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<azonenberg> Degi: yes
<azonenberg> i make heavy use of filled via-in-pad on most of my multilayer designs
<azonenberg> among other things it makes decoupling big bgas super nice
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<azonenberg> v0.2 MEAD enclosure is a no go. The opening in the front for the MMCX's is still too low
<azonenberg> it looks good otherwise and i think i can machine it to fit. definitely better overall than the last round
<monochroma> azonenberg should get one of the cheap printers for fast turn around size/fitness testing
<azonenberg> Milled it out, ready to assemble
<azonenberg> I need to print another enclosure for the next pcb rev anyway
<azonenberg> Ok so after assembly... the 3m adhesive transfer tape i used doesnt seem strong enough, i'll have to think a bit about what kind of glue to use to hold the LCDs to the lids in the future
<azonenberg> The lid also flexes slightly but that will be a non issue in the metal version
<azonenberg> monochroma, lain: see phone pic
<azonenberg> Looks like the opening on the front has to move up another 2 mm or so
<lain> aye
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<azonenberg> The fit is also a bit tight
<azonenberg> i'm gonna make the enclosure a mm or so deeper
<monochroma> have you verified the dimensions are to spec?
<azonenberg> They look right. I think i screwed up my math
<azonenberg> everything else is perfect
<azonenberg> The big problem is i cant fit test the pcb against the enclosure model
<azonenberg> because kicad can't import IDF models yet
<azonenberg> solvespace can't*
<azonenberg> I need to do another shapeways order soon anyway for the final probe shells
<azonenberg> prototype came in today and i need to fit test against the board
<azonenberg> if it looks good i need to order another 18 shells
<azonenberg> Hmm there's some loose nylon powder stuck inside
<azonenberg> let me try sonicating it
<azonenberg> welp, now my cleaning bath has a whole bunch of nylon particles floating in it but they're not quite cleared. Wonder what happened with this batch that didn't happen on the previous ones
<azonenberg> 3 mins might not have been enough, throwing 'em back in for longer
<azonenberg> Well i cleaned them out enough. hope this doesn't happen on the rest of them
<azonenberg> Anyway, production batch of probe shells ordered along with the hopefully final MEAD enclosure
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<_whitenotifier-b> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<_whitenotifier-b> [starshipraider] azonenberg 0a021ca - More routing of right side of big FPGA
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<_whitenotifier-b> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±19]
<_whitenotifier-b> [starshipraider] azonenberg 1d124a9 - Finished preliminary routing of pod FPGA
<azonenberg> lain, monochroma:
<azonenberg> pod FPGA is now fully fanned out, and all of the pod IOs are routed. The long-range routing for prog_b, init_b, done, and the SPI bus still has to be done but that's easy
<pepijndevos> Dumb Q: can you use a 1:1 probe as an output? Or do I need to get some BNC cables and converters hehe
<azonenberg> Left 7 pods still have to be routed to the main FPGA, main FPGA boot flash isn't done, some bulk caps for the main FPGA still have to be done
<azonenberg> then the muxes for the fast inputs
<azonenberg> pepijndevos: depends on how the probe is built
<azonenberg> if it's a 1M ohm passive probe, no
<azonenberg> if it's a transmission line probe, yes
<azonenberg> if it's an active probe, definitely no :p
<pepijndevos> lol
<azonenberg> well ok to be technical a 1M ohm passive probe could be used as an output with extremely weak drive strength, but it wouldn't be useful in 99% of applications
<azonenberg> a 1x transmission line probe otoh is just a piece of coax with a needle on one end
<azonenberg> so it works equally well both ways
<pepijndevos> It's a passive probe, so much I know. Not sure about the impedance. It's whatever came with the scope. Lemme see...
<azonenberg> Unless it's a specialized high speed probe, 1M || ~10 pF is a reasonable assumption
<azonenberg> You're not gonna be using that as an output
<pepijndevos> I figured that would likely be the case hehe
<pepijndevos> Oh yea, the leaflet mentions it's 1M impedance
<azonenberg> For reference that "1:1" really means when connected to a scope with 1M ohm input impedance
<monochroma> azonenberg: what's that pair of traces routing under the SAS connector shells?
<monochroma> nice progress :D
<pepijndevos> ERROR: Error: Failed to initialize GLEW
<monochroma> pepijndevos: are you trying to run inside of a VM?
<azonenberg> monochroma: that's the 0V5 enable/good signals to the MCU
<azonenberg> i couldn't find a good way to route it any other way
<pepijndevos> Ah, I know... I updated and did not reboot yet.
<pepijndevos> That sometimes does weird things to my graphics
<azonenberg> pepijndevos: oh so your graphics driver and libs are probably out of sync
<azonenberg> nvidia?
<pepijndevos> yah
<monochroma> ahhhh
<monochroma> yea
<azonenberg> Yeah that happens
<monochroma> azonenberg: open GPU when? ;)
<azonenberg> monochroma: hey, let's fix one industry at a time. I already have LATENTPACKET back-burnered while i work on this stuff
<monochroma> hehehe
<pepijndevos> uh... still increddibly screwy and slow
<pepijndevos> Basically now it just runs very slow and does not update the screen.
<pepijndevos> So I press >|| and I see it trigger on the scope, but the app stays empty
<azonenberg> you might be hitting the same bug whitequark was. Rigol?
<pepijndevos> yep
<azonenberg> DS1000Z series?
<pepijndevos> No, 5000
<azonenberg> Interesting
<pepijndevos> It worked earlier, so... seems like something weird with graphics drivers maybe
<azonenberg> I'm going to be going to sleep soon (yes it's six in the morning, yes my sleep schedule is totally wrecked thanks to not going into the office since march)
<azonenberg> could also be a recent regression
<azonenberg> or same binaries/code rev?
<pepijndevos> Yea, I'm still on the same branch I tested my force trigger patch with
<azonenberg> Huh
<pepijndevos> Not really sure how to even start debugging this. There is no error or crash or anything, just... UI does not update
<pepijndevos> I'll go buy some BNC cables on Farnell
<pepijndevos> Sleep well ;)
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