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<andrewrk> oats, let me try to build a fix to this problem. what's going on is that currently zig assumes that libc is required if you use @cImport
<andrewrk> knebulae, I'm looking at your code. what's the problem?
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<andrewrk> mgxm, are Scrt1.o, crti.o crtbegin.o etc not required for freebsd?
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<knebulae> andrewrk: error: cannot store runtime value in compile time variable
<knebulae> andrewrk: regarding message2
<knebulae> I don't know what else to do to make sure the Ascii2WChar fn runs at compile time.
<knebulae> andrewrk: I gotcha. I think it's easiest to simply put my strings together from the C side right now where wide string literals are as simple as prefixing an L"blah". Just for now though.
<andrewrk> knebulae, on the zig side it could be as easy as prefixing L("blah")
<knebulae> Might be useful for Windows interop.
<andrewrk> oats, I just pushed a commit that should fix your issue
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<oats> andrewrk: you're awesome dude, thanks so much :)
<andrewrk> no problem, let me know if you run into anything else
<andrewrk> 127 / 517 behavior tests passing in copy elision branch
<oats> well, I can't assign to the result of a macro expansion
<oats> but I figured that wouldn't work properly
<andrewrk> oats, you can probably inspect the macro manually and create a roughly equivalent abstraction using functions
<andrewrk> for example, it could be a function that returns a pointer, so you would assign by dereferencing the result
<andrewrk> the fundamental problem here is that, in zig, assignment is assignment. the C macro is trying to violate that, and that's not allowed because we want to be able to look at an assignment and rely on it always being an assignment
<oats> gotcha
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<mgxm> andrewrk: I'm not sure
<mgxm> i'll find out and guarantee this tomorrow
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<emekoi> can anyone tell me why code randomly allocates different amounts? whenever i run `zig build test` on my code here ( i get different outputs for the number of buffers allocated.
<andrewrk> emekoi, looks like you're using threads? that's a source of nondeterminism
<andrewrk> I haven't looked more closely than that
<emekoi> i only have 1 consumer thread though. and with smaller numbers i get consistent results.
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<IntoxicatedHippo> RMSbolt now supports Zig for anyone who's interested in that:
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<DutchGh0st> Can you shrink a slice while iterating over it?
<DutchGh0st> like, won't it read past the current slice's contents?
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<IntoxicatedHippo> Do you mean something like `for (x) |_| x = x[0..2];`?
<IntoxicatedHippo> DutchGh0st
<DutchGh0st> yeah for example
<IntoxicatedHippo> I haven't checked this at all and the documentation doesn't seem to say anything about it, but I assume the loop would make a copy of the slices data.
<DutchGh0st> mhh okey...darnish haha
<DutchGh0st> then I guess I'd have to do clever indexing and swapRemove stuff ^^
<IntoxicatedHippo> What are you trying to do?
<DutchGh0st> advent of code day 25
<DutchGh0st> I keep an arraylist of constellations (a constellation is an arraylist of points), and merge the ones together that can merge (manhattendst between a point in 1 constellation is 3 or less than a point in another constellation),
<DutchGh0st> if 2 can merge, I appendSlice() one constellation to the other, and shrinking the one I took the slice from to a size of 0,
<DutchGh0st> but then I end up with empty entry's in the constellations arraylist, which .. is okey, but maybe I can just swap remove them with the last entry of the constellations list
<DutchGh0st> altought its plenty fast currently
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<knebulae> andrewrk: have you noticed anything unusual when calling C functions that have varargs? I'm wrapping the Print() uefi call, and while numbers can be passed in the format string and are inlined properly, strings are not (they actually display as though 2 separate Print() calls were made).
<knebulae> andrewrk: here's an example:
<knebulae> A better example:
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