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<cyrozap> <alyssa> At least on Chromebooks, reflashing the kernel is Not My Idea of Fun (TM)
<cyrozap> kexec, yo
<cyrozap> Load and boot Linux from Linux
<Lyude> if you're lucky
<Lyude> :)
<cyrozap> What do you mean?
<anarsoul> ezequielg: what platform?
<anarsoul> rk3399?
<Lyude> cyrozap: I have many a machine where kexec doesn't work, although it'll probably work fine on arm
<Lyude> some hardware is just bad at resets
<anarsoul> Lyude: rather some drivers are bad at shutting down hardware properly
<cyrozap> Lyude: Oh, interesting... I've only ever used kexec on my Talos, so I just assumed it worked everywhere.
<Lyude> anarsoul: I dunno, I've yet to see someone reset r600 series GPUs correctly, even when going off hw docs
<Lyude> cyrozap: you have a talos?
<HdkR> Lyude: Isn't that reset problem a firmware issue?
<Lyude> HdkR: kind of?
<ezequielg> anarsoul: yep
<anarsoul> ezequielg: nice!
<cyrozap> Lyude: I do :)
<Lyude> HdkR: I tried getting radeon to reset those GPUs properly at one point and the UVD/VCE always gets stuck
<Lyude> granted though, I have suspecions about that since i haven't tried again at that for a while
<cyrozap> Unfortunately, I can't get my RX Vega 64 to work with Debian Testing, but at least llvmpipe and pocl are pretty fast on this machine...
<Lyude> cyrozap: seriously? D:, or are these ppc specific related amdgpu issues
<HdkR> Lyude: Like, last I knew you could shut it down completely sanely from the host side and it wouldn't matter regardless since the firmware just won't take bits down correctly :P
<HdkR> But I don't do AMD things, could be mistaken
<Lyude> yeah, I need to give another shot at trying to get that reset working
<cyrozap> Lyude: I may need some kernel/Xorg patches to get it to work, and I know part of the problem was that (and this may have been fixed) AMD cards have DMA issues (I forget exactly why) and they don't play nicely with the POWER9's IOMMU. Some more info:
<Lyude> last time I tried it I knew a lot less about drivers
<Lyude> /hw/etc
<HdkR> :D
<Lyude> cyrozap: huh, was hoping i could help but I'm not sure I can D:
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<cyrozap> Lyude: That said, my larger concern is that I can't use it for any GPU compute stuff because ROCm only supports x86 and ARM :/
<Lyude> ugh
<Lyude> gpu compute sucks atm
<HdkR> Lyude: But just think, OpenCL-Next will save us
<Lyude> wait
<Lyude> they're still going with OpenCL?
<HdkR> Yep
<cyrozap> I wish Clover wasn't a steaming pile of garbage (no offense to anyone who works on that, but seriously I've gotten segfaults every time I've tried to use it) and I wish all the CL runtimes that use LLVM would statically link it so that OpenCL ICDs would work properly (though really it's LLVM's fault for having global state in the first place).
<HdkR> Supposedly OpenCL-next is going to be a significant API break
<Lyude> cyrozap: I think most of the people working on clover will agree with you :p
<Lyude> it has been suffering from lack of people power for a long time
<HdkR> I think there is also an initiative to make Vulkan compute be able to take on things that OpenCL is used for as well?
<Lyude> that woul be very nice :)
<Lyude> I'd like to see a world where gpu compute is a bit more then which manufacturer can monopolize things first
* HdkR throws cuda under a bus quick
<Lyude> HdkR: hehe, to be fair though rocm isn't much better
<Lyude> in more ways then one
<HdkR> Let's just use HIP
<HdkR> Oh, that's technically part of rocm
<cyrozap> Let's all just switch to GPU assembly and ioctl(). What could go wrong?
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<alyssa> robher: I didn't mean a CrOS kernel (my dev machine is running 4.20 mainline with no patches minus, you know, mali_kbase). Just... you know what, nvm, I was being silly :p
<robher> alyssa: That makes it a lot easier as a CrOS kernel would also have lots of backports and is its own thing.
<alyssa> Indeed
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<alyssa> robher: I noticed anholt pushed some but not at all of the kmsro patches -- does that mean I'm safe to merge your MR, or do the other patches matter too?
<robher> alyssa: I pushed the rest too. You kind of need the etnaviv one only because it restructures things to add other drivers like panfrost.
<alyssa> robher: Alright. So merge now or no?
<robher> alyssa: yes.
<alyssa> Cool :)