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<Regenaxer> tankf33der thanks!
<Regenaxer> I did not know that some Lisps have an upper limit
<tankf33der> check. read-format much faster on 32bit.
<Regenaxer> ok, not sure why
<Regenaxer> You mean conversion of number to string or print?
<tankf33der> convert string to num
<Regenaxer> ah
<tankf33der> or just read
<Regenaxer> symToNum in both cases
<Regenaxer> pil32 is a little less complicated here, due to big-only, but I did not expect a big difference
<Regenaxer> both do multiplication by 10 and addition
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<tankf33der> as is.
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<tankf33der> format fron num to sym also 2x faster on 32bit.
<tankf33der> for example 300K digits number.
<tankf33der> huge difference started from 30-50k digits
<tankf33der> afk.
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<tankf33der> comparing both symtonum line by line
<Regenaxer> Good! Another version is symToNum in pil21/src/big.l
<tankf33der> found something.
<tankf33der> drawing.
<tankf33der> this is symtonum c version
<tankf33der> 3 blocks of C code, all separated.
<tankf33der> in pil64 block 2 inside first loop and third separated as pil32.
<Regenaxer> Can't check atm
<tankf33der> ok
<tankf33der> afk
<Regenaxer> Yeah, the loops nest differently
<Regenaxer> The pil21 version is not complete yet
<tankf33der> yeah.
<Regenaxer> I just needed a minimal version to get I/O for testing the interpreter itself
<Regenaxer> Most modules in pil21 are only partially so far
<Regenaxer> Next will be apply and gc primitives I think
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