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<geo80> morning!
<geo80> morning Regenaxer! I was curious to try test on my picolisp setup on wsl
<geo80> pil @lib/test.l -bye +
<geo80> ("SigVal")
<geo80> [/usr/lib/picolisp/test/src/main.l:20] (a b c) -- 'test' failed
<geo80> ? *OS
<geo80> -> "Linux"
<geo80> Not sure why it failed, I checked *OS to see what is the value
<geo80> these are the infos on my current setup
<geo80> pil +
<geo80> : (version)
<geo80> 19.11.11
<geo80> -> (19 11 11)
<geo80> : *OS
<geo80> -> "Linux"
<geo80> : *CPU
<geo80> -> "x86-64"
<geo80> :
<geo80> hmm did I miss something?
<aw-> geo80: that's def not normal
<aw-> geo80: hi
<geo80> hi aw-! I see, thought so.. hmm do you have picolisp on WSL as of the moment?
<aw-> what is WSL?
<geo80> ah windows subsystem for linux
<aw-> ohhhh
<aw-> no
<aw-> i'm very disconnected from that world, sorry ;)
<geo80> hehe no problem
<geo80> i don't have option coz most of my work computers are in windows
<aw-> VirtualBox ;)
<geo80> hehe did that before but it was easier to install WSL
<geo80> also its easy to share files
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<Regenaxer> Good morning geo80, aw-!
<Regenaxer> I have no idea aaout WSL either
<Regenaxer> Perhaps tankf33der later?
<geo80> morning Regenaxer! ok noted, will wait for tankf33der then, thanks!
<Regenaxer> Yeah, he has most experience with different platforms
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<geo80> cool! i think it was him who showed pil64 on MinGW?
<geo80> ok will wait ;)
<Regenaxer> In any case, your test "pil @lib/test.l -bye +" is correct
<Regenaxer> Your line in main.l is (unless (member *OS '("SunOS" "OpenBSD" "Cygwin" "AIX" "HP-UX" "IRIX64"))
<Regenaxer> So it looks like WSL does not properly support some signal
<geo80> yeah that why i checked my *OS which shows Linux
<geo80> hmm i see
<Regenaxer> Yeah, and Linux should be correct
<Regenaxer> WSL, right? Windows Subsystem Linux or so
<geo80> yes
<geo80> and its using ubuntu
<geo80> $ uname -a
<geo80> Linux JPXXXXXXB2 4.4.0-17763-Microsoft #864-Microsoft Thu Nov 07 15:22:00 PST 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
<geo80> $ cat /etc/lsb-release
<geo80> DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu
<geo80> DISTRIB_RELEASE=18.04
<geo80> DISTRIB_CODENAME=bionic
<geo80> DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS"
<tankf33der> i never tried wsl
<tankf33der> i think problem the same like picodb in cygwin
<Regenaxer> :(
<Regenaxer> Why don't they get it right?
<tankf33der> unknown. maybe windows kernel cant be used as backend for linux functionality
<Regenaxer> And, more important, why do people still bother to use that f*cking stupid Windows?
<tankf33der> at the same time geo80 can use 99% of picolisp on it, except some low level
<tankf33der> geo80: why you need windiws?
<Regenaxer> yeah, 'sigio' is not so important
<tankf33der> Regenaxer: IT inert of masses.
<Regenaxer> seems so
<Regenaxer> The best smell is there where most flies are sitting
<geo80> Regenaxer f*cking Windows hahaha nice one :) tankf33der not need but most of my work are done on Windows machines.. also installing virtualbox is a bit hassle
<tankf33der> geo80: dont have rights to install new software on windows?
<Regenaxer> Windows is the only remaining non-Posix system
<geo80> but no worries, i was just checking if picolisp works 100% on WSL :) just for curiosity ;)
<Regenaxer> More important than sigio is fcntl
<Regenaxer> Didn't other people try WSL too?
<geo80> Regenaxer indeed! tankf33der we do but just time consuming with virtualbox..
<tankf33der> Regenaxer: of course.
<tankf33der> its just in case like workaround. :)
<tankf33der> of course everybody switched to linux, it so easy those days.
<Regenaxer> exactly
<tankf33der> today i must insert 1TB of ram to server. redhat :)
<Regenaxer> wow!
<geo80> cool!
<geo80> haven't seen such machine that can handle such amount or RAM, super!
<beneroth> cool
<beneroth> hi all :)
<geo80> hi beneroth
<Regenaxer> Hi beneroth!
<beneroth> have a nice day friends :)
<beneroth> bbl
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<Regenaxer> If we settle for Kulturbahnhof in Langweid, we must schedule for Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday
<mtsd> Ok
<mtsd> Should work
<Regenaxer> Yeah
<Regenaxer> so Weekend is not possible
<Regenaxer> they operate a Cafe in the large room
<Regenaxer> I have not reached Benedikt yet, but his wife
<mtsd> Ah, I see
<Regenaxer> Will know more soon
<Regenaxer> His mobile is off, so I walked across the street :)
<aw-> did we settle on a date yet?
<aw-> or time of year?
<Regenaxer> Not yet
<Regenaxer> I would tend for June
<Regenaxer> When exactly are the Olympics?
<mtsd> We mentioned early summer before, so June would fit well
<Regenaxer> hmm, September flights are cheaper though
<aw-> sorry, i can't go in June
<Regenaxer> I see
<mtsd> How about September, aw-?
<aw-> September there's only one week I could go, which would be the last week of September
<aw-> Regenaxer: tbh the Olympics aren't much of a big deal for me, i just need to follow the school holidays in Japan
<aw-> in fact, during the Olympics might be perfect timing for me as well
<Regenaxer> oh
<aw-> i'll need to check the flight costs in advance
<Regenaxer> yeah
<Regenaxer> Let me first check out more during the next days
<Regenaxer> also if a tour at BTG is possible
<aw-> if it's in summer i can probably spend a few weeks in Europe
<Regenaxer> Seems I go to Canada somewhen mid-summer
<Regenaxer> also not decided yet
<mtsd> I can probably come June or September. Summer might be a bit easier, since we can place our vacations suitably
<geo80> not on topic: i feel sorry for another team here, they are trying to find and fix memory leaks.. if not found and fixed, the company will loss huge amount.. i hope they can resolve this soon.. then this came to mind "see how your speedy C++ code is doing, if only PicoLisp was used this wouldn't happen ^^" hehehe just a funny thought :) the culprit
<geo80> was poor software design at the beginning due to tight schedule.. ok time to go, matane!
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<aw-> Regenaxer: i also have a plan to visit Canada sometime in August
<aw-> Montreal, maybe i'll see you there too hahaha
<Regenaxer> That would be great!!
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<tankf33der> pil64 passed tests on openbsd 6.6
<Regenaxer> Good to hear!
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