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<servili007> the wiki mentions forcing a device into FEL by shorting a pin to ground.....doesn't specify which. Anyone know?
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<wowon> Hi ... My LCD freezed and Touch screen not response after 1 day continous operation ... could youplease suggest me what too look ?
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<ganbold_> I think I'm blind, where can I find sunxi-ir or sunxi-cir driver?
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<oliv3r> servili007; the 'FEL' pin :) it's a dedicated pin on the chip iirc and should be routed on the PCB. It tends to be labeled as FEL or reset sometimes. You can always try a SSD with a 'force to fel' mode boot on it
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<ganbold_> oliv3r: maybe, can it be used with lirc?
<ganbold_> oliv3r: or rather what is difference between sunxi-ir and sunxi-cir?
<ganbold_> s/sunxi/sun4i
<oliv3r> not sure if i saw any cir drivers
<oliv3r> but sunxi-ir should work with lirc afaik
<oliv3r> in any case, i KNOW that people are using sunxi-ir with IR transmitters
<oliv3r> heck, the cubieboard has it
<oliv3r> i wouldn't be supprised if those IR codes are mapped to keyboard strokes, hence the keyboard location of it
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<fra79Wii> How much work would be to port ffmpeg to use libcedarv?.. and why nobody did it already
<fra79Wii> I mean wouldn't be easier to implement it on ffmpeg which is used (or I think so) on XBMC
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<rm> it would be totally easy
<rm> nobody did it yet only because nobody had such an awesome idea
<rm> (...I guess!!!)
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: ping
<oliv3r> rm: don't tease him :p
<oliv3r> fra79Wii: besdies libcedarX being horribly broken
<oliv3r> fra79Wii: there has been work done to port libcedarX to XBMC's built in player
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<oliv3r> fra79Wii: yes, ffmpeg usage would have been nice to have too, but nobody has done the work yet. The bigger picture is of course, do we want to port libcedarX to every player? mplayer, ffmpeg, vlc, xbmc etc etc etc
<oliv3r> or do we want to support something all these players allready support, like for example openmax
<oliv3r> fra79Wii: add to that, AW said their next version might support openmax, it's probably just easier to wait the next release out
<oliv3r> that said, rellla has some interesting news in the next few days hopefully
<oliv3r> fra79Wii: btw, the whole thing becomes even more braindead, if you think that libcedarX in a sense IS ffmpeg with support for cedarx(hardware)
<rellla> oliv3r: let's see, if there is some openmax in whatever we (probably) get. wasn't it announced a time ago?
<oliv3r> openmax support was announced some time ago
<oliv3r> it was said here in this channel anyway, that openmax was being concidered for the next release
<oliv3r> or something along those line
<fra79Wii> It's like a month I see topics around announcing allwinner sdk v2.0 with openMAx support.. but no link so far
<oliv3r> fra79Wii: because it hasn't been released yet :(
<fra79Wii> is tedious… I have 4.2 working perfectly.. I was thinking to ffmpeg because there is stagefright_ffmpeg codec using ffmeg. if it was easy to make ffmpeg use libcedarv I could have worked around the actual crappy non-working old blobs for Android we have now
<fra79Wii> perfectly but cedar-related...
<oliv3r> fra79Wii: patience :)
<oliv3r> mripard_: ping
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: ping
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<oliv3r> CountryGeek: with regards to your IIO LRDAC proposal, I've been reading up on IIO and while its still in staging, I think that's the perfect place to put the lradc, since while crappy, it still is an ADC. I think the current lrdac driver (sun4i-keyboard) can be used for reference. I do think you'll need to split it into two bits however (though i'm far from an expert). you'll need the iio/lradc driver to give you analog/digital convert stuff thingers;
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: I say this, because currently, the lradc is being used as keyboard input for quite some devices, so that's still important to have functioning properly
<mripard_> oliv3r: yes?
<mripard_> and IIO is no longer in staging, apart for legacy reasons
<mripard_> it's in drivers/iio
<mripard_> and I don't really know what you were referring to, but yes, the LRADC should be an IIO driver
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<mripard_> probably with a generic driver on top to send inputs events
<oliv3r> mripard_: i forgot why i pinged you! but it was important I assure you
<oliv3r> mripard_: let me scroll back and recatch my thought
<oliv3r> crap, can't :(
<mripard_> haha :)
<mripard_> it happens to me all the time, don't worry :)
<oliv3r> but it was important :p
<oliv3r> oh about 'a' framework, wanted yo ask you what you knew about this framework; i don't think it was IIO though :S
<oliv3r> the generic input -> adc has to be quite generic and flexiable, as it probably be used by other devices (possibly anyway) at some point
<mripard_> yes
<mripard_> there's already something for both hwmon and the power subsystems
<mripard_> it should be pretty easy to work from these
<oliv3r> one that encompasses all!
<oliv3r> mripard_: any news on i2c;spi;dma drivers for ML?
<mripard_> for ml?
<oliv3r> mainline :p
<mripard_> ah
<mripard_> no
<oliv3r> :(
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<mripard_> but it's the merge window, so it's pretty normal
<mripard_> and for the dma/spi, I don't know, you'll have to ask mdp
<didrod> hi ! i have a problem for confirm my mail address for post my contribute, for the cubieboard in french
<didrod> php return an error for the fonction mail()
<didrod> an Modo or Administrator ?
<oliv3r> didrod: what's your username
<didrod> DiDroD
<oliv3r> didrod: let me see if mnemoc lets me do that
<oliv3r> rellla: can, he's administrator
<oliv3r> i'm not anymore
<didrod> ok, i'll waint
<didrod> ok, i'll wait*
<oliv3r> rellla, turl; ping
<rellla> didrod: whats your problem?
<oliv3r> he can't receive the activation e-mail, server might be broken :p
<oliv3r> but you can at the very least manually activate him :)
<didrod> rellla, i have a problem for confirm my email address for post
<didrod> php return an error for the function mail()
<didrod> so impossible of post on wiki
<rellla> on
<didrod> yes
<didrod> i changed my email address for verify, but not function too
<didrod> it's wiki is bug
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<rellla> so i can't help as you need the server admin, maybe Turl?
<oliv3r> rellla: you are a wiki admin; so you can probably manually activate his account for now
<oliv3r> rellla: i don't think he's a spammer :p
<rellla> I don't see that it is deactivated. It's listed as normal user..
<didrod> just contribute for cubieboard for doc in french
<oliv3r> didrod: did you try logging in and writing a page?
<didrod> yes i need writing, and so activate my account
<didrod> normal user, yes, just not 'activated'
<CountryGeek> oliv3r: Thanks for confirming that for me - I think I've got my dev environment where it needs to be now
<CountryGeek> I hope to commit something useful in a few hours
<rellla> didrod, i cannot find anything to confirm you as user nor a checkbox to confirm your email address...
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: what are you working on next?
<CountryGeek> I'm planning on lradc today
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: i was thinking, if you want to continue to the lrdac driver, i'll take your 3.0/3.4 driver, and poour it into the PWM + DT framework for mainline submisison
<didrod> rellla, arfff... and Turl ?
<rellla> So my test account Dummy1 is also unconfirmable. mail function has some issue.
<oliv3r> didrod: turl or mnemoc should be able to help
<CountryGeek> Thanks oliv3r - how can I make it easier for you to poour?
<rellla> Turl is the server admin afaik. he can at least repair the php-mail function
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: for 3.0/3.4, the sun4i-keyboard driver should get you started quickly :)
<CountryGeek> I know I need to get rid of the typedefs and add tabs back
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: submit your current driver to the ML, that way it'll be into our tree in a while and reviewed atleast. I'll use bits and pieces from it I suppose :) don't know how much pouring can be done :)
<CountryGeek> which ML?
<oliv3r> linux-sunxi ml
<oliv3r> check the wiki for details
<CountryGeek> k
<didrod> rellla, ok, my work is save, i'll wait that repair the function mail
<didrod> oliv3r, i hope
<CountryGeek> oliv3r: I think I'll spend a little bit of time on it before I put it on the ml.
<CountryGeek> Just a day - maybe day and a half
<CountryGeek> * 'till I submit it
<CountryGeek> I *think* there's a cubieboard on the way - I'd like to make sure it works with that
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<oliv3r> CountryGeek: okay; i'll use your github as 'inspiration' meanwhile :p
<CountryGeek> oliv3r: can't it wait just a bit? That's the culmination of just 3 days of hacking
<CountryGeek> oliv3r: I'd love some feedback though - carry on.
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<oliv3r> CountryGeek: i'm idle-ing :p and gonna play with pwm framework first anyhow :p
<CountryGeek> K - it's fun.
<CountryGeek> ohai - I think the linux-sunxi register docs about the period / duty "fields" of the PWM_CH0_PERIOD/PWM_CH1_PERIOD registers is wront
<CountryGeek> * wrong
<CountryGeek> oliv3r: They're 8bit not 16bit AFAICT
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<CountryGeek> I thought I updated the discussion page, but apparently I got distracted before I hit save
<Turl> oliv3r: pong
<oliv3r> Turl: a) webserver is broken; mail seems to be non-functioning
<oliv3r> Turl: b) do you use the sunxi-bsp?
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: lol
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<CountryGeek> oliv3r: Best to use the Allwinner docs anyway
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: the docs/wiki can be very well wrong, i based the wiki mostly on the user manual. Compare it to the PWM as we have it in the display section, that should tell you in theory what they really are. Unless you learned from experimentation that they are, in fact, 16 bit; then update the wiki accordingly ;)
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: no, the docs lie about many things :)
* CountryGeek nods
<CountryGeek> oliv3r: I'm payin' the bills right now, but when I get a few minutes I'll try to document some order of operations stuff I found through experimentation
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<oliv3r> CountryGeek: docs and code may say one thing, but if you actually found out, by experimentation that they are in fact 16 bit, even though code and docs say otherwise, it's very possibly and real that hey are in fact 16 bit. Just make sure to really properly test it.
<Turl> oliv3r: mnemoc was going to take care of email iirc
<Turl> oliv3r: why do you need email btw?
<CountryGeek> I think they're 8bit, but I structured the code so that I could come back and verify easily
<Turl> oliv3r: b) not much tbh :p
<oliv3r> Turl: new user wanted to make an account :p
<oliv3r> CountryGeek: oh, that should be even easier to check/verify :)
<oliv3r> Turl: *sigh* :(
<Turl> oliv3r: you don't need email to do so I think
<Turl> you can autoverify them doing a couple of edits
<Turl> or a wiki admin can verify it too
<oliv3r> Turl: rellla couldn't do it :p
<oliv3r> Turl: in any case, it's broken :p
<Turl> yeah
<oliv3r> why dont' you use the bsp?
<Turl> oliv3r: I haven't built linux-sunxi in quite a while
<Turl> and when I do, I just build the kernel manually
<Turl> I don't use hwpacks
<Turl> I keep a local copy of the bsp as reference though :P
<oliv3r> its a matter of 'eat-your-own-dog-food'!
<Turl> :)
<mnemoc> oliv3r:
<oliv3r> mnemoc: hi! mail function in php is broken
<oliv3r> mnemoc: my sunxi-bsp isn't working and I forgot! why :p
<mnemoc> ow
<oliv3r> mnemoc: If I say 'LOADADDR', do you quickly recall what?
<mnemoc> will try to see tonight what broke on php/sendmail when moving the wiki
<mnemoc> iirc it was using msmtp + gmail, but not sure
<mnemoc> need to install a real smtp there :\
<oliv3r> I think you can run gmail through ssmtp
<oliv3r> i have ssmtp on a few machines, they deliver it to my postfix server :)
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: but LOADADDR doesn't ring a bell?
<oliv3r> i think u-boot is the one complaining
<mnemoc> don't remember, sorry :(
<oliv3r> it's not an option i have ot pass to make/config? or u-boot that pulls config from the linux tree FOR u-boot?
<mnemoc> u-boot has their own board config tree
<oliv3r> I know, but I haven't changed anything, yet it started to complain
<mnemoc> and then linux relies in the info provided by u-boot on runtime
<oliv3r> oh, i changed to cubieboard from my tablet
<oliv3r> but ./configure cubieboard should have been enough, no?
<mnemoc> yes
<mnemoc> and make linux u-boot
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<oliv3r> i do make all :p
<oliv3r> i'll make only u-boot
<mnemoc> all = hwpack iirc
<oliv3r> well it doesn't get that far :S
<oliv3r> oh, u-boot builds
<oliv3r> maybe it's linux that failed then, if so, it's multi-v7_defconfig that's broken/missing stuff!
<mnemoc> make J=1 ....
<mnemoc> tat will pass -j1 to linux or u-boot
<oliv3r> doubt it's a threading issue?
<oliv3r> it's a config issue, multi-v7 is missing some reasonable default options. i probably use the sun4i default one from 3.4
<vinifm> oliv3r, do you cross compile vlc?
<mripard_> oliv3r: I don't quite know if that's your question, but you can't just do make uImage on a multiplatform kernel
<Turl> oliv3r: oh! you're building mainline?
<oliv3r> vinifm: no and yes
<mripard_> Turl: too late :)
<Turl> mripard_: I do :|
<oliv3r> Turl: Yes, and I'd like to use the BSP for it, the whole 'eating your own dogfood' thing :p
<Turl> oliv3r: :) yeah you need to export LOADADDR
<mripard_> oliv3r: you have to pass LOADADDR
<mripard_> damn.
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> ok, where do I get it from?
<Turl> LOADADDR=0x40008000
<oliv3r> i don't recall 3.0/3.4 needing it
<Turl> next to wherever you export ARCH=arm
<mripard_> because, if you don't, how will it know where to load the kernel at?
<oliv3r> Turl: ARCH=arm is taken care of the bsp :)
<vinifm> oliv3r, when you run vlc it shows a message?
<oliv3r> mripard_: i think the 3.0 and 3.4 kernels get this from the defconfig somehow? that possible?
<Turl> oliv3r: not anymore with multiplatform
<Turl> because each platform has a diff address
<oliv3r> vinifm: I cross compile for arm, using openbricks, i haven't crosscompiled any userland for a10
<mripard_> oliv3r: no, the 3.0/3.4 kernel get that from the platform code
<mripard_> it's not related to the defconfig
<oliv3r> ah ok, then it makes sense and I understand
<mnemoc> any news about a20 or a31 devices with uart?
<mnemoc> that one can buy I mean
<oliv3r> is loadaddr ignored on 3.0/3.4? (e.g. can I just put it in the bsp Makefile and assume it'll work for both?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: depends on what oyu know, I know FunkyPenguin has 4 a20 boards
<vinifm> it run into target normally? Show messages, help, play video?
<oliv3r> mripard_: not mnemoc :p
<Turl> oliv3r:
<oliv3r> vinifm: i haven't crosscompiled vlc :p
<mripard_> oliv3r: yeah, I guess it will work fine with 3.0/3.4
<Turl> oliv3r: iirc that value is the same as in 3/3.4 so it shouldn't harm
<Turl> s/harm/hurt/
<oliv3r> Turl: can you push that patch for the BSP
<vinifm> hum :0
* FunkyPenguin still hasnt found the time to "play" with the new a20
<oliv3r> FunkyPenguin: do you have uarts'?
<Turl> oliv3r: feel free to push it yourself :)
<Turl> oliv3r: you'll also need to add a target to build the .dtb
<drachensun> I've just gotten my first A20 with a uart delivered this morning
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<FunkyPenguin> oliv3r: there are soldering points iirc
<oliv3r> Turl: how do I do that?
<oliv3r> mripard_: they have surfaced! :D
<vinifm> because i crosscompile for arm, but it shows nothing :0
<Turl> oliv3r: make sunNi-axx-board.dtb
<oliv3r> Turl: in the kernel tree?
<Turl> yes
<oliv3r> Turl: so the bsp needs that too :(
<mripard_> I should really make a wiki page about this
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<drachensun> funkypenguin which device do you have?
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<Turl> oliv3r: tbh a hwpack for mainline doesn't make much sense yet
<oliv3r> i'll try to add these functions to the BSP, so it should work automagically; turl you should have done so you slacker! :p jk
<Turl> you can't have a proper rootfs still :P no mmc nor nand
<oliv3r> Turl: how do you boot your kernel?
<FunkyPenguin> drachensun: a20 media player or something
<mripard_> Turl: that's not true, you have plenty of RAM!
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<Turl> oliv3r: initramfs
<oliv3r> Turl: ah ok, so we can load from mmc jsut fine
<Turl> mripard_: you missed 'proper' I think :)
<oliv3r> initramfs is proper enough :)
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<mripard_> Turl: :)
<oliv3r> right, i'll pretty loadaddr and let it come from the config file for now, so it's changeable
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<drachensun> mnemoc: I figured out the Mele M7 tablet with the A31 processor has a uart as well
<drachensun> its a little steep for a 7" tablet
<drachensun> but I've tested that one just yesterday and the uart works
<Turl> drachensun: mele does tablets now? :O
<Turl> drachensun: how's the quality?
<drachensun> very good, I'm pretty impressed
<oliv3r> so you have A20 tablet?
<drachensun> I've only had it a few days though
<drachensun> everything looks well designed and laid out though
<oliv3r> I wanna buy Mele A20 stuff
<oliv3r> drachensun: no pics no proof
<drachensun> yeah, I have an A20 tablet too
<oliv3r> what A20 devices do you have then?
<oliv3r> wiki would love some pics :) *hint*
<drachensun> its a generic tablet
<drachensun> I'll see what I can do, today is a particularly busy day for me
<drachensun> I'm trying to fit in work on a U-boot SPL for the A31 between all the normal operations work
<mnemoc> drachensun: ? :p
<mripard_> drachensun: I'd like that A31 SPL very much.
<drachensun> I found that when I was preordering an A31 tv box
<oliv3r> mripard_: do you have A31 tablet?
<drachensun> mripard_: I'll share it once its working, I'm really not sure I know what I'm doing with U-boot yet :)
<mripard_> oliv3r: not really a tablet
<oliv3r> ah, kk, but A31 hardware though
<mripard_> I just received the EVK from Allwinner
<drachensun> mnemoc: I'll try and post something soon
<oliv3r> oh lucky you!
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<wingrime> oliv3r
<wingrime> are you here?
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<vinifm> great! vlc runs successfully in cubieboard :)
<ssvb> vinifm: crosscompiled?
<rm> but does it _run great_? :)
<rm> afaik that it runs is not new, but it was littered with various problems
<rm> from slowness to incorrect colors etc
<rm> oh
<vinifm> yes
<ssvb> vinifm: be sure to update the wiki page if you had to overcome some problems and feel that some users may also encounter them :)
<rm> for some reason I autoreplaced "VLC" with "XBMC" in my head
<rm> nevermind
<vinifm> ok :)
<vinifm> rm, yeah there some problems
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<vinifm> there is some problems
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<vinifm> but runs fairly well for an ARM
<rm> vinifm, is it with CedarX too?
<vinifm> yes, it is
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<oliv3r> wingrime: 50%
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<vinifm> ssvb, I actually gave up crosscompile, and compiled directly into cubieboard
<oliv3r> vinifm: one of my next projects will be to make openbricks support A10; then x-compile will be easy
<vinifm> what is 'openbricks'?
<mripard_> haha, openbricks :)
<mripard_> a build system written in shell
<mripard_> what could possibly go wrong ? :)
<vinifm> great :)
<wingrime> oliv3r: jpeg codig are based on DCT and Huffman coding as mpeg
<vinifm> hum, like buildroot
<mripard_> except that buildroot is written in makefiles
<mripard_> but yes, both are build systems
<wingrime> mpeg2 actualy same mpeg1 with interlance
<oliv3r> wingrime: there might be inc. news in the next few days, put cedarX on hold for now :)
<oliv3r> mripard_: i prefer the openwrt build system tbh
<mripard_> which is a fork of buildroot ;)
<oliv3r> wingrime: yeah i told you that yesterday :) mpeg2 = mpeg1 with some extra support. mpeg1 is jpeg for i-frames. (p and b-frames are different thougH)
<oliv3r> mripard_: oh is it really?
<oliv3r> well the major difference I would think, is openbricks aims at 'multimedia distro's'; where openwrt aims at networking systems
<wingrime> oli3r: news?
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<mripard_> oliv3r: yes, it is
<wingrime> oli3r: h264 most interesting but difficult realy
<mripard_> actually, openbricks was originally the build system of geexbox, that later converted to a more general purpose buildsystem of its own
<mripard_> buildroot has been here for like 10 years, but had a rough almost-dead period, until something like 4-5 years ago
<mripard_> during the almost-dead period, openwrt forked buildroot
<wingrime> oliv3r: I think try decode JPEG using CedarX a good task
<mripard_> and... that's it
<oliv3r> wingrime: maybe, but wait a week or so for news; something is coming :)
<oliv3r> mripard_: I prefer openwrt to be fair
<oliv3r> i am quite annoyed though, that they are really just duplicating a lot of effort/work though
<oliv3r> NiH a lot :p 'but this is shell, makefiles are hard'
<oliv3r> that said, i have sent some patches to openbricks
<oliv3r> so maybe i'm biased :)
<mripard_> oliv3r: and I'm a regular contributor to buildroot
<mripard_> even though now I don't have much time to work on it anymore :)
<mripard_> so I'm biased in the opposite way I guess :)
<mripard_> what openwrt has that buildroot doesn't?
<oliv3r> its widely supported :p[
<oliv3r> i didn't know about buildroot :)
<mripard_> widely supported ? by who?
<oliv3r> routers!
<oliv3r> or should I have used 'in use today'?
<oliv3r> even so, it's a lot of duplicated resources imo
<mripard_> ah, so it's not widely supported, it has wide support :)
<oliv3r> all 3 'camps' have valid points
<oliv3r> but effectivaly, they are doing exactly the same
<mripard_> well, in the case of openwrt vs buildroot
<oliv3r> to that extend, so do debian and redhat of course :)
<mripard_> it's more a matter of philosophy
<mripard_> openwrt aims at giving you a full running system on a given hardware
<mripard_> while buildroot is more like just a building tool
<mripard_> so you do whatever you want with it
<oliv3r> well openbricks is just more like a building tool :p
<oliv3r> as I say, they all are quite similar
<oliv3r> openbricks didn't have to fork buildroot; they could have made their distribution _using_ buildroot
<mripard_> yes, openbricks is quite similar to buildroot in its purpose
<mripard_> but it's in shell. :)
<oliv3r> but as I said, a lot of projects are NiH
<oliv3r> does buildroot have a10 target support? :)
<oliv3r> xbmc packges?
<mripard_> yes
<mripard_> n01_ contributed quite some time ago
<oliv3r> cool
<mripard_> but that doesn't make much sense
<mripard_> since like I said
<mripard_> you build your system with buildroot
<oliv3r> in that sense, openbricks has advantages i suppose
<oliv3r> with openbricks, you build a distro
<mripard_> so you just say to it for whatever architecture you want to build for, what packages to include and that's it
<oliv3r> ah, i guess you can say, that buildroot + openwrt = openbricks in a sense :)
<mripard_> again, it depends on what you call a distro :)
<oliv3r> true true
<oliv3r> maybe i'll just build an embdeb target or sumat :p
<n01_> gosh I Have also to work on the patch for buildroot O_O
<oliv3r> btw, if i do make *.dtb, i get a .dtb binary, I still have to either glue that to the kernel, or have u-boot serve it too the kernel; right?
<mripard_> oliv3r: and yes, there's xbmc support
<mripard_> yes
<n01_> anyway at $work$ I use openwrt but at home I use buildroot :)
<n01_> sooo ... buildroot ftw :D
<oliv3r> n01_: and your work is?
<techn_> Canonical has too much money.
<n01_> company doing CPEs based on a _very_ customized version of openwrt
<oliv3r> Canonical is being stupid
<n01_> techn_: more fragmentation ...
<oliv3r> for years people are kinda hoping to unify RPM and DEB
<oliv3r> so lets make .ubuntu!
<oliv3r> ah ok, it's more like a static-apk
<oliv3r> all dependencies in itself, except the base system, w hich still is .deb
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<lkcl> hno: ping
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<wingrime> ssvb: what we can do with JPEG decoder ?
<wingrime> ssvb: can it be used in linux ?
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<ssvb> wingrime: we may check if it works by trying to play mjpeg files in vlc
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<ssvb> wingrime: do you have some other ideas? like gstreamer plugin for it?
<vinifm> dawm there color problems in some videos, but in Android is normal
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<vinifm> color and image flaws
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<vinifm> what the Android's player with cedarX?
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<ssvb> vinifm: congrats, you have likely encountered
<ssvb> vinifm: using libhybris you can load android cedarx blobs -
<ssvb> vinifm: but as oliv3r mentioned a bit earlier, there may be some good news about cedarx soon :)
<vinifm> great, but can i use libhybris with Vlc?
<vinifm> nevermind
<vinifm> ssvb, thanks :)
<ssvb> vinifm: you are welcome :) ping me if it does not work, it is a bit picky about the android blob versions (the tested ones are listed on the wiki page)
<ssvb> oliv3r, rellla: which high level video decoding api wrapper for libve would be preferable in your opinion?
<ssvb> hramrach_: ^
<vinifm> Really, I tested the video is h246
<vinifm> 8H264
<vinifm> *H264
<rellla> ssvb: a kind of mix between and empat0's way i'd prefer
<rellla> api from willswang but not mixing up every module in one file libcedarx.c
<ssvb> rellla: a small correction to the question - which commonly used *standard* video decoding api would be preferable?
<ssvb> rellla: do we even need one or should just stick with the custom versions of vlc/xbmc?
<rellla> you mean openmax etc ?
<ssvb> yes
<rellla> i have no experiences with any. which is the most common used one?
<rellla> and yes, i think we need one.
<ssvb> I'm actually evaluating vdpau at the moment, and it seems to provide x11 integration -
<rellla> one for all.
* ssvb thinks that there are too many competing video APIs
<techn_> ssvb: prefer something which is not tied to x11
<techn_> vaapi or openmax
<ssvb> but then we may have troubles making it work with x11?
<ssvb> iirc, allwinner has promised openmax support earlier
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<techn_> implementing vaapi plug-in looks simple
<techn_> also ffmpeg has already vaapi bindings implemented
<techn_> so it should work with most players.. mplayer must be compiled with special flags though
<nove> it would be so nice is there was a minimal player, that doen't use /dev/disp
<techn_> nove: using disp is required unless you do colorspace conversion and scaling by software
<techn_> or opengl
<nove> yes, but to trace that is not need
<ssvb> nove: /dev/disp is used to switch scanout between memory buffers, so that they become visible without any redundant copies
<ssvb> nove: for tracing you can just disable all the /dev/disp code
<nove> is what i have to do
<nove> but i give out for this week
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<ssvb> techn_: vdpau is interesting because you can direct all the decoded video output to x11 window (hardware scaling and colorspace conversion can be implemented via disp layers)
<ssvb> techn_: that's very similar to what cedarx vlc is doing now
<ssvb> techn_: and how should it be implemented in vaapi?
<ssvb> techn_: should these surfaces be wrapped as gles textures?
<ssvb> techn_: I'm just not sure if I'm happy to rely on a proprietary 3d library just for video playback
<techn_> what I understand it should be able to use fbdev, gl, x11 or whatever surfaces
<ssvb> I'm interpreting it as a lot of headache implementing all of this
<techn_> whole linux video subsystem seems aching
<ssvb> how functional is it without gl?
<techn_> atleast you can compile it wouthout
<ssvb> yes, just osd/subtitles must also work properly
<ssvb> I guess trying it myself would be the best, but I don't have the right hardware :(
<ssvb> unless using libva-vdpau wrapper :)
<techn_> so.. mplayers vaapi doesnt work without x11 eighter :(
<rellla> vdpau has the greatest supporters imo atm.
<ssvb> techn_: well, I guess vaapi itself is generic, but any particular backend is of course hardware or window system specific
<techn_> so openmax or gstreamer are only ones which supports fbdev or whatever output
<techn_> but mplayer doesnt support those interfaces
<rellla> would it be that bad to get tied on X?
<techn_> yes.. you need to implement another way for fbdev&gles xbmc.. and for wayland?
<techn_> but implenting openmax IL seems quite huge task.. luckily allwinner will do that :)
<techn_> and shares code (wishfull thinking ;)
<vinifm> ssvb, i got: 'linker.c:1082| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/' not found'
<vinifm> i did: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/hybris/lib
<ssvb> vinifm: maybe you really don't have there?
<vinifm> let me see
<vinifm> /usr/local/hybris/lib/
<vinifm> and /lib/
<ssvb> what about /system/lib/ ?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: can you test the php/mail problem now?
<mnemoc> permissions of .msmtprc were "insecure"
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<vinifm> i got this error:
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<rellla> ssvb: maybe it could be worthy to look on openmax in order to jump on the hype of raspberry pi.
<ssvb> vinifm: based on the log, I would say that you almost certainly don't have the /system/lib/ file
<rellla> if some software-vendor thinks about supporting RPi/OpenMAX ...
<vinifm> i am using linux, i am not using android
<ssvb> vinifm: libhybris is loading *android* libraries, that's the whole point
<ssvb> vinifm: something like wine or ndiswrapper
<vinifm> this lib is for android only?
<RaYmAn> libhybris allows you to use bionic compiled libraries from glibc based programs. That's about it. (which is cool in itself)
<ssvb> vinifm: the lib provided for linux is buggy, the lib for android is not affected by the "blocky artifacts" bug
<ssvb> vinifm: all of this libhybris gymnastics to use android blobs in linux is one of the possible solutions/workarounds
<ssvb> vinifm: do you have no android flashed in nand?
<vinifm> yes, i have
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<ssvb> vinifm: does "mkdir /system && mount /dev/nandd /system" work?
<vinifm> ops, I skipped this part :)
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<hno> lkcl, pong
eebrah|away is now known as eebrah
<vinifm> is it needed cp this files to linux in same path?
<ssvb> vinifm: no
<ssvb> vinifm: but please check if you have /system/lib/ after mounting /dev/nandd
<ssvb> vinifm: for older android releases the files had a bit different names and a different incompatible ABI (5 vs. 6 entries in IFBM_t struct) -
<ssvb> vinifm: if you have an old android, we need to get the right blobs elsewhere
<vinifm> there is all libs
<ssvb> good, now try to run vlc again :)
<hno> lkcl, struggling a bit with finding the UART, missing a pcmcia compatible connector and the wires I have is either too thick or too thin to fit the board connector.
<ssvb> vinifm: I would guess it's a wrong ABI again :(
<ssvb> vinifm: please wait a sec
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<vinifm> ssvb, iam using:
<vinifm> no
<lkcl> hno: doh!
<vinifm> is it better use
<Dreadlish> it seems to be.
<ssvb> vinifm: yes, it's all the same, just with this patch applied
<Dreadlish> what does really libcedarx does?
<Dreadlish> do*
<vinifm> the problem is the lack of patch?
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<ssvb> vinifm: yes, very likely
<vinifm> dammit :)
<vinifm> ssvb, --prefix=?
<vinifm> i am compile in cubie
<ssvb> vinifm: the same way as you compiled
<Dreadlish> vinifm: /usr pewnie.
<Dreadlish> och
<Dreadlish> shi-, /me has forgotten thats not polish channel
<Dreadlish> pardon ;d
<vinifm> ssvb, nice!!! works
<vinifm> ssvb, thanks very much
<ssvb> vinifm: you are welcome
<vinifm> one doubt: can I use C libvlc usually? with libhybris
<ssvb> vinifm: you can symlink /usr/lib/ to /usr/local/hybris/lib/
<ssvb> vinifm: so that LD_LIBRARY_PATH becomes unnecessary
<ssvb> vinifm: the idea is to replace the original buggy /usr/lib/ shared library, everything else should work
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<mturquette> seems the a13-olinuxino-micro board only has fixed regulators (SY8008C(AA)C)
<mturquette> so it is useless for me to develop dvfs code!
<mturquette> :-/
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<Turl> mturquette: no AXP chip?
<Turl> mturquette: the non-micro one has one from what I recall
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