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<andrewrk> thanks!
<daurnimator> andrewrk: I feel like I don't know that much about it..... but its really hard to find people that know the actual details
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<andrewrk> yes! got @sliceToBytes working:
<andrewrk> and here's what happens if you change all the `var` to `const`:
<daurnimator> andrewrk: to use kernel32.dll+user32.dll or not is sort of like the question to use libc or not for linux.
<daurnimator> andrewrk: copy ellision progress is good. Though my lack of ability to read LLVM IR only lets me observe assume that a single removed memcpy call is what you were trying to do.
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<andrewrk> daurnimator, also the fewer number of alloca's
<andrewrk> also if you slice the expression inside @sliceToBytes in master, it creates yet another memcpy/alloca, but if you do it in copy elision branch, it does not. still only 1 alloca per var
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<mgxm> andrewrk: I made some progress on the freebsd side
<andrewrk> mgxm, do tell
<mgxm> tomorrow I will try to get the stack trace working
<daurnimator> andrewrk: don't forget to tick off sliceToBytes on :)
<mgxm> the debug info is not implemente
<andrewrk> mgxm, isn't it ELF/Dwarf?
<andrewrk> daurnimator, thanks :)
<daurnimator> andrewrk: re what do you think is the best way to approach valgrind/valgrind.h ?
<mgxm> yes, but it's not implemented on the debug.zig, so I'm getting "unable to open deub info"
<andrewrk> daurnimator, find out what the ABI is and use that, and ignore valgrind.h
<andrewrk> if they don't have a stable ABI and require depending on C code, give up
<daurnimator> andrewrk: valgrind.h is full of per-target inline assembly
<daurnimator> each target with a 1000-line explanation of platform specific hacks
<andrewrk> I suggest starting with x86_64
<daurnimator> linux?
<andrewrk> sure, I mean it's up to you, which platform would be most useful to you right now?
<daurnimator> andrewrk: well amd64 linux is what I use day-to-da
<daurnimator> y
<daurnimator> though my question was more about what approach is best
<daurnimator> sounds like you think porting the header to zig is the best answer?
<andrewrk> daurnimator, I think so. make sure the ABI is stable
<daurnimator> andrewrk: it is (though its extensible)
<daurnimator> one "trouble" may be valgrind plugins that add more things on top of valgrind.h
<daurnimator> andrewrk: why did you immediately dismiss the approach of e.g. improving @cImport (I have no idea what definciencies may existg)?
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<andrewrk> daurnimator, it's an unnecessary dependency on libclang
<daurnimator> andrewrk: so what's the long-term steady state? that valgrind also ship e.g. valgrind.zig 'headers'?
<andrewrk> I don't want to create dependencies on C where they don't fundamentally exist
<andrewrk> the long term steady state is that valgrind has a well documented stable ABI, and then languages can create their own bindings packages
<daurnimator> I'm not sure that makes sense
<daurnimator> AFAIK, valgrind essentially "emulates" a CPU. it tracks loads/stores to look for undefined behaviour. it has a JIT to run at almost-native speed.
<daurnimator> what the valgrind header does is insert 'magic' assembly no-ops that valgrind looks for as it emulates a CPU
<daurnimator> so you run a no-op instruction that tells valgrind "memory at 0xdeadbeef is now defined to write to for 42 bytes". "memory at 0xcafebabe is now undefined"
<daurnimator> so the "ABI" as I guess we call it is "insert this specific assembly instruction; insert the arguments by ______; this clobbers registers X,Y,Z"
<andrewrk> it comes down to inline assembly
<daurnimator> andrewrk: yeah.... so you're still saying you want to just implement it as inline assembly in valgrind.zig?
<andrewrk> yes, I would be reluctant to add the first .h file to the zig standard library in order to get this valgrind compatibility
<daurnimator> okay. I may have to figure out how inline assembly works in zig. I have seen it once or twice I think
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<IntoxicatedHippo> Has anyone looked in to making a Zig Emacs mode based on cc-mode? I've been trying to do it but I can't find a good way to handle while and for loop syntax.
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<ross_k> Is there a reason the std library doesn't define abs() for integers? There's fabs() and complex.abs(), but can't find one that takes an i32.
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<Hejsil> ross_k, i think you're looking for absCast
<knebulae> daurnimator and andrewrk - I have a lot of experience going down this road to varying degrees of success, and daurnimator is right, using raw NT opens up a lot of possibilities for pure POSIX on Windows (not WSL/Cygwin/MinGW). But the truth is that hardly no one actually writes raw NT software really except drivers and utilities mostly. There are a few things needed to get UEFI going. I will make the changes to the options discussed, and prepare a
<knebulae> basic PoC UEFI application. Then I need to learn to use git well enough to do a PR. And no, I'm not new, I'm old. :/
<bodie_> andrewrk, what's your priority on the coro rewrite? that's a ton of work, right?
<andrewrk> knebulae, we're not too much sticklers for process around here. feel free to mail your patch to the mailing list
<andrewrk> or paste a link here
<andrewrk> bodie_, yes it's a ton of work and depends on this copy elision branch that is also a ton of work. I think the coro rewrite is less work than copy elision though
<andrewrk> my plan after merging copy elision is to do some other, less huge things, such as SIMD, anon enum literals, then move on to coro rewrite
<andrewrk> probably just fix bugs for a few days and merge PRs too
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<bodie_> andrewrk, I was just reading your comment on 943 (package management.) This is an obviously huge problem for many stacks, not just languages. Have you thought about a Nix-like option?
<MajorLag> You know, if you could `use` with structs, then you could include an interface's 'convenience' functions in your implementation directly. They'd just have to be written with `self: var`
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<andrewrk> that's an interesting idea
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<bodie_> then the in-tool solution would just need to support the features required by something like that
<bodie_> "just"
<bodie_> but it frames the problem differently...
<halosghost> “just” has become one of my favorite four-letter words
<bodie_> it is very often a weasel-word or has other social weirdness
<halosghost> “just get me this report that we have no spec for and has all sorts of weird edge cases… by Thursday”
<bodie_> social just-ice :)
<MajorLag> andrewrk: currently here's what I'm trying, a slight modification on Hejsil's gists:
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<mgxm> stack trace partially working on freebsd
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<Hejsil> Repl for the people
<Hejsil> (Really just a wrapper around the zig compiler, but whatevs)
<halosghost> ooh, a zig repl
<halosghost> :D
<andrewrk> mgxm, nice! getting source printing should be not too much more further work, I think
<andrewrk> also don't worry about those ???. I never got around to doing the dwarf code for determining function names yet
<andrewrk> it could be a contributor friendly issue actually. I'll write it up
<andrewrk> Hejsil, woah. looking at your video, I have no idea how this works
<andrewrk> it looks like magic
<Hejsil> The repl? Its pretty simple. We just generate code and invoke the compiler :)
<Hejsil> And print the latest expression
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<halosghost> yeah, that's awesome
<halosghost> Hejsil: can it access @ functions?
<andrewrk> it appends each expression? so if you print again, does it print twice?
<Hejsil> No
<Hejsil> >> u8(1) generates const _0 = u8(1); print(_0)
<Hejsil> next line generates: >> _0 + _0 const _0 = u8(1); const _1 = _0 + _0; print(_1)
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<mgxm> andrewrk: great, good to know. I will have free time in these days and maybe I can do that
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<zachcarter> Hejsil: this isn't a real repl though right? because code is re-compiled?
<zachcarter> it's more akin to - ?
<zachcarter> there's a grant in progress for Nim to add support for a true repl to Nim - this is the RFC:
<zachcarter> seems like a lot of work
<andrewrk> I think we're going to have a compiler repl before we have a zig repl
<andrewrk> by compiler repl, I mean the command line equivalent of an IDE
<andrewrk> (which tests out the API that an IDE could use)
<andrewrk> hot code swapping is probably related to repls too:
<knebulae> andrewrk: any pointers for build environment on Windows?
<andrewrk> knebulae, are you asking for suggestions for a text editor / IDE?
<knebulae> I was more wondering if you built via cygwin or mingw, or cross-compiled from linux.
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<knebulae> andrewrk: thanks
<andrewrk> this is the supported way. I'm sure other ways work too
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<MajorLag> after several revisions, I think this pattern is actually shaping up to be pretty reasonable:
<andrewrk> MajorLag, looks pretty good
<andrewrk> what would it look like with `use` as you want it to work?
<MajorLag> you wouldn't need the `AllocatorInterface(Impl)` wrapper, AbstractAllocator and FixedBufferAllocator (or wahtever) could just have `use AllocatorInterface;` (defined with `self: var`).
<MajorLag> and I suppose I'd rename AbstractAllocator to just Allocator
<MajorLag> It was just a thought as to how it could be cleaned up a bit, but I'm not sure that allowing `use` in structs will ultimately be a good idea.
<MajorLag> I'm willing to forge ahead as is on updating std.
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<ForLoveOfCats> Is the Zig compiler fully self hosting or is the C++ implimentation currently being used?
<andrewrk> ForLoveOfCats, c++
<andrewrk> I started a serious effort to self host, and that led to a coroutines rewrite which is now blocking further progress
<ForLoveOfCats> I thought so, but the readme mentions compiling the self hosted compiler as a step in compiling Zig for normal use
<ForLoveOfCats> Am I misinterpreting it?
<andrewrk> I wonder if the italics actually make people not see the notes rather than point them out
<ForLoveOfCats> I did read that, however the wording threw me off hence I came here to ensure I understood its meaning
<ForLoveOfCats> which I did
<ForLoveOfCats> Thank you for your time!
<andrewrk> ForLoveOfCats, I see, thanks, I will clarify the wording
<andrewrk> ForLoveOfCats, I pushed a commit to clarify the wording. thanks for the feedback
<ForLoveOfCats> Oh wow, awesome!
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<daurnimator> knebulae: writing drivers and utilities in zig seems like a reasonable goal IMO....
<daurnimator> but also, as I mentioned earlier, there are many situations where normal programs drop down to the nt api for a single task
<daurnimator> e.g. libuv uses the nt level socket api for polling, bypassing winsock. (which is much faster!)
<daurnimator> knebulae: also there is a project 'midipix' which is an implementation of posix on top of the nt api. I'd love it if zig "just worked" for midipix
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