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<bvernoux> I really hate this python stuff !!
<bvernoux> I'm trying to let work nmigen on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
<bvernoux> and this "bastard" use an old Python 3.6.7 which is not compatible with nmigen stuff which seems to requires Python 3.8.x minimal like seen in RobertBaruch nmigen-tutorial
<bvernoux> it is a real mess with Python3 to upgrade it correctly to 3.8.x ...
<bvernoux> the same as it was a mess to switch from python2 to python3 ...
<miek> i'm pretty sure it only requires 3.6+
<azonenberg> i only use python if forced to kicking and screaming
<azonenberg> i never properly learned it because every time i tried it was just unpleasant
<bvernoux> it does not in fact see tutorial of Robert it requires Python 3.8
<azonenberg> i'd rather write PHP than python and that says something :p
<bvernoux> it is just a real mess
<bvernoux> I really hate python ...
<bvernoux> it is so bloated with different version required else you have crazy errors
<bvernoux> miek, this tuto is outdated
<bvernoux> it requires Python 3.8 minimal now
<bvernoux> nmigen is clearly not intuitive ;)
<bvernoux> I understand it is very powerful but it have some many dependencies without any clear path to install all that mess
<bvernoux> => Install yosys, Symbiyosys, yices2, and z3
<bvernoux> is a big mess ;)
<bvernoux> nothing is clear
<bvernoux> I have something working but it seems there is some option to set for ECP5 ...
<bvernoux> so far the best tuto about nmigen is from RobertBaruch but it is far from perfection when doing it from scratch on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (which is the recommended Linux distrib)
<bvernoux> the 1st wrong things is the install does not work as Ubunut 18.04 LTS use Python 3.6.x instead of 3.8.x
<bvernoux> so python 3.8.x shall be installed manually ...
<bvernoux> to overload the default 3.6.x
<bvernoux> ok Robert was recommending Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ;)
<bvernoux> Which I suspect use by default Python 3.8.x that explain things ;)
<bvernoux> on other tuto It was recommended Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but it seems it is obsolete as there is some dependencies with python 3.8 now with latest nmigen ...
<bvernoux> so let's try again on an other VM with Ubuntu 20.04 lTS ;)
<bvernoux> it is a long road to do a basic hello world on ECP5 ;)
<bvernoux> ok I confirm Ubuntu 20.04 LTS after upgrade switch to Python3.8.x ;) which is not the case for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which is still on Python 3.6.x
<bvernoux> Ubuntu is clearly not coherent in the management on package too ...
<bvernoux> why Ubuntu 18.04 LTS cannot use stable Python 3.8.x like 20.04 lTS !!!
<bvernoux> I was keeping Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to have the choice to use Python2 or Python3
<bvernoux> as there is still some old stuff requiring Python2 ...
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<bvernoux> Also a fun things nmigen is available on 2 directories
<bvernoux> => It is obsolete
<bvernoux> and
<bvernoux> it is the good one to use
<bvernoux> why such mess ?
<sorear> hostile fork AFAIK
<sorear> it's an interpersonal mess between the owners of the respective organizations, not just a technical mess, and I don't feel qualified to summarize it
<bvernoux> yes a total mess
<bvernoux> mlabs seems to do not do anything on nmigen in fact
<bvernoux> and forked it
<bvernoux> they was sponsor of nmigen dev in fact
<bvernoux> main issue is it is not clearly explained it is "like" a fork and active dev is done on
<sorear> whitequark left m-labs (the company) around the same time nmigen started, i don't know which caused which
<bvernoux> ha ok
<azonenberg> Yeah AFAIK wq was the main dev, left mlabs, and took nmigen with her
<bvernoux> but mlabs never clarified that in their repo
<bvernoux> so it is a real mess ;)
<azonenberg> because mlabs still claims to be the official nmigen
<azonenberg> and doesnt accept wq's version as the real thing
<bvernoux> Imagine someone new to nmigen stuff which come on github and thinks mlabs is the main repo ;)
<bvernoux> you are disappointed as nothing match especially for ECP56 ;)
<bvernoux> ECP5
<bvernoux> azonenberg, ha yes a real mess ;)
<azonenberg> Also
<azonenberg> First encapsulated AKL-PT2 is out of the mold
<azonenberg> about to put it on the vna and characterize
<bvernoux> ouhaou great
<bvernoux> could you take a photo ?
<azonenberg> I have one, just need to upload it
<azonenberg> Gonna be a few
<bvernoux> it is the version which shall go to 6GHz ?
<azonenberg> also the clay i used to seal in a few spots is a pain to remove, i need to find a better process there
<bvernoux> as I saw on tweeter you have tuned it to remove the 5.8GHz issue
<bvernoux> so it shall be flat up to 6GHz
<azonenberg> The version i have right now is the old pcb rev with 5.8 GHz null still. It's smooth rolloff, not flat. -3 dB is around 4 GHz right now due to losses in the long tail but with the notch fixed it will be usable to 6, just with >3 dB loss
<azonenberg> if you can de-embed it's still usable
<bvernoux> yes anyway it is already very nice
<azonenberg> I also do not know how the silicone or the coverlay vs soldemrask will affect loss
<bvernoux> so next version is intended to be more flat and with 6GHz -3dB ?
<azonenberg> Next version is intended to have the 5.8 GHz null fixed and be whatever performance i can get. I'd be happy with 4 GHz from this version
<bvernoux> ha yes it is very interesting to check effect of silicone ...
<azonenberg> if i can get more, great
<azonenberg> also need to work on the production version of the mold, fix some release issues in a few spots
<azonenberg> maybe adjust the thickness of the mold so less friction on the sprues
<azonenberg> make a ganged mold for multiple probes
<azonenberg> maybe a few other tweaks for better overmolding
<azonenberg> electrically with the notch fixed i am happy with performance
<azonenberg> all remaining changes on the PT2 will be mechanical
<bvernoux> yes anyway it is already very impressive
<bvernoux> for such a low cost passive "probe"
<azonenberg> bvernoux:
<azonenberg> i'll get some more once it's on the vna and the pi
<bvernoux> it look great
<azonenberg> the 3d printed clip i made is too loose a fit, i need to tighten that up a bit
<bvernoux> in blue it is nice
<azonenberg> the natural color of the rubber is a slightly lighter blue
<azonenberg> i added a bit of black to it
<bvernoux> haha what a fun I have upgraded Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and it is broken now ;)
<bvernoux> haha
<bvernoux> It seems I'm not alone ;)
<bvernoux> I never had such issue on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
<bvernoux> the 20.04LTS seems not very stable for upgrade ....
<azonenberg> VNA data is in... looks like a few of the ripples in the response of the new probe shifted a bit but the overall shape is pretty smooth down to ~4 GHz -3dB bw
<azonenberg> a few small dips at the early portion of the curve but this one also seems to have a cracked solder joint
<azonenberg> i had to rework it a few times
<azonenberg> It definitely needs the stiffener under the resistors
<azonenberg> also probably a few changes to the mold around the SMA, it seems to be splitting
<sorear> well you have _a_ answer
<azonenberg> I think i'm probably going to make a second one just like this and do further testing on it. In any case though, there is not a huge increase in loss from the silicone
<azonenberg> Which is the big question i had originally
<azonenberg> The other thing i need to experiment with is the best way to get the silicone away from the resistors and castellations at the tip
<azonenberg> the clay i was using is apparently not a good choice, it's hard to remove fully
<bvernoux> woo very nice
<bvernoux> in my case 4GHz BW is more than enough ;)
<bvernoux> could be interesting to have more for test with VNA in fact
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+17/-17/±0]
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] azonenberg 9f4265f - Renamed "resistive-probe" filenames to "AKL-PT2". Added new, snugger fit version of probe clip
<d1b2> <Elon Musk> i actually thought m-labs/nmigen was the correct repo
<d1b2> <Elon Musk> it's the only one that comes up in google search
<d1b2> <Elon Musk> that explains why the docs looked outdated and unmaintained
<d1b2> <Elon Musk> what's the deal with m-labs and wq?
<azonenberg> They don't get along, wq is an ex employee and the breakup was messy
<azonenberg> Don't know more than that
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