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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> s/it/in/g
<techn__> it's 4 or more at moring in russia :)
<techn__> morning
<techn__> here (finland) is 3 :p
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> in france its N/A
<techn__> :D
<hno> only 2 here.
<aexl1> 2:03
<aexl1> 2:04
<aexl1> :D
<techn__> :)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> for waht * do i have selinux enabled?
<hno> Fedora needs it. Probably some other distros as well.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> If anyone will say fedora, his a*s wont like the result
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its like ubuntu now
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> First ubuntu
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Then mint
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Now fedora
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<hno> You obviously don't know Fedora.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I am a old Debian/Gentoo sysadm
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who also have experience with OpenBSD, and thinks of moving onto FreeBSD
<hno> Debian and Fedora have a lot in common.
<techn__> poke hansg/hno if you want to know of fedora :p
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Nothing with you dirty fedora
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> You dont know debian good enough.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> To compare it with fedora
<hno> I do.
<techn__> hansg is pushing fedora images for a10/a13 and a10s
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Doesnt look like it
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> just go away, you RPM based alien
<techn__> :D
<hno> Heh. you donät understand what Debian and Fedora is.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Sources are the live, and may everyone who says its not lose it
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i am several years experience with debian sir
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And quite a good experience with gentoo
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> "you dont know the life, go away"
<hno> are you a debian contributor? What are the values of Debian?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well, i am a debian user. Who from time to time thinks of starting to do deb's
<aexl1> alright guys. its been fun. good night everybody bye bye.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So i see you are a debian contributor
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, Nooo!!! dont go away
<techn__> aexl1: gn.. I'll go sleep too :)
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: sry
<techn__> bye
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i should be "dead-asleep" several hours ago
<aexl1> techn__: good night
<rz2k> distro fun on #linux-sunxi...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, i am here
* rz2k back to integrating mtd from mainline to 3.4
<hno> rz2k, yes. Should have made popcorn.
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<rz2k> thanks mtd folks for not thinking that oob can be 640b in 3.4 times
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> rz2k, running small kittens through LHC on #linux (rusnet)
<rz2k> руснет умер
<rz2k> прими это
* hno wonders if that's worth translating...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Руснет жив. Но меня забанили
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Ноу!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> No!
<rz2k> hno: I said that our russian main IRC network is dead
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its not
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: kittens through the large hadron collider? that's gonna generate a black hole that's gonna consume all the cat videos on youtube
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its just me being banned
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, I wonder why...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh stop lying, you dont
<Turl> I just noticed whatever russian font I'm using, it's pretty :)
<rz2k> hno: dont wonder, it was always about banning everyone
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Internet over tachyons, only on RusNet
<rz2k> delinking server, k-lines for veryone
<rz2k> and other fun
<rz2k> hope they die someday completely
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Just a net to get redirected to "man's"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> or even worser
<rz2k> hno: if you want to talk about mtd, I have couple of questions, may I pm you?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its the english internet where trolls get surrounded and burned on fire
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But in russian internets its 4chan like. You get surrounded with all you carefully picked facts
<hno> rz2k, take it here.
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<rz2k> hno: I dont understand how in yuq's and your mtd stuff the reading of big pages are done. yuq says that you need to run READ0 two times to have a big page, but standard MTD driver doesnt know about that, right?
<rz2k> and the READ0 routine in his driver also seems to ignore that
<rz2k> slapin said to me that MTD from 3.10+ is needed
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<rz2k> because of OOB stuff and etc, but I didnt get much out of him :p
<hno> rz2k, sorry, i don't quite remember the details at this hour. But 3.4 MTD is not capable of handling those chips, not even detecting them proper.
<rz2k> yeah I noticed, my nand suddenly got 8giB
<rz2k> I got it detected right in 3.4 by patching stuff by hand
<rz2k> but still have OOB/ECC errors everywhere
<hno> slapin_n1 has been trying to get u-boot mtd layer updated, but it's a huge task.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> whahaha! I have found why my TS didnt work!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> [ 13.337] (II) No input driver specified, ignoring this device.
<hno> rz2k, OOB/ECC needs to be handled by hardware. And yuq driver is not doing the randomizer part correctly from what I remember.
<hno> needs to be seeded differently on each block.
<rz2k> do you have an example/datasheet/reference code from AW about that so I could hack it in the correct_ecc function?
<hno> The controller will happily do a full NAND block DMA transfer if you ask it, divided in ECC sectors.
<rz2k> (I'm having big trouble finding the datasheet for hynix found in olinuxino)
<hno> The NAND reference code is in lichee-dev u-boot branch and sunxi kernel (any version)
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<rz2k> i checked everything many times, my register work is completely 1:1 to sunxi block emulation
<hno> there is no available documentation on the NAND controller, but I have tried to collect information at
<rz2k> I only fixed the chipselect to be more mtd like (mtd layer is sort of mad about chipselecting at each operation)
<rz2k> also yuq's driver has interesting workarounds about weird places comparing to AW code, but those workarounds are just optimizations and looping everything
<rz2k> I wonder how he got it working if random for ECC doesnt work
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<hno> Any ECC seeding will work if you erase the NAND. It only matters if you want to be able to read what AW wrote.
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<hno> and doing it wrong will jus tresult in slighlty shorter lifespan for your NAND data.
<rz2k> the interesting thing is, I can actually ubiattach/format/mkvol/mkfs.ubifs/mount my mtd partitions, can even write/read from them
<rz2k> if I reboot the board, I have ton of ECC errors
<rz2k> basically everything is reported as 0xFf
<hno> Maybe you are not handling blank pages correctly?
<hno> the controller will report lots of ECC errors on those, and random data.
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<rz2k> but.. how they are blank if I wrote to the desired page my data and was able to get it back (i also disabled various caching and dropped caches using /proc, so it is not a cached stuff).
<rz2k> i might lack needed knowledge about nand workflow :/
<hno> if you have written to the page then it's not blank.
<hno> but ubi scans the whole nand after reboot.
<rz2k> yes I read ton of ecc on ubiattach
<rz2k> then on mount I have 0xFF as first ubi PEB and it obviously is wrong
<rz2k> s/ecc/ecc errors/
<hno> i do not know
<rz2k> I saw an ecc controller routine that had all 0xFF reads ignored
<rz2k> should this be implemented in our case?
<hno> blank pages needs the be handles special. When you see a page with lots of errors you need to try again with randomizer & hw ECC disabled to check if it's a blank page.
<hno> actually they read with ECC enabled but random disbled, and then ignore the ECC error. But same principle applies.
<rz2k> yes yuqs driver has same
<rz2k> if random is enabled, it disables ecc exception
<hno> it's the randomizer you need to disable, to be able to read the blank page as blank.
<hno> ransomized blank page do not look blank.
<rz2k> ok, got it. will try to implement. the code yuq wrote looks like this and is mirror of AW's code except that blank pages part
<hno> rz2k, that's the ECC enable function. Problem not there.
<rz2k> yes, check the check_ecc two functions ahead
<rz2k> (he grouped his code by meaning)
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<hno> rz2k, hm... is yuq at all enabling the randomizer in normal operations?
<rz2k> no
<hno> ouch.
<rz2k> yep
<hno> it's a requirement on MLC nand or things will bitrot way too quickly.
<hno> MLC does not like large islands of the same value.
<hno> or certain repeating patterns.
<rz2k> and if we will use the same random seed the repeating pattern will be the same, right ? (my math is dead at 5AM, so dont laugh)
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<rz2k> enable_random is used only in read1kpage for nand1k driver which is block device for SPL manipulations
<rz2k> :/
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<hno> rz2k, Yes I noticed..
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<hno> with the same seed there will be islands in one direction on the die if I understand correctly.
<hno> the die is a matrix.
<hno> rows & columns.
<hno> but need more sleep...
<hno> but if the randomizer is disabled then detection of empty pages is easy.
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* rz2k reads another trashtalk about linux-sunxi on arm-netbook
<rz2k> will this drama ever end..
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Can i run the rootfs using Qemu?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and what settings are best
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nvm, done
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> any way to "completely" emulate it, and not just chroot?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So i can start XORG?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> through.... nvm
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Any "Console-Over-USB" ways?
<rm> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, not sure about xorg but
<rm> here are some notes I have about QEMU:
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i want to connect from my desktop to my tablet
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> no need for xorg now
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> they say i need a serial cable. I dont have one
<rm> ...for QEMU?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nope
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> forget qemu
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its another story
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> now i need a way to connect to a "working device" console via USB
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> WRN: Touchscreen doesnt work. And i got no OTG/serial cables
<rz2k> g_ether
<rz2k> g_serial
<rz2k> will help you
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> anndddd.... how do i enable it? (in kernel?)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Is it in "USB gadget" menu?
<rz2k> yes
<rz2k> g_ether is the name of the module, it is in the usb-gadgets
<rz2k> compile it as M
<rz2k> connect usb
<rz2k> enable module
<rz2k> you will have usb0 interface on both sides
<rz2k> for g_serial, I dont clearly remember how to configure it, but you can compile it inkernel and assign console= to it
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> puch..... i have already started building the kernel
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> s/puch/ouch
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> double ouch, i have already halted the compilation -.-
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok, compiling with g_ether
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> does alip auto start SSH?
<hno> no idea. I don't use Ubuntu.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But alip should be kinda different from ubuntu
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> becouse currently i am trying out g_ether, i wanna try ssh
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> They probably have ssh running there
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<aexl> hi all.
<aexl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: do you have g_ether running as module?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yes
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> is that bad?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> XD
<aexl> no no. just interested. doesn't work?
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<aexl> hno: which cross-compiler do you use if any?
<hno> aexl, I most often use linaro toolchain.
<aexl> thx
<hno> My current default is gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-2012.10-20121022_linux
<hno> Hmm.. thought I had switched to 4.7-2013.04. But apparently not. linux-sunxi kernel fails with linaro-4.8 toolchain however.
<aexl> is linaro better then the one from debian-arm?
<hno> don't know. Not a Debian user.
<aexl> s/then/than
<aexl> no ubuntu. no debian. fedora?
<hno> Fedora.
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<aexl> only rh approach i made was mageia and i didn't like it.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What should i do "desktop" side to enable g_ether?
<aexl> doesn't work?
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, most desktops just autodetect it. But need to configure IP, as you don't have a DHCP server on the "gadget".
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i have experience with no-dhcp as all my networks are static
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So. I have followd this instruction:
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What should i do now?
<hno> configure the usb0 interface on the host/desktop side as per how you configure a network interface in your preferred desktop OS.
<hno> no different from eth0 other than the name..
<hno> and if you get no usb0 interface then make sure you have usb networking support enabled in your desktop kernel, which based on your statements earlier I guess you have disabled.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> seems like debian got no USB networking in kernel. Dmesg says nothing about tablet being plugged
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> anyone know how to use g_serial?
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<aexl> i don't even have network-manager installed (squeeze - yeah i know).
<aexl> debian installed wicd instead.
<aexl> which is only 40kb instead of 850kb.
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<rm> wicd is pretty cool
<rm> doesn't try to be everything
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i have manualy installed wicd
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> with manualy installed xfce4
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> (on desktop)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, i wanna someone to explain how to do the g_serial
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and.... i am a complete newb to the serial console world
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<hramrach_> g_ether just works with a Debian kernel
<hramrach_> g_serial is another story
<hramrach_> if you make it built_in maybe you can configure console on the device
<hramrach_> but di not try
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i was toldn to do something in u-boot related to args
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> BIOS> setenv extrabootargs otg_mode=device
<hramrach_> that might be needed on some devices
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> but its in a completely different wiki
<hramrach_> but I did not ned any special argument
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> btw, i am toldnd you are responsible for default kernel settings>
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> is that correct?
<hramrach_> I wrote a patch that adds much more stuff to the defaul config because there are pepole coming all the time saying they plugged X into their a10 device and it did not work
<hramrach_> but the pathces are not merged soo
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> My question: Who exactly do you think got a amiga HDD that they maybe willing to connect to a tablet?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Or even a minix one
<hramrach_> minix is still alive
<hramrach_> as for amiga you see that there are people who have some ;-)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I know
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But who exactly wanna use amiga drives on his A10?
<hramrach_> I don't really care about partition type section. Did not touch that since it looked reasonable
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Il eat my A10 if there are any in this channel
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Without water
<hramrach_> I don't know what interface amiga drives are
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who uses Rio Karma with it?
<hramrach_> if they are IDE you can just plug them using an adaptor
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who attaches Sun hdd to A10?
<hramrach_> Anyone who has also a Sun
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Way too much humor for me. Atleast for today
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Why dont you switch on all the drivers
<hramrach_> is Rio Karma a mass storage quirk?
<hramrach_> they are just all enabled
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Using A10 in nuclear ICBM seems more possible than anyone willing to use amiga partitioning layout on their A10
<hramrach_> because then someone comes and asks why can I connect my half-broken thumb drive to my desktop but not a10?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Cant you just use "make linux-config"????
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> if you want something, configure the kernel for it
<hramrach_> no. First the defconfigs are for pre-built kernels. Second there are inter-depndencies which prevent you configuring some options easily.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I had this sickness of "What if il need to move this kernel to a Alpha computer? What if il need support for this extremely rare circuit? And have no possibility of recompiling the kernel (for unknown reasons)".
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its gone now
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> maybe thats becouse i am a gentoo admin...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yet thats how i see it
<hramrach_> Who would want to connect an amiga formatted drive to a PC?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who wound want it at embedded system
<hramrach_> yet it is set in the Debian amd64 kernel
<hramrach_> the a10 is no more embedded than a netbook. there are actual netbooks and devboards with a10 out there
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> They DO support launching nuclear ICBM. So not a example
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> If someone DO know what is Amiga. What is linux. And somehow got to linux-sunxi. I cant belive he cant configure a kernel
<aexl> see. we can use now -
<hramrach_> the defconfig is for 'download this image and try if it works with that'
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Well, as i sad yesterday. I will soon fork it, and add blackjack and sluts
<hramrach_> since the current defconfig has no drivers it is useless in tha regard
* Yaku321 wants a 512mb memory extention for his mele a2000 with a physical switch like on his amiga 500 a long time ago, and flip it every once in a while just to see a nice guru mediation fault
<aexl> Yaku321: just solder it on :D
<hramrach_> yes, chipsel disable switch
<hramrach_> but you need a mele a2000g for that I guess
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> btw, hramrach_. Can you link me to any of those "A10 netbooks". As it seems like a interesting thing
<hramrach_> search chinese shops. I don't know where else they are sold. just saw a picture posted somewhere
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i am chrooted into my rootfs
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> will "mknod /dev/ttyGS0 c 249 0" work?
<mripard_> aexl: well, you can use it, but device support is quite limited
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Or it cant be executed through chroot?
<mripard_> the major drawback being that there is no storage device support at all.
<hramrach_> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: if you can identify some chips that are really rare and unlikely to encounter that's cool
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<hramrach_> but arguing over amiga partition scheme is just bikeshedding
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> XD
<ssvb_> mripard_: would nfs root work with the mainline kernel already?
<Turl> ssvb_: if you patch emac in, yes :)
<mripard_> Turl: like aexl pointed out, I made quickly a howto on how to compile mainline kernel, it would be great if you reviewed it :)
<hramrach_> thre are some emac patches, arent' there?
<mripard_> and add whatever you feel is needed :)
<Turl> mripard_: I was having a look at it earlier today
<mripard_> ssvb_: yes
<mripard_> they will be merged in 3.11
<ssvb_> thanks, that's great
<mripard_> it's been merged by the network maintainer already, so it's just a matter of pull requests now :)
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<hramrach_> working mainline kernel \o/
<aexl> mripard_: what else is not working? -> wiki
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> hramrach_, Serial seems working A10-side
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Now as i am completely new to serial..... how to connect?
<aexl> okay
<hramrach_> you connect the mini USB to an USB port on the PC
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> already done
<hramrach_> and it should detect a serial adaptor
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I have dmesg telling that its detected
<mripard_> Turl: speaking of which, maybe you could rename your -next branch to -devel?
<mripard_> to avoid confusion?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> using the usbserial
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> so.... what should i do now
<hramrach_> there are programs like screen or cu you can use to connect to a serial port
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i know. But where. Where is the file i shall connect to
<hramrach_> does njot dmesg tell you?
<bfree> mripard_: fyi I cannot get an external initramfs to load (my debian armmp 3.10+emac) no matter what I've tried (including just a 1k token one). building in failed with the full initramfs_source I was hoping for but gitting it (drop all modules) to get the kernel down to something ~<4M at least booted :-/
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> np
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nop
<hramrach_> probably /dev/ttyUSB0
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> doesnt exist
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> so now we do what?
<hramrach_> /sys/class/tty/ has your terminal devices
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<mripard_> bfree: hmmm, I don't quite follow you, sorry
<mripard_> is it working in some cases ?
<bfree> mripard_: external initramfs never works for me
<bfree> building in only works if I gut what I wanted to put in so the resulting kernel is ~<4M (I haven't narrowed down exactly where it breaks)
<hramrach_> for me usbserial creates ttyUSB0 but depending on your kernel and udev it migh be different name or you might have no driver for it
<Turl> mripard_: yes, I was considering that, in fact I was going to ask you what name you prefered :P
<Turl> sunxi-devel it is then mripard_
<mripard_> bfree: so iiuc, when you build the initramfs in the kernel image, and if the size is < 4MB, it works, in any other case, it fails, right?
<mripard_> could you drop me a mail with what you did to generate the kernel images and your initramfs?
<mripard_> I'll look into it
<mripard_> Turl: it was just a suggestion, if you have a better one, go ahead :)
<Turl> mripard_: my names all sucked :)
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yay!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Now serial shows up!
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, its empty
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it shows up
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its correct as dmesg says
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But its completely empty
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it shows what my console color is
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> sadly i cant check my font color with it
<aexl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: what program are you using?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> screen
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200
<ssvb_> btw, any news from Tom about the a20 developer boards? has anyone got something (if not the board, then at least a confirmation or tracking number)?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> should i use anoothing?
<aexl> idk. maybe its only showing something if you plug something in or out. or reboot ...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> when disconnecting it only terminates screen
<aexl> you don't have more inputs right? usb, sdcard, hdmi.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> maybe something wrong with my settings?
<hramrach_> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: you need to run something on hte serial terminal to have output
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<hramrach_> do you have getty runnig on the serial line on a10?
<hramrach_> or did you direct console output to it?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> How to check?
<hramrach_> if not you get nothing there
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I have used the g_serial
<hramrach_> if you did not do it it's not done
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I loaded the module, it was recognised by pc
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So what should i do again?
<hramrach_> run something on the serial line
<hramrach_> like add a getty in inittab or something
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok, gonna do a getty spawn item in inittab
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> erm... it doesnt have any
<hramrach_> what are you running?
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<hramrach_> I guess #yourdistro knows ;-)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it seems those "ubuntoidz" got /etc/event.d/. Atleast i found a script to migrate from inittab to it
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i am very bad at ubuntu
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> becouse ubuntu is very bad
<hramrach_> they use some different init system so I have no idea what to do with that
<hramrach_> I gouess you can figure it out with some searching in your /etc or on the web
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> bro, we are familiar in that
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> lets hope "poke and see what happens" method will work here.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> As i am too lazy to use google first
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> erm.... event.d folder doesnt exist..... I hope mark shuttleworth will fly to sun
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Марк Шаттл-в-рот
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> (Not funny translation: Mark Shuttle-in-mouth)
<aexl> ubuntu uses upstart
<bfree> mripard_: mail sent, hopefully it's what you want/need, otherwise please feel free to shout at me here or by email. Thanks!
<mripard_> bfree: yeah, got your mail :)
<mripard_> I'm curious, how did you come up with that mail address ?
<mripard_> I usually interact with my work one, and this is my personnal one, and you're the second one to send a mail about allwinner today
<mripard_> :)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok. success in doing upstart what I want
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, didnt look like ttyGS0 was right choice
<bfree> mripard_: github ;)
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<mripard_> bfree: aaaah, right :)
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nop. I didnt succed
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<oliv3r> OlimeX a20 dev board arrived today!
<oliv3r> whoot whoot
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<aexl> oliv3r: nice. shipping costs?
<oliv3r> none :p
<oliv3r> thanks tsvetsan + olimex
<aexl> *envy* vat? :D
<aexl> or was a dev donation?
<aexl> +it
<oliv3r> aye
<oliv3r> no vat either
<aexl> ah. okay.
<aexl> is there a sata power connector?
<oliv3r> yesh
<aexl> nice. approx. length and width?
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<oliv3r> lol silkscreen stil says A10
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<oliv3r> also here, boot delay is set to 0
<oliv3r> hno: did you push A20 boot fixes to sunxi-next allready?
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<aexl2> :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So.... is there a way to make my touchscreen work?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> hramrach_,
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I got a inet97 board
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and my touch doesnt work on ALIP
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> why there is 3 aexl? aexl, aexl1 and 2?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> too many aexl on channel
<hramrach_> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: I have no idea what TS the inet97 board has
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> 2sec
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I was toldn it uses those modules: ssd253x_ts
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> goodix_touch
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ft5x_ts
<hramrach_> then you probably want to enable those modules ;-)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> also, i didnt find the right TTY to spawn getty in
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I tried, no luck
<hramrach_> but using three modules for touchscreen is odd
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I tried all modules that came from android. "THEY" sad it may help
<hramrach_> useful modules don't come with android
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> XD
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yet, ts worked on android
<hramrach_> that's why we need more drivers in defconfig
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And doesnt here
<hramrach_> what happens when you load the modules?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nothing
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> all as it was
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> atleast i cant go and explore what changed (like wifi)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> becouse tS
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> doesnt work
<hramrach_> nothing in logs?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> what logs do i need exactly?
<hramrach_> the kernel log
<hramrach_> dmesg
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> "please the full path"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> 1. Does it keep it on shutdown
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> 2. If no. We will probably not get them
<hramrach_> full path depends on system configuration
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> rootfs mounted as /mnt/sd
<hramrach_> otherwise just run dmesg on th serial console once you get it working ;-)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i am using alip
<hramrach_> I am not using alip so I would not know where it stuffs kernel messages
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> The problem is: It says i should spawn it on ttyGS0. Yet doesnt work
<hramrach_> you can do dmesg > /dev/ttyGS0
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> is "exec /sbin/getty -8 38400 ttyGS0" correct for "ubuntus inittab alternative"?
<hramrach_> you want the speed match what you entered in screen
<hramrach_> which was 115200 not 38400
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> so.... i have tried entering 38400 in screen arg
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> same empty screen
<hramrach_> also I don't know where you put that and if you need to restart something for that line to take effect
<hramrach_> or if it is completely bogus
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it should be similar to inittab
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its a event.d dirrectory. I saw several files called tty*.conf
<hramrach_> when you place something in inittab you have to reboot or reload init
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> They are almost identical, and spawn getty
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i have rebooted my A10 not first time already
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, no effect
<hramrach_> then it does not work
<hramrach_> see #ubuntu or stfw
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i am constantly "repluging microsd into pc card reader and back
* LoCoZeNoz_ZUE came to #ubuntu and with rude intonation asked them
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> found IT!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> A official ubuntu serial manual
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i had wrong cmd to spawn it :P
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> forgot it, what is 1 runlevel used for?
<hramrach_> single user?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh, i think its anyway i good idea to spawn getty on first runlvl
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> YAI!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> anyone know how to mount "androids" system from nand?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i mean i want to see "androids" files that are in nand
<hramrach_> they are in one of tha many sections
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And how to mount them?
<hramrach_> mount
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Only nandi seems to have a single fat32 partition
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> all others requires me to "specify" the fs
<hramrach_> there should be two
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> wait....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it accepts this one
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i think worst what may happen if il load all android modules into linux is that kernel will not boot
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And thats isnt so bad
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> hi
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