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<oats> has anybody tried to get zig programs working a tomu?
<oats> (tiny ARM board)
<oats> its arch seems to be armv6m
<oats> which zig seems to be able to target, but I'm not sure if I can/should include the firmware that's used in the sample projects
<oats> which is hindered by the fact that I don't understand the sample projects
<oats> s/firmware/firmware libraries
<oats> I'm also thinking about just ditching the libraries entirely and seeing if I could write my own for fun
<oats> I've also never done stuff this low-level, so my knowledge level is pretty low here
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<wilsonk> oats: I think andrewrk has a small game running on raw hardware that is Arm based (Raspberry Pi, I think). He is probably the best one to ask when he is online...
<oats> oh that's cool
<oats> wilsonk: thanks :)
<wilsonk> oats: here is a video of the start of the game...
<oats> I've never written stuff for microprocessors before
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<oats> although I'm taking a class in microprocessors this semester I'm very much looking forward to
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<IntoxicatedHippo> When using `--emit asm` is there a way to change where the assembly file is saved?
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<Zaab1t> I am still struggling with strings. How do I pass a string to a function, without the first character? I'm betting on pointer addition, but I can't quite figure it out
<IntoxicatedHippo> You could do something like string[1..]
<Zaab1t> thanks IntoxicatedHippo
<Zaab1t> I can't seem to find the regular for loop in the docs. Does Zig only have for each loops?
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<unique_id> Zaab1t: That's a common question. For now people use "var i: usize = 0; while(i < count) : (i+=1)" I believe people have been talking about getting an alternative, don't know more.
<Zaab1t> thats what I do too for now
<Zaab1t> figured there might be some range type
<Zaab1t> [0..15]
<Zaab1t> a slice of nothin'
<unique_id> right
<unique_id> I've seen people talking about having something like that
<unique_id> wanting to*
<Zaab1t> unique_id: do I need to handle to potential overflow?
<unique_id> Zaab1t: I don't understand the question
<Zaab1t> excuse my stupidity
<Zaab1t> unique_id: I was referring to the i+=1, but its not relevant anymore
<Zaab1t> so I have a function that takes a string, str: []const u8
<Zaab1t> it needs to handle the special case, where str.len == 1
<Zaab1t> compiler says: integer value 1 cannot be implicitly casted to type '*const u8'
<Zaab1t> alright, && is not the and operator
<unique_id> an integer can't be implicitly cast to a pointer, that makes sense :)
<unique_id> are you comparing str.ptr instead of str.len?
<unique_id> wait no, str.ptr is probably of type [*]const u8
<Zaab1t> I was using && as logical and
<unique_id> oh that's the same issue not a separate one, ok :)
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<vegecode> I am working on the 'contributor-friendly' isse 1768. Is it possible in the test suite to tell the compiler to expect an error?
<vegecode> Also, I
<vegecode> I've never done contributed to an open source project before. I forked the repo, am making my change in a branch, and then will make a pull request. Is there anything else I should be aware of? Any social pleasantries/ manners to observe?
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<vegecode> I'll just go for it before my kids get home.
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<mgxm> andrewrk: yeah, I will send a pr... but there's one last thing that is hindering me
<mgxm> tthe test-cli are faliling but only on CI
<andrewrk> interesting
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<oats> I'm trying to build a zig program for a little arm board ( and I'm getting an error when trying build that's not too clear to me
<oats> there's my build args and output
<oats> I'm trying not to use a libc here
<oats> here's my little test main.zig:
<knebulae> andrewrk: am I completely missing the point and/or capabilities of comptime? see:
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