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<isd> It looks like tmux tries to pass file descriptors over the socket, which makes proxying totally not work.
<isd> Think I'll try VNC.
<abliss1> oh yeah, i had the same problem when trying to spoof its terminal FD in ttyd.
<abliss1> but if you have a tcp socket, why not go to ssh instead of vnc?
<isd> But, the little rendezvous app I put together does work.
<isd> Mostly I don't really want to provide unsupervised shell access to my box.
<isd> with the proxying solution, they at least have to be looking at the same terminal as I am.
<abliss1> interesting... you could run a real ttyd over the tcp connection if you only wanted to share a terminal.
<isd> I suppose. But vnc also gets me a browser window... and it's live:
<isd> (Currently listenening, read only password is 'readonly' if anyone wants to poke it)
<isd> (source is here, though it's super jank and the build has a couple hard-coded paths in it).
<isd> It'd be cool to bundle NoVNC in the grain, so you'd have an easy way of giving someone a link to join a VNC session without having to install stuff first.
<isd> (Going to call it a night; disconnecting the thing)
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<ill_logic> I may have time for the pair programming thing tomorrow Ian. Depends if I'm drained from an important interview from 15:00 to 16:30 eastern.
<isd> ill_logic: ok; ping me after and we'll play it by ear.
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<ill_logic> Ian Denhardt: Hey what's your next few hours looking like?
<isd> ill_logic: pretty much free. Was about to grab a snack, but if you're up for it we could hack on stuff.
<ill_logic> Well I was thinking of running an errand if now wasn't great. But if you're available in like an hour, maybe that would be optimal for both?
<isd> works for me.
<isd> ill_logic: ready when you are.
<ill_logic> hey
<ill_logic> So did you have an audio thing in mind?
<isd> We could use the office hours jitsi for voice?
<ill_logic> Figured so as well.
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