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<azonenberg> Starting work on the final iteration of MEAD
<azonenberg> added power connections for the LCD backlight, now i just have to move the SFF connector (which will be a royal pain, lol)
<azonenberg> aaand done, just need to do design review
<azonenberg> Then I can get the final design off to multech for a quote and start figuring out enclosures
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<_whitenotifier-b> [starshipraider] azonenberg 905c367 - Final MEAD design package for initial production run
<noopwafel> that is a wonderful bug reply :)
<azonenberg> noopwafel: in case you're wondering why my long term plan to the test equipment world is "burn it all down and start fresh"
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> At least if my products have firmware bugs, people will be able to patch them
<noopwafel> well, it could be worse then firmware bugs
<noopwafel> I saw this "ADS1013D" touchscreen scope claiming 100mhz/1gsps on aliexpress, and went looking for internet commentary
<azonenberg> well i mean hardware bugs are a thing too, but hopefully we'll iron those out before we ship stuff to customers
<azonenberg> and lol
<azonenberg> outright fake specs will not be a thing :p
<noopwafel> well, apparently it *does* do 1gsps, and has a battery and touchscreen for ~$100 or something ridiculous
<noopwafel> but you can imagine the high-quality frontend etc
<azonenberg> frontend?
<azonenberg> you mean it isnt just a badly soldered wire right into the adc?
<noopwafel> *grin*
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<noopwafel> tried using scopehal with a rigol for a real thing, but this is not usable I guess :/
<noopwafel> and then I tried sigrok which fails even more dramatically :\
<NeroTHz> fkin headhunters
<NeroTHz> oops wrong channel
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<azonenberg> noopwafel: oh?
<miek> while looking for that PDF on making nice DIY SMA cables, i found the main site for that course/lab and it's got a whole bunch of other useful materials:
<miek> the videos with Joel Dunsmore are really interesting so far (i'm still watching)
* azonenberg still needs a set of affordable sma gauges
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<azonenberg> how does this look as the file format for defining eye patern masks?
<miek> i don't love the bare ':' thing going on (is that even valid?)
<miek> how about this?
<azonenberg> miek: that is valid yaml and is AFAIK the correct way to create an array
<azonenberg> i use it in e.g. the list of filters in a .scopesession
<miek> i pasted it into a few online yaml validators and they all error out on it
<azonenberg> hmmm
<azonenberg> do they not like this then?
<miek> they do not like that :p
<azonenberg> File a ticket then, i may have to change the file format? yaml-cpp likes these just fine
<azonenberg> but i'd like it to be standard yaml
<azonenberg> hmmm
<azonenberg> so "opening" and "limits" i don't like
<azonenberg> Because they assume things like the waveform being NRZ
<azonenberg> i think it's better to just have a list of freeform polygons
<azonenberg> miek: how's this?
<miek> that sounds good to me
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-apps] miek opened issue #156: scopesession files contain invalid yaml -
<azonenberg> The "displaylimits" are because the +/- 500 mV limits in the mask are not actually in the spec, the intent is to be +/- 350 to infinity
<azonenberg> but my mask has to have finite bounds
<azonenberg> and i don't want to scale the UI to encompass infinite limits
<azonenberg> so i'm specifying a mask that goes outside the displayed area then stops
<_whitenotifier-b> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg labeled issue #156: scopesession files contain invalid yaml -
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<miek> oh no, part 2 of the video is a 404