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<mtsd> Hello all
<Regenaxer> Hi mtsd!
<mtsd> I added beneroth's excellent email about the database to the wiki
<mtsd> Hello Regenaxer
<Regenaxer> very good!!
<mtsd> Also linked from documentation --> articles
<mtsd> Good writeup. Credit given in the article :)
<Regenaxer> I hurry for the train. Will look soon :)
<mtsd> Take care now :)
<Regenaxer> No problem :)
<Regenaxer> Sitting ... :)
<Regenaxer> Looks perfect, you added a good intro
<Regenaxer> It is really an impressing piece, especially as it was "only" intended for the mail
<mtsd> I think so too. It is very good. Didn't beneroth write another email, some time, ago?
<mtsd> One that would also make a good article
<Regenaxer> Quite probable
<mtsd> I will check the archives
<Regenaxer> good idea
<tankf33der> i will post to reddit.
<Regenaxer> Perfect
<beneroth> thank you all :)
<beneroth> thanks for the work, mtsd
<mtsd> Thank you, beneroth!
<mtsd> You did all the work, I'm just a typing monkey here ;)
<beneroth> typo (from my original text): "Most (maybe all?) ORMs cannot take advantage of the records they already have been cached, " - I guess either the "they" or the "been" should be removed from this sentence
<beneroth> well thanks for Kashyap for getting me hooked ^^
<beneroth> mtsd, I like your adaptions very much, thank you for the improvements
<mtsd> I really did not change very much. Just some small bits here and there
<beneroth> T
<beneroth> the difference between good and great is only in the details :)
<mtsd> You wrote another good email some time ago. I just can't remember what it was about.
<mtsd> I know we talked about turning it into an article as well..
<mtsd> Prolog/Pilog perhaps?
<beneroth> dunno. the piece-by-piece explanation of pilog?
<beneroth> ah
<mtsd> That is probably the one
<beneroth> btw. we should remove from the Community page, died (pieces are still around)
<mtsd> Thanks. I'll try my hand at that too
<mtsd> Have to wait a few days though. I'm off to London tomorrow. Conference time
<beneroth> what conference?
* beneroth will be on 36C3
<mtsd> Just for work.
<beneroth> mtsd, maybe this would also make sense as a short wiki essay?
<beneroth> hm.. I wanted to wish you fun.. but ... well, still, have fun :)
<mtsd> haha, it is usually ok. Even though it is work
<mtsd> Picolisp is finished is good. Important point, a point that seems to be overlooked constantly.
<beneroth> (= 'strange '(niche old))
<mtsd> There is always this call for "development" and for software to "evolve".
<mtsd> Never for software to get done
<mtsd> Well, the industry needs to sustain itself, I assume
<beneroth> if good stuff would be fixed instead of changed all the time, all those not-so-good-coders, marketeers and other self-popularizing people would have nothing to do
<beneroth> exactly
<beneroth> most IT work these days has to be done only because someone didn't do it properly during the last opportunity
<beneroth> most work is not caused by business (or other) needs
<beneroth> a big waste
<beneroth> broken window fallacy yada-yada
<mtsd> T
<mtsd> Fixed the typo from the original text. The one you pointed out earlier
<beneroth> thank you
<mtsd> Removed the reference to Gmane from the community section as well.
<beneroth> you are the best
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<tankf33der> mtsd: here ?
<tankf33der> beneroth: here ?
<tankf33der> about this article
<tankf33der> what subject of post to reddit should be ?
<tankf33der> is this correct one: ?
<tankf33der> The Picolisp database vs. ORMS
<mtsd> Hi tankf33der
<mtsd> Yes, should work, I think?
<tankf33der> The Picolisp database vs. ORMS
<tankf33der> ok, right?
<mtsd> Yes. I can adjust the title of the article. The Picolisp database vs. ORMS is shorter
<mtsd> It was the original title. Don't know why I changed it...
<mtsd> There, fixed it. Thanks, tankf33der
<Regenaxer> BTW, PilCon 2020, is it OK if we target July 27 - 29?
<tankf33der> posted.
<tankf33der> if somebody create post to mailling list or wiki then i can post on reddit too.
<Regenaxer> ok, I do
<Regenaxer> hmm, what kind of post?
<Regenaxer> The above link into the mailing list
<Regenaxer> ?
<mtsd> Regenaxer, July 27- 29 is good with me
<aw-> July 27-29 would be good for me as well
<Regenaxer> good, I though to plan Mon 27 and Tue 28, with an option to extend one dat
<Regenaxer> *day
<aw-> 3 days seems a bit long though
<Regenaxer> right
<Regenaxer> Mon and Tue is fine
<Regenaxer> Some people may travel Sunday, leave Wed
<mtsd> I think I will be in that category. At least arriving Sunday
<Regenaxer> I have not fixed with the location here
<Regenaxer> yeah
<mtsd> Maybe the entire community can sign up for a sushi course as well? ;)
<Regenaxer> Good idea :)
<Regenaxer> Max 8 though
<mtsd> I would definately need guidance from an expert. Tried making sushi myself, once. It was a disaster, haha
<aw-> oh yeah i'd love to travel from Japan to Germany, to eat sushi ;)
<aw-> hahaha just kidding I know Regenaxer has homemade sushi
<Regenaxer> It is half-german sushi :)
<Regenaxer> hard to get fresh raw fish here in Bavaria
<mtsd> I will bring a selection of Knäckebröd
<aw-> wow interesting
<Regenaxer> wow, yeah, I love Knäcke
<beneroth> tankf33der, perfect
<beneroth> tankf33der, you might want to post a link to your repo here:
<tankf33der> already posted before.
<tankf33der> skipping this year.
<tankf33der> and next too.
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<tankf33der> will be my next task.
<Regenaxer> ok :)
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