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<freemint> Regenaxer, is there something wrong with this names file:
<freemint> @ pil 12345 /home/pil /home/pil/log pil @lib/http.l @lib/xhtml.l @lib/form.l --server 12345 filler.l +
<freemint> (on line only)
<freemint> where filler.l is a file calling (html ... )
<freemint> *( 1 line only)
<freemint> beneroth ?
<aw-> freemint: hi
<freemint> hi, can you help me?
<aw-> i'm not sure what is your question
<aw-> what is @ pil 12345 ?
<freemint> my names file for httpGate
<DKordic> httpGate config file?
<freemint> Yes
<aw-> ohhhh
<aw-> sorry, i've never used it :\
<freemint> DKordic, do you see anything wrong?
<aw-> i see 'pil' twice in that line
<aw-> is that normal?
<DKordic> No. I don't understand httpGate at all.
<freemint> to bad. got to leave the train now.
<freemint> thanks for your time. i start it as user pil
<freemint> will check the logs, i hope i can get the https working before handing out the first buisness card, lol.
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<geo80> morning Regenaxer! sorry was not able to come back yesterday evening, usually get tired coming from work becaues of the long and crowded commuting.. anyway I was able to fix my code its works! here is the code:
<geo80> as you can see, it still the not lispy version, I want to change it using your recommendation to have a lispy version but I got these questions:
<geo80> 1. if using map to iterate, how can i exit the iteration once i found the value 99?
<geo80> 2. if using 'set' to skip some index, how can I keep the modified full input list?
<geo80> the reason my code didn't work was because the data value is used as index for a zero based array, but the put/get for list is one based so that's why I used some inc
<beneroth> hi geo80
<beneroth> I think this might be an answer:
<beneroth> 1. use (catch 'sym (map ... (throw 'sym) ...)) or instead of map a (for) with the (NIL ..) or (T ...) break conditions.
<beneroth> 2. keep the head/root of the list in a variable around, e.g. using (let)
<beneroth> I didn't look at your code.. so maybe this does not apply
<beneroth> geo80, it will take now around 3-4 hours before Regenaxer will become active, I guess
<aw-> geo80: that Chiba-Tokyo commute is killer :(
<aw-> geo80: hi
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<beneroth> hi aw- :)
<aw-> hey beneroth
<aw-> what time is it in your area?
<beneroth> you don't want to ask me this >.<
<beneroth> 04:20 AM
<aw-> :O
<beneroth> what time is in your area?
<aw-> noon
<aw-> 12:20pm
<aw-> ahaha
<beneroth> ah, you live in my future
<aw-> I am your future
<beneroth> :D
<aw-> are you working a night shift?
<beneroth> aye
<aw-> until what time?
<beneroth> until this damn software looks ready to be presented :/
<aw-> yikes
<aw-> ok good luck!
<beneroth> some exceptional crunch for an exceptional flawed project
<beneroth> thanks!
<beneroth> unrelated question to you... I come to you when I have an appliance software to be deployed on mainstream container (docker et al) environment, right?
<aw-> no, opposite ;)
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<beneroth> aw-, hu?
<beneroth> I understood you could package my application for running in docker et al, I got that backwards?
<beneroth> good I'm asking!
<beneroth> (probably not a topic for my business as of now.. but probably eventually)
<geo80> Hi beneroth! thank your for your answers and all noted! will try modify my approach using your suggestions. no problem this solution is not urgent, is just for learning :)
<geo80> Hi aw-! just came back from lunch break and a quick visit to ginza to check something.. indeed! it become more challenging because we have to bring our lil one to day care.. but getting used now :)
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<Regenaxer> freemint has wrong syntax in his line
<Regenaxer> "@ pil 12345"
<Regenaxer> The port must be the second item
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<m_mans> Hi all
<Regenaxer> Hi m_mans! :)
<m_mans> I need help :). I want to rescue from OOP :))
<Regenaxer> oh ;) How?
<m_mans> God knows
<Regenaxer> What is the problem with OOP?
<m_mans> I need to find PicoLisp job, I think :)
<Regenaxer> Good idea, but pil has also OOP
<m_mans> Regenaxer: I'm working in big company, you know. Tooo much over-engineered stupid classes in Python, huge system :)
<Regenaxer> I understand
<tankf33der> m_mans: aw- searched picolisp developers for startup.
<m_mans> And all this based on big C++ core
<m_mans> tankf33der: hm, ok :)
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<Regenaxer> I think m_mans does not look for part-time
<m_mans> yeah, full-time would be ideal
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<geo80> gtg, ciao!
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<Regenaxer> cu :)
<beneroth> well designed OOP is great
<beneroth> not for everything, but for a wide range of stuff
<beneroth> m_mans, I wish you all the best
<beneroth> try to find a company who cares about their tech... legends says, they exist
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<alexshendi> Hi, good evening!
<Regenaxer> Hi alexshendi! o/
<alexshendi> Hi, Regenaxer \o/
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<Regenaxer> oops
<alexshendi> Regenaxer, I read on the mailing list, that a picolisp meet up is planned?
<Regenaxer> Yeah! Would be nice if it works out, and if you can attend! :)
<Regenaxer> Current plan is July 27+28
<Regenaxer> In Langweid/Augsburg, PilCon 2020
<alexshendi> That's a Monday and a Tuesday, correct?
<Regenaxer> Yes, and optionally Wed (29) too if desired
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<alexshendi> Regenaxer, The exact place is Langweid am Lech?
<Regenaxer> Correct
<Regenaxer> At the Station, "Kulturbahnhof"
<Regenaxer> We get the room for free, as long as we are non-commercial
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