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<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg pushed 3 commits to master [+2/-0/±5]
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg 81ccdc9 - FFTDecoder: don't segfault if input has no data
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg 97c354a - DeEmbedDecoder: zero pad rather than truncating FFT to avoid losing samples
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg ea7c4bd - Initial implementation of FFT based CTLE filter. I think it works?? Fixes #187.
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg closed issue #187: Add CTLE filter -
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<azonenberg> monochroma, lain, Kliment:
<azonenberg> this is 10Gbase-R after fixing a bug in my CDR PLL
<lain> :o
<azonenberg> top eye is with cable de-embedding only, bottom is after 3 dB of CTLE from 4.5 - 6 GHz. Which may or may not actually do what i think it is, but it seems to be opening the eye up a bit
<azonenberg> tl;dr the original cdr pll calculated the clock period in integer ps, i quickly realized this was inadequate for higher speeds so i switched to using a float for calculating the period
<azonenberg> but i had some integer math early on that ended up rounding the period down at T=0
<azonenberg> it recovered after PLL lock but early on we ended up with a PLL period of 96 ps instead of 96.98
<azonenberg> while it did recover over time, for the first few hundred UIs it was phase shifting all over the place
<azonenberg> You know what this means, right?
<azonenberg> Now I can write 64/66b and 10Gbase-R protocol decoders :D
<azonenberg> I don't have the bandwidth to do proper SI work obviously, but i can at least see the data. And with a faster scope obviously I could do SI work
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg opened issue #155: VCD file import -
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<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-0/±3]
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg d25d710 - Initial implementation of 64/66b decode. Fixes #19.
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg closed issue #19: Add 64b/66b protocol decoder -
<azonenberg> The weird lane ordering in 10GbE always throws me for a loop
<azonenberg> But there we go, it's decoding the 64/66 properly
<monochroma> :D
<azonenberg> Next step, 10Gbase-R
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-0/±3]
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg 86df20b - Initial implementation of 10Gbase-R protocol decoder. Fixes #20.
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg closed issue #20: Add 10Gbase-R protocol decoder -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-docs] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-docs] azonenberg 6ea05ae - Updated doc with skeleton headings for recently added filters
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg 82ed886 - Updated submodules for 10G protocol decodes
<azonenberg> miek: ping
<azonenberg> When you're around can you give me a quick update on status of the keysight/agilent driver?
<azonenberg> What's holding it back from "usable for basic tasks" level completion, if anything?
<azonenberg> noopwafel: ping
<noopwafel> I do not have a keysight nor an agilent :)
<noopwafel> trying to update the compat list?
<azonenberg> noopwafel: no, i was actually going to poke you about picoscope stuff
<azonenberg> I'd like to add you to the github project so i can assign the picoscope ticket to you, and you can do dev on a feature branch
<azonenberg> And so you can, when the time comes, write documentation for the driver
<azonenberg> long term i think the pico bridge should live in a separate binary within scopehal-apps that is automatically compiled if the pico libs are detected by cmake
<azonenberg> and if not detected, the bridge isn't compiled but the scopehal driver is still there, so that you can connect to a bridge elsewhere on the LAN
<azonenberg> make sense?
<azonenberg> noopwafel: As with the other folks i've given project access to, for the moment it would be probationary. So basically you can do what you want in a feature branch but I'll want to look at the code before it gets merged to master
<azonenberg> Sound good?
<noopwafel> It's functionally similar to having a branch in a fork and PRing, I'm fine either way.
<azonenberg> noopwafel: yeah the difference is, i can assign tickets to you
<azonenberg> it makes the project management easier
<noopwafel> ah :) then sure
<azonenberg> i dont think its possible to give someone an issue in the ticketing system without also giving them commit access
<azonenberg> at least if it is i havent found a way
<azonenberg> you're noopwafel on github too?
<noopwafel> yep
<azonenberg> Invites sent
<azonenberg> go accept them and i'll assign you the ticket for pico
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg added user noopwafel -
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<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg assigned issue #15: Add Picoscope scope driver(s) -
<azonenberg> Ok, so go move your bridge and driver code to a feature branch under scopehal-apps and scopehal respectively
<noopwafel> first I have to go rescue my laptop from the hackerspace :-) but should go head that way now
<azonenberg> Lol. Also what's the status of your testing/experience with the rigol driver?
<azonenberg> are you having problems or is it being pretty good for you?
<noopwafel> so I still have pending changes for both Rigol driver and the Tek
<azonenberg> pending meaning not ready to merge yet, or awaiting my review?
<noopwafel> not ready :)
<azonenberg> Ok
<noopwafel> do you know what the Tek driver was tested on / if someone here cares?
<azonenberg> I don't think it ever worked
<noopwafel> I noticed the docs had no listed hw for it
<azonenberg> tverbeuere wrote the initial skeleton
<azonenberg> for whatever tek he had
<azonenberg> then he dropped out of the channel before finishing it i think
<azonenberg> i havent seen him in a month or two
<noopwafel> ah okay, so maybe I will just PR code that works for the space's tek
<azonenberg> Yes. If you can get it working on one tek scope and document that, that's a solid starting point
<noopwafel> I'm not going to sink much time into either driver because they are both *slow*.
<azonenberg> Do you want me to assign the tek driver issue to you then?
<azonenberg> If you get basic functionality working that's enough for me to close the "add tek driver" ticket, we can then file separate tickets for missing/broken features later on
<noopwafel> but the tek is the only >1gsps scope I have access to
<noopwafel> sure, that would be also fine
<azonenberg> Ok
<azonenberg> yeah like i said i was hoping tom would do that
<azonenberg> then he vanished
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg assigned issue #13: Add Tek scope driver(s) -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg assigned issue #18: Add horizontal/vertical eye slice bathtub plot decoder -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg commented on issue #18: Add horizontal/vertical eye slice bathtub plot decoder -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg commented on issue #26: Add Hantek MSO5074 driver -
<_whitenotifier-b> [starshipraider] azonenberg opened issue #2: Design SATA mid-span test fixture -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg commented on issue #34: Add SATA protocol decoder -
<azonenberg> noopwafel: what is the model of the tek scope at the hackerspace?
<azonenberg> And what is the Rigol?
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg assigned issue #175: Crash with Rigol DS1104Z connected via USBTMC -
<azonenberg> noopwafel: once your final rigol changes are merged, i want you to sync with whitequark and get her to test those fixes. If no response or she confirms fixed, close #175
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg edited issue #132: Remove support for non-queued acquisition mode in Oscilloscope::AcquireData() -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg assigned issue #132: Remove support for non-queued acquisition mode in Oscilloscope::AcquireData() -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg commented on issue #132: Remove support for non-queued acquisition mode in Oscilloscope::AcquireData() -
<azonenberg> monochroma: ping
<azonenberg> What's the status of scopehal-apps:#66
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg labeled issue #137: Opening ethernet-example.session livelocks (?) glscopeclient -
<monochroma> azonenberg: untested, though i know someone came in here a while ago (can't remember who) and was trying to run glscopeclient in a VM without full GL passthrough and iirc i was surprised it basically threw an error similar to what i was working on
<monochroma> not quite sure where it came from
<azonenberg> So basically we still dont have proper gl version checking?
<noopwafel> azonenberg: TDS5104. and Rigol DS1054Z, DS1102D, DS1052E. none of them are working great but I can PR doc updates once tested.. and yes will sync.
<azonenberg> noopwafel: it's also ok/helpful to doc stuff as not working
<azonenberg> if there's say a firmware bug we cant work around
<azonenberg> just so people dont waste time trying
<azonenberg> negative results are important :)
<miek> azonenberg: re agilent, basic local use works well at the moment. being able to use it from scopehal without touching the scope front panel is waiting on me implementing a bunch of the remaining Get/Set functions
<azonenberg> Ok
<azonenberg> So no major blockers/bugs? any idea when you'll have time to implement it fully?
<azonenberg> Also what's the status of the USB stuff? have you been working on that lately?
<noopwafel> .. ooh, usb decoder?
<miek> nah, no major blocks. no idea on time estimates though :p i've not had a chance to sit down and work on that or USB for a while
<miek> noopwafel: so there's a decoder for full speed already in there (that azonenberg wrote). i got it doing some high speed decoding a while back, with a bunch of hacky changes :) getting it done properly is on the todo list...
<azonenberg> and testing / fixing low speed
<miek> damn, it's performing well these days. i'm getting 45-50WFM/s with two channels
<azonenberg> Nice :)
<azonenberg> That's usb2?
<azonenberg> or what
<azonenberg> and on your agilent?
<azonenberg> I still need to work on those vertical bars in the eye patterns\
<miek> it's AMD taxichip (90s serdes-ish thing) and yeah, on the agilent
<azonenberg> i've improved the rounding behavior etc which helps a lot
<azonenberg> but there's still spots where none of the antialiasing/rounding happens to hit certain columns of pixels
<azonenberg> But i think i'm done with glscopeclient work for the weekend
<azonenberg> I already spent more time on it than i wanted because i got nerdsniped by the 64/66 and 10g stuff
<azonenberg> i need to finish the tweaks to MEAD to get it ready for production, then finish maxwell
<noopwafel> the usbtmc code doesn't make much sense to me
<noopwafel> (also it doesn't work)
<noopwafel> anyone actively using/debugging that?
<noopwafel> [I switched to the #if 0 code which WFM, so I may PR that change..]
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<azonenberg> noopwafel: usbtmc is another of tverbeure's abandoned projects
<azonenberg> i dont know how far he got with it, he seemed to think it worked with his tek
<noopwafel> by default it uses a kind of confusing read loop, which doesn't work for me
<noopwafel> but I will do something about it
<noopwafel> very nice to have :)
<noopwafel> so apparently I get 3.6WFM/s on the ds1000, mostly waiting for the arm
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] noopwafel opened pull request #213: Rigol: basic support for DS1000D/E -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] noopwafel commented on pull request #213: Rigol: basic support for DS1000D/E -
<noopwafel> was first testing this with a DS1000E, which then stopped talking and then refused to back turn on, so I become more and more impressed with Rigol scopes
<azonenberg> loool
<azonenberg> I think i've done that with my 1102D
<azonenberg> When i bought my first lecroy it was like night and day
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] noopwafel opened issue #214: USBTMC read loop doesn't work when reading entire buffer at once -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] noopwafel assigned issue #214: USBTMC read loop doesn't work when reading entire buffer at once -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] noopwafel commented on pull request #191: [WIP] fix support for Rigol DS1000D/E scopes -
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] noopwafel closed pull request #191: [WIP] fix support for Rigol DS1000D/E scopes -
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<Degi> Soo like it didnt turn back on at all?
<Degi> It just broke?
<noopwafel> apparently it's done this before, maybe caps or so, I didn't have the patience to open it up
<noopwafel> which is to say, who the heck knows, and have not tried checking rails or anything
<azonenberg> noopwafel: fwiw, randomly shutting off and refusing to turn back on is a common problem with ds1000 series scopes
<azonenberg> i've had it too
<azonenberg> i sent it back under warranty, got a mobo replacement
<azonenberg> that fixed it for ~4 years
<azonenberg> then it came back
<azonenberg> at this point it wasnt under warranty anymore so i gave it to somebody who wanted to try fixing it
<azonenberg> I had a 350 MHz LeCroy by this point and so didnt really need the rigol
<azonenberg> I haven't heard from her since, so no idea if she managed to fix it or what
<azonenberg> noopwafel: So is #213 ready to merge in your opinion?
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] azonenberg labeled issue #214: USBTMC read loop doesn't work when reading entire buffer at once -
<azonenberg> (reads comment) ok not done :p
<noopwafel> right :D
<noopwafel> just I prefer to PR useful code early, worst-case someone else can finish
<noopwafel> and not surprised to hear it's a common problem
<azonenberg> this is unrelated to the "scope firmware hangs in response to certain SCPI commands" bug
<azonenberg> in which it didnt power down
<azonenberg> it just became unresponsive to any button input
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal] tomverbeure commented on issue #214: USBTMC read loop doesn't work when reading entire buffer at once -
<azonenberg> noopwafel: yaaay
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