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<servili007> Turl: ping
<Turl> servili007: pong
<servili007> Turl: what is your toolchain of choice?
<Turl> servili007: for kernel?
<servili007> si
<Turl> I have 4.7 linaro unpacked somewhere that I use, it hasn't triggered any bugs as far as I can see
<Turl> I also use the one on the android tree from time to time
<Turl> 4.4.3
<servili007> I still have my old build environment saved and could pull it up, but I was trying to make a new one and am seeing bad builds on quite a few different toolchains, possibly other issues as well
<Turl> hno had issues with 4.8
<Turl> what gcc version are you using?
<servili007> 4.7
<Turl> what kind of bad builds btw?
<Turl> nonbooting, panicing?
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<servili007> hangs trying to find a screen, a couple of my built modules are coming up bad
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<servili007> my mk802ii was my serial debugger, but it may have met an unfortunate fate. My u1a is just blind testing now. might grab a cubieboard
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<wowon> Hi .. I still have problem with power management. I did wat rz2K suggest to add "serverFlag" section from but still not work. My question is still : How to completely disable any power manager .. I just want my Sunxi base tablet 'always' on
<wowon> Hi drachensun .. can you give me enlightenment ?
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<rellla> good morning!
<rellla> anyone gave xbmc and libhybris a try ?
<rz2k> rellla: ssvb launched cedarx with hybris
<rz2k> no idea about the actual frontend
<rellla> rz2k: he successfully tried vlc
* rz2k ping techn_
<rz2k> techn_: why livesuit bsp creates image with any 800mb size of ext4 partition, shouldnt we check the device nand size and create a big one?
<rz2k> or it will create large image file?
* rz2k no ideas on how livesuit format handles compression and etc
<rz2k> s/any/only/
<ssvb> rellla: unless I got it wrong, hramrach_ tried xbmc with libhybris
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<mnemoc> slapin_n1: patrick wood sent an script to the ML after the patch to let the repartitioning tool send the ioctl() to re-read the partition table
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<hramrach_> it works with xbmc too
<rellla> hramrach: yeah. can you document the steps ;) ?
<hramrach_> they are the same
<ssvb> rellla: having some problems with it? it may be a bit picky about the used cedarx blobs -;
<hramrach_> except you have to replace the private copy in xbmc installation with a link to libhybris one
<hramrach_> and it somehow tends to crash
<hramrach_> never crashed with native but with this hybris it just did
<rellla> reproduceable?
<hramrach_> no
<ssvb> hramrach_: can we list the known problems and possible workarounds at the wiki page?
<hramrach_> the only known problem is that you need correct android libs
<hramrach_> I use the one from the commit you gave
<rellla> ssvb, hramrach: i asked already, if i need the whole /system to make libhybris done? or are the *.so enough? is it needed for compiling? i did not dig into lybhybris, yet...
<ssvb> rellla: a minimal set of additionally needed android libraries is listed here -;
<hramrach_> I used whole /system but /syste/lib would probably suffice
<hramrach_> it's not like you can get part of /system, anyway
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<rellla> maybe i should first try to build libhybris, before asking this questions ;)
<ssvb> hramrach_: appears that we can, it's less than 2MB of (presumably apache licensed) android binaries :)
<ssvb> hramrach_: and then we need to add 4 cedarx blobs to the mix
<ssvb> rellla: libhybris is a really small library and should not give you much problems :)
<hramrach_> so it is reproducible
<hramrach_> not sure what triggers the crash
<hramrach_> either it crashes when playing a video again
<hramrach_> or when the screen balnks during playback and you try to play another video
<ssvb> no correlation with some specific file you are trying to play?
<rellla> ssvb: and if i understood correctly, i have to take care about the binary-version you linked in the wiki. so do i have to upgrade the android/nand - firmware, before i want to mount it to /system?
<mnemoc> you arlready have commit access to the cedarx-libs repo, right?
<rellla> hramrach_: seems like a faulty implementation in xbmc if playback works basically.
<rellla> btw: any idea whats the difference between ioctrl(m_hcedarv, CEDARV_COMMAND_FLUSH, 0); and ioctrl(m_hcedarv, CEDARV_COMMAND_RESET, 0);
<mnemoc> the first smells purely buffer related while the second about the whole unit
<mnemoc> (*wild* guess)
<hramrach_> ssvb: no, seems it can just play one video and then crashes
<hramrach_> was not problem with native libvecore
<ssvb> rellla: these are just the cedarx blobs I tried myself :) some other may or may not work
<ssvb> hramrach_: thanks, that's a good find
* ssvb wonders if it is possible to reproduce the problem with a small test program without the whole xbmc monster
<hramrach_> now it crashes on every video, odd
<hramrach_> depends on the video
<hramrach_> some break xbmc when they end so it cannot play anthing more som crash it right on start
<mnemoc> ioctrl(m_hcedarv, CEDARV_COMMAND_RESET, 0); ? :p
<hramrach_> and some work fine
<ssvb> maybe we need to also check if some android blobs are more shitty than the others? :) and try to pick the ones that cause less problems
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<rellla> maybe it's a problem with the API
<ssvb> hramrach_: but of course this could be also a bug in a cedarx libhybris wrapper
<hramrach_> worst thing is this is one of the first videos I tested so it must have worked with hybris too
<ssvb> rellla: a good point, we need to track all these these pesky ABI issues
<ssvb> rellla: so the CEDARV_IO_COMMAND also keeps changing between cedarx releases :(
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<ssvb> rellla: but wait, doesn't this CEDARV_IO_COMMAND enum belong to some sort of a higher level wrapper on top of libve?
<ssvb> rellla: we only need libve and could not care less about any other wrapper blobs
<ssvb> the changes introduced to IFBM_t struct in libve between releases are already a problem, but also tracking ABI for the higher level wrappers is going to be a nightmare
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<hramrach_> looks like the problem was xbmc remembered the video was playing and would ask if it should start from where it left or from the beginning
<hramrach_> and then crash
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<techn_> or are they already there?
<techn_> rz2k: I made it so that ext4 partition size is ~ "rootfs size * 1.2"
<techn_> dunno how it would make it fill whole nand :/
<hramrach_> techn_: I don't think I ever used that repo
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* rellla wonders what's going on with irc today....
<rz2k> good old netsplits
<mnemoc> no one IRCs on sundays, so perfect day for maintainance work :p
<rellla> techn_: they should be there already, because xbmc does ar the original files from linux-sunxi/cedar-libs. see
<rellla> xbmc doesn't use svvb/libcedarx or willswang/libcedarx. it uses the original(st) API
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<rellla> so everybody on board again ;)
<rellla> hramrach_: cannot test it atm
<rellla> hramrach_: yes, i said something about it during the netsplits ;)
<rellla> if there is some issue with CEDARV_IO_COMMAND we should try this one?
<rellla> he told me to have problems with the android-xbmca10 using CEDARV_COMMAND_FLUSH as it is not defined
<ssvb> hramrach_: if I specify this file twice in the cvlc command line, then it plays twice for me
<hramrach_> yes, it's some state in xbmc which is preserved
<hramrach_> when it crashes it plays the file fine again
<ssvb> though it's suspicious that the native is not affected
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<hramrach_> I never tried this file with native
<rellla> do it ;)
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<hramrach_> but I did not observe the play from middle bug either
<rellla> good luck, guys! bbl
<hramrach_> native hybris does not crash on that file
<hramrach_> *native libvecore
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<ssvb> ok, if this is reproducible, then libvecore also has something to do with it
<ssvb> hramrach_: for comparison you can try to download Mele firmware and take the cedarx blobs from it
<ssvb> I think it can be just unpacked without flashing
<ssvb> inside of Mele_HTPC_20130116_V1.3.1.rar
<techn_> anyone tried debian wheezy? will that solve cross compilation problems? :)
<hramrach_> I am running wheezy but do not crosscompile
<hramrach_> tried the patch from issue 12 but does not help
<hramrach_> stack trace of the crashed thread: #0 0x00a42262 in fbm_init_ex ()
<ssvb> is your device cubieboard?
<hramrach_> yes
<ssvb> just a random silly idea, maybe it makes sense to try downclocking RAM?
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<hramrach_> well, it worked with native lib without clocking
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<techn_> fbm_init_ex is implemented to cedarx-libs/libcedarv/linux-armhf/fbm/fbm.c
<hramrach_> and does not seem to take any argument
<ssvb> hramrach_: yes, downclocking RAM is unlikely to help, but memory accesses from something other than CPU may stress it a bit more than usual -
<ssvb> hramrach_: I always wondered why RAM is clocked at only 360MHz in Mele, maybe memory accesses from VPU are even tougher on hardware than the ones from GPU?
<ssvb> hramrach_: and Mele is a freaking :) I guess it is also supposed to have better tested cedarx blobs
<hramrach_> ssvb: does not really look like ram corruption
<hramrach_> too deterministic
<hramrach_> also the video that causes it is very computation non-intensive
<hramrach_> yes, looking more at the ram clocks might be good idea but does not really seem like the cause here
<hramrach_> since changing to a different library solves the issue
<hno> ssvb, 360 is the default DRAM frequency in the EVB config. What is safe on pretty much any board with any ram.
<hramrach_> the question is if 480mhz is safe and if it was really extensively tested and if it's even possible to test
<hno> and yes the cedarx blobls im mele firmware is more tested than what you find in other random android a10 images.
<hno> it's non-trivial to test what dram frequency is safe. Only known method is trial & error.
<hno> and since there is not even parity check on memory it's not very easy to reliably detect error.
<rm> perhaps only the PCB designers know for sure what frequency is safe for a particular board
<hno> they don't really.
<rm> remember that e.g. MK802 II uses 408 MHz
<hno> PCB simulation can give a rough indication however.
<rm> I take that as a sign of quality vs lousy PCB layout
<rm> maybe Mele knew it doesn't really work above 360 on their board
<rm> or just played it safe
<hno> I think the latter.
<hno> Compared to most other Alleinner boards I have seen the mele boards generally play in a different leage on stability & safeness, always taking the safe path.
<hno> quite different from the average tablet manufacturer who generally tries to cut every corner available.
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<hno> but, the original Mele A1000 board is one of the very very first A10 boards and some later designed boards have had access to much more experience in designing A10 DDR layout.
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<slapin_n1> Damn inventors if A7HD - why they addign android's /data (nande) to be just ~500MB, and having whole 6G nandi, instead of android's approach with fuse addverticed somewhere?
<slapin_n1> and the same with sticks
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<vinifm> hi, to read a memory i2c at24cxx must send two bytes of address, but there is no function in kernel space or in i2c_sunxi.c to do this...
<vinifm> what can I do?
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<hno> slapin_n1, maybe they made anv verified the layout for 2GB NAND and then upgraded to 8GB without looking into what happened other than that it boots?
<Turl> slapin_n1: maybe it ran gingerbread once?
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<hno> vinifm, are you sure the kernel i2c framework don't support this?
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<Turl> he quit hno
<Turl> that sounds like "10 bit addressing", it might not be implemented
<hno> his problem.
<Turl> mripard_ may know
<mripard_> it is implemented in the allwinner driver
<mripard_> I never tested the 10 bit addressing though
<slapin_n1> hno, mripard_ he won't need 10-bit addressing for ar24cxx, he don't understand how to do write-read thing and never programmed these chips before with Linux. There is already made driver for at24 in Linux.
<slapin_n1> just some noncense to that matter
<slapin_n1> hno: are you really here?
<slapin_n1> damn, it is so sluggish, on mail a day with 86400 round-trip time is so slow...
<slapin_n1> hno, Turl: I mean they did not use fuse approach (joint /data + /mnt/sdcard then special fuse module mounted to /mnt/sdcard to emulate fat permissions)
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<Turl> slapin_n1: yeah I know, usually it's because it requires repartitioning if it ran GB previously (where data and sdcard were always separate and UMS was in use)
<Turl> original A1X devices ran GB
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<hno> slapin_n1, I am eating dinner.
<mnemoc> with irc open? shame on you
<hno> well, I have eaten. Waiting for two of the kids to finish.
<mnemoc> :)
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<hramrach_> ssvb: tried the mele /system and xbmc still crashes on that video
<hramrach_> not sure how would you reproduce on vlc
<hramrach_> maybe make a playlist?
<slapin_n1> hno: can I have your opinion on other mails?
<slapin_n1> do anybody knows what the fields in DRAM configuration mean?
<slapin_n1> hno: bon appetit, btw
<hramrach_> hmm, relllla gone
<hramrach_> vlc does not crash on the video so it's xbmc specific
<hramrach_> it just does not do enough set-up/teardown of the cedarx or something
<hramrach_> but vlc has another problem
<hramrach_> after a while it gets that striped+noisy output
<hramrach_> or maybe after it crashes
<hramrach_> so perhaps does not reset some other bit properly
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<hramrach_> rellla: I tried the crashy video with vlc and it works fine
<hramrach_> so there is som xbmc specific problem wit setting up libve before playback
<rellla> hramrach_: so we have to dig into the code. did you try what i meant with CEDARV_COMMAND_RESET / -FLUSH?
<hramrach_> and it's specific to xbmc+android libve
<hramrach_> I tried to change the flush to reset but no change
<hramrach_> it appears that xbmc keeps some context between videos and does not reset something properly for that video to play
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<rellla> i have to see, what vlc resets or does after playing a video and what the difference is to xbmc. It shouldn't be that hard as only android is affected. so the track is there, we have to walk on it...
<rellla> sadly i have to quit again at this interesting state :( cu later
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<slapin_n1> hno: look at github:slapin/uboot-allwinner branch mtd-nand, I've dissected patches somewhat, now it is easier for review
<slapin_n1> damnit
<ssvb> hramrach_: yes, looks like we still have some work to do
<ssvb> can we somehow get the upstream xbmc developers back on board?
<ssvb> though they seemed to be pretty much pissed off -
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<focus_it> anyone know if DDR RAM modules used for PCs can be used for A10 chip. If problematic, what is the problem?
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<Dreadlish> ddr2 or ddr3
<Dreadlish> not plain ddr ;d
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<techn_> Turl: have you tested gpio speed with mainline kernel? now there is only minimal set of clocks, so pointing bottileneck should be easy? :/
<Turl> techn_: I don't have any hardware to measure gpio speed with
<Turl> if anyone in here has, it should be easy to get mainline booting
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<hno> slapin_n1, ok. will do so tomorrow.
<hno> slapin_n1, read your other mails and agree on most. Don't have much to add yet.
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