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<hno> Nice. Eva just responded on my question on updating u-boot source license header on some files forgotten earlier.
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<rellla> hno: how long did you wait for a reply?
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<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
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<rm> hm!
<rm> so USB on the MK802II has major issues if running with a Cubieboard script.bin
<rm> (...who would have thought :D)
<oliv3r> wingrime: pong
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<wingrime> oliv3r: have you tryed jpeg?
<wingrime> oliv3r: I hope I described enought to make decoding
<oliv3r> I uploaded an mjpeg
<oliv3r> to the cedarx traces in the samples directory
<oliv3r> it's a single frame jpeg in an mjpeg container
<oliv3r> but needed to ask you some things first :p
<oliv3r> so no, haven't tried it
<oliv3r> also i need to extract the jpeg from the mjpeg and dump the tables for references in a txt file
<oliv3r> but going to paris tonight
<oliv3r> so no time
<wingrime> oliv3r: try decode simple @one@ jpeg
<oliv3r> yeah, cedarx-traces has single jpeg
<oliv3r> what do you @one@
<wingrime> oliv3r: simply whant, that REers do only RE , coders do work using references form REers
<oliv3r> :p
<wingrime> "clean room"
<oliv3r> i will try to decode jpeg next week; i got time monday + tuesday
<wingrime> but I think I can try decode JPEG but I need how,to display cedar buffer using disp regs
<oliv3r> i need to know how to input output data from cedarX
<oliv3r> then i'll try to offload idct to cedarx
<wingrime> oliv3r: memcopy
<wingrime> oliv3r: to reserved memory
<wingrime> oliv3r: than cedar recive pointers to that mem
<oliv3r> but we can't write to that, can we?
<oliv3r> oh ok
<oliv3r> i'll ask monday morning the details
<wingrime> oliv3r: can using same mmio
<wingrime> oliv3r: idct I think posible do, but I still have no info how do it
<wingrime> oliv3r: how do entire jpeg is realy described
<oliv3r> ok that works too
<oliv3r> but idct would have been easiest :p
<oliv3r> only 1 function
<wingrime> olvi3r: withiout example dunp not so easy , becose cedar do in "batch"
<oliv3r> wingrime: well i want to trace mjpeg first
<oliv3r> single frame
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<hramrach_> mnemoc: oliv3r those defconf patches need some review and testing so it's fine if some config changes go in
<hramrach_> already added the new wifi drivers in the v3 rev
<oliv3r> hramrach_: yeah but right now, it's all or nothing
<oliv3r> i can review them if it says nicely + this and - that
<oliv3r> now it's one file all -; next file all +
<oliv3r> that's too much to filter
<hramrach_> yes, I can rediff that
<hramrach_> I have wrong file in the commit, anyway :s
<oliv3r> hramrach_: also, HDMI display depends on SUNXI_SOC_HDMIAUDIO
<hramrach_> does it? I never tried one without the other so I would not know. or is that the other way around?
<hramrach_> just noticed the CEC part which is a hack into the disp hdmi driver but stays in the configs when hdmi is disabled
<oliv3r> the display bit has some hdmi audio function in it
<oliv3r> if you deselect hdmiaudio; it fails to compile
<hramrach_> niiice
<oliv3r> well as I said, in theory, you can have CEC without hdmi, if it's just some sort of gpio pin
<oliv3r> i doubt that it works properly with sun4i drivers
<hramrach_> I don't know what it is really in hardware
<oliv3r> it should be something aking to a GPIO
<oliv3r> it really has nothing to do with hdmi
<hramrach_> but the commit message sounded like something hdmi related, and the code is in disp mostly
<oliv3r> hdmi is DVI + audio + hdcp + cec
<oliv3r> well scrap hdcp that's not interesting really
<hramrach_> yes, but it't bundled inside hdmi in this case
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> shouldn't though
<oliv3r> but it's like the backlight PWM
<oliv3r> drivers/built-in.o: In function `Hdmi_init':
<oliv3r> /silo/build/sunxi-bsp/linux-sunxi/drivers/video/sunxi/hdmi/drv_hdmi.c:339: undefined reference to `audio_set_hdmi_func'
<oliv3r> there, that's what you getg
<hramrach_> you could fix it by making that a pointer
<hramrach_> but module ordering hell then
<oliv3r> those drivers need to be badly fixed anyway
<oliv3r> so fixing it at the Kconfig lvl is probably enough for now :)
<hramrach_> I should probably try at least building the sun5i configs after the rebase again
<oliv3r> i'll rebase my commits after yours land
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<oliv3r> just a note on my patch for 3.0; it also changes permissions for sun4i/* to remove execution rights. But that's just a minor thing :p
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<hramrach_> hmm, actually there were 3 sun5i configs - sun5i, a12, a13
<hramrach_> I guess I based the sun5i config more on the sun5i one than the a* ones because the diff is quite large with those :s
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<hramrach_> "Ralink 3070/3370/5370/5372 USB WiFi for SW" is unbuildable
<hramrach_> ok, just removing sime junk from the makefile fixes it.
<wigyori> re
<wigyori> i'm trying to build u-boot v2013.04-sunxi
<hramrach_> damn, the USB config hack does not work
<wigyori> for an a13 olinuxino board, how should the .spl file be built? with make A13-OLinuXino, it doesn't built, only the u-boot.bin
<hramrach_> if you look at the installation guide you woill note that the spl is copied to the SD card if you are using that
<hramrach_> you don't get a spl for nand
<wigyori> in the install guide, i see that sunxi-spl.bin should be dd-ed onto the card
<wigyori> but can't see that being built with this uboot version
<wigyori> fixed, pebkac
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<Turl> someone scraped my mail from kernel lists and is trying to sell me cheap tablets and phones :p
<hramrach_> haha
<Turl> 1, Quad core CPU, 8 inch, 1G Ram tablet pc;
<Turl> 2, Dual core CPU, 9.7 inch, internal GPS/3G tablet pc;
<Turl> 3, 7 inch, has HDMI port only 42$ tablet pc;
<Turl> 4, Samsung S3/S4. 1280*720 HD screen android phone.
<Turl> their 'website' is a for sale domain, lol
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<hramrach_> finally built a kernel \o/
<ssvb> Turl: and looks like they also have somehow managed to successfully recruit you as their promoter here ;-)
<Turl> ssvb: :)
<Turl> ssvb: I found their site, they have a chat thingy, I told them to not spam me and they offered to remove my email from their list :)
<hramrach_> it sucks you can't commit to git branch that's not checked out
<Turl> hramrach_: you can
<hramrach_> you could clone and push maybe but not commit
<Turl> you can commit
<Turl> git commit works anywhere
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<Turl> maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying
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<hramrach_> want to transplant some commit to different branches across repo ;-)
<Turl> hramrach_: git checkout otherbranch; git cherry-pick commithash?
<Turl> cherry-pick can take ranges these days too iirc
<mnemoc> rm: so your reopening of the issue was invalid? :p
<hramrach_> then the branch is checked out. The original complaint was that it is not possible to do without checking out the branch first
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<Turl> well, you cannot edit the file without checking it out first :)
<hramrach_> I do not want to edit them, really ;-)
<mnemoc> git rev-list from..until will give you the list of hashes to cp
<mnemoc> checkrry-pick
<Turl> mnemoc: hmm.. rev-list, didn't know that one
<mnemoc> it's very useful for scripting :p
<Turl> mnemoc: I made my own the other day :P
<mnemoc> doh
<Turl> git log --format=format:"%H"
<mnemoc> :)
<Turl> works identically :p
<mnemoc> just that git log calls git rev-list before re-generating the formated list :p
<Turl> :)
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<Turl> mnemoc: any magic thing to get the current branch?
<Turl> I'm using git symbolic-ref HEAD | sed 's#refs/heads/##'
<mnemoc> git branch | grep ^* | cut -c3-
<mnemoc> :p
<mnemoc> don't know the right plubering for that one
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<Turl> mnemoc: I implemented git build-test, tests for build failures after every commit :p
<hramrach_> would not want that on A10 machine ;-)
<Turl> considering the kernel builds in a couple of seconds on my desktop, it's pretty convenient :)
<hramrach_> yes, if you don't change a global header or something :)
<Turl> then it's like a minute and a half or so
<Turl> :)
<mnemoc> as everything is that fast over there, what about making android 4 images with 3.4 kernel? :)
<mnemoc> (and finally deprecate 3.0)
<hramrach_> with the new defconfigs ;-)
<mnemoc> :D
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<hramrach_> building kernel is one thing but building android requires tons of disk space
<mnemoc> his monster machine can deal with it
<hramrach_> I wonder if this machine has more disk trays
* mnemoc has only a 60GB drive
<mnemoc> (and the external esata/usb raid)
<hglm> ssvb: slightly off-topic: I ported sunxifb to RPi. It is a little faster than the standard fbdev they use.
<ssvb> hglm: :)
<mnemoc> this seriously smells like a fbdev2 driver is needed
<ssvb> hglm: are you using RPI DMA for blits and fills?
<hglm> ssvb: No, I haven't touched "DMA-hell" on the RPi. They seem to require busy-waiting, no interrupt.
<ssvb> hglm: well, this does not seem to be entirely true
<ssvb> hglm: they have a bit messed up dmaer module, but this should be just rewritten properly
<hglm> ssvb: I guess so, I looked at dmaer, it could be improved.
<ssvb> hglm: where does the improvement come from?
<ssvb> hglm: have you implemented a VFP based overlapped copy function?
<hglm> ssvb: I ported the cpu backend to ARM simply using memcpy, it helps a lot.
<hglm> ssvb: memcpy seems to be optimized on the RPi.
<ssvb> it's not very good actually (unless they improved it since the last time I had a look at it), optimal memcpy needs aligned prefetches
<hglm> ssvb: OK, I guess the two-pass approach in the CPU back-end works reasonably well with standard memcpy (because some of the arguments are aligned).
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<hglm> ssvb: I am seeing 70-100% speedup for unaligned screen-to-screen blits using the sunxifb CPU back-end on the RPi compared to standard fbdev, 200% for rightwards overlapped blits (dragging windows to the right).
<ssvb> hglm: fbdev with or without shadowfb enabled?
<hglm> ssvb: without shadowfb, with shadowfb the screen is updated only sporadically
<ssvb> hglm: yeah, shadowfb 'cheating' a lot, but that's how fbdev ddx driver is normally designed to work
<ssvb> hglm: also RPi is interesting because external L2 cache enabled for the framebuffer, that's making it kinda unique
<ssvb> hglm: btw, there is one more hack possible - :)
<hglm> ssvb: L2 cache enabled? That explains some things. Is that a configuration bug?
<ssvb> hglm: L2 cache is a part of the GPU, and ARM CPU can observe it as physical memory having L2 cache
<hglm> ssvb: I understand, the RPi seriously lacks a good real CPU cache (that's why it's slow I think).
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<ssvb> hglm: but in any case, if we want to also have a good RPi support, DMA needs to be taken into use
<ssvb> hglm: this means a bit of kernel hacking and proper use of IRQ which can signal DMA completion
<hglm> ssvb: Yeah IRQ would be nice. Not sure if they are using DMA IRQ's in the RPi kernel though (you would assume so though).
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<ssvb> hglm: also about your G2D related patches for sunxifb, could you please pick a few initial patches that you think are ready to be pushed and make a separate branch for them?
<hglm> ssvb: OK, I'll do that.
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<ssvb> hglm: ok, thanks
<hglm> ssvb: BTW I can upload my RPi port to github, but it does change a lot of identifiers and some configurations, it is not in a state mergeable with sunxifb.
<ssvb> hglm: yes, this is to be expected, writing clean code needs a bit more work than a quick proof of concept prototype
<ssvb> hglm: but clean and maintainable support for multiple platforms would be surely a nice addition
<mnemoc> xorg-video-ssvbfb :p
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<hglm> ssvb: Are you're OK with me uploading the experiment public Rpi repo? Since it's your code mostly.
<ssvb> hglm: that's a free software, derivative works are encouraged (unless you try to remove the original copyright notices and claim that it's written by you) :)
<ssvb> hglm: you are also free to add your own copyright notices when adding non-trivial changes
<hglm> ssvb: Thanks, and I did add my own copyright notices.
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<hno> <hno> analog.
<hno> <hno> i2s is a digital audio interface.
<wingrime> ~ssvb: strage. after boot 3.0 suspend not hung with xserver
<wingrime> ssvb: I should try new 3.4
<wingrime> ssvb: It will be strange if bug presents only on 3.4
<hno> wingrime, there is many bugs which is in 3.4 only, but and many that is 3.0 only. But most Allwinner bugs are common.
<wingrime> huo: simply say , I have some hung on suspend when Xorg running
<wingrime> huo: using standard framebuffer driver
* hno is nog guilty for the Reuuimlla ploy
<hno> s/nog/not/
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<wingrime> what a Reuuimlla ?
<mnemoc> allwinner backward
<mnemoc> their "smart" idea to reduce their legal responsibility
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<mnemoc> there is s/allwinner/newbie/ too
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<mnemoc> but they stupidly transfer the ownership to the first random troll who bought the domain
<wingrime> mnemoc: register new company )))
<wingrime> huo: can we have some boot select in uboot?
<Turl> olimex asking question for an LCD :)
<wingrime> mnemoc: how much possible that a10s,a13 are same chip with different case(package)?
<mnemoc> wingrime: very unlikely. a13 is rgb/lcd-only and a10s is hdmi/vga-only
<wingrime> mnemoc: so maybe we need move soc detection to uboot and simply send to kerenl machine number ?
<wingrime> and we defenetly get right MACHINE_START macro
<mnemoc> machine_start only tells the sunNi
<mnemoc> but I believe soc-detect would help to have a single-sunxi u-boot bin too
<wingrime> we can make machine number for every soc
<mnemoc> machine numbers are obsolete
<wingrime> realy?
<mnemoc> yes, "DT rules" (tm)
<mnemoc> no point in registering new machine numbers
<wingrime> DT are build-time only or is recived from uboot?
<mnemoc> passed by uboot
* tzafrir tries following the XMBC page from the wiki
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<oliv3r> hno: you haven't commented/applied the wemac->emac patch yet; any plans on doing anything with that?
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: how 'well' does your sramc detection branc work so far? Are we at 99% detection accuracy? for sun[4567]i? (not thinking a13 vs a12 vs a10s
<oliv3r> e.g. pure sramc based
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<tzafrir> right. it's
<tzafrir> Does anybody maintain that xmbc git building repo?
<Turl> tzafrir: rellla I think
<mnemoc> oliv3r: the SC method to detect sunNi is still 100% reliable in sun[4567]i, not tested in sun3i yet
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<oliv3r> my laptop has 32gb only :)
<mnemoc> Turl: cnxsoft posted about those already. crappy screen and no sata :\ come on.
* mnemoc didn't know allwinner had a twitter account
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<Turl> I'm happy with 16" 1366x768 panels, so 13 1280x800 should be okay
<rm> #Droidbooks
<rm> as if having f**king Android on a f***ing netbook is somehow a selling point :)
<Turl> rm: it's a catchy name
<Turl> rm: like ultrabooks
<slapin_nb> damn crappy mutt :( it is simply unable to handle mail :(
* mnemoc uses 11.6" 1366x768 and there is not enough room on the screen for all my terminals :(
<slapin_nb> mnemoc: try to use some decent display?
<Turl> mnemoc: but that's because it's 11", not because of low res
<mnemoc> >13" isn't portable
<slapin_nb> mnemoc: ah
<Turl> 10" and the like are unusable for me
* mnemoc wants smaller pixels, not larger/heavier chassis
<Turl> I want something I can type on
<mnemoc> I agree 10" is too small. but 11.6-13.3 is good
<Turl> not something where I basically have to stack my hands to type on :p
<Turl> 14 is ok for typing if you drop the numpad (I love numpad though :()
<Turl> 13 I could probably live with
<mnemoc> 11.6"'s keyboard is almost full size (without numpad obviusly)
<Turl> last I tried an ~11 netbook the keyboard was hardly full size
<Turl> maybe it was 9, not fully sure now
<mnemoc> 9-10" keyboard on 11" case probably
<Turl> the problem is also the touchpad
<Turl> as they have to fit it, the keyboard has to be shrinked
<mnemoc> pretty much full width
<Turl> mnemoc: enter too small :p
<mnemoc> ~1.5cm wider than the screen actually
<Turl> I'd have to use it to tell
<Turl> also, why do they still ship with that ugly red thingy? :)
<mnemoc> it's actually easier to control than the touchpad :p
<Turl> I used it once
<Turl> it was a pain in the neck
<mnemoc> specially on the move, or with the hands wet :p
<mnemoc> there are use cases for both, so they have both
<Turl> I wouldn't use a computer with my hands wet :p
<mnemoc> you have a desktop computer with built-in ups
<Turl> mnemoc: the other issue is screen size
<Turl> the terminal itself is like 5-6 inches
<mnemoc> that's font-size relative
<Turl> so I cannot, say, read a site and work on a terminal simultaneously :p
<Turl> mnemoc: well, anything smaller than that would mean I either shrunk from 80x24 or I'm using an unreadable font
<Turl> (or painreadable)
<mnemoc> Using `terminator` I have two full screen tiled terminal screen. 225x60 total space
<mnemoc> on each screen. perfect for 4 large terminals on each virtual desktop
<mnemoc> 6 some times
<Turl> I prefer to tab them on gnome terminal :p
<mnemoc> ctrl-tab to switch across virtual desktops is faster :p
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<mnemoc> err, <win>-tab
<Turl> mnemoc: ctrl+pgup/down
<mnemoc> with tabs you can't see many terminals at the same time
<Turl> I click most of the times though
<Turl> mnemoc: I untab them when I need so
<mnemoc> one virtual-desktop per topic, all terminals right there
<mnemoc> tiled, full screen. but want smaller pixels :\
<Turl> mnemoc: chromebook pixel ;)
<mnemoc> waiting for the exynos octa chromebook pixel
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<Turl> mnemoc: N10 with ubuntu and kbrd? :p
<oliv3r> wingrime: ping
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: what's the policy on building stuff on linux-sunxi?
<mnemoc> explain
<oliv3r> cross compiling stuff
<oliv3r> kernels, rootfs
<oliv3r> e.g. used cpu time; used diskspace
<Turl> oliv3r: what do you mean by policy?
<Turl> oliv3r: ah, building on the server?
<mnemoc> the linux-sunxi virtual server is not for building
<oliv3r> how do you build the dailies?
<mnemoc> on another virtual server
<oliv3r> oh ok
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<mnemoc> different partitions, different ip address, different limits, different packages
<oliv3r> fair nuff
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i've submitted the backport patch; just need hramrach's patchset so i can adapt my patchset with his (new) files
<mnemoc> so yours goes after hramrach's?
<oliv3r> yeah
<mnemoc> ok
<oliv3r> i'll rebase them ontop of his work
<mnemoc> same for 3.4?
<oliv3r> if he submits it in reasonable time
<oliv3r> might aswell yeah
<oliv3r> 3.0 doesn't touch the defconfigs though
<oliv3r> so we can do that one right now, and do a follow up after hramrach's
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<Turl> damn it windows
<Turl> making my doors shut themselves repeatedly with the wind is not funny :)
<user_2> hi all. im getting crazy. im running linaro and debian on cubieboard, both od distors hase some positive side (linaro run gnome-mplayer with audio and video on hdmi, debian dont) and debian recognize ORG usb, wireless, dongle, but linaro dont. so, how to merge audio/video support inside debian?
<oliv3r> lol, i was thinking a whole different level of windows
<oliv3r> user_2: first, you can always try the latest 3.4 kernel that gives you best support
<oliv3r> user_2: also, give hansg's Fedora 18 a try
<user_2> debina tun 3.4.29
<user_2> debian run 3.4.29
<user_2> fedora? i will do. but im a debinist so i wish to use debian... aniway, now i try fedora, i already downloaded from, let me dd on uSD.
<user_2> oliv3r, do you use fedora? if yes, do you feel good on it? (i mean, youtobe works, audio/video works, etc)
<oliv3r> i haven't used it that much; i've only tested things with it; but it does work quite well from what I saw
<oliv3r> not sure if that's the same one
<user_2> ok, dd is on the go. as soon as it finish, i try it
<oliv3r> you need to run '' before booting it though ;)
<user_2> the image i am dd-ing has same name, so is uose is the same :-)
<oliv3r> okay :)
<user_2> ?
<user_2> i am dd-ing it on uSD: not enough it is?
<oliv3r> fedora image supports many A10 devices; so you need to run cubieboard to do it specifically for cubie
<user_2> better i read README now.
<user_2> :-)
<oliv3r> yep :p
<user_2> oliv3r, thaks.
<user_2> based on readme, fedora seem to be "feature-complete"
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<oliv3r> stock kernel is old
<user_2> if it runn all i ned, 4 me is ok :-)
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<rellla> tzafrir: ?
<rellla> -*- tzafrir tries following the XMBC page from the wiki
<rellla> why you want to download these? you don not need it anymore!?
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<user_2> hello. Im running on cubieboard a debian i got from It is nece: OTC usb works, wireless dongle works, youtube works with video. THe proble mare te follow: youtibe video has not audio, and gnome-player does not play (no video, no audio at all)
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<user_2> instead linaro play audio and video but no usb OTC wotks, no wireless dongle works. Ho to add video capabilities to debian?
<Turl> user_2: check sound settings and make sure hdmi sound output is selected
<user_2> Turl, i ave to reboot, wait.
<user_2> Turl, ok, im in.
<user_2> where is the control? i am using lxde
<user_2> seems i mess the audio panel
<user_2> what sound setting program i should isntall?
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<hno> oliv3r, I have been working 15h/day the last week. Brain a bit fried. Which patch are we talking about?
<oliv3r> hno: oh, sorry, didn't wanna push you :)
<oliv3r> [PATCH 0/2] Standardize Allwinner EMAC name
<oliv3r> 05/25/2013
<oliv3r> user_2: did the fedora image not work?
<user_2> oliv3r, no it dont boot. mow im from link you gave me.
<user_2> 65% done ,12min to go
<oliv3r> i think it wasn't a download issue, but you have to run setup for it to actually work
<user_2> the hell! i forgot!
<hno> oliv3r, is that an u-boot patch or kernel?
<user_2> it is 3 days m fighting on cb, now im going to loose loose my mental capabilites
<user_2> look, i have some uSD her, now i did confusion and.... well, i wil lstart again: comlete donwload, unzip, dd, setup... i need tome. i home you still here along the evening :-)
<oliv3r> hno: sunxi-current
<hno> ah, it's an u-boot patch. Thought it was a kernel patch so didn't pay attention.
<hramrach_> oliv3r: still building the 3.4 configs :s
<hramrach_> found a few more build errors
<hramrach_> ugh, the axp152 has *lots* of warnings
<hno> oliv3r, fails to apply for me for some reason.
<oliv3r> hno: shall I rebase
<oliv3r> i did it ontop of the ... 'axp research' we did a few days ago
<oliv3r> i'll pull and see
<hno> Please rebase to sunxi-current.
<mnemoc> do the AXPs came with their i2c id hardwired?
<mnemoc> come*
<hno> mnemoc, yes I think so.
<oliv3r> hno: it was based on a reasonable new sunxi-current; i'll pull to make sure
<hno> oliv3r, git am is a bit picky...
<oliv3r> wasn't the AXP version id thing what causes some issues? I think my cubieboard had a newer version
<mnemoc> hno: based on the patch from hansg that would mean we can "detect" which PMU is used by the id
<mnemoc> at least in a couple of known cases
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<oliv3r> resent
<hramrach_> I would really like a decent notebook case with the innards ripped out and replaced with something based on moderately powerful SoC like a20/rk3066/Exynos
<oliv3r> hno: did you do change anything with regards to the different axp ID on my cubieboard?
<hno> oliv3r, yes, i disabled the ID check as that field is actually unknown, not specified at all in the manual
<hno> only seen vaguely in some headers, and looking at boot1 there seems to be some magic involved, not just a plain compare.
<oliv3r> right, i think it still fails though :p
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<oliv3r> i'll download current and test again
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<Turl> irssi notifier is really cool :)
<oliv3r> what is that and how does it work
<Turl> irssi->android, magic
<oliv3r> url?
<oliv3r> hno: does it apply now?
<hno> Lets see...
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<hno> oliv3r, applied.
<oliv3r> cool; pulling in a few then
<hno> oliv3r, I think I have forgot to push. One moment.
<oliv3r> ok no problem
<hno> done.
<oliv3r> ty
<user_2> oliv3r, im back
<user_2> script give error
<user_2> root@seven:/mnt# ./
<user_2> ./ 13: ./ Syntax error: "(" unexpected
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<oliv3r> user_2: try 'bash
<oliv3r> '
<user_2> ok
<user_2> ok!
<user_2> it works
<user_2> plug on cb... boot!
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> if you use hdmi, make sure to read README with regards to EDID and HDMI
<user_2> hdmi monitor works
<user_2> now im doing user password, etc
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<user_2> no. i touch al controls in sound panels, but no hdmi oudio came out :-(
<user_2> i am playing youtube
<user_2> last choiche is to recompile kernel and set the same ocnfiguration that make linaro play hdmi, i dont see ohther way..
<lkcl> aw_clkevt_init: sun7i_timer0_clockevent mult 6442450, max_delta_ns 170000, min_4
<lkcl> and SPLAT
<lkcl> doh.
<techn__> oliv3r: are you sure that you have axp152? or was your pmu reason why hno commented id check out?
<techn__> since usually i2c addresses are hardcoded :/
<hno> techn__, it's not the i2c address that was commented out.
<rz2k> soooo
<techn__> oh.. chip version.. newermind then :)
<rz2k> how does one launch a10s-olinuxino? patches from HdG are already in sunxi-current?
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* slapin_nb needs something epic to watch
<slapin_nb> what is currently ongoing and epic?
* hno is fixing up A10s support a bit. HdG patches not yet merged (was to the wrong branch).
<hno> and meh... had I got the A20 board then I would hack on that tomorrow too. Have a whole day on hacking embedded linux tomorrow.
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<tzafrir> rellla, I followed instructions in
<tzafrir> oh, I see you have your own update. Will use it
<hno> lkcl, you should not need timer0 settings in u-boot. Only kernel.
<hno> rellla, Eva responded in less than a week, and with an apology for slow response.
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<lkcl> hno: yes, that's from kernel boot. immediate crash after that function call
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<lkcl> ok, i say "immediate crash" but i can't tell - it goes quiet. 10-15 seconds later, reboot.
<rellla> tzafrir: which repo are you using?
<rellla> hno: ok thanks. i'm waiting more than a week. and think oliv3r was right they do not answer even ;)
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<rz2k> hno: thanks! then I will wait for rebased patches. if you want something to be tested on my a10s, ping me.
<rz2k> i think i will be here whole day too tomorrow
<techn__> lkcl: watchdog?
<lkcl> techn__: sounds like it, doesn't it...
<techn__> lkcl: so it freezes? are you sure that all clocks are correct? noob talking here :)
<libv> 17d later, and that lazy bumm finally pushed his changes to sunxi-mali.
<lkcl> techn__: of course not!
<lkcl> libv: yaay. err what?? :)
<libv> lkcl: just header fixes and r3p[12] support
<lkcl> libv: ahh ok
<lkcl> techn__: i'm just adding to meminfo.c some crud for dumping out 0x1c20000
<techn__> lkcl: nice.. hopefully it solves the issue 0x01c20000 and length 0x400
<techn__> and then compare with a10? :)
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<hno> rz2k, I think what is needed for A10s is in the repo now.
<hno> rellla, what did you ask Eva?
<rellla> cedarx related things.
<rellla> new armhf blobs
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<oliv3r> hno can we boot SPL from pure felboot (e.g. not boot1 -> key_2 -> felboot
<hno> oliv3r, yes, but it's a different SPL for fel booting. See sunxi-current.
<hno> oliv3r, and sunxi wiki.
<rz2k> hno: i think you didnt push the axp152 to github (saw your answer at ML)
<hno> rz2k, sorry. pushed now.
<hno> rellla, ok. I would not expect an answer on those unless you are an NDA customer.
<rz2k> thanks hno!
<rellla> i already got answer. new armv5 blobs and sources of the adapter modules. now i asked for for armhf.
<rellla> i already got answer. new armv5 blobs and sources of the adapter modules. now i asked for for armhf.
<rellla> sry
<oliv3r> armv7 HF libs :D
<oliv3r> hno: ok will read
<rellla> hno: for me it seems they are willing. we won't get sources i believe, but there is hope for new blobs
* rellla knows, that oliv3r thinks i'm dreaming ;)
<hno> rellla, very good.
<tzafrir> rellla, why do you need to explicitly set HOME in the makefile?
<tzafrir> make will inherit enviroment variable settings
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<rellla> for cross compiling every header is taken from the rootfs. $HOME is part of the path. you can change it to whatever you want. it's adapted to my environment...
<rellla> tzafrir: $HOME is maybe a misleading name..
<tzafrir> rellla, confusing, indeed. Read lines 10 and 11 in that file
<rellla> tzafrir: it has to be cleaned up a little bit ;) - esp. the comments. see it as a d&q hack of me to easily change the base dir without taking care of the rest
<tzafrir> there's no clear separation there between 'make' and 'make install'
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<tzafrir> I want a target to run as a user and a separate target to run as root that will install but not download or build
<tzafrir> and will be simpler to inspect
<rellla> make -C xbmc install is missing
<rellla> as i said. it's very improveable ...
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<hno> rz2k, did it work?
<rz2k> hno: will grab a10s olinuxino nanda tomorrow and then launch it, as far as I see, there are no a10s targets available
<rz2k> i might be wrong
<hno> looks good :)
<rz2k> wow
<rz2k> yeah
<hno> haven't tried the MMC yet.
<rz2k> what about emac?
<rz2k> that would be cool
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<hno> haven't tried yet. Not even enabled in the config yet.
<hno> I need to restructure things a bit I think. Getting a bit too much details in boards.cfg.
<rz2k> it should be 1:1 as a10
<rz2k> atleast I hope it will
<hno> hopefully, but I would not be suprised if there is clocking changes.
<hno> there is clocking changes for some other modules in A13 compared to A10.
<hno> different gate bits etc.
<hno> should be visible in the kernel sources.
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<hno> rz2k, oops.. forgot to commit a small boards.cfg change.
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<rz2k> hno: pretty simple question, but, how to send a10s-olinuxino to fel mode?
<rz2k> the standard press_power+vol+/- 5-10 times doest work
<rz2k> there are couple of buttons and jumpers named uboot/rec and boot/rec
<rz2k> checking the schematic now for clues
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<hno> rz2k, sun5i#ping
<hno> Using emac device
<hno> host is alive
<hno> :)
<rz2k> yay!
<hno> that button is FEL mode.
<rz2k> is there anything else needed for felboot?
<hno> Seems there is something wrong in the MII integration however.. it said the mac is running at 100Mbps even when there is no cable connected.
<rz2k> like a userspace driver ?
<hno> rz2k, no, but you need to build for the xxx_FEL board. The SPL is different.
<hno> fel write 0x2000 build/A10s-OLinuXino-M_FEL/spl/u-boot-spl.bin
<hno> fel exe 0x2000
<hno> fel write 0x4a000000 build/A10s-OLinuXino-M_FEL/u-boot.bin
<hno> fel exe 0x4a000000
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<oliv3r> libv: he actually responded :)
<libv> oliv3r: to what did he reply?
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<hno> Oh, there is a whopping 1 funders so far.
<libv> people seem to be capable of learning
<oliv3r> lol yeah
<oliv3r> hno: pushed a little patch, let me know what you think. i would think it would look nice in spl too
<hno> pushed where?
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<hno> oliv3r?
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<hno> oliv3r, ok found it on the ml. Yes it's probably good, but at the same time a bit useless.. the build is always for a specific arch. We should be able to derive the same info from there.
<hno> Good night.
<lkcl> night
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<lkcl> whew. got a20 doing fel-boot. uploaded u-boot (success), loaded kernel from sd/mmc (success), kernel execute BARF but that's just like with android kernel anyway.
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