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<wens> jemk: as i suspected :p
<wens> still there's a blob which is probably for the phy?
<lennyraposo> the h3?
<lennyraposo> wens
<lennyraposo> or somehting else?
<wens> a80
<wens> the otg is usb 3.0
<wens> only one in the family :|
<wens> got 2 rpi 3s
<lennyraposo> kewl
<lennyraposo> how are they performing?
<wens> still downloading the image
<lennyraposo> would be great to do a comparison between the rpi 3 and the pine64's a53 implementation
<wens> it's not for me though
<wens> my pine64 is still in the box
<wens> well, my pre-prod one anyway
<wens> i haven't received my backer one
<lennyraposo> still awaiting the dev one
<lennyraposo> adn then my backerkit ones
<lennyraposo> shoudl get the dev one this week according to pine team
<lennyraposo> 2 x 2gbs 4 x 1gb models
<lennyraposo> so I will have 7 in total
<lennyraposo> had 2 x 512mb models originally on order in addtion but I removed them
<lennyraposo> may still order 1 512
<lennyraposo> looking to put up tutorials on how to do things on the pine next week
<lennyraposo> got a site in the works atm
<lennyraposo> gonna build a debian image
<lennyraposo> with mate
<lennyraposo> and one bare bones
<lennyraposo> then I can finally start working on things for the pine
<lennyraposo> ;)
<lennyraposo> get my feet wet so to speak
<wens> i haven't received any shipping info
<lennyraposo> from backerkit?
<wens> yeah
<lennyraposo> neither have I
<lennyraposo> lockdown is in 2 more weeks anyways ;)
<wens> mine is locked down and says ready to ship
<lennyraposo> not mine
<wens> i can understand the delay though
<lennyraposo> same here
<lennyraposo> very ambitious of them
<lennyraposo> hopefully the new packaging will prevent any bent boards on delivery
<wens> everytime there's a major earthquake here, the semiconductor fabs go into disaster mode
<lennyraposo> yep
<wens> and my friend gets called back to work lol
<lennyraposo> haha
<lennyraposo> if you see earthquake in the news
<lennyraposo> and you are looking to make purchase
<lennyraposo> check wher ethe quake occurred
<lennyraposo> helps you save in the long run
<wens> i still remember the island being called the single point of failure for the semiconductor business lol
<lennyraposo> use to see a lot of fluctuation sin ram prices that way
<lennyraposo> back in the sd to ddr era
<wens> should be better with samsung taking a lot of orders now
<lennyraposo> yeppers
<lennyraposo> pm I sent is a work in progress
<wens> yup that was when we had a lot of dram companies
<lennyraposo> gotta be adding everywhere
<wens> afaik a lot of them are going out of business after dram prices hit rock bottom
<lennyraposo> hard to compete with the big boys
<lennyraposo> reminds me of the video card market in the 90s
<lennyraposo> how many companies went bye bye
<lennyraposo> s3, cirrus logic, matrox was bought by ati
<lennyraposo> ati later merged with amd
<wens> amd's not doing too well
<lennyraposo> they need to get back to basics
<lennyraposo> or focus their attention in 2 areas
<lennyraposo> first
<lennyraposo> their apu
<wens> i dropped the graphics card in my latest build
<wens> intel iris pro is good enough for light gaming
<lennyraposo> second they need to focus one their cpu line
<lennyraposo> better performance per clock cycle
<lennyraposo> that's wher ethey are getting trounced by intel
<lennyraposo> I also want to see my 8 core apu ;)
<lennyraposo> their best apu is pretty competetive with the lowest i5s
<wens> i don't know, been a while since anyone in my circles used amd cpus
<lennyraposo> thankfully their server opterons are still great
<lennyraposo> for laptops I use amd apus
<lennyraposo> desktops still intel
<lennyraposo> but not the soc type
<wens> haven't used opterons in 8 years :|
<lennyraposo> using a liano on my main goto laptop
<lennyraposo> still got room to upgrade too
<lennyraposo> have ordered a 3550mx A8
<wens> hmm, the only apu i have is in my ps4 lol
<lennyraposo> lol
<lennyraposo> amd ;)
<lennyraposo> and they got the 8 cores
<lennyraposo> xbox got the 6core
<lennyraposo> need ot bring that to the consumer market
<lennyraposo> outsid eof consoles
<lennyraposo> brb
<lennyraposo> back
<lennyraposo> was sayng goodnight to my wife
<lvrp16> they didn't make the APU powerful enough. they should have done a massive core.
<lvrp16> it wouldn't harm their discrete business
<lvrp16> but would push their CPUs
<lvrp16> plus 28nm is cheap, why go small on die size when they can just bin
<lvrp16> people are looking for a machine that can run 1080p, AMD should have just given it to them
<lvrp16> and grab like 50% notebook share
<lennyraposo> I cna run 1080p on a pentium D 805 with hd 5450 easily
<lennyraposo> I do it every day ;)
<lennyraposo> my system does 1080p without sweating
<lennyraposo> they did give it to them
<lennyraposo> the problem was they start going teh soldered on baord route
<lennyraposo> with a number of their notebooks jobs
<lennyraposo> intel did it to but with their celeron line
<lennyraposo> the n2900 series
<lvrp16> amd's apus were pathetically weak. intel released iris and matched the performance.
<lennyraposo> they sure did
<lvrp16> amd should have put a 280 class graphics in there
<lvrp16> no way any iris chip would come close
<lennyraposo> instead they have a r270
<lvrp16> the integrated crap is a r240 level gpu
<lennyraposo> sorry
<lennyraposo> correction
<lennyraposo> the 240
<lvrp16> if they put 265x level CPU, they would have taken like 50% of the notebook market
<lvrp16> gpu*
<lvrp16> instead they put out a weak pathetic turd that no one bought
<lennyraposo> I understand why on the desktop market
<lennyraposo> put in a weaker gpu
<lvrp16> even desktop market!
<lennyraposo> but the laptop market never understood their logic
<lvrp16> they should have put a 270 or 280 level gpu
<lvrp16> i would have bought boatloads of them
<lennyraposo> desktop market forces user to by a card
<lennyraposo> easy to add on
<lennyraposo> the notebook market
<lennyraposo> it's a doen deal
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<lvrp16> yeah but if you have a $300 chip that saves on the power requirements and physical size
<lennyraposo> no upgrading from their (in most cases)
<lvrp16> people would have bought tons of them
<lennyraposo> true
<lvrp16> mini itx + 280 graphics
<lvrp16> would have been a dream machine
<lvrp16> instead they dropped a turd
<lennyraposo> teh whole am1 series was baffling
<lvrp16> freaking idiotic
<lvrp16> product managers are the most clueless people on earth
<lennyraposo> yes they are
<lvrp16> they pretend they do work
<lvrp16> but they're drive companies into the ground
<lennyraposo> work place politicians I call them
<lennyraposo> any news on the arm baords AMD has been working on?
<lvrp16> i have two samples coming q2
<lvrp16> lemaker
<lennyraposo> what specs?
<lennyraposo> 8 core?
<lennyraposo> a53 and a57?
<lvrp16> A1120
<lvrp16> 4 core
<lvrp16> but they're gigantic fat core
<lvrp16> cores*
<lvrp16> 25W thats like 5x what normal mobile SoCs do
<lennyraposo> interested in seeing what it can really do
<lennyraposo> mus tbe a dream with linux
<lennyraposo> I am impressed with intel having reduced it's power foot print on some of their socs
<lennyraposo> their atoms and the celeron series
<lvrp16> yeah but intel will fail in the long run
<lennyraposo> their j1900s at peak is abotu 15 watts with usb drive
<lvrp16> limited vision
<lennyraposo> true
<lvrp16> they're just treading water at this point
<lvrp16> instead of innovating
<lennyraposo> really pushiing x86 into the mobile sphere
<lvrp16> once arm designs a scalable interconnect
<lvrp16> it's pretty much game over for intel
<lennyraposo> they are just playing the power game for the moment
<lvrp16> power is the only game...
<lvrp16> "limited vision"
<lvrp16> intel realized that power is the only game too late
<lennyraposo> arm will be dangerous
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<lennyraposo> pile in the cores
<lvrp16> cores don't matter, the interconnect matter
<lennyraposo> threading is a plus
<lvrp16> thats intel's only lead at this point
<lvrp16> intel can put together a 48 core chip with cache coherency
<lvrp16> qualcomm is trying really hard but they're still a few years away
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<lvrp16> when you get to 16+ cores, the interconnect becomes the biggest bottleneck and not the cores themselves
<lvrp16> IBM figured it out a long time ago with Cell BE
<lennyraposo> yes
<lennyraposo> slowing down the lanes ;)
<lvrp16> Cell BE's architecture is the only way to scale to 100+ cores
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<lvrp16> because it doesn't force cache coherency
<lvrp16> thus the interconnect becomes dead simple
<lennyraposo> give it a year
<lvrp16> although people have to wrap their heads around the programming model
<lennyraposo> arm will have their version out by then ;)
<lennyraposo> arm supertransport ;)
<lennyraposo> or arm-ored transport
<lennyraposo> patent pending ;)
<lvrp16> :D
<lennyraposo> would be funny if they name dit that
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<jemk> wens: i haven't looked deeper, only stumbled upon it while searching for a80 dram documentation (its designware ip too)
<jemk> i'll probably try adding an a80 spl, the dram controller looks pretty clean compared with the newer ones
<wens> thanks
<jemk> but i could need your help for the axps, i can't really read the datasheets and you already know a lot about them
<wens> sure
<wens> i think the main problem is there's 2 of them
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<lennyraposo> ha ha
<lennyraposo> I just saw tkaisers super cooling method for the pine
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<lvrp16> if h3 is on 40nm, why is the a31s gigantic compared to it?
<lvrp16> oh it's a respin of a33
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<wens> A64 patches for u-boot!
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<bpi-user> Hi! I have a question about U-Boot (mainline). Maybe someone can clarify that for me. The Debian wiki says:
<bpi-user> "AHCI support allows u-boot to boot the kernel, initrd and dtb from a SATA harddisk. U-boot itself has still to be installed on an SD card, but the rest of the system can be put onto a (much faster) harddisk."
<bpi-user> What exactly does that mean? Can the boot.scr file be placed on the SATA disk as well, or does it have to be on the SD card? This would basically mean, I could leave the SD card unpartitioned and just flash the Uboot binary to it, right?
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<plaes> wens: \o/
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<NiteHawk> bpi-user: right. you just need the sd-card to get the bootloader up and running (SPL, U-Boot and possibly U-Boot environment). once that u-boot has initialized your hw, including sata, it shouldn't be a problem to load boot.scr from there
<zuikis> bpi-user: i think mainline u-boot does not have boot.src file anymore
<bpi-user> NiteHawk: Thanks. And how does that work if you have connected a SATA drive and a USB drive to the device at the same time? Does U-Boot have an internal order in which it probes storage devices for boot files (boot.scr, vmlinuz/zImage, dtb and possibly an initrd) or will it just pick "randomly"?
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<bpi-user> zuikis: I think you mean the script.bin files (generated from fex). The boot.scr (generated from boot.cmd) is still required. At least all the Debian based systems, I've seen still use it and the sunxi wiki still mentiones them, too.
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<juri_> iscsitarget-dkms? ;)
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<NiteHawk> bpi-user: iirc then u-boot has a predefined search order in its default environment - check http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot.git;a=blob;f=include/configs/sunxi-common.h;h=a3994e1a6ad479292fe23cdf4c6d0dbcfabd3ef8;hb=HEAD#l416 onwards. but that's easily customized e.g. by reordering or removing boot devices from the env settings
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<zuikis> bpi-user: indeed, wiki mentions it, however i'm not sure what it is for, since i've built my image without boot.scr or if i did it was built automagically
<zuikis> nor i used any other file besides .bin to make it boot, i just added extlinux/extlinux.conf with info about zImage
<bpi-user> NiteHawk: Thanks. I'll have a look at the code. But I guess that's already all I need to know. Just for the record, while I do have a SATA drive and a USB drive connected to my device, only the SATA drive has boot files on it. I was just asking because of the device naming issues one may encounter when you have SATA and USB drives connected at the same time (i.e. one time /dev/sda is the SATA drive, the other time, it's the US
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<lennyraposo> wens
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<lennyraposo> what about the u-boot patches?
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<bpi-user> zuikis: Ah, interesting. I haven't seen any mention of extlinux.conf files on sunxi devices. So, do you basicall place U-boot variables in there to let U-Boot know where to boot from, kernel parameters, etc.?
<bpi-user> zuikis: Is there a good ressource explaining such a setup?
<lvrp16> tkaiser: phoronix will have new number for orange pi and banana pi in two weeks
<zuikis> yes, it reminds syslinux/grub config a lot
<edolnx> bpi-user: Mainline u-boot has support for this, and it's from the pxeboot stuff. You can get docs on the common file formats for pxeboot and extboot here: http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php?title=The_Syslinux_Project
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<edolnx> Note that u-boot does not implement syslinux directly, but it is designed to parse the same configuration files
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<tkaiser> bpi-user: I would do a web search for 'root partuuid gdisk'
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Great! With or without heatsink? With or without meaning? ;)
<lvrp16> tkaiser: with heatsink and active cooling
<lvrp16> tkaiser: i originally sent him boards but he used orange pi images
<lvrp16> tkaiser: and no heatsinks, so it was pretty slow
<lvrp16> tkaiser: i am rerunning the numbers using armbian for him and it will be published probably along with the c2
<tkaiser> lvrp16: More importantly the Xunlong throttling settings killed CPU cores that's the main reason some results are so low
<lvrp16> i would imagine so, even armbian 5.05 will kill processors
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<lvrp16> i didn't follow the opione development but i keep getting cpu freq set errors on 5.05, should i try 5.06?
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Relinking script.bin should be enough. The whole board auto detection is broken and we must change this since when a user connected an USB hub at first boot then the board will be wrongly identified
<lennyraposo> tkaiser you should patent your cooling kit for the pine ;)
yann|work has joined #linux-sunxi
<lvrp16> ahh, thats what happened to me.
<tkaiser> lvrp16: And then thermal problems are also quite common
<lvrp16> i mean the usb hub, mine came up as a 2 mini
<lvrp16> i have an otg hub attached
<tkaiser> But we have to rework that anyway since the new NanoPi M1+ is 100% identical to OPi PC (less RAM though)
<lvrp16> kind of useless when orange pi one is already $9
<tkaiser> lennyraposo: Yes, pretty ugly and loud solution. But with a large and slow fan that is mounted vibration free and controlled airflow this should work pretty well
<tkaiser> lvrp16: What's useless?
<lvrp16> nanopi m1+
<lvrp16> m1*
<tkaiser> The volume discounts are interesting... starting at +50 pieces ;)
<lvrp16> how much?
<tkaiser> I think price per piece incl. shipping is then $12.40 or something like that
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<tkaiser> But still OPi PC is the better choice due to the voltage regulator. I don't like SoCs being driven with a voltage too high
<lvrp16> yeah steven is coming out with better versions of the pc and plus
<lvrp16> exciting :D
<lvrp16> but $12.4 is still higher than opione
<lvrp16> although ir is cool
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Not for me since with shipping included it's $13.5
<lvrp16> where are you based?
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Does Steven also tries to sell a board with GbE, 2 GB RAM but without bullshit (WiFi and the horrible GL830)?
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Germany
<lvrp16> should be better than that even
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<lennyraposo> just got my pine board
<bpi-user> zuikis nad edolnx: Thanks for the links! I'll have a look around.
<tkaiser> bpi-user: Are you talking about 'root=...' in kernel cmdline?
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<bpi-user> tkaiser: Thanks. I know that already (and I boot my device with root=PARTUUID=... already to bypass this issue). I just mentioned it because I wasn't sure if tehre are similar issues if you booted directly off a SATA disk without having the boot.scr on the SD card.
<tkaiser> lennyraposo: How does it look like? http://linux-sunxi.org/File:Pine64_Euler_and_EXP_connector.jpg ;)
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<lvrp16> tkaiser: check ur pm
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<lennyraposo> slight warpage
<lennyraposo> but not to that extreme tkaiser
<lennyraposo> seems like they have put in effort in the packaging
<lennyraposo> yellow bubblewrap envelope plus a decent cardboard box for the pine
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<lennyraposo> ;)
<lennyraposo> taken with cheese
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<lvrp16> i thought they were shipped in a box?
<lennyraposo> they are
<lennyraposo> but it's placed within a yellow bubblewrap envelope
<lvrp16> and it got crushed?
<lennyraposo> nope
<lennyraposo> just warped slightly
<lennyraposo> very minor
<lennyraposo> nothing a little tension cannot fix when afixed to the case I am designing for a cluster of these things
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<lennyraposo> time to test images
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<lennyraposo> android image seems ok
<lennyraposo> needs a little more work but they should have it by end of april
<lennyraposo> gonna try the arch & ubuntu images next
<montjoie> yes I am near to solve the last TX ring bug in sun8i-emac
<montjoie> due to some undocumented feature:)
<lvrp16> woot
<lennyraposo> :)
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<montjoie> now I successfully compile something over NFS
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<lennyraposo> what was the hurdle in transmit?
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<montjoie> in short write order of the ring descriptor
<montjoie> emerge -e world in progress for full proof of work
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<KotCzarny> ssvb, remember the last time i recompiled fbturbo with libump and wasnt at the place to check the results? missing redraws are the result (again)
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<lennyraposo> longsleep you about?
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<tipo> anyone got a problem with the banana pro? need something with true sata for a torrent box
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<juri_> the pcduino3 nano lite has sata.
<KotCzarny> tipo: what problem?
<tipo> KotCzarny, just don't want to have a repeat of my experience with the banana pi m1+ (DOA)
<KotCzarny> tipo, totally dead? o.O
<tipo> no just the 5v was dead. the board booted fine. just no 5v for sata/fan/etc
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<KotCzarny> did you try changing the diode?
<tipo> don't have diodes / small soldering irons laying around
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<tipo> plus the seller will pay for return shipping
<KotCzarny> i guess you can steal 5v from the charger anyway
<KotCzarny> and DOA can happen to anyone
<KotCzarny> also, olimex is european company if you happen to live in .eu
<KotCzarny> and they design/make their own boards locally, not via chinese manufacturing
<tipo> not in the eu
<tipo> umm.... what is the better option, pcduino3 nano or banana pro? in terms of.... general kernel compatibility. if either can boot openbsd, it's a winner
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<tkaiser> tipo: There are no differences between any A20 boards in this regard.
<tipo> tkaiser, i was under the impression that some manufacturers don't release the uboot source code
<tkaiser> A20 is A20, there's no difference (just slightly, for example Olimex Lime2 had problems with GbE since they used another GbE PHY than most/all other boards)
<tkaiser> tipo: Regarding torrent box we had recently some 'discussions' in Armbian forum and it seems there exists torrent software that is CPU bound: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/838-best-budget-device-as-torrent-box/?p=6667
<tkaiser> If that's the case a device with slower I/O but more CPU horsepower will perform better (eg. OPi PC)
<tipo> mmmm... interesting that you say that, because I have an orange pi pc arriving in the mail fairly promptly
<tkaiser> tipo: But OPi PC is only Fast Ethernet so in case you expect more than 9MB/s you're lost
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<tkaiser> (but cheap Ethernet dongles with USB 2.0 exist ;)
<zkirill> I can’t get USB to work (possibly power related) on A20 with USB OTG running FreeBSD and came across the docs for linux-sunxi and Inventra known issue. I was wondering if anyone thinks that these are related and how the Inventra issue was originally diagnosed?
<tipo> tkaiser, what is this "Fast Ethernet" you refer to? some sort of false gigabit?
<tkaiser> tipo: Nope, that's just an older standard maxing out at 100 Mbits/sec. 25 years ago that was bleeding edge
<tipo> mmm... didn't notice it wasn't gigabit, or I forgot since I ordered it
<KotCzarny> well, for home torrenting 100mbit is good enough
<tipo> KotCzarny, says you
* tipo lols
* tipo wants to have a killer seed ratio to make up for years of leeching due to bandwidth caps
<tipo> i owe the network like 1TB
<KotCzarny> pah, data junkie :P
<tipo> nah; it's years of bandwidth caps, and about 400gb of wikileaks junk data that they never gave me the key for lol
* tipo stores le precious insurance files
<tipo> i love the first comment you get, tkaiser. "I tried the test, 7 hours later it was still writing files. I closed the test and turned transmission back on."
<lennyraposo> ubuntu image is working quite well longsleep
<lennyraposo> performance is pretty good
<lennyraposo> installing mate atm
<tkaiser> tipo: Gets even better when I calculate it will last 15 hours when he's doing wrong and he still thinks I'm asking him for doing a 15h test
<tipo> tkaiser, i know lol
<tkaiser> tipo: In case Ethernet bandwidth becomes a problem USB2.0-GbE dongles exist
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<lennyraposo> is the sata controller sata to usb bridge
<lennyraposo> or ?
<lennyraposo> ?
<tkaiser> lennyraposo: The SATA controller of Pine64? ;)
<lennyraposo> nope the device you are referring to
<lennyraposo> not the pine
<lennyraposo> now sata there ;)
<lennyraposo> no*
<tkaiser> lennyraposo: Nope, Cubietruck IIRC, A20 therfore native SATA but with a write speed limitation
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<tkaiser> 40-45 MB/s sequential speed max. But random I/O is pretty fast when used together with a fast SSD
<lennyraposo> that's decent enough
<lennyraposo> for a seedbox
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<tkaiser> lennyraposo: But _if_ the bottleneck isn't storage but CPU instead then A20 is not the device of choice.
<tipo> anyone tried aria2 as a torrent client on an A20?
<tkaiser> And interestingly H3 with USB and mainline kernel (and then being able to use UASP -- USB Attached SCSI protocol) is also pretty fast when it's about random I/O
<tkaiser> tipo: When your OPi PC arrives simply try it out, limit clockspeed to 1008 MHz, kill 2 CPU cores and give it a try
<tipo> k
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<lennyraposo> interesting
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<lvrp16> i just tested the pi one and pc, pi one is slightly slower than the pi 3
<lvrp16> pi pc is faster than pi 3
<KotCzarny> :)
<lvrp16> it does have a clock speed advantage :)
<KotCzarny> did you test yours with limatester?
<lennyraposo> anyoen play with the s905s?
<lennyraposo> the c2s
<lvrp16> v7 code against v6 raspbian though, so technically pi 3 is faster
<lvrp16> yes, they are fast
<lvrp16> especially actively cooled
<lennyraposo> they aren't leveraging the cpu's capabilities
<lennyraposo> the pi3
<lennyraposo> won't see anything probably until the end of year from Pi in terms of a new raspbian for the pi3
<lennyraposo> sticking to 32 bit for the time being
<lennyraposo> ;)
<tkaiser> lvrp16: You're testing with PTS?
<lvrp16> tkaiser: yes
<lennyraposo> gotta test arch images next
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Quite uninteresting then since not optimised and partially only single threaded
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<lvrp16> takiser: Pi One with Heatsink and Active cooling and Armbian is about 5% slower than Raspbian Pi 3 stock with Raspbian, I know it's not quite fair. Benchmarks that need 512MB RAM were horrible though, to be expected.
<lennyraposo> that's around an atom n270
<tkaiser> If I want to do number crunching I have to use optimised settings. And if I don't want to to this then it depends on the use cases. I/O or network: Forget about any RPi. Clueless user searching for great community... different story ;)
<lennyraposo> actually
<lennyraposo> fairs better
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Did you have an eye on throttling on all 3 boards?
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<lvrp16> pi 3 is not actively cooled ;) not fair like i said
<tkaiser> PTS monitors only temperatures IIRC and does not record cpufreq.
<lvrp16> pi 3 throttles
<lennyraposo> sorry was thinking mips
<tkaiser> LOL, then it's obvious why OPi One gets close to RPi 3
<lvrp16> with PTS C2 is like 1.5x faster with active cooling
<lennyraposo> get a giggle from looking back at the pentium - pentium 4 era
<tkaiser> lvrp16: Banana Pi M3 is twice as fast with heatsink+fan compared to just a heatsink when running the usual PTS stuff.
<lvrp16> yes, M3 is insanely fast when I benched it
<lvrp16> i have some cello boards booked, i want to see how fast these fat cores will go
<tkaiser> lvrp16: At least you won't need a heatsink with Cello
<lvrp16> tkaiser: am i missing sarcasm? can't tell
<tipo> what is this crap about "at least you won't need a heatsink"? i have spare heatsinks for every board I own. they're so cheap.
<lvrp16> irc needs emoticons
<lvrp16> or accents
<lennyraposo> wow
<tipo> lvrp16, no.
<lennyraposo> just realized the card I used for the android image was a class 4
<lennyraposo> and it still booted in under a minute
<tkaiser> lvrpi16: Compare the specs for the 'little' 4 core AMD used on the Cello with the bigger one. Just a few W difference. Then think about the engines for 14 x SATA and 2 x 10GbE (that can't be used on this moronic board). Then you know what to expect
<tkaiser> 2 x SATA and 1 x GbE and 4 slow A53 cores. Not that challenging ;)
<lennyraposo> and no arm-ored transport ;)
<lvrp16> tkaiser: they're 4xA57
<lennyraposo> it is an a57 for the amd
<lennyraposo> at 1.7
<lennyraposo> 1.9 and 2.0 ghz (depending on model)
<lennyraposo> the thing will make for a decent storage node
<lennyraposo> if only dedicated for it
<lennyraposo> what is the mak ram that can be installed
<lennyraposo> ddr4 8gb?
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<lennyraposo> ddr3
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<lennyraposo> 128gb ram
<lennyraposo> ddr3 - 4
<lvrp16> 1 A57 @ 2GHz core is 2W. 4 is 8W. 8 is 16W. Calculate in interconnect power consumption.
<willmore> lennyraposo two C2's here.
<tkaiser> lvrp16: I'm curious regarding consumption if all the interesting stuff can't be used
<KotCzarny> and banana pi is 1.2W total, including micro audio amp
<lvrp16> tkaiser: the 10GBe and PCIE is the biggest power consumption, i'd imagine ~5-10W idle though
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<NiteHawk> bpi with 240mA @ 5V? That's mostly idle, or?
<KotCzarny> nitehawk: playing audio from sshfs
<NiteHawk> ah, okay
<willmore> I can't get a c2 to throttle running any of the PTS code. I can get to throttle with cpuburn only. I'm not using any active cooling.
<tkaiser> lvrp16: According to AMD A1120 (4 x A57 @ 1.7GHz) vs. A1170 (8 x A57 @ 2.0Ghz) is 25W vs. 32W TDP.
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<tkaiser> lvrp16: Please report back but this Cello thingie (and all the other LeMaker instruments) isn't interesting anyway...
<lvrp16> tkaiser: TDP is funny :) there's whole threads on TDP
<lvrp16> gotta meeting have a good night if i don't catch you guys later
<lvrp16> tkaiser: the interesting part of the AMD ARM chip is not the features, it's the power management and ACPI. they're basically porting stuff from the desktop side into ARM space.
<tkaiser> lvrp16: I want 10 GbE! :P
<lvrp16> tkaiser: formalizing the various bus specifications under ARM so that you can have common code initializing the hardware
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<lvrp16> tkaiser: large board manufacturers wouldn't spend a couple of hundred thousand unless it's a sure thing
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<lvrp16> tkaiser: and once it becomes a thing, all the other manufacturers jump in and take all the profits out of it
<lvrp16> tkaiser: so it's really tricky finding a balance, if you do it too early, you're burning cash like calxeda, if you do it too late, you miss the profits.
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<lennyraposo> bummer to hear that willmore
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<KotCzarny> -ECHAN
<willmore> lennyraposo, what's a bummer?
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<lennyraposo> getting the c2 to throttle
<willmore> I remounted the HS on one of them and not it never throttles no matter what I do.
<willmore> lennyraposo, you have to try really hard.
<willmore> Not like an Opi1 where you just need to look at it sideways and it'll throttle.
<lennyraposo> lmao
<lennyraposo> that's what I am hearing
<willmore> I need to try an Opi1 with some agressive cooling. :)
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<willmore> they just didn't layout that board to make large heatsinks practical. I'd need to mill some reliefs out of the bottom of the HS to fit over that silly torroid right next to the H3.
<willmore> This is why I would advise anyone using a SoC like these to put the SoC on the *bottom* of the board. Then you can easily use a metal baseplate/case as a heatsink.
<KotCzarny> i run mine in a metal box without vent holes
<KotCzarny> at 1.2W it's not heating much
<tkaiser> willmore: Banana Pi/Pro are designed like that. And guess what: People put these in the official acrylic cases with 2 mm airflow around and then started to drill a large hole into the acrylic plate to mount an annoying fan ;)
<willmore> tkaiser, *facepalm*
<KotCzarny> tkaiser: my bpim1 churns happily without heatsink/fan
<willmore> You can lead people to knowledge, but you can't make'em think.
<willmore> Also acrylic for a case? That's a bad idea. That stuff build up static like nobody's business.
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<willmore> polycarbonate is way better.
jernej has joined #linux-sunxi
<willmore> Carbon black colored ABS is probably the best.
<KotCzarny> full metal boxinist
<willmore> ODROID U2 did it right. Make the heatsink the case. ;)
<willmore> Oww, a nice cast aluminum case...
<tkaiser> willmore: Also available for C2: https://www.spreed.me/spreedbox/
<willmore> tkaiser, that's sort of pretty. They went to a lot of effort to make it pretty.
<tkaiser> willmore: And functional (great heat dissipation too). Good example for great design
<willmore> Wow, I added some air moving over my Opi1 and it made a massive difference.
<willmore> Running cpuminer on four cores used to make it bang around 648, 800-something and 1000-something as it overheated and throttled back down. It was getting 1.4KH/s.
<willmore> Now, with a little airflow, it's getting 2KH/s and sitting around 52C at 1.2GHz.
<willmore> Wow.
<willmore> I wonder if it would survive cpuburn...
<KotCzarny> nothing survives cpuburn
<willmore> Don't be so sure. I"m running ssvb's newer A7 version and it's looking good so far...
<KotCzarny> ahm, thought you have something h3/a64 based
<willmore> Nope, just an H3 based board.
<willmore> Looks like it took it to 70C running four cores.
<willmore> KotCzarny, the C2 can handle cpuburn all day long with no airflow other than natural convection is you fiddle with the HS a tiny bit. If you don't a tiny bit of airflow will probably be enough. I'll go test that shortly.
<KotCzarny> not bad then
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<Keziolio> does the C2 has mainline kernel support?
<Keziolio> oh wait is an amlogic soc
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<lennyraposo> hats off to longlseep on his images
<lennyraposo> they work
<lennyraposo> rather nicely
<lennyraposo> now time for me to build something from scratch
<lennyraposo> :D
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<lvrp16> longsleep: why longsleep?
<lennyraposo> cause at this moment he needs a longsleep ;)
<lennyraposo> I must say I am impressed with the pine thus far
<agraf> i need a working kernel :(
<lennyraposo> for what device?
<agraf> the pine of course :)
<lennyraposo> ther eis the 3.10.65-bsp
<lennyraposo> not mainline but it works
<lennyraposo> ;)
<agraf> i doubt tumbleweed would be incredibly happy about a 3.10 kernel ...
<agraf> i can try though
<willmore> Keziolio, yes, it does. It just doesn't support all that much hardware. :(
<agraf> also 3.10 doesn't have efistub yet
<agraf> bleks
<lennyraposo> since 3.3
<lennyraposo> ;)
<Keziolio> willmore: well the only thing i care about is the ethernet port and usb, i asked in some channel some time ago and someone said "maybe in the future"
<willmore> Keziolio, yeah, many ARM SoCs are in the "basic is in mainline, but you'll be headless and maybe not have much I/O". But, it's better than it used to be. I appreciate the work of all the people who have gotten us this far.
<Keziolio> the raspberry pi has an excellent support, i don't want to be tied to a 2012 kernel until the end of times
<willmore> KotCzarny, still stable at 70C long term. yay!
<willmore> I need to look into a tiny fan for lvrp16's Opi1 case. I feel bad cutting it up to put in a fan, though. It's just so cute!
<lennyraposo> cpuburn willmore?
<willmore> lennyraposo, yes, sir.
<lennyraposo> all cores?
<lennyraposo> hwo long has it been runing for?
<willmore> With the tiny HS that lvrp16 included in some of their kits. Yes, all cores.
<lennyraposo> nice
<willmore> Uhh, since I last mentioned it...... 1:15 or so?
<willmore> With just a little air moving over it. I have a huge 120mm low RPM fan blowing over the general area.
<lennyraposo> your current time
<willmore> No, that's elapsed time.
<lennyraposo> nm
<lennyraposo> lol
<lennyraposo> feel ike an idiot right now
<lvrp16> willmore: the great thing is that it's secured by screws, so you can remod the entire front and back without worrying about it holding to gether
<lennyraposo> haha
<willmore> EDT, FWIW.
<willmore> lvrp16, it's a very nice little case!
<lennyraposo> 1:15 minutes
<willmore> 1h15m
<lennyraposo> very nice
<lvrp16> :D i thought so too, orange pi case is seriously the best case aesthetically
<willmore> Stable at full 1.2GHz clock the whole time running four cores of ssvb's new A7 cpuburn.
<willmore> Gotta got for dinner. BBL.
<Keziolio> so the H3 should be mainlined in 4.5? If i run the command to convert from the zImage that I got from the package manager to uImage i should be able to reboot to the new working kernel?
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<Keziolio> i'm hosting something on the board i'm not very keen on experimenting
tipo has joined #linux-sunxi
<lennyraposo> longlseep
<lennyraposo> I am gonan be putting together a few Debian Images
<lennyraposo> based on your work mate
<lennyraposo> XFCE, MATE, LXDE
<lennyraposo> for a64+
<lennyraposo> LXDE for the a64
<lennyraposo> plus a bare bones one
<Keziolio> yes lvrp16 i know, it should be mainlined in the latest kernel
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<Keziolio> i was asking if what i said was enough to use the new kernel (i think it is but i want to make sure)
<lvrp16> Keziolio: a bunch of device drivers do not work yet in mainline
<lvrp16> Keziolio: major drivers section, a lot of stuff is WIP
<lvrp16> work in progress
<Keziolio> uhm, "USB multi-reset lines support " frightens me
<Keziolio> i use it as an headless server
<Keziolio> so if the graphics don't work who cares
<Keziolio> uh ok, i read now the usb is planned for 4.7
<Keziolio> last time I saw it wasn't there
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