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<IntoxicatedHippo> How do I create an array of function pointers?
<IntoxicatedHippo> Nevermind, I just realised I was doing `fn (type.type) void` instead of `fn (type) void`
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<andrewrk> emekoi, that could mean that your union's memory got corrupted
<andrewrk> and you found out when you switched on it
<MajorLag> andrewrk: it looks like a struct can have a field 'a: fn() void' and an fn 'a(self: *Self) void'. 'self.a()' would seem to call the latter with the former seemingly being inaccessible. That should probably be a compile error, right? I'm about to go to bed but will submit an issue in the morning.
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<bodie_> I'm trying to understand the call graph for resolve_struct_type for issue #1832 ( field->type_entry is nullptr on a recursive type where the struct has an embedded arraylist of itself.
<bodie_> sorry resolve_struct_alignment not resolve_struct_type
<bodie_> I guess this happens because the field has a self-referential type which hasn't been fully resolved by this point.
<ross_k> Might be a dumb question, but how do I do a for loop over a numerical range in zig?
<ross_k> I see there are ranges for slices: [0..n] and switch statements: 0...n. Is there something like that to use with loops?
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<bodie_> @andrewrk, is there any plan for supporting C++ libraries as a dependency?
<andrewrk> bodie_, no, no plans for that. that has language semantic requirements that zig can't do
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<andrewrk> ross_k, use a while loop
<andrewrk> var i: usize = 0; while (i < 10) : (i += 1) {}
<ross_k> I see! Thanks.
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<emekoi> can we get `and` to work on nullable and boolean types? so you can do `if (true_or_false and maybe_null) |not_null| {}` or `while (true_or_false and maybe_null) |not_null| {}`?
<andrewrk> emekoi, probably not
<andrewrk> these are the kind of things where we sacrifice convenience to maintain simplicity
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<knebulae> Are there any suggestions for guidance on producing a UEFI application executable, linked with msvc .lib files (EDK-II)?
<knebulae> By way of background, these executables are just Win64-PE files with a different subsystem linked against the UEFI libraries rather than MSVCRT.
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<andrewrk> knebulae, i've never tried that before, but it sounds like a use case we should think about and support
<andrewrk> knebulae, it might just work. if you don't use --library c then zig does not link against msvcrt
<andrewrk> we also have -mconsole and -mwindows. which subsystem are you talking about?
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<daurnimator> andrewrk: interesting that you say that about C++.
<daurnimator> andrewrk: I was actually thinking of the related problem of using Qt from zig this morning
<daurnimator> Qt of course requiring a custom two pass C++ compiler...
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<daurnimator> (moc )
<nbjoerg> to be fair, a lot of that is historic garbage...
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<daurnimator> As a *user*, Qt based programs are the best amoung the portable GUI toolkits.
<daurnimator> as a developer, qt is a huge pain in the arse.
<zachcarter> for retained mode x-platform GUI solutions, there are very few choices
<zachcarter> if your needs are simple enough - - might be of interest