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<wens> hmm... getting 40 MB/s zeroing a SATA SSD on my CB2
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<libv> Inode: never heard of one, allwinner does not seem a popular choice for chromebooks
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<Inode> libv: i'm weighing up my options for replacing an x86 laptop
<wens> what's with all the orange pi variants :(
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<soderstrom> is anyone here going to FOSDEM'16 in januari? :) My wife has allowed me to go, but how to choose between all of those devrooms? :D
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<cubeast> what's the status of the lima driver?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> in develop
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<BroderTuck> Oh dear, I see that jemk is asked on the ML why he implemented what mripard said to do here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/linux-sunxi/h3/linux-sunxi/BBl8dCvHlj8/FfFl2T7K_twJ
<wens> soderstrom: you can run around the campus going to different ones lol
<soderstrom> yeah, but I want to listen to all of them :P
<JohnDoe_71Rus> videos from devrooms?
<soderstrom> JohnDoe_71Rus: All of them don't seem to have that, from what I can see its mostly either slides or video. It would be amazing with both :P
* soderstrom is dreaming away
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<danboid> Anyone know how to install a new kernel on the Banana Pi?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> I watched the speech libv
<danboid> I know how to do the kernel build part, its installing one and getting it to boot I'm not sure about
<danboid> The instructions on the sunxi wiki were a bit vague and didn't work for me
<danboid> I'm trying to upgrade to the latest Arch ARM kernel
<danboid> Apparently I may need to upgrade uboot to do this too?
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<danboid> dothebart, citadel dtb?
<danboid> libv: can you help me, oh ARM gfx overlord? ;)
<dothebart> citadel, yes.
<danboid> dothebart, :D
<dothebart> :]
<danboid> dothebart, Are you still maintaining citadel?
<dothebart> yes, for shure.
<dothebart> just committed some patch yesterday.
<danboid> Wow! How old is it now?
<danboid> Must be 30 years or so?
<dothebart> hm, maybe you're right
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<danboid> dothebart, Do you know much about the world of uboot, sunxi and kernel upgrades?
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<danboid> dothebart, If I post my notes on doing this, coud you have a quick look and tell me where I'm going wrong maybe?
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<danboid> Here's my attempt at a BPi / Arch kernel upgrade guide https://gist.github.com/danboid/807f2e14fa8a7555f247
<danboid> uboot and grub2 really make me miss the simplicity of lilo and the original grub
<danboid> Its not much of a guide as it doesn't work but thats the best I could cull from around the net (sunxi wiki etc)
<danboid> I believe I'm close though
<danboid> dothebart, What sunxi device do you own? What OS?
<dothebart> sorry, busy at work right now
<danboid> OK
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<dothebart> i've got A20 ones with banapi, and some a80 ones with the hummingbird (but thats not working properly yet)
<dothebart> you have to know that sunix uboot doesn't have to be neccessarily in sync with the official uboot
<danboid> Is a uImage kernel different from a zImage?
<NiteHawk> danboid: yes - zImage is "raw", the uImage has an additional "wrapper" around it created by mkimage
<danboid> My BPi Arch install boots a uImage kernel but the latest Arch kernel package contains a zImage kernel
<danboid> NiteHawk, Aha!
<NiteHawk> you should be fine booting it with u-boot's "bootz"
<danboid> Thats why I can't just copy it in place then
<danboid> What version ofu-boot is required to boot 4.x kernels?
<danboid> (on a BPi)
<NiteHawk> i think older u-boot (with proper settings/scripts) should theroretically be able to boot a 4.x kernel, but there's little reason not to use a more current one. v2015.04+ should work nicely
<danboid> NiteHawk, Are there any instructions for converting a zIMage to a uImage kernel with mkimage?
<danboid> I'd imagine upgrading u-boot isn't a configure;make;make install affair is it? I bet I'd need a guide for that too
<NiteHawk> well - it's "make Bananapi_defconfig; make" :D
<mripard> danboid: why do you need a uImage ? u-boot can deal with zImage just fine
<danboid> I don't really know what I need to do! I'm trying to figure out the process of installing and booting a newer kernel under Arch on my BPi and I'm just striking out in the dark for clues here! :)
<NiteHawk> actually it's more a question which command you're using for u-boot. for compressed kernel images it should be "bootz" - and yes, u-boot does handle zImage nicely - no real need for a uImage
<NiteHawk> danboid: you already had a good look at http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainline_U-Boot ?
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<danboid> NiteHawk, I've hada look at it but I haven't got round to buildng my own u-boot yet. I didn't know if I needed to now as the latest Arch kernel package didn't moan about it when I installed it this time so I thought my existing one would do
<danboid> Yes I've seen the both those
<danboid> I ended up updating my uboot from the Arch repos last night and that trashed u-boot
<danboid> I'd presume the one the BPi Arch distro uses is a hacked version of the cubieboard2 uboot - thats whar it says is installed currently
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<danboid> Don't upgrade that package!
<danboid> So I suppose I'd best try building a new u-boot myself then afterwards I should be able to remove the existing u-boot arch package
<NiteHawk> you already have a (cross-)toolchain? otherwise you could download a prebuild u-boot from http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/nightly/u-boot-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi-mainline/u-boot-sunxi-mainline-latest/
<danboid> I'm surprised the BPi isn't supported by ALARM
<NiteHawk> (i don't know arch - been using gentoo on my bpi)
<danboid> NiteHawk, I can't imagine u-boot is hard to compile is it? Its the installation / config bit where I'm likely to go unstuck. Is there no real need to compile it mysel then? Do you use those u-boot builds?
<NiteHawk> compiling u-boot is rather trivial - if you have a working cross-compiler (that's why i'm asking). i'm compiling u-boot myself, but the nightly one should be fine as it's created from "vanilla" u-boot sources
<danboid> Why would it need to be cross compiled? Can I not just compile it on my BPi?
<NiteHawk> oh, you can - i was just assumung that your bpi / arch installation currently was in a non-working state :D
<danboid> I have Arch running on my BPi, my x86-64 laptop and a Sharp Zaurus :)
<danboid> but I've never upgraded a kernel with u-boot before
<NiteHawk> u-boot doesn't really care about kernel version (with the small exception of some outdated 3.4 ones), it's more a question of getting your boot commands/scripts right (or adjust them as needed)
<danboid> The zaurus uses kexecboot and configuring that is a DREAM in comparison to this - edit a simple text file - done!
<danboid> Yes, I'm currently running a 3.4 kernel
<danboid> on my BPi
<mripard> danboid: cp, done.
<danboid> mripard, I'd hae to at least convert my zImage intoa uImage first
<danboid> Which apparently mkimage can do
<mripard> danboid: I already told you you didn't need to do that
<danboid> mripard, I suspect my u-boot is outdated
<danboid> You're saying I just need to copy the new kernel on top of the old?
<danboid> THat didn't work
<NiteHawk> a 3.4 kernel should allow you to do "make uImage" - see http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_Kernel#Compilation
<danboid> I trying to avoid building my own. I should be able to use the latest Arch armv7 kernel, theoretically
<NiteHawk> if you're running 3.4, why did you ask about 4.x earlier? do you intend to update your kernel too?
<danboid> Here's my attempt at a BPi / Arch kernel upgrade guide https://gist.github.com/danboid/807f2e14fa8a7555f247
<danboid> which doesn't work yet, of course
<danboid> those are just my notes on what I've een trying
<danboid> So I've got the new kernel installed
<danboid> I just need u-boot to accept it
<NiteHawk> i see. and the new kernel apparently is a zImage?
<danboid> yes it is
<danboid> My existing one is a uImage
<NiteHawk> do you have a way of monitoring the u-boot startup messages, e.g. HDMI output or a serial console (UART)?
<danboid> I've read guides where it says I shoud outpu a file called boot.scr with mkimage
<NiteHawk> yes, that's the "compiled" form of boot.cmd
<danboid> but I didn't have a file called boot.scr in my boot partition - I have a uEnv.txt instead
<danboid> Are uEnv.txt and boot.scr interchangable or did boot.scr deprecate uEnv.txt?
<NiteHawk> which you need to translate to a corresponding boot.cmd - newer u-boot likely will expect the boot.scr, to my knowledge uEnv.txt got deprecated
<danboid> Right. So unless I upgrade upboot I need to fnd out how to recompile / regen uEnv.txt
<danboid> is that not done with mkimage?
<NiteHawk> currently your u-boot is still the previous / "old" one?
<danboid> yes
<NiteHawk> could you pastebin the uEnv.txt you're having/using right now?
<danboid> I will - I'll just make sure it boots first. I've not tried since last night and not sure how I left it...
<danboid> (boots the old kernel)
<NiteHawk> one of your problems is a misunderstanding of uEnv.txt vs. boot.scr (boot.cmd). the latter is a script file, tranformed into a .scr image (with mkimage) so that u-boot can load it nicely. uEnv.txt is sort of an "environment override" that gets loaded by u-boot itself. mkimage doesn't know how to (nor has to) deal with uEnv.txt
<danboid> NiteHawk, OK - I did make a lot of that stuff up essentially :)
<NiteHawk> given that, my first suggestion would be to simply try to edit the existing uEnv.txt (which your u-boot currently seems to rely on) to load the new zImage
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<danboid> NiteHawk, My boot partition also has a script.bin . THats the bin2fex thing right? Is that still used under newer u-boot versions?
<danboid> I've just remembered, I think my uEnv.txt was actually empty originally so its not that that sets the kernel to load under older uboots
<danboid> What I've got in there is from mkimage so its invalid
<danboid> script.bin seemed to be kernel options but didn't actually see to set the name of the kernel to be loaded
<danboid> It looks like u-boot will have to be upgraded
<NiteHawk> ah, okay. as for script.bin - that's the *kernel* configuration for 3.4 ones - the 4.x kernel needs the .dtb (device tree binary) instead. u-boot doesn't really care about those, but of course is required to transfer the files to memory (so the kernel startup can access them)
<danboid> NiteHawk, Im still curious how the chosen kernel is set under the older u-boot - would you know?
<danboid> Its not uEnv.txt or sript.bin or boot.cmd/scr so what does it?
<danboid> I won't need to know if I can get the new uboot installed of course
<danboid> I'm going ti try their pre-built package first
<danboid> and you can bet your ass I'll be writing this up to spare anyone else the headache! :)
<NiteHawk> danboid: we can rule out script.bin and also uEnv.txt (given that it wasn't there and you created it). i'd expect a boot.scr then, or maybe u-boot relies entirely on it's built-in default (there's a default environment and boot sequence/commands in it)
<NiteHawk> it's also possible that the arch image came with a customized environment (u-boot "saveenv") on the sd-card
<danboid> Oh right - all new to me! :)
<danboid> Is u-boot the best or only good bootloader for the BPi?
<NiteHawk> to be honest i know of no real alternatives :D
<danboid> Do you run gentoo on your PC too Nitehawk?
<NiteHawk> yup.
<NiteHawk> well, sort of. i'm not running it on my main machine. instead it's a headless installation (no GUI) on a small 24/7 file server
<danboid> That makes sense then. I actively try to avoid compiling stuff myself. I presume you use gentoo coz you want to tweak build settings?
<NiteHawk> yes. i like the idea of a source-based distro where i actually build stuff myself
<danboid> Itakes all sorts you see :)
<danboid> It takes..
<danboid> I pick a distro on the amount of packages it has that I can install without touching a Makefiile so for me Arch is tops :)
<danboid> I feel I've already spent enough of my life watching gcc do its thing
<danboid> but I'm glad we have choices
<danboid> Poor Windows and Mac users not being able to run the same OS on all their devices! ;)
<danboid> To be honest though I wouldn't want Arch on my phone. Android makes more sense there but its still the same kernel
<JohnDoe_71Rus> windows users will soon be able
<danboid> You're not referring to the Win 10 IOT for the RPi2 are you?
<danboid> Windows can't compete with Linux until it goes open source
<JohnDoe_71Rus> they are positioned win10 as a system for all devices
<grugly> a bit like all-terrain tires
<danboid> Arch Linux uses 12MB of RAM OOTB onn my BPi and Zaurus. You can't run Windows anything in 12/16MB RAM
<grugly> I have bananian with x on 50mb ram..
<danboid> Exactly! How far woud you get with 64MB RAM under Windows?
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> win10 for ARM not the same win10 for desktop
<grugly> and this is my main desktop and it's doing it's usual things and doing it will..
<grugly> (bpro)
<danboid> JohnDoe_71Rus, That's right
<JohnDoe_71Rus> but they say that
<danboid> Win10 for the BPi turns it into a MS arduino of sorts
<danboid> An MS dta gathering arduino ;)
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<danboid> NiteHawk, The instructions for installing u-boot at http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainline_U-Boot presume I have a uImage kernel. What do I change for a zImage kernel?
<danboid> (apart fro the filename in boot.cmd of course)
<Inode> create a uImage from zImage using mkimage?
<danboid> Inode, would you have an example of that to hand?
<Inode> mkimage -A ARM -O Linux -T kernel -C none -a ${load_address} -e ${entry_address} -n ${image_name} -d ${zImage} uImage
<Inode> something like that
<danboid> I shall give it a shot!
<danboid> :D
<danboid> Jeez this has been a trial! :)
<danboid> Thanks for your help guys!
<adj_> Inode, not based on allwinner, but the most viable laptop with an arm that i know is the asus c201
<Inode> thanks adj_
<danboid> adj_, Do yu know what GPU the c201 uses?
<adj_> mali, i think
<Inode> i think you're right, if the claims that the c201 is based on an RK3288 are correct: http://www.rk3288.com/#!/gpu
<adj_> Mali-T764
<danboid> OK
<danboid> I wonder if it gets 13 hours batery life if I installed Arch on it?
<Inode> adj_: do you know if the RK3288 supports more than 2GB of RAM?
<adj_> yes
<danboid> Inode, Yes - that model he linked to has 4GB
<adj_> it has both, 2GB and 4GB versions of the asus c201
<danboid> adj_, Have you got one? Have you ditched ChromeOS for real Linux?
<Inode> ah, i only saw a 2GB model
<adj_> libreboot (coreboot without binary blobs) has been ported to it, so it should have good support
<danboid> Cool! I like it!
<danboid> The Mali isn't up to much but it has got partly working open 3D drivers
<adj_> i know people with a regular Linux installed on it, even using ChromeOS and Debian at the same time
<adj_> i don't know about the c201
<danboid> Something with the latest Tegra might provide more kick for that
<danboid> Once they get the new driver sorted?
<adj_> i don't even know about rockchip
<danboid> adj_, libreboot on that sounds really cool anyway
<adj_> only good reason to buy something with allwinner is linux-sunxi
<adj_> why do you prefer libreboot to u-boot?
<danboid> does libreboot support the BPi?
<adj_> asus c201 is the only ARM supported device
<danboid> Wow! Cool bit of kit then isn't it?
<adj_> it has been ported because chromebooks use coreboot (with binary blobs), but u-boot is the standard open source boot software
<danboid> I presume it uses SATA2 not 3?
<adj_> isn't it?
<NiteHawk> danboid: for a zImage, you are already on the right track in your gist. basically it's just a matter of loading zImage instead of uImage, and then use the "bootz" command (instead of "bootm")
<adj_> don't know of ARM SOCs that have SATA3, except maybe some Marvell SOCs for NAS
<danboid> NiteHawk, Great - thanks! I finally think I know what to do now! Took almost two days to hunt down all this info!
<danboid> adj_, I would imagine the latest Nvidia Shield Pro does have SATA3
<danboid> but I've not been able to confirm that
<adj_> danboid, but even if it supports SATA2 or SATA3, it doesn't mean that it saturates all the bandwidth
<danboid> true
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<NiteHawk> danboid: i've now added some zImage instructions to that wiki page, thanks for pointing that out
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<danboid> NiteHawk, Cool! :)
<danboid> Gawd I love IRC! I've learned almost everything I know about computing through IRC
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> http://m.lenta.ru/news/2015/10/30/comm2016/ маладца!
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oh sorry
<danboid> NiteHawk, I'm presuming I'm supposed to substitute ${fdtfile} with the name of my dtb file, in my case sun7i-a20-bananapi.dtb ?
<danboid> NiteHawk, in the boot.cmd script
<danboid> NiteHawk, f thats the case, why does it say fdt instead of dtb?
<NiteHawk> correct. although normally your u-boot should come with that value predefined (as env var)
<danboid> ah right. What does fdt stand for?
<NiteHawk> fdt = flattened device tree. don't bother with terminology, it's the the .dtb filename in there ;)
<danboid> cool, thanks
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<NiteHawk> danboid: if you want the gory details, follow the links at http://linux-sunxi.org/Device_tree ;)
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<danboid> NiteHawk, Yay! I did it! I now have Arch running with the latest 4.2.4 ALARM kernel on my Bpi!
<danboid> NiteHawk, I have written a guide I'm going to stick up on the BPi forums now
<NiteHawk> danboid: gz! :)
<danboid> NiteHawk, A guide that works and can be followed by mortals ;)
<danboid> NiteHawk, Big thanks for your help!
<NiteHawk> pah, that's overrated :D
<NiteHawk> yw.
<danboid> I'm now the most up-to-date ARMster on the block fo'sho!
<danboid> NiteHawk, One more tweak we should make to the wiki is where it says "copy uImage (linux kernel) and script.bin (binary representation of FEX) to the first partition " - it shoud say that the script.bin only apples to the the 3.4 kernels
<danboid> applies, not apples :)
<rellla> seems, like i have to go for mainline kernel now. thanks mripard
<NiteHawk> danboid: yes, that's a bit awkward. i'll have a look at that
<danboid> Thanks. I do it myself but you know more than I do about this :)
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<wigyori> mripard: display-related patches - nice pack :)
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<Memory> anyone can guide me to compile hw-accel player for frame- buffer
<wens> mripard: yay!
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<danboid> and the same guide again on a different forum http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-22694-1-1.html
<danboid> No ones having that problem again! :D
<danboid> at least no-one who can read English who puts a little effort into searching at least
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<danboid> mripard, So the analog ALSA audio driver isnt working for the BPi in the mainline kernel yet is it not?
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<wens> danboid: some one needs to send dts patches to enable it
<danboid> wens: Is that tricky? Do you know if the BPi irda works in mainline?
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<NiteHawk> danboid: i've briefly experimented with the ir receiver with early mainline kernels (3.19 or 4.0 iirc) and got the module loaded and receiving characters, so i guess it should work okay. see http://linux-sunxi.org/LeMaker_Banana_Pi#IR_Receiver
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<mawe242> hi all. I'm building a mainline kernel system for the olimex-som-evb using buildroot. now I'm confused because there are two dts files for the board, one in the linux tree, one in u-boots tree and they differ slightly. If I compile u-boot with the corrent dts, is the dts from the linux tree used at all?
<mawe242> s/corrent/correct/
<NiteHawk> mawe242: no, it isn't the u-boot one gets compiled and "baked" into u-boot-dtb.bin (and files subsequently generated from it)
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<mawe242> NiteHawk: ok, thanks. so I can ignore the dts in the linux tree and concentrate on the u-boot dts if I want to make modification, correct?
<NiteHawk> as far as u-boot is concerned: yes
<NiteHawk> a device tree-based kernel would of course still need/use its own .dtb in the boot partition, and have that loaded by u-boot - without u-boot itself caring much about it, and yes, this *is* a bit confusing
<mawe242> ok... i am still confused. :-)
<mawe242> so really those two dts files should be identical?
<mawe242> ahh, let me see if I understand: the u-boot dtb file is only used by u-boot to set up hardware needed for booting the board. regulators etc. then is loads the kernel which uses it's own dtb to set up everything needed for runtime
<NiteHawk> exactly!
<mawe242> so if I don't need otg support during early boot (i.e. u-boot time), then it doesn't need to be in the u-boot dtb. but if I want otg later on, the kernel dtb needs to include it, yes?
<NiteHawk> correct
<mawe242> great, thanks for your help!
<NiteHawk> and the u-boot .dtb normally doesn't "live" as a separate file - it gets compiled in
<mawe242> ok, I think I understand now. thanks again.
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<wens> danboid: i don't have one, but if its enabled in the dt, it should work
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<danboid> Thanks NiteHawk and wens!
<danboid> In that case I think everything should be working in mainline that I want apart from sound
<danboid> So the BPi can (potentially) capture analog video via its svideo port??
<danboid> I know this can't be done in mainline but can it do that under the suxi kernel?
<danboid> That was the impression I got from reading http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort
WarheadsSE has joined #linux-sunxi
<WarheadsSE> danboid: you reddit /u/synthead?
<danboid> WarheadsSE, Hi! Nope
<WarheadsSE> someone got allllllllll butthurt of the bananapi
<danboid> why?
<danboid> WarheadsSE, I should imagine you have quite a few ARM devices but which one gets the most use?
<WarheadsSE> my chromebooks, GoFlex Net and XU4
<WarheadsSE> My NSA325 had a some sort of power-system failure :(
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<danboid> WarheadsSE, You know I thought I was so close to getting my v5 chroot running yesterday at about this time... :)
<danboid> Since then I've had to re-install and write a kernel install/upgrade guide :)
<danboid> Well, I don't suppose I HAD to write the guide but I was doing that for my own notes anyway so..
<WarheadsSE> always good
<danboid> I just a stickler for getting shit documented
<danboid> I'm..
<danboid> WarheadsSE, Is there more than the one Chromebook that can do ALARM then?
<WarheadsSE> yes
<WarheadsSE> many
<danboid> best?
<WarheadsSE> xe303, xe503, all veyron
<WarheadsSE> honestly, the flip is pretty sweet
<WarheadsSE> but my daily is the xe503c32 'Titan'
<danboid> I'm expectiing my vid of my ALARM Zaurus will be on in Linux Action Show this week
<danboid> Sorry that was awful typing :)
<WarheadsSE> danboid: ah, I know the jb crew
<danboid> Yes, I think Chris was quite excited by my vid
<WarheadsSE> he's easily excited
<danboid> :D
<danboid> It only takes 64MB RAM
<WarheadsSE> no, I mean ... squirrel
<WarheadsSE> what was I say... bird
<WarheadsSE> I can ping them about it if you want
<danboid> Yeah! Enforce the ALARM coverage! :)
<WarheadsSE> Noah already has the hots for me anyways
<WarheadsSE> if I had the time, ID probably be as present as popey
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<danboid> but of course! You have all those lovely weird Linux devices he'd go all rapey over if he saw them in the flesh
<danboid> gotta love Noah's enthusiasm! :)
<danboid> s/flesh/silicon and plastic
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khuey|away is now known as khuey__
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<mibofra> hi guys, I was wondering if someone has a cubieboard cc-a80 like me. I wanted to compare some values to determinate if one of the ram blocks is dead or it's another thing broken on my board.
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* mibofra simply will stay here and will wait until someone could answer :) , do not worry about his presence...
<lobinho> anyone using LCD 4.3" with resistive Touch Screen?? I would like to ask some questions :)
IgorPec has joined #linux-sunxi
<TheLinuxBug> lobinho: I see you are new here, please be patient if you wish for help, a lot of times people are very busy and don't get back to irc to check for a time. So if you are serious about your question please hang out in channel and hopefully someone can assist. Expecting immediate answer will leave you dissappointed :) Cheers!
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<lobinho> TheLinuxBug: Thank you! I'll keep trying to solve here ;)
<lobinho> maybe some days from now will be me to help others
<adj_> lobinho, why not just ask the questions?
paulk-collins has joined #linux-sunxi
<lobinho> I already got the LCD 4.3 running on an A20 dev Board, and configured the .fex file to disable Capacitive TS (ctp_para), and enable Resistive TS (rtp_para)
<lobinho> I'm using adb to load the sunxi-ts.ko module (insmod /system/vendor/module/sunxi-ts.ko), but when I load this module, the error "System UI stopped"
<lobinho> however, the TS is working, becaus I can click the 'OK' button
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<lobinho> but the error comes up again... and again...
<lobinho> I will try to debug the sunxi-ts module and try to discover what I'm doing wrong
<BorgCuba> hi, I recently received my orange-pi pc boards (allwinner h3). I have some trouble getting hdmi to work. the board is hooked up to a pc monitor via hdmi->dvi cable.
<BorgCuba> it seems like the display is recognized (cat /sys/class/hdmi/hdmi/attr/edid)
<BorgCuba> has anyone tried this board?
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<WarheadsSE> danboid: you know where to reach me
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<atx> Hello everyone
<atx> I have been trying to write THS driver for the H3
<atx> But I cannot write to any of the registers and have no idea why
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<atx> This does not change content of any of them
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<mripard> atx: the IP is still maintained in reset ?
<atx> mripard: You mean, it's getting initialized too early?
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<mripard> atx: no, I mean there's a reset controller that actively maintains most controllers in reset
<mripard> you have to deassert the reset line
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<atx> mripard: BUS_CLK_GATING_REG2
<atx> Yes
<atx> That seems like it
<atx> Thanks!
<Turl> did I get pinged here? libv?
<T0mW> just got my OrangePi PC up and running last night (this morning?)
<atx> And BUS_SOFT_RST_REG3 too
<NiteHawk> Turl: that was probably yesterday - http://irclog.whitequark.org/linux-sunxi/2015-10-29#14457233
<NiteHawk> there was a server issue with the nightly builds, mnemoc resolved that
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<Turl> NiteHawk: alright then :)
<Turl> thx
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<libv> Inode: just buy intel and have something useful
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<Inode> libv: i don't require much - a simple window manager like fluxbox, vim, a half-decent web browser, and a media player like mplayer covers most of my PC usage
<libv> Inode: buy a 200eur intel notebook :)
<libv> Turl: and yes, that was it
<plaes> mripard: Wow!
<Inode> libv: after some of the FUD i've read in the last few months about bios vulnerabilities and the so-called "memory sinkhole", i think it's time a good time for me to move to another architecture
<libv> Inode: you're just going to give yourself pain with the machine you will depend on
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<Inode> how so?
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