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<Turl> mnemoc: ping
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<mnemoc> Turl:
<oliv3r> Long live our new King! :D
<oliv3r> right, back to work :)
<oliv3r> i saw some interesting things happening on the ML
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<gzamboni> hno does squid rev proxy work if i bind it to an ip fail over ?
<gzamboni> i'm getting a zero sized reply when trying to use an ip fail over i have at port 80
<gzamboni> :( i think i will just do a php redirect to another port on apache.
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<oliv3r> charbax does great video's but some things he doesn't ask properly, and some times he's just a little introsive/obnoxios
<oliv3r> but i do like his vids :)
<mnemoc> his interviews are AWFUL
<mnemoc> but a bad interview or a tour with bad questions is infinitely better than no interview or no tour
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<oliv3r> exactly my thoughts!
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<oliv3r> it annoys me that he randomly runs around, randomly pics up stuff, doesn't realize he just rambles in english and they don't always understand him
<oliv3r> but still, nice tour nevertheless
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<Yaku> the olimex stuff is really produced in eastern europe right ?
<mnemoc> olimex designs the stuff in .bg.... but I'm not so sure the mass produce the boards there
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<oliv3r> i'd bet some money on China mass produce
<Yaku> well i could imagine that if wages go in china eastern europe should first be able to compete, but i don´t know about the additional cost factors like corruption and burocracy
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<Yaku> *wages go +"up" in china
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<oliv3r> i was supprised by the mele factory, seemed quite modern, and not people being 'drilled' to work
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<oliv3r> also they do qutie some reasonable testing/inspecting which is really cool to see
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<fra79Wii> No cedarX or newer Android SDK news right?
<fra79Wii> 4.2 is working great... A part the lacking of cedarX support...
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<CyberPK> hi. I've a problem. I'm trying to compile cdc-acm for my A13 tablet so i'm supposed to use the main sunxi-3.0 repository but when i try to git clone with this command
<CyberPK> git clone git://
<CyberPK> i recive this error:
<CyberPK> git clone git:// Cloning into 'linux-sunxi'... remote: Counting objects: 3200367, done. remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side. fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed
<CyberPK> it's my fault?
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<oliv3r> have you tried cloning a second time?
<oliv3r> does seem like an error on your end
<CyberPK> yeah tried two times with the same result
<CyberPK> yesterday i've cloned wip/lichee3.0.8/sun5i (or somethink like it) successfully
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<mnemoc> in dl. I have tarballs of fresh recent clones of the repos
<mnemoc> to help getting started
<oliv3r> mnemoc: you moved into your new place fully yet?
<CyberPK> my problem seems solved. Now it's cloning without problems :)
<mnemoc> oliv3r: still in limbo
<mnemoc> currently on a burger king trying to configure varnishd identify and limit whatever is causing to have 10+GB/h of traffic while until two days ago it was under 200MB/h
<CyberPK> thank you, bye
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<mnemoc> varnish is already handling and the throttling plugin is installed
<mnemoc> android-common: * [new branch] experimental/android-3.9
<mnemoc> nice
<mnemoc> hopefully they'll launch android 5.0 this i/o with linux-3.9
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<CyberPK> Compiled the module but doesn't wok :( Probably wrong sources? How can i find the right one used for my tablet?
<slapin_n1> hi, all!
<slapin_n1> hno: hi, are you here?
<slapin_n1> hno: I need to refresh my memory
<slapin_n1> hno: you told me to dissect something a few days ago, now I'm sick with my leg, so it is good time to do it now
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<Turl> mnemoc: ping
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<mnemoc> Turl:
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<Turl> mnemoc: is it ok for you if I push a sunxi-next branch to linux-sunxi when the merge window closes?
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<mnemoc> sure
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<rm> is there an example default-ish uEnv.txt anywhere?
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<rm> does it have to be in the uboot/ directory, or just directly in the root dir of the boot partition?
<mnemoc> next to script.bin
<mnemoc> but beware, it's only supported by our mmc u-boot
<mnemoc> not nand
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<rm> that this howto references uEnv.txt inside a 473 MB xz archive
<rm> "change this line to this line"
<rm> thanks mnemoc
<rm> I am going to try booting with root on USB HDD
<rm> on an MK802
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* slapin_n1 needs statistics on when hno is available
<rz2k> slapin_n1: he is busy guy and also has a family, so probably couple hours a day
<rz2k> just use ML and try to work on what you have in mind by yourself :p
<slapin_n1> rz2k: ewwww
<rz2k> lol
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<hno> slapin_n1, yes.. the u-boot MTD changes at sunxi-current branch.
<rm> awesomeness :)
<rm> root on USB hdd works!
<rm> also I was surprised to find out that my 512MB MK802 actually came with a 2A PSU
<rm> which is kind of a lot, so the MK802 powers the USB HDD without a problem
<Undertasker> Congratulations. You've used a $40 Android stick to build a $40 NAS :-)
<rm> oh, this is way more awesome than most common NASes
<rm> I have a D-Link DNS-323 NAS
<rm> it has a 500 Mhz old ARM CPU and 64 MB of RAM
<Undertasker> You could've bought a Sheevaplug instead, but where's the fun in that?
<rm> and a Sheevaplug would be literally 4 times more expensive
<rm> and likely slower
<Undertasker> This should also run on my cubieboard.
<Undertasker> Which is even better as a NAS, because of the native SATA
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<Undertasker> Not to speak of the comming A20 Version, which also will have Gb Ethernet
<Undertasker> Nice work
<Undertasker> Wonder if we will see cheap NAS with A20 soon.
<Undertasker> Saw a lot of people turning NAS into game boxes in the past, now it's the other way around
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<CyberPK> it's ok that this tag isn't on the main ??
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<mnemoc> CyberPK: those tags are from allwinner -dev branches, while the linux-sunxi tree is gpl safe and community driven
<mnemoc> the -dev branches are there only as reference
<mnemoc> if you find valuable stuff in the -dev which is missing in our tree, please submit the changes
<CyberPK> thank you very much for the explaining :) as you think i'm a really newbie and i was only tring to find the right sources where my tablet kernel was built.
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<mnemoc> CyberPK: to inject a .ko on a gpl-violating kernel you'll indeed have better luck with the lichee branches in amery's github
<CyberPK> thank you for the tip
<mnemoc> but it's not warrantied to work. many manufacturers modify the sources provided by allwinner
<mnemoc> the recommended way is always to build a full gpl kernel, not injecting .ko on the gpl-violating stuff included in the devices from factory
<CyberPK> understood
<CyberPK> and build all the stuff and the image
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<rm> I wonder is there any board with 512MB of RAM and 408 MHz
<rm> checking u-boot targets, doesn't seem to be
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<slapin_n1> hno: are you still here?
<slapin_n1> hno: which repo to use as base?
<slapin_n1> rz2k, hno: I have family too and we seems to be in very different time zones, so I am really interested in some stats
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* rz2k timezone depends on hours slept today
<rz2k> also I'm on gmt+4