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<\\Mr_C\\> hmm, is there a clean plain boot from nand on the cubie with only busybox?
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<oliv3r> U-Boot SPL 2013.04-06937-g87eefe7 (May 25 2013 - 10:07:54)
<oliv3r> Board: Cubieboard
<oliv3r> Failed to set core voltage!. Can't set CPU frequency
<oliv3r> SUNXI SD/MMC: 0
<oliv3r> DRAM: 1024MB
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<oliv3r> U-Boot 2013.04-06937-g87eefe7 (May 25 2013 - 10:07:54) Allwinner Technology
<oliv3r> CPU: SUNXI Family
<oliv3r> Board: Cubieboard
<oliv3r> I2C: ready
<oliv3r> DRAM: 1 GiB
<oliv3r> MMC: SUNXI SD/MMC: 0
<oliv3r> that's 76b491e850f597ff623c299f9235b5e4ceb1a705 with my rename patch rebased ontop (i will resubmit that btw
<oliv3r> shit forget to put a v2 or resend in the subject :(
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<rellla> techn_: know that thread. if the port is based on, then the whole thing seems to be based upon empat0's
<oliv3r> appearantly is now official 'sponsor' of xbmc
<oliv3r> so they are on good terms
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<mnemoc> .oO
<wingrime> mnemoc:
<mnemoc> A10 specific?
<mnemoc> nice table
<mnemoc> maybe we should do a repo of register dumps?
<wingrime> don;t know
<wingrime> but see first numbers
<wingrime> 1625xxxx
<mnemoc> yes, the sun5i have the chip id there too
<mnemoc> but for that the SC is more reliable
<mnemoc> and works on A31, where the SID is blank too
<mnemoc> btw, any comment about the w1 driver? should I take it as such or ask for a v2 moved within masters/ ?
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<mnemoc> also, it might be a good idea to give matson hall commit access to allwinner-tools
<mnemoc> comments/suggestions appreciated. brain not working properly
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<oliv3r> sure, if that means less fragmentation
<oliv3r> btw, so far its a10 and a13, more welcoke
<mnemoc> I mean [[A10/SID]] vs [[SID]]
<mnemoc> [[SID]] and [[SID#A10]] with [[A10/SID]] redirecting there makes more sense to me
<mnemoc> (same for the other controllers and SoCs)
<mnemoc> most controllers won't probably need a per-soc exceptions section at all
<oliv3r> back when we started ...
<oliv3r> move it as you see fit :)
<oliv3r> traveling p3r train atm on tablet ...
<mnemoc> no rush
<mnemoc> content makers should decide the right structure, not the hoster
<oliv3r> ...
<mnemoc> s/hoster/host/ .... or... whatever
<mnemoc> what was the extension you wanted?
<oliv3r> yep
<oliv3r> 16238 is my tablet. sid is blank
<oliv3r> sramc is good
<mnemoc> the 8 belongs to a different field :p
<mnemoc> oliv3r: pdfbook needs htmldoc, htmldoc wants X11
<mnemoc> lovely
<oliv3r> ok
<mnemoc> meh. needs htmldoc too
<oliv3r> stupid debian dependancies
<mnemoc> installing...
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<Jhinta> hi all
<Jhinta> about xbmc is there any working pvr addon?
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<mnemoc> isn't that better asked in #xbmc?
<Jhinta> true , whas already loading it in ;)
<mnemoc> or you mean using the cedarx encoder?
<Jhinta> yep
<mnemoc> slapin_nb was trying to use the encoder, no idea if he succeed
<Jhinta> well xbmc works all oke , but , when adding pvr is where i fail
<mnemoc> oliv3r: PdfBook installed
<oliv3r> ty
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<mnemoc> should I add pdf export too? or this book thing can deal with single pages too?
<mnemoc> PdfExport installed
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<shineworld> sorry for my ignorance but what is "md.l" tool (seem used to view memory of chip). I haven't it in android os
<shineworld> I saw that in linux-sunxi wiki: md.l 0x01c23800 4
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<aseigo> lkcl: aaaaah, like home this is :)
<shineworld> seem "md.l" doesn't exist on google
<lkcl> :)
<lkcl> aseigo: allo :)
<shineworld> ah from u-boot
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<hglm> Are there any nice OpenGL ES apps to test, besides "test/test"? I guess most available software uses OpenGL not OpenGL ES.
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<ssvb> hglm: try glmark2-es2
<ssvb> also Qt5 has support for OpenGL ES and has some demos which make use of it
<hglm> Ah, thanks. I have ported some of my own codef but it currently runs in the console.
<ssvb> kwin_gles compositing window manager supports OpenGL ES and is probably the best choice if you want composited desktop
<ssvb> interesting, what kind of code is that?
<hglm> composited sounds slow, but I guess on it's reasonably fast on a unified frambuffer.
<ssvb> yes, but you can get translucent wobbly windows! some people may want it even if it is slow :)
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<hglm> It's a full 3D rendering engine. I developed it on OpenG, but also work (in more a limited way) on GLES. I also ported it to Rpi.
<ssvb> sounds very interesting
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<hglm> I was planning to make it freely available, but it is not yet. It does support features such as shadow map, shadow volumes, HDR rendering etc.
<ssvb> I see, that's a big problem with GLES - the absence of good and practically useful open source applications
<hglm> Most OpenGL code could be ported with a small effort, OpenGL ES 2.0 is mostly compatible with OpenGL 2.0.
<Turl> oliv3r: mripard suggested pretty much the same thing as me on the ML :P
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<PiyushVerma> cedar: I found tiny test program which I use earlier for test
<PiyushVerma> this could be pure code to test decoding and rendering without interfearing other codes
<mripard> Turl: ?
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<ssvb> techn_: maybe was a bit too slow to notice, but A13 User Manual has documentation for "Display Engine Front End (DEFE)" and " Display Engine Back End (DEBE)"
<ssvb> techn_: did you have a look at it? that's basically what we need to know for implementing a decent disp driver
<mripard> Turl: :)
<ssvb> techn_: I mean I was too slow to notice, just spotted it yesterday and had a good read, many things seem to be much more clear
<techn_> ssvb: yeah.. I noticed it.. but havent yet looked it close
<techn_> ssvb: After I finish that usb stuff I'll move back to disp
<ssvb> now developing a new disp driver from scratch for the mainline kernel does not look like a bad idea to me
<techn_> Next for disp is to use that pwm driver :/
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<techn_> maybe make proper lcd module, which uses lcd framework and pwm driver :/
<techn_> I leaked drm driver skeleton accedently ;)
<techn_> it is just skeleton, which has hdmi edid stuff partially implemented
<techn_> clock init etc missing
<techn_> but co-works with current fbdev driver
<n01_> oliv3r: ping
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<Turl> mripard: btw, mmc clocks should be working except for pll6, let me know if/when you want to start with that and I'll push a cleaned branch for you
<Turl> I need to clean and document it a bit but it should be usable
<mripard> Turl: great, thanks :)
<Turl> mripard: once we have mmc and usb, (that I heard is pretty much supported already? :) ) I can move my home server to mainline
<mripard> Turl: for the musb stuff, Arnd was saying it would probably not be just as trivial as adding the driver in the dt, because the vendors tend to adapt it somehow
<mripard> but yeah, it should way easier than expected
<Turl> mripard: for a start I need to implement some other clocks :P
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<lkcl> aseigo: ping. i just compiled sunxi_fb and sunxi lcd as optional
<lkcl> then modprobe'd them - got a segfault because, i think, i had set lcd to *off* in the script.fex file
<hramrach_> .
<notmart> hmm, lcd seemed enabled in the fex
<lkcl> notmart: ok.
<aseigo> lkcl: we have xorg up on the device btw :)
<lkcl> woo!
<lkcl> well that was quick
<aseigo> yeah. running applications linking to libplasma and everything
<lkcl> yaaaaaaah
<lkcl> waa not fair - i want some!
<aseigo> still work to be done, but this is one of the big humps
<lkcl> ack
<notmart> yeah, i got xorg showing once
<lkcl> if you use usb networking you can at least get access to the internet
<aseigo> accel X + stm32f2 driver is the next
<notmart> doesn't *always* bring up graphics output tough
<aseigo> yeah, i want to experiment with that next
<aseigo> yes, we're not sure why it doesn't always output to the screen yet (it gets signal on hdmi, fb0 is there, etc.)
<lkcl> yehh i've found that if i start up with the RS232 plugged in _and_ HDMI i think there's some interference
<aseigo> i suspect it might be because i'm doing hdmi->dvi .. which has given me problems with other arm boards. we're about to try it pure-hdmi on the t.v.
<lkcl> ahh ok.
<aseigo> if it comes up reliably on the television, then that's what it is
<aseigo> if it isn't .. then we need to dig more
<aseigo> but yeah .. hooray for progress
<lkcl> it's most likely a power issue
<aseigo> and this is with a full systemd driven user space and everything
<lkcl> i.e. not all the equipment is properly earthed
<aseigo> like, a real, modern linux ;)
<lkcl> yaaay
<lkcl> wow
<aseigo> images are building on the build servers too so we'll be able to offer those for downloads as nightlies (and provide for online pakcage updates from the command line, of course)
<lkcl> oh ... there was a tool you should add.... what was it...
<notmart> in theory should change something if the hdmi is attached befre or after powering on?
<lkcl> git://
<lkcl> aseigo, notmart: ^
<lkcl> that's a tool for modifying script.bin stuff *dynamically* but specifically the display info
<lkcl> so you can change resolution, change type, fps etc. to the [very specific!] supported resolutions on hdmi
<lkcl> it then calls out to fbset afterwards.
<notmart> this is something that should run on the device?
* aseigo is also making up some spinach, ricotta and pine-nut filling for ravioli ... multitasking .. :)
<lkcl> :)
<lkcl> niiice
<notmart> btw attaching ti to the tv doesn't seem to matter
<lkcl> notmart: yes.
<notmart> ok, will try to package it
<techn_> ssvb: anyway.. I had idea to implement components which would be easy to move new architecture
<lkcl> notmart: i think you might have to get proper earth grounding. try starting up *without* the HDMI lead plugged in
<lkcl> then plug it in afterwards
<lkcl> woo, usbnet is back!
<techn_> ssvb: verify that components work with fbdev.. then integrate them to new clock system in sunxi-next
<hramrach_> how do you use a webcam?
<notmart> thing is that when is booting android video always seems to come up
<notmart> even tough with colors altered in that neat pink
<hramrach_> can like vlc show the picture off it? or something?
<lkcl> notmart: hmmmm....
<lkcl> notmart: they use that tool (or equivalent) - try grabbing it, setting up a compiler (under that debian root fs) and playing with it
<notmart> yep, i will :)
<lkcl> we get you networking up-and-running ok?
<lkcl> Fetched 34.2 MB in 21s (1,613 kB/s)
<lkcl> gotta love FTTC...
<lkcl> euurgh, this £4 sdcard is truly dreadfully slow
<hramrach_> or the mmc interface
<lkcl> hramrach_: i have another sd/mmc card, it was actually quite reasonable
<hramrach_> could not get any faster than 10 MB/s with a SD card on a10
<lkcl> hramrach_: yuk.
<hramrach_> then tried timing the USB readers and found they are abysmally slow
<lkcl> hang on... 10mbytes/sec? that's like super-fast!
<lkcl> or maybe i am used to computers from 5 years ago :)
<hramrach_> yes, like that
<hramrach_> was timing with hdparm, mind you
<hramrach_> not any thorugh testing
<PiyushVerma> ssvb: Wow awsame work
<PiyushVerma> I am going to try it
<PiyushVerma> is it default build qt5 with mali-x11 driver ?
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<hramrach_> lkcl note that hardrives could do 20MB/s like 10 yrs ago
<aseigo> PiyushVerma: the qml2 stuff is in general very prertty
<PiyushVerma> aseigo: you are right. But here I excite for smutheness
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<aseigo> PiyushVerma: ah, that's what i meant. :)
* aseigo isn't woo'd too much by pretty graphics, but by performance
<PiyushVerma> I have cloned qt5 repo and going to native build on Debian LXDE
<PiyushVerma> aseigo : Not sure if there have any extra optimisation
<aseigo> qt5/qml2?
<PiyushVerma> yes
<aseigo> the sekrit is that its rendered completely using opengl, so it runs on the GPU and the various effects there are done with shaders
<aseigo> (the spinning of things, the curtain effect of the menu drop down, etc.)
<PiyushVerma> Right
<PiyushVerma> I have installed x11-mali driver
<PiyushVerma> and that's ready made cinematic experiance qt5 project which working fine on my PC
<aseigo> and the mali is a reasonable gpu (for mobile)
<hramrach_> that does only egl
<PiyushVerma> now trying to run on hackberry
<aseigo> Turl: yep :)
<Turl> aseigo: well, A10 has G2D and Mali... :)
<hramrach_> with this patch vlc no longer crashes when the display is in DPMS off
<PiyushVerma> Turl: now my desktop same but batter perofrmance I think
<hramrach_> it still does not play anything, though
<rm> does anyone have a Mele A2000G?
<ssvb> PiyushVerma: unfortunately it's a bit of a fake (there is a comment about an annoying bug on resizing)
<Turl> rm: the one with 1G ram?
<rm> yes
<Turl> rm: not me then
<rm> I can't get it to boot, tried a10_mid_1g and mk802ii
<rm> did not connect serial console yet
<ssvb> PiyushVerma: thanks to certain quirks of the mali x11 egl blob, I don't know how to implement reliable zero copy DRI2 buffers swapping :(
<Turl> rm: boot android, copy the a10 mem info static tool and dump the timings
<PiyushVerma> ssvb: May be G2D can help
<PiyushVerma> which transfer from memory to fb ?
<PiyushVerma> Turl: Wow wayland is awsame
<PiyushVerma> How to get it on A10
<hramrach_> apt-get install wayland ;-)
<Turl> ssvb: did you watch the wayland/weston video? :p
<ssvb> PiyushVerma: yes, G2D can be used to fake buffers swapping with accelerated copy, but this is also not easy when talking to a binary blob on the other side
<Turl> PiyushVerma: keep in mind it has no specific a10 support
<PiyushVerma> Right
<ssvb> Turl: yes, it's probably showcasing accelerated wayland/weston vs. genric unaccelerated xorg fbdev driver
<PiyushVerma> ssvb : may be lima in future :)
<ssvb> Turl: which is a bit unfair, but who cares :)
<PiyushVerma> Turl: humm qt5 also use wayland
<wingrime> mnemoc: can you give me place in dl folder
<wingrime> for traces
<Turl> ssvb: they make it sound like it'd be easier to implement though
<aseigo> PiyushVerma: or x, or fb.. it's pretty flexible.
<hramrach_> wayland kind of sucks. They aim to replace X with something more up to date with less cruft but it's falling apart before it's even finished. When it is it will have almost as much cruft as X has I suspect. monolithic design ..
<Turl> ssvb: (G2D renderer)
<hramrach_> well, maybe wayland+1 is going to make it
<wingrime> svb: it difficlt to make xv for sunxi?
<Turl> hramrach_: mer? :P
<hramrach_> what is mer?
<Turl> mir, sorry
<Turl> ubuntu's take at X/wayland
<ssvb> Turl: about "it'd be easier to implement" - this is not totally true, it's also easy to accelerate scrolling and moving windows in xorg (but not transparency or smooth transitions)
<hramrach_> Ubuntu projects tend to suck but we well see what comes out of this one
<ssvb> Turl: and they mentioned that they dropped rotation support in their wayland compositor because it did not map well to DispManX
<aseigo> hramrach_: er.. falling apart before it's even finished? what do you mean?
<ssvb> Turl: wayland/weston has more features, which can be accelerated, that's true
<ssvb> wingrime: XV is easy, I'm just being lazy
<hramrach_> I got interested in wayland
<hramrach_> so was on the dev list for a while
<hramrach_> they want everything integrated in a single wayland server process /o\
<ssvb> wingrime: and I'm also anticipating people getting high hopes, trying to playback 1080p videos and complain :)
<ssvb> wingrime: btw, it's one of the reasons why I looked at cedarx, libhybris, etc.
<PiyushVerma> ssvb: Recently I did some testing
<PiyushVerma> on cedar
<notmart> hm, if i set pal display seems to enable
<PiyushVerma> I think only treading between decode and display thread can make big difference
<PiyushVerma> I want to do that but I need support on that
<PiyushVerma> Some strange thing happen inside when apply thread and get segfault
<aseigo> hramrach_: you mean the implementation of weston?
<wingrime> ssvb: you can look at my results
<wingrime> not much
<hramrach_> aseigo: wayland. what is weston? some new wayland fork?
<Turl> hramrach_: weston is the ref implementation of the wayland protocol
<ssvb> hramrach_: google tells us that "Weston is the reference implementation of a Wayland compositor", which is kinda shitty and unusable at the moment
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<aseigo> hramrach_: weston is a wayland compositor, and as Turl notes, it's the refernece implementation of it
<aseigo> hramrach_: it's a little non-sensiscle to say "wayland server process" .. that's really the compositor
<hramrach_> and there is no plan for non-shitty implementation so far afaik
<aseigo> hramrach_: weston is indeed doing everything in a single process
<aseigo> hramrach_: see, that's why you should make fewer assumptions ;)
<aseigo> the wayland peeps are working on weston, yes
<aseigo> we (kde plasma) are likely going to use it stripped down for the system compositor (used to manage the transitions between e.g. a log in screen and the user sessions, or between sessions)
<aseigo> we also have kwin which can run as a wayland compositor
<aseigo> in that case, we have kwin doing JUST compositing (+ managing the events forwarding to windows so things like x wayland works as expected; that happens in its own thread though)
<hramrach_> but is designed as X11 window manager .. does not sound that awesome
<aseigo> the desktop shell is a pure qml app that runs in its own process, which is "blessed" by the session compositor (e.g. kwin) so it can do things other apps can't (for security reasons)
<aseigo> hramrach_: wrong
<aseigo> hramrach_: it is a window manager and a compositor (which are two different parts of the code base, cleanly separated)
<hramrach_> separate shell sounds interesting, yes
<aseigo> hramrach_: both of those parts have backends
<aseigo> one backend (obviously the oldest and most used and well tested) is for x11
<aseigo> one backend is for wayland
<aseigo> managing windows is managing windows; compositing is compositing
<aseigo> it's true that kwin started as an x11 window manager, but the kwin team has been working for probably the last 18 months to make that a completely historical detail
<aseigo> (the code base is a *lot* cleaner and more performant in process, which is a nice win)
<n01_> guys, anyone working on the RTC?
<hramrach_> the wayland people can't seem to get that managign windows is managign windows and compositing is compositing
<aseigo> hramrach_: yeah, well, they can do what they want with weston :) we've got kwin+plasma (and enlightenment has their thing, and hawaii desktop their's, and ...)
<Turl> n01_: on mainline?
<aseigo> hramrach_: that's a nice thing about the design of wayland .. such design decisions are not baked in for everyone and it still avoids the x11 approach of not defining any mechanism
<ssvb> aseigo: the cleaner and more performance code sounds rather promising in theory, I'm just waiting for a decent implementation (for several years already)
<ssvb> aseigo: what's going to happen to raspberry pi specific code in the case of kwin?
<n01_> Turl: yep
<Turl> n01_: not that I've heard of, I'd say go ahead :)
<n01_> :D good
<Turl> n01_: and add your name next to it on the mainlining effort page, so other people know you're doing it
<n01_> ok
<Turl> n01_: better yet, move it to the WIP section :P
<aseigo> ssvb: that would, if necessary, end up in its own backend. hopefully though opengl es would be enough
<n01_> done ... now at work :)
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<lkcl> bloody hdmi bloody power-spiking grrrr
* lkcl unplugs hdmi port before booting....
<aseigo> lkcl: btw, the mode setting app works like a charm
<lkcl> ok that's better
<lkcl> oh good!
<aseigo> lkcl: we have it packaged on OBS already too
<lkcl> yaaay
<notmart> lkcl: apparently if i switch to 720p works greap
<lkcl> that's very cool
* notmart tries to modify the fex to make it boot at that res
<aseigo> lkcl: we've switched to our usual workflow of "build it on OBS, put it on the device" so that packages can be fetched by whomever and updated whenever
<shineworld> aseigo, what Axx platform are you using ?
<aseigo> shineworld: that's an a10, we'll be shipping with a20s, though.. it's an eoma68 device
<shineworld> can you give me a link ?
<aseigo> shineworld: lkcl is one of the primary people involved with it as well
<aseigo> yep
<shineworld> thanks
<aseigo> shineworld: here's some general info ->
<aseigo> shineworld: some newsy bits from lkcl ->
<aseigo> shineworld: we're building the vivaldi tablet around this
<shineworld> cool
<shineworld> thanks for links I'm looking for
<aseigo> so soonish we'll have full devices you can buy with everything nicely documented, sources available and binaries you can pull from (as well as adding your own there)
<shineworld> seem an european project ... or I mistake ?
<aseigo> one of the *very* nice things about the build system is that you don't have to set up a cross-compile system yourself and others can grab your packages (either manually download or via the command line over the network)
<aseigo> shineworld: we work with people in asia as well, but a large chunk of the engineering is done in europe, yes
<lkcl> shineworld: it's world-wide.
<aseigo> shineworld: the OS (user space and UX) and hardware design is done here .. kernel work and additional hardware design with partners in asia
<shineworld> because purchase from eastern is always a problem for my country when pieces (value amount is bigger than 50E) are more than one
<aseigo> shineworld: with time we'll expand that to include more people if we have anything to say about it .. we'd love to have more people engaging with this platform
<aseigo> shineworld: where are you?
<shineworld> Italy, north-east (close to venice)
<aseigo> (if i may ask :)
<aseigo> ah, cool..
<aseigo> notmart lives in torino :)
<aseigo> (he's visiting me here in zürich for a week or so of hacking on this stuff ... )
<shineworld> In that months I've used cubieboard to prepare 4 prototypes (running with different LCD/LVDS screen sizes) to use them in industry how HMI panels
<aseigo> (well, this is what we do, just not always in the same room ;)
<ssvb> aseigo: do you already have working a20 prototypes?
<shineworld> Actually A10 is just to fit for my feet or a little below so I'm waiting for A20 or more
<aseigo> ssvb: yes .. i haven't personally done a bring-up on one yet (though that is going to change soonish)
<shineworld> During waiting I'm also trying IMx6 from Freescale
<notmart> weeird, regardless of what i put in script.fex it always starts as 1920x1080
<aseigo> notmart: it's just whatit likes ;)
<shineworld> but cubieboard not passed all internal test (without full it of filters)...
<lkcl> notmart:
<shineworld> I'm in the early stage
<lkcl> screen0_output_type = 3
<lkcl> screen0_output_mode = 5
<ssvb> aseigo: cool, I just wonder about the mali drivers there, is allwinner providing the necessary blobs?
<lkcl> ?
<aseigo> ssvb: yes
<notmart> lkcl: yep, that's what i have right now
<aseigo> we've already done libmali+libhybris on a10
<notmart> ah, no
<notmart> whops ;)
<aseigo> (will be same danceon a20)
<ssvb> aseigo: hmm, I specifically asked whether it is possible to avoid libhybris :)
<lkcl> notmart: ack
<aseigo> ssvb: that would require a mali driver that isn't made for android. such things tend not to exist for any of the non-useless GPUs
<aseigo> ssvb: hopefully that will change when we can show more volume to the ARM world .. right now they focus on android because that's the market they see
<Turl> aseigo: they exist for A10 :p
<ssvb> aseigo: there are x11 mali blobs for a10 (r3p0, r3p1) and for samsung exynos (r3p2)
<notmart> yay, works great :)
<aseigo> Turl: that don't link to bionic?
<ssvb> aseigo: but x11 blobs have a number of bugs :( it would be better to have some universal library which could be used as a backend for implementing any egl
<aseigo> (the open source lima effort is what i'd really like to see polished off)
<aseigo> ssvb: aaah, the x11 blobs
<aseigo> yeah
<ssvb> yes, we need to get lima drivers faster
<PiyushVerma> What is perfornace of Lima is it getting similer to mali in non X-Windows env. ?
<ssvb> before mali400 becomes outdated :)
<lkcl> PiyushVerma: ask on #lima
<PiyushVerma> lkcl: Aah nice I did not notice that
<ssvb> aseigo: I don't trust libhybris :)
<hramrach_> PiyushVerma: the lima perf was on par with the blob driver when runnig some demo
<hramrach_> but that was not full driver
<PiyushVerma> hramrach_: I test arround 5 months before. Lima was rendering directly on FB and Mali off screen render was same perofrmance
<PiyushVerma> as Mali not provide Direct FB Render so can't test that
<PiyushVerma> but don't know today situation
<hramrach_> waiting for something usable to get written
<ssvb> hramrach_: is the rotating cube demo not usable enough?
<hramrach_> well, if you are a gpu driver developer or know one you can try to help
<hramrach_> ssvb: I want Mesa replacement
<hramrach_> how do you link to rotating cube demo? ;-)
<hramrach_> anyway, I am not even sure the code is available somewhere
<PiyushVerma> hramrach_: I just know a bit gles2 and GLSL
<ssvb> that's what I got from the lima repository
<hramrach_> yes, seems the published code lags way behind the actual development
<PiyushVerma> hramrach_ :
<PiyushVerma> there is already build script just a bit path tune
<ssvb> hramrach_: should we try to check what is still missing there for getting a full mesa implementation?
<hramrach_> maybe
<PiyushVerma> ok friends going to sleep now.
<hramrach_> or bug libv to push out the code so we can see what is there
<lkcl> hooraaaay! console
<lkcl> ok PiyushVerma
<lkcl> debian login:
<lkcl> yaay
<PiyushVerma> lkcl: Congratulation :)
<mnemoc> wingrime: please give me your ssh public key to create your account for
<ssvb> hramrach_: lima can work simultaneously with the binary driver, which makes everything a lot easier
<hramrach_> you can have both fb and x11 blob working at the same time, too
<mnemoc> :o
<ssvb> hramrach_: yes, it means that we can try to "productize" lima and attempt to make it do useful things without regressing anything in the system
<hramrach_> well, if the lima kernel interface differs from mali it might get more challenging
<mnemoc> afaik lima is userspace-only
<ssvb> hramrach_: lima is using the unmodified arm kernel driver
<hramrach_> or it needs r3p2 now but a10 has r3p0
<ssvb> lima code from the repository works with r3p0 kernel
<hramrach_> yeah but it's old
<ssvb> still it works
<ssvb> that's enough
<hramrach_> what does it do, actually?
<ssvb> but yes, the compatibility breaks in the mali kernel driver are really annoying
<mnemoc> can we upgrade the kernel's mali? i.e. do we have newer blobs?
<ssvb> mnemoc: we may try to steal the mali r3p2 blobs from exynos, but that's kinda violates EULA
<mnemoc> or, can we have a backward compatible r3p2?
<mnemoc> hipboi!
<ssvb> mnemoc: we can add r3p2 kernel module alongside with r3p0 in the kernel (selectable at compile time)
<hramrach_> somebody hinted you can get r3p2 blobs directly from arm and avoid that EULA issue
<ssvb> hramrach_: how so?
<hramrach_> don't know the details, really
<hramrach_> nad blobs are no there yet so maybe they were just talking nonsense
<ssvb> hramrach_: some time ago I tried to search some information and encountered this answer in the mali support forum -
<hramrach_> hmm, so seems ARM refuses to give out libraries
<Turl> qcom hands out libs for adreno from what I know, but haven't seen anything similar from ARM
<ssvb> hramrach_: he did not mention that it was a userland blob, I think what he downloaded from was the open source kernel driver
<Turl> if anyone wants to try
<hramrach_> yes, maybe. that post is quite unclear
<Turl> ssvb: yeah malideveloper has kernel modules
<Turl> and gralloc source
<ssvb> hramrach_: especially considering that he adds " i try to google binary lib file for mali r3p2-01rel0, but can find nowhere" :)
<ssvb> hramrach_: looks like he gets the userland blobs from google
<ssvb> hramrach_: :)
<hramrach_> yes, google has many
<ssvb> Turl: yes, that's the exynos blob, we can't legally use it
<hramrach_> seems the newest code in lima repo is the fosdem demo
<hramrach_> which should run q3 with precompiled shaders
<hramrach_> or whatever fps they used for te demo
<aseigo> q3a, yes
<ssvb> hramrach_: the shader compiler is developed in a separate repository
<hramrach_> yes, and was not integrated with lima at the time of the demo
<hramrach_> maybe did not even exist
<wingrime> mnemoc: wait a second
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<wingrime> some regs
<wingrime> oliv3r: are you here?
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<oliv3r> wingrime: sure
<oliv3r> mnemoc: pdfbook can do both afaik; so export is not needed
<wingrime> oliv3r: see RE page
<wingrime> olv3r: I get some regs short names
<oliv3r> mripard: I still don't see, how 'offset / 4' is the right offset. We need to read 32bits each time, So when I read byte 14, (base + 0x0c) and I take 14 / 4, i get 3. base + 3 isn't the same address
<oliv3r> wingrime: i see that page is exploding!
<wingrime> see regs for mpeg
<wingrime> ssvb: see regs
<mnemoc> oliv3r: ok. I'll remove pdfexport
<ssvb> wingrime: thanks, looks good
<oliv3r> n01_: pong
<oliv3r> techn_: i'm working on the PWM driver, using the PWM framework makes it _really_ easy; i don't even have to look at dwilkins his patch really (thank you for that though)
<oliv3r> ssvb: i'm slightly shocked you hadn't seen the disp section in the a13 manual yet :p makes me more hopefull though :)
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<ssvb> oliv3r: I primarily used just a10 manual
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<wingrime> ssvb: can you help "expian some short names
<wingrime> I don't understand some short names
<oliv3r> ssvb: i looked at both to update wiki in places, since a13 has things a10 lacks
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<oliv3r> mripard: i suppose i need to also use devm_ioremap_resource instead of of_iomap?
<oliv3r> n01_: in your v4; fix that 0x0F to 0x0f :p
<oliv3r> ohh! that i want to see
<oliv3r> wingrime: you are pushing full steam ahead :D
<ssvb> wingrime: if you are extracting these names from the binaries, then you are doing it a bit backwards
<ssvb> wingrime: are all of these registers accessed when you are decoding this mpeg4?
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<ssvb> wingrime: does mpeg1 use the same number of unique registers as mpeg4?
<wingrime> ssvb: blob constain some "short" names
<oliv3r> ssvb: do you know anything of of_iomap; devm_ioremap* etc etc?
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<wingrime> ssvb: vc6 and mjpeg and jpeg and mpeg124 are on same engine
<wingrime> ssvb: mpeg4 deocding int use actualy all of this
<wingrime> and dont forget MS-MPEG
<wingrime> *not all this regs
<ssvb> oliv3r: I'm not a linux kernel developer (just using commons sense, existing driver sources and ldd3)
<oliv3r> ssvb: okay :(
<ssvb> oliv3r: sorry
<oliv3r> ldd3 is a bit outdated, has no notion of device tree
<wingrime> oliv3r: you can try actualy try implement this
<wingrime> oliv3r: jpeg decoding actualy required for mpeg4 decoding
<wingrime> oliv3r: so it not much difficult
<ssvb> wingrime: it could be that mpeg4 uses more features than mpeg1 or jpeg, because it's kinda newer
<ssvb> wingrime: and jpeg should only have I-frames
<oliv3r> mpeg4 is a buffed up mpeg2
<oliv3r> mpeg2 is a more feature rich mpeg1
<oliv3r> and mpeg1 is jpeg with fluff
<oliv3r> if you make an mpeg1 or 2, with ONLY i-frames, you should have mjpeg sort of
<wingrime> I just checked trace for JPEG regs
<wingrime> no
<oliv3r> and mjpeg is, *I THINK* nothing more then a special container for subsequent JPEG's
<wingrime> mpeg4 file not used jpeg regs for decode proces
<wingrime> but it still possible that it done inner way
<wingrime> in HW
<ssvb> wingrime: anyway, the idea is to start with the most simple thing and try to get it working first
<wingrime> ssvb: jpeg decoding now much undestandable
<oliv3r> only problem with jpeg is, i dno't think we have reference hardware jpeg decoder?
<ssvb> oliv3r: mjpeg with 1 frame?
<wingrime> ssvb: and if will make it
<wingrime> ssvb: so how can we use it
<wingrime> ssvb: HW jpeg decoder?
<ssvb> wingrime: if you know all the registers and input/output data formats, you can make a decoder
<ssvb> wingrime: especially if it is doing something simple without executing much code inside of
<ssvb> wingrime: but just passing the buffer in and getting the results out in some other buffer
<wingrime> ssvb: now I know "almost" all mpeg regs "short" names
<wingrime> but I realy not sure what some strange names means
<ssvb> the names mean nothing, we need to know how they should be used
* ssvb knows karate, kung-fu, kendo and many other scary words :)
<lkcl> aseigo, notmart: i have USB host working from the eoma68 connector
<lkcl> ... no modules (i compiled without USB-HID) though :)
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<Turl> oliv3r: you're working on PWM for mainline?
<oliv3r> Turl: yeap
<oliv3r> Turl: can you help me quickly with something
<Turl> oliv3r: list yourself on [[Mainlining Effort]] then please :)
<Turl> oliv3r: sure
<oliv3r> ok, mripard sent a mail to carlo about his wdt, that he shouldn't use of_iomap()
<oliv3r> so i'm pretty sure, I shouldn't use it either, we should use devm_ioremap_resource
<oliv3r> but that takes as an additional parameter, a 'resource'
<oliv3r> now to obtain said resource, of_address_to_resource() seems to make sense?
<oliv3r> but if that's the correct function to use with DT, what is 'index' good for?
<oliv3r> the comment above doesn't mention it
<techn_> btw. here is mplayer test samples
<techn_> pretty nice set :)
<wingrime> why cedar use 4 video buffers rec , for, rot, back?
<wingrime> who can explan names
<wingrime> ?
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<aseigo> lkcl: progress onwards :)
<techn_> someone should ping berryboot guy of fel-boot :)
<wingrime> ssvb: you know framebuffer address?
<wingrime> hno:^
<wingrime> techn_^
<Turl> oliv3r: I didn't understand what mripard said tbh
<Turl> mripard: can you explain? :)
<techn_> wingrime: fb_start =[0].start + SZ_512M - SZ_64M - SZ_32M; end depends size of your framebuffer
<oliv3r> Turl: appearantly, of_iomap is bad; devm_ioremap_resource good
<oliv3r> and i'm fine with that, someone else pointed it out too
<techn_> and start depends of which framebuffer you are using
<oliv3r> but how do I obtain the resource, and if of_address_to_resource is good, then what is index for
<Turl> oliv3r: but why 'bad' or 'good'? I use of_iomap on clk and it works fine for me
<oliv3r> it works fine for carlo and me too; but mripard can tell us why better :)
<Turl> oliv3r: index is the.. index in the reg property
<oliv3r> from the DT?
<oliv3r> so with my single index, 0
<Turl> like reg = <0xaddr0 0xsize 0xaddr1 0xsize ...>
<oliv3r> if I had 2 register-ranges, i would have 0 and 1
<oliv3r> rgr
<oliv3r> 0 it is
<Turl> index 0is 0xaddr0 and 1 0xaddr1
<wingrime> techn_ can be 0x7400a000 are framebuffer
<oliv3r> Turl: just makeing sure i understood correctly
<ssvb> wingrime: when you are decoding video with cedarx, you don't strictly need framebuffer
<oliv3r> Turl: does make sense to use as opposed to of_iomap i suppose, how would you differentiate betweent he two with that
<Turl> oliv3r: differenciate what?
<ssvb> wingrime: you can configure scanout from any physically contiguous buffer and it will become visible on screen
<Turl> oliv3r: btw, of_iomap also calls that of_address thingy
<oliv3r> Turl: how does of_iomap know you need reg 0, or reg 1
<Turl> oliv3r: index parameter on of_iomap? :)
<oliv3r> oh, there's index
<ssvb> wingrime: and with the current reservation method, I don't think that any fixed addresses are used
<oliv3r> with index 0! do'h
<oliv3r> sorry then
<oliv3r> worst is, i wrote and traced of_iomap to see what it calls
<ssvb> wingrime: only mali reservation code is broken, everything else should be fine
<Turl> :p
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<Turl> oliv3r: I suppose it makes some sense to use a devm_ function for a module that can be loaded and unloaded to simplify unmap/error paths
<Turl> oliv3r: I'd like to know if there's any other reason though
<oliv3r> there really should be a ldd4 that includes all this
<hno> wingrime, what? Framebuffer address is configurable from what I remember.
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<oliv3r> Turl: still doesn't do the request_memorymap or something mripard mentions
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<Turl> oliv3r: that's the bit I don't understand :P
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<wingrime> ssvb: look like no miracls
<wingrime> cedar decode single macroblocks
<wingrime> semi-automatic
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<hno> wingrime, indeed it is. If you build without CONFIG_FB_SUNXI_RESERVED_MEM or boot with sunxi_fb_mem_reserve=0 then the framebuffer is dynamically allocated.
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<ssvb> hno: hardware accelerated video is neither decoded nor copied to the framebuffer
<ssvb> hno: just the disp layers are configured so that the scanout is done from the needed buffer
<hno> ssvb, makes sense.
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<Turl> mripard: are you still around?
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