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<_whitenotifier-f> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<_whitenotifier-f> [starshipraider] azonenberg 7f94ae1 - Initial routing of 12V0 and 3V3_SB power supplies
<maartenBE> Isn't collaborative routing a thing yet?
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<azonenberg> maartenBE: i have not seen any viable options yet
<lain> interesting idea.
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<_whitenotifier-f> [starshipraider] azonenberg 343bd83 - More work on power supply layout, placed a temp sensor in the middle of the PSU area
<azonenberg> 2144 unrouted now
<azonenberg> almost at the halfway point by # of nets
<azonenberg> mostly been working on the northwest corner area. Clocking subsystem is done, as is 12V0, 1V5, 1V8, 1V0_2, 3V3_SB, 5V0_SB rails
<azonenberg> 5V0_N stuff is flung loosely where it needs to go but not final
<azonenberg> there's still six other rails left to do
<azonenberg> at least
<azonenberg> not counting the ram vref/vtt and other accessory rails like that
<_whitenotifier-f> [scopehal] azonenberg labeled issue #169: Add SD card protocol decode -
<_whitenotifier-f> [scopehal] azonenberg opened issue #169: Add SD card protocol decode -
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<bvernoux> hello
<Degi> hii
<bvernoux> my KC908 Spectrum Analyzer is on the way ;)
<miek> ooh, nice
<bvernoux> I shall receive it on 8 July ;)
<bvernoux> and discussing the fake/wrong results for ESP32 with Paul
<bvernoux> ESP32 with 351 CoreMark ;)
<bvernoux> it is a big joke
<bvernoux> => Show 660.70 CoreMark for DualCore with CPU @160MHz ;)
<bvernoux> It is the problem when some guys want to advertise their boards vs others with such wrong benchmark ...
<bvernoux> at the end ESP32 is more than 2 times faster than the Teensy 3.6 ...
<bvernoux> especially as ESP32 runs @240MHz with DualCore
<bvernoux> and reach more than 900CoreMark ...
<Degi> Maybe they ran it single core?
<Degi> Does the teensy 4.0 actually reach that much
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