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<Yaku-noob> i just installed apache for the first time on my mele a2000, i am root and everything is default still(romans headless), now when i try to apache2 stop or restart i just get a parameter list
<Yaku-noob> apache is working but mysql and php don´t seem to run
<rm> hello
<rm> what exact command do you run and what output do you get (pastebin)
<Yaku-noob> hey, thx for the image!
<Yaku-noob> the 2nd is how i tried to installe php5 and mysql
<Yaku-noob> i installed that before so it didn´t do anything this time
<rm> 1) /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
<rm> or I think it might be httpd
<rm> 2) is ok
<rm> root@debian:/etc/init.d# apache2 restart <- this is not running the "apache2" that's in the current dir
<rm> but instead "apache2" from PATH
<rm> if you want current dir, you have to prefix "./"
<rm> or use the full path+filename for the script like I said above
<Yaku-noob> oh, output was really different now
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<Yaku-noob> hmm, in order to get files on the www folder i wanted to install proftpd which refused to start
<jinzo> I would reccommend sftp btw
<jinzo> and you'll need to create a proftpd.conf afaik - go to /etc/proftpd and copy proftpd.conf.dist or something like that
<jinzo> and start editing
<Yaku-noob> currently i just want something that works i only read that proftpd would be mainly used
<Yaku-noob> apt-get install sftp doens´t give me a package
<Yaku-noob> E: Package 'sftp' has no installation candidate , are u using it on a sunxi ?
<buZz> its not a package
<rm> none of this is sunxi-specific
<rm> why are you asking here
<rm> go to #debian
<geecko> rm -rf Yaku-noob
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<NoobPinguim> I'm trying to cross-compile bluez for arm and I'm getting a "no rule to make config" right off the bat
<NoobPinguim> running make configure ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/root/CodeSourcery/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-
<NoobPinguim> I get
<NoobPinguim> make: Nothing to be done for `configure'.
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<boycottg00gle> somehow managed to disable hdmi completely via a20disp (/dev/disp ioctl interface) and strange thing: it seems this is persistent :( anyone else seen that? tips?
<boycottg00gle> ~s/a20disp/a10disp (on a a20)
<Turl> a bit offtopic, but nice to see them shipping :)
<Turl> boycottg00gle: did you try a reboot?
<boycottg00gle> Turl: yes - powered off for a long time
<Turl> I'm not familiar with the tool, but if it just uses the ioctls it shouldn't be persistant
<boycottg00gle> Turl: i am really surprised, too
<buZz> boycottg00gle: also disconnected power?
<buZz> because some parts of the board keep running when you just halt it
<boycottg00gle> powered off for a long time
<buZz> did you also disconnect power?
<boycottg00gle> yes
<boycottg00gle> should mean that
<boycottg00gle> didn't just disconnect power, i also had disconnected it for a long time
<boycottg00gle> (tonight)
<buZz> :/
<boycottg00gle> :(
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<BW^-> is there hardware-level support for *two* SD slots on the A10 and A20?
<BW^-> I see a mentioning of SDC0 and SDC1 in the specs docs
<boycottg00gle> i have 2 slots on a olimex a20
<boycottg00gle> one micro sd
<boycottg00gle> one normal
<boycottg00gle> didn't test wether i can use both at the same time
<boycottg00gle> really give up with hdmi for now
<BW^-> boycottg00gle: could you have the kindness to check how well doing R & W in parallell on *both* of them at the same time works?
<boycottg00gle> BW^-: have to leave now
<BW^-> boycottg00gle: of course, the micro SD and normal are the same hardware, so this means a manufacturer could just put two micro SD right
<BW^-> boycottg00gle: aha. tomorrow or so? =))
<boycottg00gle> BW^-: maybe another time, yes
<BW^-> ok
<boycottg00gle> cu
<BW^-> boycottg00gle: what's the model name of your olimex one?
<BW^-> *checking*
<BW^-> aha there
<BW^-> A20-OLinuXino-MICRO-4GB
<BW^-> boycottg00gle: got it - they say "two SD card connectors" - awesome. :))
<BW^-> ok thx - have a great eve!
<boycottg00gle> thx, too
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<BW^-> wait, just for clarity: in the A10 & A20, there is *no* RAM nor flash, so these need to be provided on separate chips
<BW^-> however, there are internal Ethernet, GPU, audio and HDMI+TV output controllers and also controllers for two SD:s and one flash chip right?
<BW^-> ..and 3x USB
<BW^-> are there any circuits that support integration with battery charging, bluetooth, wlan, GSM/WCDMA/UMTS? (on the A31S chart, I see illustrations with this but there's no specific documentation)
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<Turl> BW^-: yes, kind of
<Turl> BW^-: the ethernet phy needs to be provided externally too
<BW^-> turl: which was this an answer to - and- how? :)
<BW^-> ethernet phy - right, you need o add the ethernet plug indeed.
<Turl> BW^-: not just the jack, but the phy
<Turl> usually a realtek part is used
<BW^-> aha, like.. clock chip?
<BW^-> aha, noted
<BW^-> turl: so how many % of an ethernet controller would you say it actually has in it? :))
<BW^-> anyhow, i get it, pretty much but not all.
<BW^-> turl: what about any kind of included stuff in the A20/A10 for charging a battery, or plugging in bluetooth, wireless, wcdma?
<Turl> BW^-: power needs to be provided externally; AW chips are most of the times used in conjunction with an AXP PMU which handles charging and the like
<Turl> bluetooth and wlan are external, usually connected via USB or SDIO
<Turl> same about 3G
<BW^-> aha
<BW^-> turl: the two interfaces to connect BT/WLAN/3G would be USB or SDIO then
<BW^-> ok
<Turl> well, I've never seen a SDIO 3G module
<BW^-> mm
<BW^-> turl: any other interface? USB is a bit highlevel for this maybe, don't you think?
<Turl> USB ones are commonplace though - have a look at all the dongles carriers sell you for mobile internet
<BW^-> ah - so there is no RAM in the A10/A20 but it's in a separate chi pright?
<BW^-> turl: well yeah but for integrating on a PCB
<Turl> BW^-: well I suppose someone may sell the bare pcbs for soldering, I dunno :)
<Turl> wifi is usually a small pcb soldered to the usb lines
<Turl> BW^-: RAM is always external, as with most other SoCs
<BW^-> mhm
<BW^-> turl: the gigabit on the A20, is it 1000mbit? i read both 1000 and 100 in different places
<Turl> BW^-: there's a couple of K's of SRAM inside, but it's not much use for any practical purpose
<BW^-> mm
<Turl> BW^-: I believe A20 has both 100M and GbE
<BW^-> turl: so, two in total??
<Turl> as it's mostly pin compatible with A10 designs, it needs to be there
<BW^-> A10 has this, one 100M and one GbE??
<Turl> and they added a GbE one for good measure
<Turl> BW^-: no, A10 only has a 100M one
<BW^-> aha. ok cool!
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<Turl> howdy wingrime
<wingrime> )
<BW^-> turl: so actually the wifi, bluetooth and 3g phone ability would appear as USB devices to the A10/A20
<BW^-> hm
<wingrime> Turl: Thats guy from ML, that do some RE with VP8 codec , was on channel?
<BW^-> it's easy to power off USB devices with software, isn't it, so that might be a benefit at least? :)9
<BW^-> and it autodetects easy to the OS
<Turl> BW^-: well, I've never seen any A10 device making calls
<Turl> wingrime: I don't know
<Turl> BW^-: they released A31S nowadays, I think they are aiming it at the "phablet" market, maybe they added better facilities to hold 3G modems or such
<Turl> BW^-: bluetooth can often be connected on serial ports too
<wingrime> Turl: can a10 sdio wifi?
<Turl> wingrime: I believe so, I saw some allwinnerized sdio wifi drivers on the tree
<wingrime> BW^-: also 3g modem can be done using uart + audio routing chip (i2c)?
<wingrime> I saw some wolfson amp can control roures using i2c
<BW^-> turl: yeah on the A31S they made such a drawing, and also one indicating they have some particular builtin functionality for charging batteries
<BW^-> wingrime: like what?
<BW^-> wingrime: what would like a basic data + voice cdma chip setup be or alike
<BW^-> barebone
<BW^-> well.
<BW^-> supercool with the A10/A20, it's a blessing.
<BW^-> Turl: so to boot an A10/A20, all that's needed is it, and plug it into a RAM chip, then power pins to power, and a boot device plugged in (SD/USB) right?
<Turl> it cannot boot from USB, so you'll need an SD (or a NAND chip)
<Turl> BW^-: are you an EE?
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<Turl> BW^-: I believe Olimex released their OLinuXino designs, they might come in handy
<Turl> mripard: hm, your emails reminded me I still haven't reviewed your patches
* Turl puts the blame on Turl
<BW^-> turl: The A10 manual said clearly it can boot from USB?
<BW^-> turl: yep A10 User Manual v1.20 has on 4.2. Boot Diagram p34 , "USB boot operation", presuming the BSP pin is 0.
<BW^-> turl: file:///C:/Users/Mikael/Downloads/A10+User+Manual+-+v1.20+%25282012-04-09%252C+DECRYPTED%2529.pdf
<Turl> BW^-: USB boot there means FEL mode
<rm> almost like Razor1911_PROPER_NoRAR_
<Turl> rm: haha
<hramrach> hello
<hramrach> wingrime: does suspend still work for you?
<hramrach> somebody complains it breaks mmc on a13
<wingrime> hramrach: not tested recent kernels
<wingrime> hramrach: but when I published patches, all was tested on a13, with mmc boot
<hramrach> yeah
<hramrach> it worked for me on a10 booted from mmc back then
<wingrime> hramrach: on a20 it broken (not even builds)
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* hramrach juggling cards
<wingrime> hramrach: AW code for PM on A20 becomes more shiity than ever
<wingrime> hramrach: it add shared functions that must be build in kernel and in blob
<wingrime> actualy liker need make two versions of it
<hramrach> hmm, a10 works still
<hramrach> and a20 crashes
<hramrach> there were some suspend fixes and maybe I don't have them in the image
<hramrach> I think hansg did something about suspend on a20
<hramrach> I don't have a13 so cannot say anything about that
<wingrime> a13 can have problems with pm, but it actualy disp crap
<wingrime> also this only on 3.4
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<hramrach> yes, that guy on ML is running 3.4
<wingrime> this is xorg,disp
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<vinifr> Now everyone has permission to change sunxi repo?
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