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<freemint> How does httpGate handle subdomains? from reading httpGate.html i am not sure.
<Regenaxer> It does not handle *any* domains (?)
<Regenaxer> What should it do? httpGate handles connections to processes listening at local ports
<freemint> Ok, can i run a httpGate on a particular (sub-)domain?
<Regenaxer> What do you mean? It does not know or care about domains
<Regenaxer> It listens at the given port
<Regenaxer> e.g. 443
<Regenaxer> You configure the name service at the provider (DNS)
<Regenaxer> this determines at which domains httpGate is reachable
<freemint> But i (hypothetically) care about domains. If i want and to be different services. Can i achieve that with httpGate, assuming and point to the same IP?
<Regenaxer> As I said, httpGate does not care
<freemint> I do not understand what "doesn't care" means.
<Regenaxer> For example, is also
<Regenaxer> All are:,,,,,,,,
<Regenaxer> So if you connect any of these domains, you always get to the *same* httpGate
<Regenaxer> You have some provider where you configure your DNS
<Regenaxer> the domains of your *server*
<Regenaxer> All domains point to the *same* IP address
<freemint> If and run on the same server and all requests end up on the same httpGate, how does and return different content?
<Regenaxer> it is the names file
<freemint> that is the relation between urls and the names file?
<Regenaxer> ok, I have a master running
<Regenaxer> it maps to "wiki"
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<Regenaxer> oops
<Regenaxer> So you get the wiki also at
<Regenaxer> or
<Regenaxer> or sushi at ;)
<Regenaxer> httpGate only resolves names like wiki or sushi
<Regenaxer> What I did is have a master server running at "@" (see doc/httpGate.html)
<Regenaxer> it maps to and such things
<Regenaxer> But that's just sugar
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<freemint> What is a master?
<Regenaxer> nothing special. A server process at "@"
<freemint> and how does it rewrite urls?
<Regenaxer> ?
<Regenaxer> httpGate does not rewrite urls
<freemint> "it maps to "wiki""
<Regenaxer> yes, no "rewrite"
<Regenaxer> it *connects* to the port in names in the "wiki" line
<freemint> i can not help but find explanations obscure. Can you explain what happens if i connect to and why returns JSON?
<Regenaxer> Sorry, was busy
<freemint> No problem i am on and off too.
<Regenaxer> is translated by some process listening at some high port
<Regenaxer> @ 65500
<Regenaxer> this redirects to
<Regenaxer> and thats what httpGate sees
<Regenaxer> But there is no JSON involved
<freemint> returns JSON. Why?
<freemint> Oh it is an Apache response.
<freemint> Where does the apache come from?
<beneroth> has nothing to do with ?
<beneroth> :P
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<Regenaxer> this is a redirect
<Regenaxer> beneroth, and are both (
<Regenaxer> and and tcgf... too
<beneroth> oh ok
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<Regenaxer> I think this redirect page with "Apache" is by ~he provider where we host that domain
<freemint> Regenaxer, thank you for time. I now have enough knowledge to have an understanding what to put in my names file. I find it sad that no dispatch based on (sub-)domain but it is not necessary for my use case.
<Regenaxer> ok, good. It is simple to write such a subdomain server, but my own one here is too specialized
<Regenaxer> and, as I said, it does not really anything
<Regenaxer> just redirects xxx.domain.xy to domain.xy/xxx
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<tankf33der> they have picolisp in list
<beneroth> what an epic domain
<beneroth> awesome introduction.. "your language isn't broken" jsut lying
<beneroth> (pretending)
<DKordic> IMHO [[][Why I find IEEE 754 frustrating]] and [[][0x5f3759df]] are far more interesting.
<Regenaxer> Cool indeed
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