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<xtofury> ok looks good, battery is about to die, so if I build the whole sdk using lunch and make it should include it now?
<Turl> xtofury: ah, you're building android?
<Turl> xtofury: you'll need to replace the defconfig with the .config you just generated with menuconfig and clean the kernel tree with make mrproper
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<robb83> anyone know that the Novo 9 spark tablet can boot from sd card or have tried ?
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<oliv3r> GOooood morning
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<robb83> hi
<robb83> i build sun6i kernel and u-boot from allwinner repo, but I do not know to test, can anyone help ? (qemu board or somthing)
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<rm> no qemu
<rm> boot it on the actual board
<rm> if it doesn't boot, attach a serial console and see what's wrong
<robb83> i have no a31 board, but tablet, create sdcard for booting, but nothing happend
<mnemoc> a31 needs you to press the FEL button to boot from uSD
<mnemoc> hansg!
<robb83> Yes I tried, but I'm not sure that it works
<mnemoc> the whole family of sun5i defconfigs failed to build with the latest for-amery from hansg :<
<oliv3r> robb83: how are you builing sun6i u-boot, when we have no sun6i support (other then the few patches i have up on my wip/branch
<oliv3r> so unless you have some special allwinner SD u-boot, it's highly unlikly this will work
<oliv3r> unless of course someone finished a31 support in my vacation
<robb83> build from:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/allwinner-sunxi-a31
<oliv3r> that's u-boot which lives in nanda
<oliv3r> e.g. the uboot from boot0 -> boot1 -> boot.asf -> u-boot
<robb83> ohh
<robb83> thanks, thats new for me
<oliv3r> we have practical zero u-boot support right now :) i started a few patches, but that's on very low prio rigt now :)
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<robb83> want to deal with it? difficult to rewrite sd?
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<robb83> or modify my nand directly with usb firmware updater or android ?
<oliv3r> it's a lot of work, and don't want to deal with it right now, also I lack a31 hardware, and with the powerVR in their, my motiviation is limited. I started it because it was interesting and exciting at start ;)
<oliv3r> but as i write more,it becomes harder to test as i have no hardware :)
<oliv3r> in a few weeks time i might work on the dramc a bit more
<robb83> same are, no hardware :(
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<sdk> hi, I'm having some difficulty getting my A10s (olimex) board to boot. The SPL loads but then the next stage of u-boot never starts. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
<oliv3r> oh i'm not the only one who told puneet B to stop asking for lychee support; good
<oliv3r> Turl: ping
<oliv3r> Turl: ping re: ahci willis wang code
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<robb83> sdk: sorry, i lame, but how you can probe ?
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<sdk> i'm using serial cable
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<oliv3r> that sounds like the kernel
<oliv3r> we are a step before that ;)
<oliv3r> sdk: what u-boot are you using? (and what SPL?)
<sdk> robb83: yes, that guide and also Everything compiles ok.
<sdk> oliv3r: U-Boot SPL 2013.07-08154-g48845ec
<oliv3r> you've build from git?
<sdk> oliv3r: how to find u-boot version? Above I got from serial console output.. Yes. Built from git
<oliv3r> which config are you using?
<oliv3r> each board needs its own config
<oliv3r> can you copy/paste the entire SPL output?
<oliv3r> since it should show you the board it was compiled for
<sdk> U-Boot SPL 2013.07-08154-g48845ec (Aug 21 2013 - 09:37:17) Board: A10s-OLinuXino-M DRAM: 512 MiB CPU: 1008000000Hz, AXI/AHB/APB: 3/2/2 SUNXI SD/MMC: 0
<oliv3r> that sounds about right
<oliv3r> incidentally, i have the same issue with my cubie2, but that's my fault :p
<oliv3r> can you verify u-boot is properly written to the SD card? (bs=1024 seek=32)
<sdk> yes, the original Olimex SD-card gives the same output, but of course that one does load the next stage. For my own card, it stops here.
<sdk> yes, triple checked
<oliv3r> did you try extracting the u-boot from the 'original' card and copy it to yours?
<sdk> that's interesting. I'm not sure how to go about doing that though.
<oliv3r> dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=u-boot.bin.orig bs=1024 seek=32 count=.... (don't know u-boot size exactly)
<oliv3r> i guess using the size (in kb) from your current u-boot should be a good indication
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<sdk> ok I'll give it a try.
<oliv3r> 226 it looks like
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<sdk> nope it makes no difference. it's strange
<oliv3r> SD card broken?
<oliv3r> dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=dump.img bs=64k
<oliv3r> (dump entire SD card)
<oliv3r> then, write it to your own card and see if it works, I suspect it also does not work
<sdk> yesterday I wrote the olimex image to it, and it worked. so I don't think that it's broken
<oliv3r> you can also first try to copy SPL (maybe SPL is wrong)
<sdk> yes I'll try that
<oliv3r> sd cards break without notice :)
<oliv3r> there's no flash wear lvling layer, or not a good one
<sdk> yeah you're right :)
<oliv3r> mine actually blew up and cracked
<oliv3r> it was only 128mb so i didn't care, i used it for mainline test kernels
<oliv3r> but it baffled me
<oliv3r> woprr: did you find if it all really overlapped
<sdk> mmh. now SPL not booting as well. it's weird, first I dd 23 records to spl-orig, then dd'ing that file to the card it says 31 records out.
<oliv3r> spl is 22 or 23 bytes, to that sounds sane
<oliv3r> ok try downloading SPL and u-boot from olimex, I can't imagine them not hosting the binaries somewhere
<oliv3r> they are very OSS friendly
<oliv3r> get those and dd those (saner then extracting and writing)
<oliv3r> SPL can be no larger then 24k
<oliv3r> so you could try extracting 24k and writing 24k 'just in case'
<oliv3r> the BROM will not ever read more then 24k (hardware limit) so that should be safe
<sdk> ok, i'll look for the files on olimex site..
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<oliv3r> sdk: the SPL and u-boot from git _should_ work, we just have to find out why it's not working now
<sdk> yes. well the only differences wrt olimex article I can see are that I'm using gcc4.7 and saying "make .. arm-linux-gnueabihf-" instead of "arm-linux-gnueabi-"
<oliv3r> that string is just a name that you give to your toolchain, weren't there some issues with gcc 4.7? i don't know if those have been resolved and if those applied to u-boot at all
<oliv3r> let me build a spl + u-boot for you
<oliv3r> in 20 minutes
<oliv3r> gotta test my own u-boot first
<oliv3r> to see if the code still works ;)
<sdk> ok tnx
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<oliv3r> bah mine's not working give me a bit more time ;)
<sdk> ok, hope it will work..
<sdk> i got it working now. using the olimex git snapshot git checkout v2013.07-rc1-sunxi and re-building then it works!
<sdk> so something must have changed along the way, breaking it
<oliv3r> that's interesting
<oliv3r> what hash tag is their snapshot that you are using?
<sdk> sorry, git noob, how to get hashtag?
<mnemoc> git log HEAD | head -n1 should do
<sdk> commit 57ff4519ba0f47f1647f7def5864ae4c9ef3e6a0
<oliv3r> thanks
<oliv3r> for what it's worth, my SPL isn't booting on cubie2 either ;)
<mnemoc> and all my test builds of the sun5i family failed :(
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<sdk> ok.. it must be something is broken in the u-boot. hope it will be fixed but for now i can go on and use the old version. I'm copying my own rootfs to the card now.. see how that goes.
<oliv3r> hno: ping
<oliv3r> sdk: well on the upside, it wasn't my patchseries that broke it :)
<oliv3r> hno: 29689232f8a4d1640e551ef433176b81cecfa9c7 i just checked out and that still works, so gonna try to find which patch breaks it, but i have a very very slow testing method (build, upload, download, put on SD, put in cubie linaro, dd, reboot cubie
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<oliv3r> hmm, i seem to miss-understand how git bisect works :S
<oliv3r> 29689232f8a4d1640e551ef433176b81cecfa9c7 is my last commit and i tested that, which works. so I'll use that as base reference (work on cb2)
<oliv3r> so the breakage should be somewhere after that and before HEAD, so I use git bisect start HEAD 29689232f8a4d1640e551ef433176b81cecfa9c7 --
<oliv3r> the first hash it checks out is: 934128bcd98106e764d2f492ac79c38ae53d] Merge branch 'master' of git://
<oliv3r> so i assume it checks out 934128bcd98106e764d2f492ac79c38ae53d but when I do git log, my patches are all gone, boards.cfg lists no allwinner device?
<oliv3r> so how do I use git bisect?
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<eagles0513875_> hey guys
<eagles0513875_> how is everyone this morning
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<shineworld> hi eagles0513875_
<eagles0513875_> how are you shineworld
<shineworld> fine, thank you .:)
<eagles0513875_> shineworld: i think im almost there with build root
<shineworld> wow :) do you publish something somewhere ?
<shineworld> you know there are noobs like me in the world :)
<eagles0513875_> shineworld: i will post a blog post on my blog which needs a serious update :D
<eagles0513875_> its a blog about everythign music to open source etc
<eagles0513875_> shineworld: are you having issues working wiht buildroot and ur cubieboard2
<shineworld> eagles0513875_, I never touch buildroot chain for cb2, just made my jobs manually... but I'm far to have what I need
<shineworld> so I'm happy if someone share its jobs
<eagles0513875_> shineworld: once i get build root a working setup i will post an article to my blog
<eagles0513875_> in a nut shell shineworld im using the cubieboard scripts with some modifications for the CB2
<atsampson> oliv3r: I'd normally do it as separate commands, although I don't know if it actually makes a difference
<atsampson> oliv3r: i.e. checkout the latest version, "git bisect start", "git bisect bad" (to say this version's bad), then "git bisect good <the hash of HEAD>"
<atsampson> then it should grab a version in the middle for you, and you can do "git bisect good/bad" as appropriate
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<oliv3r> atsampson: ok i try
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<rellla> oliv3r: 35 days later, 2nd cubie2 arrived. some discussions with customs, but tax-free at the end ;p
<oliv3r> 2nd?!
<oliv3r> lucky oyu!
<oliv3r> my cb1 is ethernetl ess, and my cb2 is having mmc issues it seems
<rellla> i don't know what to do with all my devices :\
* rellla is dreaming of sth. like with some touchscreen ...
<n01> eagles0513875_: asap you have something working submit the patches to buildroot ml ... sometimes the approval process is fairly long
<oliv3r> rellla: so why do you have 2?
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<rellla> oliv3r: i begged tom for one *dev* board, when he announced it. but heard nothing, so a month later i ordered one the official way including two cases...
<rellla> now i need another case ;)
<oliv3r> ahh
<oliv3r> okay
<oliv3r> a bought one ;)
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<rellla> so i will kick out my good old dockstar. squeezeboxserver is running much faster on cubieboard...
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<oliv3r> rellla: kool radio, i think my mom has something like that in the addict, i should claim it and make a networked player out of it aswell, probably not with TS though ;)
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<oliv3r> atsampson: same result
<oliv3r> i must be doing something wrong
<oliv3r> maybe it's because of the two branches that got merged?
<oliv3r> my git foo is too weak :(
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<boycottg00gle> see an uboot regression switching from sunxi-current (c0f3b94d7cdcd83042b35f02552520d107fd7f35) to sunxi 48845ec7) boot stopped working on olimex a20
<oliv3r> heh, read the log :p
<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: i noticed this aswell, but haven't figured out the why yet
<oliv3r> and need hno/git bisect guru to test more
<boycottg00gle> last line from serial reads: SUNXI SD/MMC: 0
<boycottg00gle> a single "G" follows - then nothing. restoring older version now
<oliv3r> grepping for my name in the log found a working version ;p
<boycottg00gle> ah - reading the log
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<oliv3r> hmm, i may have found my issue, which may be unrelated ;)
<boycottg00gle> c4163747 is newer than 29689232
<boycottg00gle> but am i really sure i used c4163747 to build the working rev?
<oliv3r> 29689232 is quite old
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<boycottg00gle> restored uboot works
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<oliv3r> i'm trying 218f643881c0dabd7e40cdb21a757416fa80afb2 right now, the one before the merge commit, and it doesn't work
<oliv3r> i'm not getting your 'G'
<oliv3r> i just get the SPL and after that nothing
<oliv3r> sunxi sd/mmc: 0 is my last line
<oliv3r> but need hno to talk about it more now ;)
<oliv3r> hno: ^
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<boycottg00gle> working version first line: U-Boot SPL 2013.07-07794-gc0f3b94 (Aug 16 2013 - 09:05:21)
<oliv3r> i'm not quite sure how that ID is made up tbh
<boycottg00gle> me neither
<oliv3r> i first thought it was the git hash tag, but that's not the case (the gc0f part)
<oliv3r> it appears spl might work, but u-boot is broken
<boycottg00gle> ah my local sunxi-current branch is on: c0f3b94d
<boycottg00gle> this also matches the last chars in above line
<boycottg00gle> regression somewhere between c0f3b94d and 218f6438 ?
<oliv3r> ah so g does stand fr git; good to know
<oliv3r> if i use the head sunxi-spl, in combination with an old (working u-boot) i get ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###
<oliv3r> if i use sunxi-spl + u-boot both from head, i get no output at all
<mnemoc> oliv3r: what hexa value was it supposed to be? :p
<oliv3r> if i use old sunxi-spl + new u-boot, i get ...
<oliv3r> mnemoc: huh?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: it's a hash, 0-9a-f ... g is out of range unless the hash is in base 17
<mnemoc> ignore me
<oliv3r> mnemoc: g is the prefix for git :p
<oliv3r> i think :)
<oliv3r> ok and i lied, head u-boot with head SPL gives the ERROR please reset too
<mnemoc> yes, like r in the svn world
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> anyway, it appears u-boot is broken (atleast for a20)
<mnemoc> and hansg's for-amery is broken for the sun5i family
<oliv3r> everything appears to be broken!
<mnemoc> my budget too
<oliv3r> heh, duh who's isnt
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<mnemoc> :)
<oliv3r> good samaritans don't have money :p
<mnemoc> true
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<oliv3r> maybe i should change fields
<oliv3r> I love blobs!
<oliv3r> propriatary code all the way!
* mnemoc jus read "I love boobs!" :|
<oliv3r> also that
<oliv3r> who in their right mind wouldn't
<mnemoc> ack, but boobs are kind of OT
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<oliv3r> never.
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<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: it's only the SPL that appears to be broken, i can use an old SPL 2013.07-07792-g2968923 (is what I use) with head u-boot U-Boot 2013.07-08154-g48845ec
<oliv3r> and look how beautifully those lines aline (well on my 80 char terminal they do)
<oliv3r> and now things are really strange
<oliv3r> i load the kernel from the sd card, the dtb from the sd card, and it boots the kernel from nand
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<oliv3r> oh maybe i lie
<oliv3r> mripard: sid works on A20 aswell :D
<oliv3r> will spend the next hour if i have time left to clean up my tree, then hopefully sned it off tonight
<oliv3r> tomorrow probably u-boot fixing time :(
<mripard> oliv3r: cool
<mripard> what's the status of all your patches?
<mripard> did gkh picked some?
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<oliv3r> mripard: the sysfs ones, yeah
<oliv3r> mripard: the sid ones, none I don't think, but that's ok
<oliv3r> i'll try to write the fdt documentation as it should too, and add A20 support in comments, so far, i don't know of sid in a31, but on the wits board it appears to be zero too i think and only the 'short' version
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<mripard> oliv3r: as a general principle, only care about the hardware you have.
<mripard> it's always a good starting point :)
<oliv3r> well you know i boycot the a31 :p
<oliv3r> but i couldn't find anything sensible in a31
<Turl> my cubie got an extra entry on the tracking woot
<oliv3r> mripard: anyhow, i don't see why the driver shouldn't support it ;)
<Turl> it's still
<oliv3r> Turl: poor turl
<Turl> on the post office* :P
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<oliv3r> atleast they are performing labor, so progress
<Turl> oliv3r: I need to move to russia, maybe I'll get my stuff faster
<oliv3r> Turl: rofl
<Turl> oliv3r: besides it's cold :D
<oliv3r> Turl: did you read my ping above?
<Turl> oliv3r: probably not
<Turl> oliv3r: please resend :P
<oliv3r> i forgot :(
<FR^2> *lol*
<oliv3r> Turl: mailling list, you responded to someone
<oliv3r> willis wangs code!
<jinzo> regarding china post, if anyone doesen't know - Singapore Post is wonderfull for me. Still cheap, and <14 days for everything I order
<Turl> oliv3r: hm?
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<oliv3r> i haven't read all of the mails yet; but the ahci patch he sent, is it working?
<Turl> he sent an ahci patch?
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<oliv3r> i think he added sunxi support to the stadard ahci stuff
<eagles0513875_> n01: ok :)
<oliv3r> Re: [linux-sunxi] Re: [PATCH v0 1/1] [stage/sunxi-3.] use ahci platform driver for sunxi
<oliv3r> it didn't seem like a huge patch
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<eagles0513875_> n01: hopefully this time is the charm
<oliv3r> so getting it to mailine status shouldn't be too much work; e.g. mmc u-boot + kernel; then sata!
<oliv3r> Turl: but my real question, I most likly forgot :p
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<eagles0513875_> hey Turl :)
<rz2k> oliv3r: iirc it has TonOfCamelCase and whitespace damage
<rz2k> so until Wills will run checkpatch and etc. there's no mainline for sata
<rz2k> :p
<oliv3r> rz2k: of course, but that's all easy
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<oliv3r> rz2k: i was thinking more along th elines 'i'll take his patch, clean it up and fix it up and submit it'
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<eagles0513875_> holy crap batman :) n01 its working :)
<n01> eagles0513875_: good
<n01> eagles0513875_: do you reach the login?
<eagles0513875_> n01: it drops me down here ** No partition table - mmc 0 ** sun7i# seems like it wants me to type some commands or something
<n01> eagles0513875_: before submitting the patches make sure to get al least to the login
<n01> paste the log
<Turl> mripard: someone on the list is running their cb with mainline "24/24" :o
<mripard> Turl: yeah, he told me quite some time ago
<mripard> I'm impressed he only had 6 warnings in a 2 month time :)
<oliv3r> wow, not bad at all
<bfree> mine is usually on debian's ~mainline armmp kernel w/rootfs on nbd unless I boot it into a 3.4 to access the sd card to put on a new kernel or uboot or something. no complaints/issues that I've noticed
<mripard> bfree: which board ? cubie as well ?
<bfree> yes, cubie1
<Turl> bfree: :)
<eagles0513875_> ok guys i am making some progress with booting now the next issue i am having is no login screen. here is my current output to the serial port
<eagles0513875_> any ideas would be greatly appreciated
<n01> eagles0513875_: it is not that you don't have login screen. Your kernel is not booting at all
<eagles0513875_> Turl: any ideas as to the above as I am using the kernel you had suggested yesterday the latest revision on that branch
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<Turl> eagles0513875_: I don't understand your log much, you got stuck on uboot?
<eagles0513875_> Turl: at this point its booting but im not getting any login of any sort
<n01> eagles0513875_: paste your uEnv
<eagles0513875_> ??
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<eagles0513875_> you lost me n01
<oliv3r> Turl: mripard any of you using u-boot from sunxi on your a20 hardware? notice any breakage recently?
<n01> eagles0513875_: boot.cmd/src?
<mripard> oliv3r: I do, but I almost never update it :)
<mripard> so, I don't know :)
<Turl> oliv3r: my A20 hardware is still on the post office :"(
<eagles0513875_> n01: via the serial port?
<oliv3r> Turl: you have none yet? :(
<n01> ??
<mripard> Turl: tsss, only excuses for not contributing patches, I'm sure :)
<oliv3r> 587 unread! whoot, progress
<Turl> mripard: heh
<Turl> mripard: did mike get around to merging any of it? :P
<boycottg00gle> oha now hdmi works again
<boycottg00gle> lol
<mripard> no idea :)
<Turl> mripard: we got a lot of clock patches this cycle, maybe we should've arranged to make a pull request instead
<mripard> there's 6 patches for him to pick up
<eagles0513875_> :) ok got it n01
<eagles0513875_> n01: hold on that link is screwy
<Turl> mripard: just 6? I thought they would be like 15 heh
<mripard> and the point isn't really the point. We never ever got a review from him in the first place on these patches
<mripard> well, 6 for the A10s, A20 and A31 patches yes
<mripard> plus your RFC ones
<Turl> yeah
<Turl> mripard: that reminds me, is your a20 clk branch up to date?
<mripard> I think so yes
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<oliv3r> a20-clocks does work fine
<Turl> mripard: looking at clk-next, it seems we got all the __initconst notations wrong
<mripard> ?
<boycottg00gle> after updating uboot from 645e9015 to a3cca421 boot still works but hdmi is off again (seems like hdmi working / not working is quite random)
<mripard> Turl: ah, it's not really that important then
<mripard> but yeah, we should fix it
<Turl> mripard: I can add a patch to my series fixing all of them after the fact
<Turl> mripard: or we can respin all the not yet merged series to get it right there and then fix the remaining cases
<mripard> I'll need to do some tweaks on those init sections as well for other drivers, so whatever you prefer
<mripard> seriously, for that kind of stuff, I'd really like not to respin a new serie and get to the end of the to-merge list once again.
<Turl> mripard: ok then, let's fix all of it after the fact
<Turl> mripard: I'll handle clocks and you handle the other drivers
<mripard> especially since the ARM merge window is almost closed by now, and neither the pinctrl or clocks patches are merged for no reason (yet).
<Turl> linusw hasn't merged them yet? odd
<Turl> mripard: neither is watchdog nor sid :/
<eagles0513875_> n01:
<eagles0513875_> not sure where those odd characters are coming from
<boycottg00gle> oliv3r: for me 218f6438 works
<mripard> Turl: for sid, we had some reasons
<mripard> for watchdog, the maintainer seems to be MIA
<mripard> if we miss 3.12, I'll carry it without his Acked-By in my branch
<boycottg00gle> regression somewhere between 218f6438 or c4163747 and 48845ec7 ?
<n01> eagles0513875_: I think uboot is not reading from sd
<eagles0513875_> n01: where is it trying to read from?
<n01> how do you create that card
<eagles0513875_> i let the script here sudo ./ ../../../output/images/ /dev/sdb format and put the stuff it needs on the card
<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: i'm just confused on how to check what changed inbetween, but that's my lack of git-foo
<eagles0513875_> n01: will paste you whats in the script
<n01> yep that is my script and it works for cubie1
<eagles0513875_> ok
<eagles0513875_> whats next in the recipe change
<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: is that working on a20?
<n01> eagles0513875_: stop into uboot and give the commands one by one
<boycottg00gle> oliv3r: using emacs/magit myself most of the time (ymmv)
<oliv3r> <- vim!
<boycottg00gle> oliv3r: working on olimex a20
<eagles0513875_> n01: you mean dont let it autoboot
<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: hmm, strange, because taht's before the merge
<n01> yes
<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: so it breaks in the last 2 patches?
<boycottg00gle> oliv3r: no for me the old/sunxi-current works
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<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: i'll test it tonight :)
<oliv3r> 218f6438 looks hopefull
<eagles0513875_> n01: if i stop the autoboot it drops me down to what there was pasted earlier
<n01> ok, then execute the commands
<boycottg00gle> oliv3r: maybe i have some time to manually bisect further i will just paste here in irc
<oliv3r> i'll keep an eye out ;)
<oliv3r> but if ti's working, it means it the breakage is only int he last 2 patches
<eagles0513875_> n01: sadly seeing as im building all this in a vm im having some issues where i cant type anything in the serial terminal i have running :(
<n01> it's time to install linux w/o crap vm
<eagles0513875_> i wonder n01 can i build with buidl root on mac osx?
<n01> c'mon ... just install linux on mac
<eagles0513875_> ok ok ok ill do that but that will have to wait until tomorrow
<n01> take macports and install minicom
<eagles0513875_> ok sadly i have to run now :( will continue working on this tomorrow
<eagles0513875_> n01: could i request a branch be created where i can push and pull my changes from
<n01> to whom?
jemk has joined #linux-sunxi
* n01 wonders if "whom" is correct *_*
panda84kde has joined #linux-sunxi
<eagles0513875_> dunno for build root n01 so i can push all my changes there and then it can be merged to master when i have something which works
<n01> eagles0513875_: just use a local repo on your machine and export changes using patches
<eagles0513875_> ok
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<boycottg00gle> 48845ec798c2b8fecdaf5437ba08a905eadfd8a6 breaks uboot
<Turl> oliv3r: ^
<boycottg00gle> ah sorry mom
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<boycottg00gle> ignore that one please
<Turl> :p
<n01> lol
<Turl> don't worry, typing on the wrong window has happened to all of us
<n01> boycottg00gle: your mother is on IRC? cool
<boycottg00gle> n01: ?
<boycottg00gle> ah :)
<boycottg00gle> moment
<n01> :)
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<boycottg00gle> hmm git bisect doesn't work out in that case
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<bfree> anyone familiar with the kernel/initrd/dtb addresses care to look at and see if they can figure out why it would hang there? grub was ext4loaded to 0x4600000 and set to put itself at 0x4800000 and works fine until it tries to boot at which point grubs debug=all leaves hanging at that point in the paste (I'm compiling an earlyprintk kernel atm to see if that shines any light)
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<steev> grub?
<steev> uboot is the bootloader, why are you adding in grub?
<bfree> cause it's nicer (a usable menu, updatable config file, doesn't need kernels+initrds processed by mkimage, etc etc), cause I can (try), cause it's new(ish) and "just for fun". it sits on top of uboot
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<oliv3r> boybut that's a really really small patch with nothing related really
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<oliv3r> 2013.07-07802-g218f643 works, confirmed
<bfree> earlyprintk just gets me "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel." :-/
<bfree> $grubdev guess is: "possibly your platform needs exporting of info about e.g. memory map (most likely) ... GRUB already has memory map. You need to pass it. It may be a variable in device-tree to set or it may be an additional command line argument." ... anyone have any ideas what that might be/mean/need?
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<mripard> bfree: how did you enable earlyprintk?
<mripard> (plus, you should take a look at barebox if you want something nicer than u-boot :))
<bfree> I stole the config from prior debian kernel, make oldconfig, make menuconfig, enabled LL and earlyprintk and set it to sunxi uart0
<mripard> that should be right
<mripard> you have to pass earlyprintk in the bootargs as well though
<bfree> yep I did (otherwise I wouldn't have seen the "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel." unless I'm missing something, I wasn't seeing it before)
<oliv3r> earlyprintk is set in bootargs i think by default (via u-boot that is)
<mripard> he is not using u-boot
<bfree> well grub on top of u-boot ... grubs arm-uboot platform
<oliv3r> well then yer own your own bud!
<bfree> I've had $grub_dev and mripard chip in, so not 100% on my own ;) but yes, I know I'm wandering off into the wild wild west
<mripard> oliv3r: competition is always good, you should favor it :)
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<bfree> as it leverages u-boot it's not really competition ;)
<mripard> bfree: grub has no first-stage mechanism on ARM?
<bfree> mripard: corrent, it uses u-boot API
<mripard> so, for now, you have U-Boot SPL -> U-Boot -> Grub -> Linux, right?
<bfree> mripard: correct
* mripard wonders if the new U-boot Falcon Mode could be used
<mripard> that would be cool :)
<bfree> it's only recently merged to grub trunk having been around a while as a branch. I don't think they'd any interest in re-inventing all the board support from scratch ;)
<oliv3r> falcon mode?
<oliv3r> mripard: oh i'm not against it at all :p
<mripard> oliv3r: only the SPL starting the kernel
<oliv3r> dunno if possible
<mripard> if it is possible to do what ?
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<oliv3r> spl is really small, 24k only
<oliv3r> and i think it needs to do more then just load the kernel?
<oliv3r> well, it inits dram; it loads 'a file to dram' and executes it
<oliv3r> so maybe it could be possible
<oliv3r> hno: ^
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<mripard> anyway, can't you guys start working on barebox instead ? :)
<oliv3r> *facepalm*
<oliv3r> spreading thin resources is a bad idea however :p
<mripard> yeah, well
<oliv3r> how can i apply have a commit?
<mripard> we're all hobbyist, you can't blame anyone for doing the stuff they find fun, and not the boring stuff that needs to be done :)
<oliv3r> iw ant to test only parts of a patch
<oliv3r> commit*
<mripard> apply it, and play with stash/checkout -p ?
<oliv3r> checkout -p? is that like add -p?
<mripard> yes
<mripard> but the other way around
<mripard> you discard bits of a patch, instead of adding them
<oliv3r> so i checkout badhash-1; then checkout -p badhash
<bfree> mripard: does the above bit about passing the memory map mean anything to you? I'm drawing a blank :-/ I wondering if it means grub needs to do more updating of the dtb (perhaps the nodes it wants to update aren't there): (from line 60)
<robb83> anyone know why work qemu with "u-boot" elf binary and why not "u-boot.bin" ? (but tutorials use u-boot.bin)
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<WarheadsSE> robb83: considered `file u-boot.bin` ?
<robb83> hmm, u-boot.bin: ERROR: vasprintf failed (Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character)
<mripard> bfree: I have no idea :(
xtofury has joined #linux-sunxi
<mripard> I don't see it patching the memory node
<mripard> though
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<xtofury> hey turl, if you're around, thanks for that tip about make mrproper....
<xtofury> it's weird I had the dependencies installed, but when I went to deal with make menuconfig, getting the 64 bit libraries for libncurses5 worked, but I noticed it removed libncurses5-dev:i386
<xtofury> so I tried to compile last night clean, and noticed it failed on the packer, missing u-boot.bin, and another bug with boot.fex --> I believe this is because of the removed dependency i386 version. so I put it back on, is there a way to get through this without another 12 hours of compiling to find out?
<bfree> "patching the memory node is probably what's needed to be done"
<bfree> bah phonecall just came to drag me out to meet someone ... will give me head some peace anyway for a little while I suppose :-p
<hno> oliv3r, what?
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<oliv3r> hno u-boot a20 is broken atm
<hno> btoken how?
<oliv3r> won't boot
<oliv3r> SPL won't load u-boot
<hno> hmm..
<oliv3r> u-boot seems fine, only spl broken
<hno> what does it say?
<oliv3r> 17:02 < boycottg00gle> 48845ec798c2b8fecdaf5437ba08a905eadfd8a6 breaks uboot
<oliv3r> commit before seems fine
<xtofury> hmmmm u-boot is broken, maybe I'll be holding off on that a20 purchase for a month or two, lol....
<oliv3r> 2013.07-07802-g218f643i run now appearantly ok
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<hno> oliv3r, is there any error message?
<oliv3r> sort of
<oliv3r> sec
<oliv3r> please reset board :p
<hno> very nice & informative.
<oliv3r> yeah so useless
<oliv3r> i can't spot any code changes that seem to be related
<hno> Ok, I see what it is. The common spl expects u-boot.bin as an uimage, not a raw image.
<hno> e4c444b34b6ff6b347e552805ee89c48f85785bb
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<hno> and load address needs to be adjusted -0x40 for that to work.
<hno> (uimage header is 0x40 bytes)
<oliv3r> ah ok
<oliv3r> well atleast you spotted it really fast :D
<hno> oliv3r, try "make u-boot.img" and use that instead.
<hno> load address is already adjusted it seems.
<hno> hm.. maybe it's not really..
<oliv3r> i should start looking at cleaning up my old branches now too, i think my wip/a20 isn't needed anymore as that's merged, cleanup patches are merged too i think, good ogod
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<boycottg00gle> anything to test?
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<hno> boycottg00gle, in u-boot yes.
<hno> see above.
<hno> <hno> oliv3r, try "make u-boot.img" and use that instead.
<hno> boycottg00gle ^
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<boycottg00gle> ok will test
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<hno> works for me on Cubieboard2
<boycottg00gle> looks good
<boycottg00gle> system up
<boycottg00gle> now if only hdmi would work as well
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<oliv3r> so we have a fix? anything to pull ;)
<boycottg00gle> <hno> <hno> oliv3r, try "make u-boot.img" and use that instead.
<oliv3r> boycottg00gle: lol i saw that :p but i ment, is there something in git I can test over the manual fix :)
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<hno> oliv3r, pushed, and send upstream.
<oliv3r> pulling and testing
<hno> actaully it's good... the reason it broke is because MMC have got generic Falcon support now.
<hno> but was not entirely intentional that loading u-boot.bin should break
<oliv3r> about falcon mode, how likly is it that we can boot the kernel using falcon mode on A10/A20?
<hno> but using uImage have always been preferred, just not very visibly so.
<oliv3r> i mean, what does u-boot do now, that SPL can't do?
<hno> oliv3r, from what I understand it should just work.
<hno> but have not looked in detail.
<hno> but only for mainline. there is no script.bin Falcon support..
<oliv3r> so we handle everything required in our 24k allready?
<oliv3r> so how would I invoke it (with a mainline kernel?)
<hno> Hm.. maybe not. Probably need another CONFIG_...
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> key.o, cpu_info.o and cmd_watchdog.o i can see that are not in the SPL
<oliv3r> so yeah, we handle everything allready
<oliv3r> didn't even realize that
<oliv3r> that's very cool imo ;)
<oliv3r> U-Boot SPL 2013.07-08155-g22469f0 (Aug 21 2013 - 21:34:43)
<oliv3r> ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###
<oliv3r> not yet
<hno> oliv3r, did you remember to write u-boot.img instead of u-boot.bin?
shineworld has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> ah, the BSP needs to be changed aswell then ;)
<oliv3r> (I still use the bsp :p
<oliv3r> the bsp i think does a make all
wingrime has joined #linux-sunxi
<hno> the change includes u-boot.img in "make all".
<oliv3r> no i lie, make cubieboard2_config
<wingrime> mnemoc: how new server ?
<wingrime> oliv3r: have you played with OSM?
<oliv3r> well make ${U_BOOT_CONFIG}_config
<wingrime> *have you ever
<oliv3r> wingrime: OSM? more context :p
<oliv3r> wingrime: open street map? :p
<wingrime> oliv3r: indeed
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<oliv3r> wingrime: i have not contributed yet; but yes, i use it on our phones
<oliv3r> pretty aweomse, but does require reasonable ahrdware to be reasonable usefull
<oliv3r> my htc hero is a little too slow, for walking/biking its okayish, driving is harder
<oliv3r> i use fdroids 1.5 version currently
<hno> oliv3r what does it run after that? ..._config only makes the config, it does not compile anything.
<oliv3r> make all
<hno> then u-boot.img is built now.
<wingrime> oliv3r: my local map aful even with google, trying imporve
<oliv3r> ohhh wait i write the wrong file to sd then
<hno> yes
<oliv3r> i write u-boot.bin :) ok changing file
<oliv3r> wingrime: use the osmand to track your street, or manually improve
<hno> <hno> oliv3r, did you remember to write u-boot.img instead of u-boot.bin? :)
<oliv3r> i didn't remember ;)
<oliv3r> but works now :)
<oliv3r> any reason why the filename has changed? if so, the wiki needs updating
<oliv3r> probably the bsp aswell
<oliv3r> when it creates/writes certain files
<oliv3r> without debug printing, it boots amazingly fast
<oliv3r> < 1 second
<hno> oliv3r, it's not the filename that have changed.
<oliv3r> not quite sure why it's not printing earlyprintk
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<oliv3r> did the defaults for printing console stuff change in the last few weeks in u-boot?
<oliv3r> before i never had to do anything, just load up spl + u-boot and load a earlyprintk uart0 enabled kernel
<oliv3r> mripard: is it correct that A20 only shows 1 cpu in /proc/cpuinfo and that hardware reads as: Allwinner A1X (Device Tree) (instead of A2x)
fredy has joined #linux-sunxi
<mripard> oliv3r: yes
<oliv3r> mripard: why does it say A1X instead of A2x? (and why not A1x :p)
<mripard> is it important?
<oliv3r> purely cosmetic :p
<oliv3r> mripard: oh and hno said falcon mode should work (in theory) and we do init pretty much everything in SPL
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<hno> oliv3r, and then I said that there is some more CONFIG_... flags needed that we do not set.
<oliv3r> yeah, which is why I said (in theory) :)
<oliv3r> rellla: reading an email from 19th of august on ML; Patrick Wood says A20 cedarX doesn't really work right now, benn huang sent 2 A20 cubies to Allwinner devs and see if they care to look into it
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<[7]> hno: sorry for contacting you directly with this, but I think you're involved with sun4i MTD and boot0/1 replacement work, right?
<[7]> if so, can you give me a quick overview about the status of that work? is it already possible to completely get rid of allwinner's FTL and write a (working) uboot SPL to the raw NAND instead, and use yaffs2 or something from there on?
<[7]> if that's already possible I'd love to check it out and experiment with it :)
<hno> [7] I don't think yaffs2 works yet. oob data is not supported yet, and I do not know if the oob data made available by the Nand ECC controller is sufficient for yaffs2.
<[7]> well, I'd prefer yaffs2 if possible, but would be fine with any flash file system that's faster than this crappy FTL for now
<[7]> that might be one of the areas for me to experiment with :)
<hno> I don't think the speed issues is due to the FTL really..
<[7]> interesting... I'd want to experiment with it regardless. this proprietary allwinner stuff is just annoying me
<[7]> (and I've just experienced filesystem corruption while using it)
fredy has joined #linux-sunxi
<[7]> so can this be done already? if so, which git branches (or patches?) would I need to use?
<[7]> (also what's the matter with OOB data? which data does the nand ECC controller "make available"? do you mean that the ECC controller is putting the checksums at a specific position within the OOB bytes where it might conflict with other stuff?)
<hno> The Nand controlle rhave hardware ECC + Randomizer support, and as such manages the OOB data area as well.
<hno> There is support for "user data" in the ECC area, but I am not sure how much is made available. But I am sure it is no more than 32 bit per 1K data.
<[7]> ouch, that's small
<[7]> probably too small for yaffs2 indeed. do other flash filesystems require less space there?
<[7]> it's also kinda odd because it seems to be incompatible with the way how flash memory manufacturers typically mark factory-known bad blocks?
<hno> UBI don't use OOB at all.
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<hno> bad block management is a chapter on it's own. OOB bad block markers is only meant to be used on initial (format time) scan of the NAND. After that the driver is supposed to maintain it's own tables.
<[7]> ...which would screw up that information in case it is ever reformatted?
<[7]> both yaffs2 and the Whimory FTL that I've worked with kept that byte as is, assuming anything other than 0xff means bad, and writing an implementation-specific value to own discovered bad blocks
<hno> To access (read) raw OOB data the ECC + randomizer is disabled. This is also needed to detect blank pages. But as above, once formatted the driver really should not need to do this.
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<hno> Doing a complete reformad of a Nand is generally a bad idea. You want to preserve erase counters and some other data.
<[7]> for file systems which even have those (yaffs2 doesn't). and I fully agree for FTLs, as long as nothing got corrupted.
<[7]> ok, so assuming I go with UBI... what is necessary to get that set up?
benoitm974 has joined #linux-sunxi
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<hno> [7] you need the mtb branch of kernel & u-boot.
<[7]> of which repositories?
<[7]> doesn't seem to exist in linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi, so I guess I need a special one?
<hno> Looking that up...
<hno> [7] See "A10 MTD NAND driver update - let's say goodbye to LiveSuit" thead on the mailinlist.
<[7]> ok, thanks for the information :)
<oliv3r> [7]: there was some recent chatter on the mailing list about the mtd stuff btw
<hno> yes... apparently yuq have some trouble making proper use of the randomizer.
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<oliv3r> Done working through my e-mail!
tlhingan has joined #linux-sunxi
<tlhingan> Need help with an A20
<Turl> wingrime: you can improve google's map with the mapmaker tool too
<tlhingan> Need to rotate the LCD display and it's not supported by the driver
<tlhingan> xrandr depends entirely on the driver, doesn't it?
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<[7]> is the NAND chip types on all cubieboards the same?
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<[7]> I'm wondering what its geometry is...
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<tlhingan> Can anybody help with fbset or fbcon?
<tlhingan> Need to rotate the touchscreen on the a20
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<Turl> tlhingan: have you tried echo 2 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate ?
<Turl> it should rotate it 180º
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<tlhingan> It didn't
<ssvb> tlhingan, Turl: afaik the display controller hardware does not support rotation (but this can be done with G2D and I believe android uses it)
<Turl> ssvb: I thought it'd have a sw fallback :(
<ssvb> with fbdev driver it is possible to use Option "Rotate" for software rotation
<ssvb> tlhingan: you can check "man fbdev"
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<tlhingan> reading man fbdev
<tlhingan> xrandr can't do it
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<[7]> hno: I assume there's no complete documentation of the NAND controller available?
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