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<azonenberg> AKL-PT2 mounting clips came in. They look good but no idea on fit, the mold isn't here yet
<azonenberg> the fit is way too loose for the old-generation mold but that's not surprising in the slightest
<azonenberg> I think they will need to be shrunk though. They're measuring around 4.1 mm ID after printing, design was 4.0. The OD of the new probe is about 4.2 so there will be barely any interference
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<azonenberg> Also, seems i have a small mismatch in the SMA footprint on the AKL-PT2? not sure on details yet but VNA data from the last prototype showed a huge dip just shy of 5 GHz
<azonenberg> Which i am now seeing in simulation as well
<azonenberg> just shy of 6 GHz*
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<azonenberg> And fixed. just a couple of vias. Turns out i was getting ground plane resonances
<azonenberg> i had a plane cutout under the center pin to match impedance, but derped and didn't stitch the two plane halves to the top side ground under the connector
<azonenberg> Which led too a U-shaped cavity resonator :p
<azonenberg> to*
<azonenberg> also, another change is pending for the probe clip
<azonenberg> the base is currently 1cm square
<azonenberg> i'm going to bump it up to 12.7 mm (1/2 inch because Scotch has some very nice double sided gel tape i plan to use for attaching it to pcbs
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