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<geo80> Hi everyone!
<geo80> Hi @Regenaxer!
<geo80> Sorry was out for a while, yesterday was busy catching up with work and last Monday we attended the Papal mass held in Tokyo dome.. it was awesome! Me and my family are Roman Catholic so it was a big deal for us :)
<geo80> I've checked the irc logs and read about the planned meetup? super cool! I would love to join but need to check if its possible.. will see!
<geo80> I love to visit Germany again, as @Regenaxer said, I was in Augsburg for training in NCR last 2005? and I was born in Leverkusen :)
<geo80> I also owe you a beer @Regenaxer! We were not able to get it here last June so hopefully will have it there then ;)
<geo80> If ever its possible for me next year, it will be a good timing for me to show something that I make for PicoLispers :)
<geo80> Its not PilMCU, but maybe ill show it also coz I failed to show it in action to @Regenaxer, its something new that im currently working on.
<geo80> Its still too early to announce and I want to announce it once its 80% working just to make sure it wont become vaporware :)
<geo80> What I can say though is I think many Pil users will like this.. or not, but I hope its something useful in promoting PicoLisp ;)
<geo80> so good luck to me! :)
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<freemint> geo80, still around?
<geo80> Hi freemint! yup still here :)
<freemint> I am visiting Japan next month and present a softcore related project at "TRONSHOW" and will visit "iREX"
<geo80> wow! cool! where is the exact location? maybe we can meetup
<freemint> Well i will also do a small tour through Japan, more in pm
<geo80> hopefully its near by the office :) softcore.. so you doing HDL as well?
<geo80> oh great! ok sure!
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<tankf33der> o/
<tankf33der> Regenaxer: seen mail? picolisp added to those lisp lisy
<Regenaxer> Yes, perfect! He seems to add it even twice ;)
<tankf33der> cool.
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<freemint> tankf33der, what email?
<geo80> cool!
<freemint> I would not say that PicoLisp is compiled to bytecode. Since that suggests the wrong thing.
<mtsd> Good morning everyone
<geo80> morning mtsd!
<mtsd> Hi geo80!
<mtsd> How are things?
<geo80> still fine, still at work :) and might meet with freemint here next month, will see our sched first. how about there?
<mtsd> Going fine here as well!
<mtsd> At work too, but just started the day over here
<geo80> cool! for me it almost 6pm so will go out soon :)
<mtsd> Great if you and freemint get to meet up
<mtsd> We hope to be able to arrange a meeting some time next year
<mtsd> Get as many picolispers as possible to Langweid
<geo80> yeah looking forward to meet him if both time permits :)
<geo80> and yup that would be indeed nice! i also hope i can join that meetup if possible hehe ok time to go, till tomorrow!
<geo80> ciao!
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<freemint> mtsd, why did we decide on Langweid?
<Regenaxer> freemint, nothing is decided yet
<freemint> Ahh
<Regenaxer> it is just an idea so far
<freemint> I would propose my university. It is very reachable since it is a 45 min ride from Erfurt which is Germany central ICE Umsteigebahnhof. I get access to recording hardware. I still would need to check whether i could get rooms in a university building and how catering would cost. Maybe the university would sponsor it but i doubt it, since it won't bring new students.
<Regenaxer> OK, cool
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<freemint> (It is not that i am unwilling to take a train but i think it could be a really good place.)
<mtsd> Sure. I will be travelling anyway
<mtsd> Would be nice to see your home village though, and spare you the travelling, Regenaxer
<Regenaxer> haha, thanks! :) No problem with travelling thougx
<Regenaxer> If freemint organizes it it is good too
<mtsd> Absolutely. I don't mind visiting there either :)
<Regenaxer> I did not get Benedikt yet, not on phone, and nobody is at home atm. Just got his father yesterday who said he is there
<Regenaxer> I first want to find out if Kulturbahnhof is suitable
<Regenaxer> Bavaria Business Center is not so nice perhaps
<Regenaxer> Let's see
<freemint> It might be possible to even get a Höhrsaal so Regenaxer could give a bigger presentation to some interrested students too. Although i am not sure many will come.
<Regenaxer> yeah
<freemint> Do not hold your breath on me organizing it but i could check whether it is possible and how much it would cost.
<Regenaxer> We are also not sure how many picolispers would come
<Regenaxer> ok
<Regenaxer> Let's check all options
<freemint> well i doubt >20
<Regenaxer> yes, I expect less than 10
<mtsd> The core people :)
<mtsd> At least the european ones
<Regenaxer> No idea what happens if we ask in the ML
<mtsd> We will see. Perhaps we will be surprised
<freemint> How many days do you think are good?
<Regenaxer> two?
<freemint> ok
<Regenaxer> one is not worth travelling
<freemint> so probably a weekend?
<Regenaxer> yeah, might be easier for some people
<freemint> On Saturday we can surely get Mensafood, on sunday we might have to go to a good greek restaurante.
<mtsd> Two is probably good
<Regenaxer> So three nights
<mtsd> Yes, should give us some time to discuss things, show applications etc
<Regenaxer> How is your University reachable from intl. airports?
<Regenaxer> and is accomodation nearby?
<mtsd> freemint, where is your university located, by the way?
<freemint> Ilmenau
<freemint> There are some hotels reachable by foot. There are hotels in Erfurt. There are some guest houses outside the city.
<Regenaxer> Busses to Erfurt?
<freemint> Train and Bus
<freemint> Erfurt-Weimar has is small airport with some flight to european countries <1h away from Erfurt Mainstation. Erfurt directly reachable from berlin airport <4h. Düsseldorf Airport 6h. Frankfurt 4h, München 5h, Dresden 4h
<mtsd> I would probably have to fly to Frankfurt from here, then change to another flight. Or possibly some trains
<freemint> Erfurt Mainstation -> Ilmenau Uni 1 h 15 min
<Regenaxer> Ok, so from infrastructur Langweid is a lot better. Station with direct trains from München
<Regenaxer> 1 h
<mtsd> Yes, seems easier
<freemint> This speaks for Langweid
<beneroth> I think Langweid is nearer for me. But I adapt :)
<Regenaxer> Direct flights to/from Japan
<freemint> The best way for direct flight from Japan is Frankfurt
<Regenaxer> I always fly München -> Haneda
<Regenaxer> not sure if FFM is much better
<freemint> probably not. DUS is better
<Regenaxer> right, thats best
<freemint> Well we people can vote between the options.
<Regenaxer> First find out the options
<Regenaxer> Not sure about Langweid yet (Kulturbahnhof)
<Regenaxer> prices etc.
<Regenaxer> accomodation is probably cheaper here
<Regenaxer> but Bayern vs. Thüringen, not sure
<Regenaxer> at least everything is in walkind distance (0.5 - 1.5 km) here
<freemint> Same for Ilmenau.
<beneroth> for Regenaxer ? :P
<beneroth> no worries :)
<Regenaxer> Walking to Ilmenau :)
* beneroth wonders about the maximum walking distance
<Regenaxer> from - to?
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<freemint> Ah i thought you ment inside the city. Mainstation to City center 10 min, Mainstation to University <10 min
<Regenaxer> I meant hotels
<Regenaxer> morning and evening walk :)
<Regenaxer> Anyway, lets keep all options open and investigyte more
<Regenaxer> I want to ask Benedikt first
<Regenaxer> perhaps it is not possible there anyway
* beneroth imagines Regenaxer leading a tourist group as a guide "and this is the meadow on which I viewed as I got pil64 working on ARM"
<freemint> ahh walkable hotels in Ilmenau are 60-70€
<Regenaxer> haha :)
<Regenaxer> freemint, good
<freemint> Airbnb is 40€ / person
<Regenaxer> Sonnenhof/Langweid is 59 € (shower, wc, free wifi) in single-room
<Regenaxer> Schlemmerhütte was around 70 last year
<Regenaxer> There was one more Gasthof which unfortunately closed a few weeks ago, but is supposed to re-open
<mtsd> Sounds like there are some good alternatives. Sonnenhof looked fine, at least the pictures on the website
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