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<_whitenotifier-3> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-0/±2]
<_whitenotifier-3> [starshipraider] azonenberg 329d695 - Added v1.1 probe layout
<azonenberg> Ok so i'm gonna order this at oshpark along with the attenuator test
<azonenberg> And we'll see what happens
<azonenberg> also while i wait i'm doing a big sim of the full probe but without merging the vias into long bars. I dont *think* this is the source of the issues
<azonenberg> but cant hurt to confirm that my simplifications arent breaking anything
<azonenberg> electronic_eel: So i finally printed out the cal cert for your probes and boxed them up, customs form is filled out, they're ready to go
<azonenberg> Heading to the post office to mail tomorrow. Sorry about the slowdown
<azonenberg> Will send you the tracking number once it's on the way
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<DanRoh> Hi, this is Daniel from Vienna, Austria and I came across scopehal when I watched Andrew's demo on Youtube. I was quite impressed by the performance and gave it a try. Finally I managed to compile, but now I'm stuck with the problem that my setup (im running Linux in a Parallels virtual machine on a MacBook) does not support OpenGL 4.3 (as is requested for the compute shader). The constructor of the compute shader fails..
<DanRoh> Since I plan to get a new MacBook Pro: did someone try to use this kind of setup (VM on Mac to run Linux)?
<noopwafel> I don't know, but it would probably be better to try and make it work natively
<noopwafel> I don't think any VM will provide good-enough emulated OpenGL support, and then you would be paying significant performance penalty anyway
<sorear> maybe if you could get gvt-d working
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<DanRoh> hmm.. now I think I understand noopwafel's answer: you probably meant "natively on the Mac".. I think this make my previous post obsolete - sorry.
<noopwafel> oh, sorry. yes!
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<electronic_eel> azonenberg: thanks
<electronic_eel> does mac still support opengl natively? IIRC there was something about apple deprecating it so you need to use a completely different 3d framework on mac
<noopwafel> oof, right, I guess apple's opengl is not going to support 4.3 anyway, ouch
<noopwafel> their docs explain how to make great OpenGL applications on the Macintosh platform, definitely time portal here
<noopwafel> and indeed the last significant updates were > a decade ago
<tnt> isn't there an opengl translator to vulkan ? And then you have vulkan-on-metal ...
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<azonenberg> electronic_eel: basically glscopeclient on osx will never happen
<azonenberg> unless we completely rewrite all of the rendering and math in vulkan or something
<azonenberg> and last time i checked debian stable doesnt even *support* vulkan in gtk yet
<azonenberg> so basically debian stable + OSX do not have a compute shader capable 3D API in common
<azonenberg> and i pick my OS over somebody else's OS as the one to support :p
<electronic_eel> also apple is well known for throwing out big chunks of their APIs on short notice. so you never know when they decide to throw out vulkan or metal or whatever
<azonenberg> That too. And i just dislike apple as a company in general
<electronic_eel> maybe in a few years they decide to not allow running self compiled software at all without having it notarized by them in some way
<azonenberg> So if my software happens to run on their platform with no effort on my part, great
<azonenberg> but i will put zero effort into supporting them
<electronic_eel> yeah
<electronic_eel> their idea that they can do whatever they want, without thinking about compatibility or freedom for the users at all, and that as user you are completely at their whim appals me
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<azonenberg> electronic_eel: same here
<azonenberg> also woooo my hdo9204 is finally home from repair
<azonenberg> the lab looks so much less empty now
<Degi> \o/
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<Degi> Does it have OpenGL ES support?
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<azonenberg> Degi: glscopeclient? not as of now, but i think it can be made to work in gl es 3.2 without a ton of work
<azonenberg> 3.1*
<Degi> That sounds useful
<azonenberg> we'd just have to add a flag to when it creates the GL context to say use an ES context
<azonenberg> I dont have a pi4 handy that's not busy doing something else
<azonenberg> but i think it can do gles 3.1?
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<Stary> ah is a bit more clear, 3.1 is fully implemented in v3d :p
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<Degi> Hm if we do 4.3, isnt ES3.0 enough
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<sorear> Is it possible to link against an emulation library? In any direction
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