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<beneroth> Regenaxer ping
<beneroth> Regenaxer, when working with svg.l, you do manually determine length of a line? and I assume you have no code for block formatting of text body?
<beneroth> asking just in case
<beneroth> maybe SVG styling could be used for that, I'm unsure
<beneroth> Regenaxer, we probably discussed before, but I forgot: Why did you switch from latex to SVG? because of the multi-purpose use of SVG? or because LaTex is such a big installation?
<Regenaxer> No, there is no way to determine the length of aline in the server (same problem was with @lib/ps.l)
<Regenaxer> I switched latex.l -> ps.l -> svg.l
<Regenaxer> latex was not very convenient
<Regenaxer> and, yes, svg is more useful
<beneroth> guessed so
<Regenaxer> eg in PilBox
<Regenaxer> there is no ps / pdf in native Android
<beneroth> in which ways was latex inconvenient? too much debug time?
<Regenaxer> not so flexible
<Regenaxer> you cannot draw something direcyly
<Regenaxer> LaTex wants to do the layout
<Regenaxer> good for documents if a class is given
<beneroth> ah yes
<beneroth> I see
<Regenaxer> Problem with PS is also international characters
<Regenaxer> no UTF-O
<Regenaxer> 8
<beneroth> you only have reports, not e.g. letters where user can write content in App and then PDF is generated (with additional header, receiver address, etc.) ?
<beneroth> uh that is a biggy
<Regenaxer> I have letters too
<beneroth> no problem with SVG I assume?
<Regenaxer> and invoices and other documents
<beneroth> ok how do you solve the "block formatting would be nice" topic there? user enters strict lines?
<Regenaxer> Never tried to solve it
<beneroth> I currently have a textarea, user-entered line-breaks are kept, additional linebreaks are added at spaces when necessary to keep line length in a character limit
<beneroth> rendering (kerning etc) is of course not taken into account
<beneroth> looks good enough, I think
<beneroth> but yeah, looks left-aligned, not block formatted :)
<Regenaxer> One difficult point with svg is page breaks
<beneroth> yes, that I had too
<Regenaxer> In ps I just do (page T)
<Regenaxer> Now it must be nested
<Regenaxer> I do that with coroutines
<Regenaxer> one coroutine generates lines or text pieces
<beneroth> currently I solve it by first ensure the number of lines I have, then determine from that the number of pages.
<Regenaxer> the main part does the nesting
<beneroth> the code is not optimized (I don't make use of coroutines), but good enough for now it seems
<beneroth> ok
<beneroth> sounds interesting
<Regenaxer> But not usuable in general
<Regenaxer> I dont know how many lines will appear
<beneroth> yeah it's highly document "layout" design specific
<Regenaxer> the code is a loop with lots of flow functions
<Regenaxer> if while when etc
<beneroth> the area "documents" is way deeper then what meets the eye
<Regenaxer> right
<Regenaxer> eg an invoice
<Regenaxer> it is generated from many conditions
<beneroth> I understand
<beneroth> yeah I have while loops and poping here too
<Regenaxer> With coroutines it is trivial
<Regenaxer> ok
<beneroth> ok
<Regenaxer> The logic just produces the lines
<Regenaxer> and (yield) after a line or a block
<beneroth> I would be interested in reviewing your code eventually :) not now.. but will rework my code some time in the future
<beneroth> ah nice idea
<beneroth> i SEE
<Regenaxer> I think app does that
<beneroth> no need to store the state explicitly
<beneroth> ok
<Regenaxer> ah, no, no coroutine in app/lib.l
<Regenaxer> yes, state is separated
<Regenaxer> ie. two states, one in the logic and one in the layout
<beneroth> yeah I see
<beneroth> I just have a bunch of local variables
<beneroth> but the layout here is not so involved
<Regenaxer> ok
<beneroth> at least...yet
<Regenaxer> hehe, yeah
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<beneroth> just a specific implementation to solve this client case here
<beneroth> not good for general case
<beneroth> and yeah I want to solve the general case :)
<Regenaxer> but ok cause never generalize too early
<beneroth> aye
<beneroth> one also needs first some specific examples to generalize from
<Regenaxer> T
<beneroth> generalizing out of thin air usually ends in premature optimization and overengineering
<Regenaxer> exactly
<Regenaxer> ah
<Regenaxer> I have a minimal skeleton:
<Regenaxer> In genXXX I put the logic, and a (yield) after each piece
<Regenaxer> Let me find a real thing
<Regenaxer> hmm, no simple one
<Regenaxer> perhaps
<Regenaxer> or here a very complete one:
<beneroth> many thanks!
<Regenaxer> :)
<beneroth> saved for later in-depth study :)
<Regenaxer> ok :)
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<beneroth> Regenaxer, how can I increase the Zeilenabstand using svg?
<beneroth> line heightz
<beneroth> I mean line spacing
<Regenaxer> With (down 2) or so
<Regenaxer> In the above examples are lots of down's
<beneroth> xD
<beneroth> thanks
<beneroth> afk
<Regenaxer> cu :)
<beneroth> Schönen Abend ;-)
<Regenaxer> same :)
<beneroth> :)
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<tankf33der> i love picolisp so much, trully addicted.
<Regenaxer> Nice, I'm glad to hear that :)
<beneroth> same <3
<Regenaxer> :)
<beneroth> good evening/night :)
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