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<geo80> morning
<geo80> Hi Alex, I have updated my llvm to 9 and now able to build with no errors. But when I try to run the generated ./bin/picolisp, it will segfault
<geo80> ./picolisp: Symbol `gettimeofday' causes overflow in R_X86_64_PC32 relocation
<geo80> : Segmentation fault (core dumped)
<geo80> let me try investigate here while waiting for your advise
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<geo80> ok got a fix for this
<geo80> just add -no-pie option on the gcc compilation
<geo80> so on my local Makefile at line 19: $(CC) -no-pie picolisp.s -o $(BIN)/picolisp -lc -lm -ldl -lffi
<geo80> now pil21 works like a charm :) cool!
<geo80> $ ../bin/picolisp
<geo80> : (de fibo (N)
<geo80> (if (>= 2 N)
<geo80> 1
<geo80> (+ (fibo (dec N)) (fibo (- N 2))) ) )
<geo80> -> fibo
<geo80> : (fibo 32)
<geo80> -> 2178309
<geo80> : (bye)
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<geo80> btw, would it be helpful to use cmake for future portability of pil21?
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<aw-> Regenaxer: hi
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<Regenaxer> Hi aw-! o/
<aw-> how do I run tests on PicoLisp to see if it compiled correctly?
<Regenaxer> Best is the unit tests in @lib/test.l
<Regenaxer> There is a comment on top how to call it
<aw-> oh perfect
<aw-> thanks!
<Regenaxer> It tests many things, though not every aspect
<aw-> yeah i just want basic test
<Regenaxer> :)
<aw-> it returns 0 on success
<Regenaxer> Says "OK" iirc
<Regenaxer> yes, with -bye at the end it returns 0
<Regenaxer> On error, it stops
<Regenaxer> 'quit'
<geo80> Hi Regenaxer and aw- !
<Regenaxer> Hi Geo! ☺/
<geo80> Hi aw- !
<aw-> hey geo80!
<Regenaxer> The japanese branch of pil ;)
<geo80> hahaha
<Regenaxer> My mother in law moved to Okinawa last month, she is not happy with the food. Temperature is OK :)
<geo80> Regenaxer oh! sorry to hear that.. is there a big difference in food?
<geo80> aw- how's down there :)
<Regenaxer> Not too big I guess
<aw-> haha
<aw-> weather is great
<aw-> Regenaxer: what's wrong with the food?
<aw-> maybe she doesn't know where to shop?
<geo80> Regenaxer I see hehe
<Regenaxer> I'm not sure. I ask my wife
<aw-> tell her: JA Farmers Market, it's all (mostly) fresh fruits/vegetables from local farmers
<Regenaxer> Oh, cool, thanks for the tip! I tell her
<Regenaxer> In Naha?
<aw-> they are everywhere
<Regenaxer> ok
<aw-> but there's not many farms in Naha, so I'm not sure how "local" it is
<Regenaxer> Seems the problem is that the taste is "different" from the north, not necessarily "bad"
<aw-> well... yes that's expected
<Regenaxer> I willrtry next time :)
<aw-> I can only speak about the fruits/vegs in Okinawa, haven't tried anything else haha
<Regenaxer> Are you vegan?
<aw-> they don't live for 100 years by eating Sapporo Ramen
<Regenaxer> True, it must be healthy all
<aw-> no, vegetarian without eggs, i drink milk sometimes
<Regenaxer> ok
<geo80> aw- oh! didn't know you are a full veg?
<aw-> geo80: yes :)
<geo80> aw-
<Regenaxer> aw-, how about insects?
<aw-> insects, no thanks
<aw-> hahaa
<geo80> @aw cool! reminds me of my colleague from India, it was difficult to find place for him during lunch :)
<Regenaxer> We all should get used to insects
<geo80> Regenaxer hahahaha
<aw-> geo80: yes indeed, when I go to Tokyo I mostly eat at Indian restaurants ahahaha
<geo80> aw- hahaha make sense hehe my work now is in Toranomon, many choices here..
<aw-> btw does anyone know mmamkin IRC username?
<geo80> aw- no, I dont
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<aw-> oh it's m_mans
<geo80> aw-1 no, I still don't know, lets wait for others..
<aw-> (notice) Last seen : Sep 25 13:16:25 2019 (7w 1d 18h ago)
<Regenaxer> His full name is Mansur Mamkin iirc
<tankf33der> correct
<tankf33der> i chating in telegram with him
<aw-> I added this GitHub Action to auto-compile and auto-test every commit made to the repo
<tankf33der> cool
<aw-> but it needs a new file in the repo
<Regenaxer> nice
<aw-> not sure if Regenaxer wants to add it to his source files, or if m_mans should do it
<Regenaxer> Better if m_mans can do it
<tankf33der> aw-: mmans only respects tgz and do nothing
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<aw-> hmmm
<mtsd> Good morning
<Regenaxer> Good morning mtsd!
<mtsd> Hello Regenaxer. Everything allright?
<Regenaxer> Yes, I hope so :)
<mtsd> haha, me too :)
<Regenaxer> In 6 minutes my daugher marries ;)
<mtsd> Wow!
<mtsd> Never met her, but do send my congratulations :)
<Regenaxer> Thanks!!
<mtsd> From the Picolisp community :)
<Regenaxer> Good :)
<Regenaxer> Today is just the official procedure, so nobody attends
<mtsd> Big day anyway. Are you having a party this weekend?
<Regenaxer> No, the two go for honeymoon immediately after the ceremony
<Regenaxer> Big party is next year in Candada
<mtsd> Her very-soon-to-be husband is canadian, I assume? ;)
<Regenaxer> yes
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<aw-> yay Canada!
<aw-> where is the wedding in Canada?
<Regenaxer> Montreal
<Regenaxer> Schedule not fixed yet
<geo80> Regenaxer congratulations! you will become a grandpa soon! :) oh! Canada? that's aw- place hehe anyway I hope its not during winter, I heard its very freezing up there ;) maybe the Night King is still alive there hehe
<Regenaxer> :)
<aw-> Montreal?!! my hometown
<Regenaxer> yeah
<aw-> yes I hope it's not in winter, it's hell on earth
<geo80> aw- hahahaa
<Regenaxer> Haha, you prefer hot climate you said. I can't stand if too hot
<mtsd> Me neither
<mtsd> Hot weather makes my brain boil. Feels like that, anyway..
<Regenaxer> exactly
<mtsd> So, I will probably stay in this part of the world :)
<Regenaxer> Here it is getting warmer too :(
<geo80> @mtsd which part are you now if you don't mind :)
<mtsd> Hi geo80! I'm in Sweden
<geo80> @mtsd oh! cool! then that's indeed almost same weather as Regenaxer :)
<mtsd> Yes, seems similar. But I think Regenaxer has warmer weather, at least in the summer. Further south in Europe
<mtsd> Varies over the years, of course
<Regenaxer> right, but I'm at 400 meters and it is not as maritime as Sweden
<mtsd> True. We are surrounded by water here
<geo80> oh! i see..
<mtsd> geo80, where are you located? Was it China, or Japan?
<mtsd> Or am I mistaking you for someone else...
<geo80> @mtsd yup! that's me hehe at first i was in china from 2007 to 2016, now im here in japan :)
<geo80> last june i met Regenaxer in person in Sapporo :)
<mtsd> I think I saw a picture, actually :)
<Regenaxer> haha, yes, and you asked the escalator operator in Odori tower whether he knows PicoLisp :D
<geo80> oh! hehe sorry i forgot where i post it
<mtsd> haha, was he familiar with picolisp? ;)
<geo80> Regenaxer hahaha its just my way to introduce him about PicoLisp ;)
<Regenaxer> :)
<mtsd> Spreading the word. Good geo80!
<geo80> @mt
<mtsd> I try my best as well to do that :)
<geo80> mtsd thanks! that's what my ultimate goal actually.. long story short, i was presenting PicoLisp in front of mats, the author of Ruby last Oct ;)
<mtsd> Wow. Not bad!
<Regenaxer> impressing!
<geo80> mtsd but was not successful hehe til next time then hehe
<geo80> Regenaxer i told you about the inno-vation program here hehe
<Regenaxer> geo80, perhaps make that powerpoint public?
<Regenaxer> geo80, yes
<Regenaxer> I have the ppc
<geo80> Regenaxer sure! that would be great :)
<geo80> thanks!
<mtsd> Let's wait and see what happens with Ruby in the coming years. Some familiar concepts might start showing up there ;)
<geo80> mtsd oh! cool!
<geo80> but im also excited about pil21 ;)
<mtsd> Then we will know where matz got the idea, haha
<geo80> @mts
<mtsd> Me too. Really excited about pil21
<geo80> mtsd aha! hahaha indeed!!
<geo80> mtsd that's what i told Regenaxer when we met, my goal is to promote PicoLisp as much as I can.. I try to learn more but slow because my background is on embedded and low-leve, but will see..
<mtsd> I come from the world of web applications, Java, Python and the likes.
<mtsd> I try to use Picolisp everywhere I can these days. Learning a lot along the way
<geo80> mtsd cool! that's indeed a nice place for PicoLisp :) my first PicoLisp app was back in China, it was a parser for tide datas in text files provided by our clients and generate a binary files to be written in a NOR Flash ROM
<geo80> then my first work using PicoLisp is for aw-, I look forward for the next task from him :)
<geo80> time to go home.. have a great weekend ahead everyone!
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<beneroth> Regenaxer, yeah congratulations to your daughter and your whole (now extended) family :))
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<beneroth> hope they returned non-NIL as planned? :D
<beneroth> it's a kind of (assert)
<Regenaxer> Thanks beneroth! :)
<Regenaxer> Plan is still NIL kind of
<mtsd> Hello beneroth
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<beneroth> Regenaxer, I meant non-NIL as in Yes
<beneroth> I saw geo is now also helping with pil21? so 3 people working on it?
<beneroth> awesome!
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<Regenaxer> Ah, this "Yes" you mean? yeah, I presume so :)
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<tankf33der> i ve successfully compiled and run tests ruby on solaris 11.4 sparc
<tankf33der> just for fun
<tankf33der> insane hardcore.
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<beneroth> ruby compilation was much work?
<beneroth> what are good reasons for using ruby, as ruby on rails webstack (afaik their main killer application) is in decline?
<beneroth> (honest interest)
<tankf33der> pure ruby
<beneroth> pure ruby is supposed to be beautiful, afaik
<tankf33der> i dont any web frameworks and understand what to do
<tankf33der> on linux it easy.
<tankf33der> ~6 six ruby conferences in japan every year
<beneroth> oh, so far from dead, nice
<beneroth> web frameworks are horrible. stay away :)
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