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<azonenberg_work> whitequark: lol
<azonenberg_work> personally, i would like a synthesis pass that finds latches and errors on them
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: yosys has that
<azonenberg_work> or even an argument to "proc"
<azonenberg_work> oh?
<whitequark> read_verilog -nolatches
<azonenberg_work> ooooh i need to do that
<whitequark> (* nolatches *) also works
<whitequark> on module or process
<azonenberg_work> "usually latches are synthesized into logic loops this option prohibits this and sets the output to 'x' in what would be the latches hold condition "
<azonenberg_work> That's no what i want
<azonenberg_work> not*
<azonenberg_work> I want a synthesis error
<whitequark> ah
<whitequark> ok sure
<whitequark> give me a sec
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: in general, btw
<azonenberg_work> i want yosys passes that implement most or all of these rules
<azonenberg_work> so i can make (say) a CI pass that verifies my code is sane
<azonenberg_work> or run as part of the build process, etc
<azonenberg_work> (need to amend this for systemverilog, this is for v2005)
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: `select -assert-none t:$dlatch`
<whitequark> does what you want
<whitequark> add t:$dlatchsr for good measure
<azonenberg_work> Leaving the lab, back in a bit
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: >Conditionals that can never be true due to width mismatch (e.g. checking a reg[3:0] against 31)
<whitequark> this is not illegal for synthesis and is perfectly valid in generic code
<whitequark> e.g. imagine a register file that can be instantiated at half size and full size
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<whitequark> azonenberg_work: anyway, i might be open to implementing this on consulting basis (since i don't use verilog i see no need in this personally, but i know that part of yosys reasonably well)
<gruetzkopf> it's consultants all the way down
<qu1j0t3> hehe
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<sorear> I’m not convinced that transforming latches into combinational loops at that phase is actually correct
<whitequark> sorear: at which phase?
<sorear> read_verilog
<whitequark> it doesn't do that
<whitequark> it doesn't even convert them to comb loops, now that i look closer
<whitequark> it's that read_verilog emits something that proc_dlatch converts to latches
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<azonenberg> whitequark: yes, i'm aware - that's why these are checks you can enable and disable
<azonenberg> the point is, they're things that you'd probably want to warn about
<azonenberg> And for the moment i dont have funding to pay anyone to implement those features
<azonenberg> Although i would love if they got added eventually
<azonenberg> Once the construction is done i may have some spare time and/or cash to dedicate to implementing/paying someone to implement them
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<swetland> yeah I think you'd definitely want lint-style warnings to be -Wno-xyz-able to taste, but they're very nice to have.
<swetland> right now I end up running multiple frontends (like verilator --lint-only, vendor tools, etc) to sort of catch most stuff in a defense-in-depth approach, but that's pretty clunky
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<azonenberg> swetland: yeah i need to re-tool that list at some point, policies have evolved
<azonenberg> but i think yosys should get these features eventually
<azonenberg> I also think it needs better systemverilog support
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<swetland> yeah that's something I'm tempted to poke at a bit. I'd really like to get enum/typedef/struct in as a minimum, then interfaces/modports
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<azonenberg> swetland: interfaces are a low priority for me because my code has to compile in vivado
<azonenberg> and while vivado supports interfaces, it does not support arrays of them
<azonenberg> which makes any kind of parameterizable multiport router a nightmare
<azonenberg> (e.g. noc or bus fabric)
<azonenberg> my preferred sv coding idiom for things like that is now a struct packed of input ports and one of outputs
<azonenberg> 2 ports instead of N isnt too much boilerplate to code, and it works in most toolchains
<swetland> yeah, you've mentioned. that's why they're lower down my list than enum/typedef/struct
<azonenberg> So if yosys got enum, typedef, and struct i'd be in good shape
<swetland> enum and typedef feel like they'd add a whole lot of safety and readability for the effort. I liked using them with vivado and miss them in yosys
<azonenberg> Agreed
<azonenberg> and structs make huge module instantiatinos waaay more readable
<swetland> yah
<azonenberg> and shouldnt be too hard either
<azonenberg> its just an array with two names for each bit
<azonenberg> i'm slowly going through all of my old verilog code and any time i have to change any of it, converting to sv and adding enums and structs as i go
<swetland> I suspect typedef will be the most complex to implement of the three, but none of them seem like they should be all that horrible
<azonenberg> so antikernel-ipcores is slowly moving toward 100% SV
<azonenberg> it's mostly running on 7-series so lack of yosys compat is NBD (for now)
<azonenberg> but by the time nextpnr gets full 7 series support i want usable sv in yosys :p
<swetland> all my previous stuff was 7-series, but I'm enjoying poking at ice40 and I'd like to keep stuff synthesizing across multiple targets. I'd definitely prefer to get some sv into yosys than have to downgrade existing sv sources
<azonenberg> Same here
<azonenberg> in fact i am upgrading my code *to* sv
<azonenberg> and i am definitely not going backwards just to get yosys to build it
<azonenberg> i'd rather fix yosys :p
<swetland> that does seem like the better plan
<swetland> if only someone could shame xilinx into supporting arrays of interfaces ^^
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<swetland> p 278 Array of interface Supported
<azonenberg> ooooh
<azonenberg> they added it???
<azonenberg> 2018.1 did not at least
<azonenberg> (i found out because it failed to synthesize lol)
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<swetland> I saw some forum post from late 17 saying "maybe in the future" and decided to check a recent manual for grins
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<edmund> azonenberg: "by the time nextpnr gets full 7 series support i want usable sv in yosys and i am definitely not going backwards just to get yosys to build it. I'd rather fix yosys" That sounds like a plan.
<edmund> azonenberg: what other SV HDL design beside antikernel and ARIANE (from ETHZ) do you consider a good SystemVerilog design to aim for support within Yosys?
<azonenberg> most of antikernel proper is old v2001-2005 code
<azonenberg> the modules i am bringing up for new work are SV
<azonenberg> but most of that is focusing on starshipraider not antikernel research
<azonenberg> i havent got around to updating any of the noc or other fun core stuff
<cr1901_modern> edmund: I'd like to play around w/ concurrent asserts, since I'm well, kinda bad at them and don't have a playground for them
<cr1901_modern> azonenberg: I didn't know they made 50 z0 probes until I saw that tweet. But why put them on the power supply?
<azonenberg> cr1901_modern: *I* made them
<azonenberg> :p
<azonenberg> The PSU is a low impedance net
<cr1901_modern> But it's not high freq either
<azonenberg> it wont care one bit if i add 1K loading to ground on it
<azonenberg> Glitches and noise on it are
<cr1901_modern> 100+ Megahertz of noise?
<azonenberg> some of my captures are at 100ns/div or less
<azonenberg> and there are spokes that are << 0.1 div across
<azonenberg> so yes
<azonenberg> more importantly, by using these probes i get a nice clean signal right at the source without messing around with spring ground clips or the inductance of a 4" ground wirre
<azonenberg> i can take a measurement right off a single pin of the chip
<azonenberg> This was also an excuse to go play with my new probes, this is the first batch i've assembled
<azonenberg> and i really like solder-in probes for extended debug sessions vs trying to hold something on a pin
<cr1901_modern> Well if it's less work for you, then all the power to you :P.
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<sorear> still thinking we need a good sv+vhdl frontend that can be shared by yosys AND verilator
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<daveshah> sorear: https://github.com/MikePopoloski/slang looks promising
<sorear> is he talking to clifford and the verilator person?
<daveshah> I don't know
<daveshah> haven't heard anything
<sorear> because the coordination is the part that actually matters, we need a comprehensive FOSS toolchain with exactly the same SV and mixed language support
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<benreynwar> kraigher is working on a VHDL parser (github.com/kraigher/rust_hdl). At the moment his main target is a language server, but it could potentially be used for yosys and verilator too.
<shapr> ooh lsp
<sorear> now I’m even sadder knowing there are multiple real projects and the devs aren’t talking
<shapr> open source, closed mouth
<benreynwar> My inclination is to have a intermediate format (like a verilog subset or FIRTTL) and convert the VHDL or SV into the intermediate format during elaboration. It should be possible for the multiple parsing projects, and multiple back-end projects to operate mostly without coordination. The tricky bit is taking a message that references the intermediate format, and transforming it into a message that references the
<benreynwar> original source. If we had a standard way of annotating the intermediate source with messages, then all the parsing projects could use it. That would be just as useful for migen as it would for SV or VHDL.
<whitequark> >FIRRTL
<whitequark> we do not talk about FIRRTL
* shapr makes a rude noise that sounds like FIRRTL
<shapr> ok, I would ask what FIRRTL is.. but since we don't talk about it
<whitequark> just use RTLIL, unlike FIRRTL you can actually do useful things withit
<benreynwar> Am I OK since I referred to FIRTTL, not FIRRTL?
<benreynwar> And really I think a minimal verilog subset might be easiest since all the projects already support it.
<whitequark> verilog is an atrocious IR
<whitequark> have you read the spec?
<whitequark> have you looked at verilog signedness rules, for example?
<whitequark> it's completely unusable as IR
<benreynwar> I haven't. There no way to take a restrictive subset?
<whitequark> read the spec first, make adoption suggestions second
<benreynwar> I'll just trust there's people like you around to correct me :).
<benreynwar> So your suggestion would be to add RTLIL support to Verilator, and then use that as the IR?
<whitequark> I don't think that works
<whitequark> wait, you said Verilator
<whitequark> yeah, it will work for Verilator
<whitequark> but not for e.g. iverilog
<whitequark> since RTLIL (just like FIRRTL) are synthesis IRs
<benreynwar> I don't think there a big need to have non-synthesizable mixed language support.
<benreynwar> But I'd really love to have synthesizable mixed language support.
<benreynwar> I write all my tests in python anyway :).
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<sorear> benreynwar: I don’t think there is any reasonable way to replace iverilog with RTLIL, also, we can’t have multiple frontends because mixed-language support is not negotiable
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<whitequark> sorear: you can have multiple frontends emitting RTLIL
<whitequark> and then assemble all it
<whitequark> you know, like you can mix c++ and rust and it all compiles to llvm ir
<benreynwar> Yeah, that what I was thinking.
<whitequark> problem is you still want to simulate mixed languages
<daveshah> I'm not sure this works once you start adding in generics to the mix
<whitequark> and... verilog and vhdl simulation rules are completely different
<whitequark> daveshah: hm, you're right
<whitequark> you'd have to emit something like rtlil plus yosys internal ast
<daveshah> Or have a way to call back into the frontend?
<benreynwar> I was assuming that elaboration would be done by the front-ends before emitting the RTLIL.
<daveshah> But that elaboration can depend on parameters in the other language
<sorear> even ignoring user-written mixed designs, we don’t want to be supporting two copies of every sim model
<daveshah> eg if you instantiate a VHDL module with generics in Verilog
<benreynwar> Good point.
<daveshah> Lattice don't even provide VHDL sim models, they expect a mixed language simulator if using VHDL
<daveshah> I think the best solution might actually involve a way of calling back to the frontend with a given set of parameter values
<daveshah> This way you could even have, eg nMigen or HLS modules parameterised in Verilog
<benreynwar> The front end could output the RTLIL and also the generic parameters for any modules for which it found no definitions.
<tnt> benreynwar: hey, I hadn't noticed you were hanging out here as well :)
<benreynwar> tnt: Hi! I've drifted from SDR over into FPGAs.
<tnt> Well, they kind of go hand in hand imho :p
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<benreynwar> True.
<sorear> daveshah: out of process frontends?
<benreynwar> Something like fusesoc would be a good candidate to take care of elaboration and stitching all the different front-ends together.
<benreynwar> You'd still be limited to having non-synthesizable code in a single language.
<whitequark> that's very much not ideal
<daveshah> Yes, particularly once you throw vendor sim models into the mix
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<benreynwar> Hadn't thought of the vendor sim models.
<benreynwar> So then you really need a simulator that supports non-synthesizable VHDL and verilog if you want to write your tests in VHDL.
<whitequark> and VHDL and Verilog have completely different simulation models
<sorear> we know they can be reconciled, because every tool vendor does exactly that
<daveshah> I'm sure there are at least a handful of bugs in each attempt at reconciliation
<benreynwar> If you write your test-bench in VHDL, then you have your synthesizable code which instantiates verilog sim models, then your VHDL and verilog and pretty well isolated from each other.
<daveshah> Yes, module boundaries hopefully make things a bit easier
<daveshah> But it would complicate developing a unifying IL
<daveshah> As such an IL would need to be able to define the semantics of both
<benreynwar> But do you need an IL, if you can define some parts of the design as VHDL and some parts as verilog and they only communicate over module boundaries?
<benreynwar> Can anyone point me at something discussing the differences between the VHDL and verilog simulation models?
<tnt> One is sane, the other isn't ? :p
<sorear> i don’t think you’re helping
<tnt> Well, if I had a serious answer, I woudl have, but I've never come across a direct comparaison. The best I came across was to basically stick to verilog 'best practice' (like rules when to use block/non-blocking) and it will do what you'd expect. But then I have no idea why you have the option to not follow theses ...
<q3k> benreynwar: remember modules can be parametrized
<RaYmAn> Somewhat vague, I know, but what's the right way to "fuzz" (e.g. add to database) something for ECP5 that I can't figure out how to get diamond itself to generate? meta fuzzer and 'hardcode'? Can you 'reverse' a bit file to ncl? It's a config word I'm looking at.
<q3k> benreynwar: and i'm honestly not sure where in an HDL IL model this parametrization should live
<daveshah> RaYmAn: no, there's no way to go from bit to ncl
<daveshah> You can go from a bit file to a list of bit names using bstool -d
<daveshah> A meta fuzzer that manually adds it to the db would probably be the way to go
<daveshah> What config word is this?
<benreynwar> q3k: You elaborate before generating the IL, then you don't need the parameterization in the IL.
<benreynwar> Maybe mixing verilog and VHDL in non-synthesizable code is difficult because there's ambiguity in what order event effects should take place? Maybe I'll have to read specs like whitequark suggested.
<q3k> benreynwar: right, but that doesn't work across languages
<q3k> benreynwar: not sure if it should
<tnt> I've been reading a bit in the meantime and ... it looks a bit like vhdl model is just the same as verilog without block assignements ? Is there more to it ?
<sorear> tnt: my comment was at benreynwar “we don’t need an IR or really good design at all”
<tnt> sorear: oh ... my bad
<tnt> whitequark: Ah yeah, now I remember you posting this (possibly on twitter) when describing what you were trying to do in nmigen IIRC.
<tnt> whitequark: very interesting indeed !
<benreynwar> whitequark: Thanks! That's perfect.
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<benreynwar> sorear: I do think we need an common IR for synthesizable code. I think there's less of a need for a unifying IL for non-synthesizable code (or at least it's a much harder problem). Instead you could have a simulator that that treats the VHDL and verilog sections very differently, and they communicate because they share the same event handling base. But even that would be a pain as the document whitequark shared
<benreynwar> shows.
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