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<willmore> montjoie was working on the hardware crypto engine in the H3, IIRC. I don't know if he(?) posted benchmarks yet. It was a WIP last I heard.
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<TheLinuxBug> I guess C.H.I.P is starting to ship, just got my address confirmation e-mail
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<TheLinuxBug> of course they say it will be in the next 'few weeks'
<TheLinuxBug> whatever that means :Z
<willmore> TheLinuxBug, Merry Christman?
<willmore> err, mas.
<TheLinuxBug> lol
<TheLinuxBug> yeah funny thing is it almost feels like the things been obsoleted a few times since the kickstarter
<willmore> Yep.
<TheLinuxBug> I don't know if I am quite as excited as I once was
<willmore> It was never an option for me as I rarely need wireless, but I do need ethernet. Basically, I need (in order of priority): Ethernet, GPIO, HDMI, audio, bluetooth, wifi.
<willmore> I'm sure plenty of people have uses for the CHIP, but an Opi1 seems to do way more for me.
<TheLinuxBug> well at the time I first saw it I think I was playing with A10's and maybe got my first A20
<TheLinuxBug> so it seemed like a decent board
<willmore> That said, I just got blinky.c to work on an esp8266 board. ;)
<TheLinuxBug> not its not so much
<TheLinuxBug> now*
<willmore> IIRC, it was announced around the time the C1 make out. It wasn't a hard decision which one would be more useful.
<willmore> Oh, on my list of things I need, add a second ethernet before wifi. ;)
<willmore> Wired routers are way more useful.
<TheLinuxBug> well
<willmore> Wireless standards change so quickly.
<TheLinuxBug> biggest thing to me
<TheLinuxBug> is it may be 9$ for original board
<TheLinuxBug> but to do anything worth while you need another 10-20$ worth of adapters
<willmore> Yep.
<willmore> Opi1.
<willmore> and done. Oww, that sounds like a slogan!
<willmore> Opi1 and done.
<TheLinuxBug> ahh
<TheLinuxBug> it does have emmc at least
<TheLinuxBug> so that won't be so hateful
<TheLinuxBug> but the fact you have to get an adapter board for display
<TheLinuxBug> is kinda eh
<willmore> Yeah, I like the storage for my SBCs removable. I make too many mistakes and don't like bricking things.
<TheLinuxBug> well I guess you can get composite out..
<willmore> Heck, the ESP8266 is cool because it uses an external SPI FLASH chip for its program memory.
<TheLinuxBug> emmc comes in handy though for faster boot and long term medium IO work
<TheLinuxBug> sdcards die to easy in some cases
<willmore> What am I going to hook that to? Composite? I think I have a TV that takes that in the basement somewhere....
<TheLinuxBug> heheh
<TheLinuxBug> most 'tv' displays still include composit
<willmore> Yeah, emmc has its uses. I don't have any of those uses....
<TheLinuxBug> so I think my 24" samsung has the inputs
<willmore> Oh, yeah, I totally want 240p into my TV. ;)
<TheLinuxBug> lol
<TheLinuxBug> well you can BUY the hdmi adapter ;p
<willmore> Hey, I lived through when computers used composite video exclusively. I'm not doing that again.
<willmore> And then it costs more than an Opi1.
<TheLinuxBug> only $15 (1.5x the cost of the board)
<willmore> And it's 4x slower, less I/O, no USB, no ethernet, etc.
<TheLinuxBug> thats the real scam is buying the VGA/HDMI adapter boards
<willmore> Hey, if you don't *need* display out you're okay.
<TheLinuxBug> true
<willmore> I don't often need display out, but when I do, it needs to be HDMI.
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<willmore> I can break into the box of obsolete cables in the basement. I'll have to dig through a bunch of PS/2 cables, AT to XT keyboard adapters, 50pin SCSI ribbon cables, 9-pin serial, 50 pin centronix parallel cables....
<willmore> That one old MASSBUS terminator I have for no explicable reason...
<willmore> Oh, look, an ADB cable!
<willmore> Hmm, come to think of it I do have some DVD players with built in displays that might just have composite inputs. That might be handy.
<MoeIcenowy> willmore: you get the confirmation email?
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<lennyraposo> hey ssvb
<lennyraposo> the allwinner guys are just yanking our chain
<lennyraposo> everything they needed was already in their posession
<lennyraposo> they could have easily acquired the debug data they needed to get the mali developed for thepine
<lennyraposo> 16 hours of working on it only to come up with the same packages
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<wens> KotCzarny: same mac address for both? :p
<montjoie> dave0x6d: willmore: yes H3 crypto is under work, the easy part is done (aes/md5/shax)
<montjoie> the hard work is handling scattered/non aligned data
<dave0x6d> montjoie: oh cool, what should terms should I be google'ing?
<dave0x6d> ah, I found it. It's on the H3 specs sheet.
<montjoie> for H3 its named crypto engine
<dave0x6d> yep, just found your website too
<dave0x6d> > The Security System (SS for short)
<montjoie> Security System for older one
<dave0x6d> I don't see the abbreviation 'SS' being used much :p
<KotCzarny> "SS" redirects here. For other uses, see SS (disambiguation).
<KotCzarny> ;)
<KotCzarny> quite unfortunate abbreviation on the allwinner part
<dave0x6d> in the context of a security, there's going to be some awkward sentences.
<montjoie> for chinese SS is foreign history, i dont think they think about it
<KotCzarny> still, funny
<dave0x6d> e.g. "Our world class SS will completely lock down your platform."
<dave0x6d> montjoie: is it china or thailand that randomly puts hitler in weird contexts?
<wens> huh?
<dave0x6d> wens: it's thailand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILksCGv1Gx4
<wens> wow
<dave0x6d> but yeah, montjoie is right, the holocaust isn't really talked about much over there.
<wens> it might bring up comparison to taboo topics, like the cultural revolution or tienanmen square protests
<KotCzarny> in germany its forbidden by law to even mention nazi related stuff
<KotCzarny> so if allwinner ever gets very popular there it would notive
<dave0x6d> is it? I thought you just weren't allowed to say supporting statements or deny it.
<KotCzarny> *notice
<KotCzarny> dave0x6d: usually talking about it suggests your interest in those topics, which usually means support (more or less)
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<KotCzarny> kinda similar to chinese taboos
<KotCzarny> and censorship
<dave0x6d> well, if Allwinner used a slogan like "Our SS is the strongest yet!" in Germany I can see that being a problem.
<KotCzarny> wens: just checked, different macs
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<KotCzarny> oh, fun, now both show such behaviour
<KotCzarny> could be f*cking isp provided router related though.
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<MoeIcenowy> to be honest
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<MoeIcenowy> crypto devices unverified by the Chinese government is, in fact, against the law
<KotCzarny> he he he
<MoeIcenowy> so I always say my friends with YubiKey to be using "illegal crypto device"
<KotCzarny> so its backdoored anyway?
<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: I cannot determine this
<KotCzarny> allwinner is chines or taiwanese?
<MoeIcenowy> but I think none of the allwinner devices manufacturer is pointing to the crypto
<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: Chinese
<MoeIcenowy> in Zhuhai
<KotCzarny> then i higly doubt they would sneak it under their radar something enverified
<KotCzarny> *unverified
<MoeIcenowy> so I don't think allwinner's ss passed any censorship
<KotCzarny> darn, so many typos
<MoeIcenowy> (and currently in mainline China's network, ss often refer to shadowsocks
<MoeIcenowy> not about Nazi
<MoeIcenowy> also not about security engine
<KotCzarny> Shadowsocks - A secure socks5 proxy
<MoeIcenowy> it's in fact an obfuscated socks5, used to bypass GFW
<MoeIcenowy> I don't think the full Allwinner SoC is determined as "crypto engine"
<wens> the joys and woes of GFW
<MoeIcenowy> in the definition of the rule
<MoeIcenowy> I don't think the full Allwinner SoC is determined as "crypto device" *
<MoeIcenowy> in "crypto device" crypto is considered as the main function
<MoeIcenowy> it will only be "device with crypto"
<KotCzarny> yeah, especially that its bugged and doesnt work well
<MoeIcenowy> :-)
<MoeIcenowy> interesting
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<oliv3r> A7? is that a new soc or some new name for H3?
<wens> cortex-a7?
<oliv3r> fair nuff :)
<oliv3r> then the statement A7 is useless for crypto makes little sense
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> is A13 still produced by AW at all?
<oliv3r> I think A10s has been obsoleted right?
<wens> maybe dave0x6d was expecting "crypto" in /proc/cpuinfo ?
<wens> afaik those are only available on armv8
<KotCzarny> how fast they are compared to ss?
<dave0x6d> wens: correct
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<dave0x6d> I was reading about the A7, which doesn't include any sort of crypto itself. Didn't know until now that Allwinner has their Security System.
<KotCzarny> a7 has neon, which accelerates crypto a bit
<oliv3r> got ya
<oliv3r> i just thought A7 was some new name for H3, like A10 A13 :) would fit better
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<dave0x6d> KotCzarny: yep, 'twas reading about that last week.
<dave0x6d> Weird that ARM hasn't been putting accelerated AES in their chips until now.
<KotCzarny> money? power?
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<dave0x6d> I thought with Intel AES-NI they would have to compete, but I guess full device encryption didn't really take off until Google forced it on Android.
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<KotCzarny> remember aes-ni isnt existing in i3
<KotCzarny> nor in core[2]duo
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<dave0x6d> it's been in the Atoms for years.
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<dave0x6d> The i3s have AES-NI in some (or all?) now. They kind of have to for Windows 8.
<KotCzarny> according to http://ark.intel.com/search/advanced?AESTech=true only since 2013
<oliv3r> how are H64 and A64 different?
<KotCzarny> oliv3r: marketing
<oliv3r> packaging? features that are not routed to pins?
<KotCzarny> yup
<oliv3r> is there a need or method to differentiate between them internally then :0
<oliv3r> cause then they are different :)
<oliv3r> but i see we only have 1 A64 board right now and 0 H64 boards in u-boot atm
<KotCzarny> stub: http://linux-sunxi.org/H64
<KotCzarny> if you manage to find out something credible feel free to add
<oliv3r> i need both devices first
<oliv3r> well i can check the sdks' and compare :p
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<MoeIcenowy> I think A64 and H64 maybe the same die in different package?
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<MoeIcenowy> or they're only silkprinted to be different?
<wens> the chip id is slightly different
<MoeIcenowy> wens: how about the function?
<wens> MoeIcenowy: i don't know
<wens> may be thermal binning
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<speakman> What is "xio"? and what does gpio@38 really say?
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<luoyi> wens: what's the pps mean in your m1+'s dts file ?
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<mripard_> speakman: xio is a label you can reference later
<mripard_> gpio@38 is <device>@<address>
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<speakman> mripard_: Thanks. So "xio" is made up just for this example?
<mripard_> it's just an example.
<speakman> Ok.
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<mripard_> the only thing that matters is interrupt-parent and interrupts.
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<speakman> Ok?
<wens> luoyi: pps, or pulse per second, is a signal pulse sent from time keeping devices
<wens> it should be more stable (left drift and jitter) then the internal timers
<speakman> mripard_: I'm just trying to add egalax_ts to my Olinuxino-A20-Micro board: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/egalax-ts.txt
<speakman> I'm totally new to Device Tree, but I never thought it would be this hard to learn how to use :/
<mripard_> what's difficult about that ?
<mripard_> you have the node you're supposed to set
<mripard_> and how to set an interrupt property
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<speakman> mripard_: well, it's probably not difficult at all when you can "talk the talk", but what you just said didn't make any sense to me :/
<mripard_> google "device tree howto"
<speakman> I'm adding it physically to i2c2 and using PI17 as interrupt pin
<speakman> mripard_: Reading kos_tom's pdf right now :D
<speakman> *aws
<luoyi> wens: can we use it for i2s mclk ?
<wens> luoyi: huh? it's an input, at a steady 1 Hz, not an output signal
<luoyi> well, let me check it
<luoyi> wens: why we need a input signal in the dts file ?
<wens> because there is a kernel driver for it, and you need to specify which pin you use
<wens> the signal is from an external gps module
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<luoyi> OK
<oliv3r> wens: what's the H64 A64 ID? i haven't found it yet in the current u-boot/wiki
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<luoyi> wens: I've modify the patch according to your suggestion. please check the V3 mail .
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<speakman> mripard_: wens: will this be a valid entry? https://dpaste.de/KvgU/raw
<mripard_> it's valid, but I have no idea if it works
<speakman> Ok, but then let's test :)
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<lvrp16> hey guys, do you have a list of specifications/documents you need for specific allwinner IC?
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<lvrp16> I am in contact with one of their product engineers
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<merbanan> lvrp16: any document describing the codec engine in details would be nice
<merbanan> lvrp16: I think the memory controllers are missing documentation also
<lvrp16> which specific ics?
<merbanan> all of them
<KotCzarny> lvrp16, a10, a20, h3, h64 for a start
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<KotCzarny> a80/a83t too maybe
<NiteHawk> and a64 plus a13/r8
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<KotCzarny> if thats too many, then in order of (my) preference: h3, a20
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<merbanan> A23, A33, A31, A31s, A10s
<lvrp16> i'll send the request and see what I get back
<lvrp16> HDMI, PRCM, CedarX
<lvrp16> anything else?
<KotCzarny> dram init?
<merbanan> ddr controller
<SMDwrk> Hi, can anyone tell how DRAM_ZQ for allwinner chips is calculated?
<SMDwrk> I got my board with h3 and seems like I'm having troubles with ddr
<KotCzarny> smdwrk: try ssvb's limamemtester v4
<KotCzarny> it has some zq calibration algo inside
<SMDwrk> KotCzarny: well, it shows spl message and that's it. I'm only able to see anything with old uboot(from original images), but mainline uboot shows nothing after spl
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<SMDwrk> And I wonder if I can play with uboot config values or should I hack into spl and try to init ddr myself
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<kasper__> Hi, i have problems with my custom A20 board. GSM module causes board reset (when antenna is close to board). I checked a20-awsom board and everything was okay. I test RAM stability, its okay. Any ideas?
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<willmore> MoeIcenowy, what confirmation email?
<speakman> mripard_: can you please check if the interrupt will be located at PI17?
<mripard_> yes
<mripard_> the edge triggerred is weird
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<speakman> mripard_: ok? why?
<mripard_> not a lot of devices are edge triggerred these days
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<speakman> mripard_: ok, will low trigger do better?
<mripard_> I don't know
<mripard_> it depends on your device
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<nove> lvrp16: ask about the video-codec-engine, and not about *cedarx*, (cedarx is the name of the software library)
<nove> lvrp16: if you ask about cedarx, you will get more binaries-with-random-license-issues and documentation of how to use the binaries, (this is a 4 year old story, and would be better to not keep repeating that same thing)
<nove> lvrp16: so please, talk about the video-codec-engine, and ask allwinner to collaborate with *us*, this linux-sunxi community and the cedrus project,
<nove> lvrp16: to make a mainlineable driver, that also could be backported to vendor kernel or to be used for android
tkaiser has joined #linux-sunxi
<lvrp16> ok got the cedarx/video-codec-engine difference
<nove> lvrp16: thanks
<lvrp16> i pitched the lost designs/sales and community maintenance well. i just don't have time to go to zhuhai this time with the prod dev engineer. hopefully he will get me docs next week.
<lvrp16> cross thy fingers
<lvrp16> since allwinner is already a public company, the c people made their money and motivation is little
<lvrp16> next time i go to sz, i will pitch directly to hq
<lvrp16> to get some mula
<nove> lvrp16: the one thing that allwinner has to do, is to release source-code (and or documentation) without "license-issues", only this
<lvrp16> hehe, with rockchip and amlogic killing it, i'm sure allwinner will wake up...whether it's soon or too late is another story
<lvrp16> allwinner has too many dept and I don't know any c level
<lvrp16> no single dept can do anything
<nove> lvrp16: we(this linux-sunxi community) can do the rest, and write any software, drivers, or whatever
<lvrp16> i am leaving sz tomorrow, i will be back in a month and i will try to dig up an allwinner exec through sz gov.
<lvrp16> amlogic boxes are getting insanely cheap
<lvrp16> cheaper than you guys can imagine
<nove> and to tell the true, if wasn't for this "license-issues" we all already would have a working mainline driver for this video-codec-engine
<lvrp16> yeah, allwinner has too many dept, and is public traded company. people already got paid so little motivation.
<lvrp16> to do anything...
<lvrp16> i'll update when i get stuff
<MoeIcenowy> if wasn't for this "license-issues" maybe the ve blob won't be open-sourced
<MoeIcenowy> any more
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<nove> all this time wasted, by keeping repeating the same of old thing that "license-issues" can't be ignored, would be and this is not joking, be enough to write *3* drivers
<nove> MoeIcenowy: we did the reverse-engineering of the hardware
<nove> MoeIcenowy: that was before the "license-issues" circus , that forced allwinner to make that partial-open-sourced
<nove> MoeIcenowy: you can see here the dates of this work, http://linux-sunxi.org/CedarX/Reverse_Engineering
<ssvb> SMDwrk: is this one of the existing H3 boards (from Xunlong or whatever) or something that is not listed in the linux-sunxi wiki yet?
<SMDwrk> ssvb: a friend of mine has routed his own board with H3 on it and asks me to bring it up
<nove> MoeIcenowy: the hardware is easy and very simples, and we already have all the knowledge and information need to write the driver
<ssvb> SMDwrk: I see, what kind of DRAM settings are used by the bootloader that works correctly on it? Are you using boot0 with the same settings as used for Orange Pi boards?
<speakman> mripard_: one thing I can't figure; it seems like the "wake up" pin is the same as the interrupt pin. Why do I even have to specifiy that one additional to the interrupt pin?
<ssvb> SMDwrk: if boot0 works better than the mainline U-Boot on some H3 board then this needs to be investigated and fixed, and you can also ping jemk
<SMDwrk> ssvb: yep, boot0 shows much more than mainline uboot, but it could be problems with the board itself, thanks
<ssvb> SMDwrk: it's still too early to make any assumptions
<ssvb> SMDwrk: does the system seem to work reliable if booted by boot0?
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<ssvb> SMDwrk: you can always try to run lima-memtester on the boot0 booted system as a stress test for DRAM reliability
<SMDwrk> ssvb: nope) it boots 1 in 20 times, and as far as I can tell, some chips need to be resoldered: ie if you push ddr chip you can boot system
<ssvb> SMDwrk: ok, then this indeed looks more like a hardware problem
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<ssvb> oliv3r: sorry for dropping off and not not replying to you yesterday
<ssvb> oliv3r: just to confirm it, is your hardware https://linux-sunxi.org/Olimex_A20-OLinuXino-Lime2 ?
<ssvb> oliv3r: or some other lime variant?
<ssvb> oliv3r: regarding "tuning", as the first step you are probably much more interested in just verifying the current default DRAM settings
<ssvb> oliv3r: this can be done by creating a table similar to https://linux-sunxi.org/Orange_Pi_PC#DRAM_clock_speed_limit but on the wiki page for your board
<ssvb> oliv3r: the test program needs to be adapted a bit, but I can help you with this
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<oliv3r> ssvb: and now i was gone :p but i tend to do that very often
<oliv3r> ssvb: yeah, lime2 with 4gb of eMMC flash :)
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<ssvb> oliv3r: ok, I'll try to prepare a test package for it, though I don't have this particular board myself
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<oliv3r> ssvb: i can help with the details there :)
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<Wizzup_> ssvb: going to attempt to flash u-boot to this/a nor nand chip (the one recommended on the wiki - winbond) tonight. Any instructions on it?
<Wizzup_> I'll search the mailing list
<Wizzup_> (A10/A20)
<lennyraposo> latest on Allwinner mali 400 for pine
<lennyraposo> Hi Lenny,
<lennyraposo> They admitted that xorg is new to them. Here is their email reply that I just got:
<lennyraposo> The 3D acceleration already completed and currently under stability test and memory optimization. The exa acceleration functionality will be implement thru hardware rotate and memory copy implementation. The code will be release on early next week. 
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<Wizzup_> I have access to most of the tools I need, I think. Buspirate and/or goodfet
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<ssvb> Wizzup_: added some instructions here - https://linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_SPI_flash#Using_the_sunxi-fel_tool
<ssvb> Wizzup_: yes, Buspirate might be useful for additional verification, but it should not be strictly necessary
<Wizzup_> Thank you! I somehow glanced over that.
<ssvb> Wizzup_: which SPI flash chip is that exactly?
<Wizzup_> ssvb: (I have to double check, it's at the hackerspace) I think Winbond 25Q128FVSG
<ssvb> Wizzup_: ok, then it's exactly the same as what I have
<Wizzup_> I asked a friend and he already had some - I also ordered a few.
<ssvb> Wizzup_: which A10/A20 board are you trying to use it with?
<Wizzup_> I was planning on using the olimex lime series
<Wizzup_> but I'll also bring a cubieboard because they have easily accessible pins
<Wizzup_> (although the cubieboard ones still have android, so those may prevent the spi from booting since android is on there)
<ssvb> Wizzup_: you need to connect the chip to the PC0,PC1,PC2,PC23 pins, and these pins are not necessarily available on the expansion header
<Wizzup_> I see
<ssvb> Wizzup_: especially considering that they are multiplexed with NAND
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<Wizzup_> I have a lime with no nand and no emmc
<ssvb> Wizzup_: oh, sorry, the experimental sunxi-tools branch does not have A10/A20 support yet and only works on A13/H3/A64
<ssvb> Wizzup_: I will need to bring it up to date
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<ssvb> Wizzup_: so your Buspirate may be indeed handy for initial tests ;-)
<Wizzup_> and I'll need to verify that the boards I want to use have those pins accessible
<Wizzup_> They don't seem to be in the gpio list at least
<longsleep> lennyraposo: how can xorg be new to them? Means allwinner never has realeased any functional xorg integration so far?
<ssvb> lennyraposo: the EXA acceleration is a sure way to ruin 2D performance, so they are just wasting time with it
<lennyraposo> I thihnk so too
<lennyraposo> put it this
<lennyraposo> me being the newb
<lennyraposo> I spent time building the xorg packages with backtrace in mind for them
<longsleep> ssvb: btw, did you finish something arm64 related with fbturbo so it makes sense to build a new release?
<Wizzup_> ssvb: I see this in the wiki: SPI0 is also available on pins PI12,PI13,PI11,PI10 and can be used for other purposes even if a bootable SPI flash is hooked to PC0,PC1,PC2,PC23.
<ssvb> lennyraposo: and BTW, they can't have DRI2 integration without EXA when using xf86-video-mali or xf86-video-armsoc (the reference code from ARM), so if the 3D stuff works for them, then they already have EXA
<lennyraposo> then caught on that it was already done in that manner
<Wizzup_> I would hope/assume I can use those pins as well then, when no NAND is hooked up?
<ssvb> Wizzup_: the boot ROM is strictly using PC0,PC1,PC2,PC23 pins
<Wizzup_> Darn. Those do not seem easily available on the lime boards at least.
<ssvb> Wizzup_: if you hook something up to PI12,PI13,PI11,PI10, then you can read/write it but not boot from it
<Wizzup_> Ack
<lennyraposo> let's see what they put up next week
<ssvb> Wizzup_: as for the Lime board, the PC0,PC1,PC2 pins should be available on the empty NAND socket, and the PC23 pin is available on the expansion header
<Wizzup_> Makes perfect sense. I'll see if I can solder on those...
<lennyraposo> btw ssvb
<Wizzup_> Thank you! Heading to a place where I can play with this now.
<lennyraposo> the implementation hurts 2d performance because of the fbdev integration or is it something else?
<ssvb> Wizzup_: the PC0,PC1,PC2 pins can be tested via GPIO using a multimeter
<ssvb> Wizzup_: just to be sure that you locate the right pins
* Wizzup_ nods
<lennyraposo> if it is all to do with fbdev can implment things with fbturbo?
<lennyraposo> pcan things be implmented with fbturbo I mena
<ssvb> longsleep: thanks for reminding, the arm64 fbturbo updates are currently on hold
<longsleep> ssvb: all right - no problem for me thanks for the update!
<ssvb> longsleep: I need to push the final version to github, and I will notify you when it's done
<longsleep> ssvb: ok cool
<ssvb> lennyraposo: we need to get the mali blob first, the change from UMP to DMA-BUF will require some updates to the code
<lennyraposo> that should pose no problem if things are released next as they state
<lennyraposo> next week*
<ssvb> lennyraposo: we should be able to review/test this stuff as soon as they make something available
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<longsleep> whats the name of the sunxi tool again to combine u-boot with dtb and things
* longsleep has lost it somewhere in a folder
<ssvb> lennyraposo: I just warned you that my expectations are rather low, and the performance will be most likely bad with this first code drop :)
<ssvb> longsleep: do you mean how to glue boot0 with u-boot and the rest of the stuff? better ask apritzel or agraf
<lennyraposo> my expectations are not that high
<lennyraposo> ;)
<lennyraposo> judging from what I read with other board developments
<lennyraposo> things take time
<longsleep> ssvb: yes thats what i mean, i think its boot0img and i just found it again thanks!
<longsleep> ssvb: wanted to check if there is an update and i finally can get rid of the stuff from the BSP
<longsleep> reverse history search is so awesome
<longsleep> (reverse-i-search)`boot0': ./boot0img -o u-boot-with-dtb.img -u ../../../build-pine64-image/u-boot-with-dtb-nothing-else.bin -e -s ../../../build-pine64-image/blobs/scp.bin -d ../../../../arm-trusted-firmware/arm-trusted-firmware/build/sun50iw1p1/release/bl31.bin
<longsleep> thats how i found it :P
<ssvb> longsleep: we will have SPL support in U-Boot after we get libdram for A64
<ssvb> longsleep: I mean GPL compatible libdram sources
<longsleep> ssvb: oh - do we get libdram sources?
<lennyraposo> you need libdram?
<longsleep> to get rid of boot0 yes
<lennyraposo> I know what it is for
<lennyraposo> or is a wait and see if they release it type of thing?
<lennyraposo> I can try with tllim
<lennyraposo> he seems to be on the ball about getting things
<lennyraposo> may take some time but he certainly does pressure them
<longsleep> he already asked them in the past
<lennyraposo> I know
<ssvb> lennyraposo: tllim already knows and is negotiating this stuff with aw
<lennyraposo> but I think it will be his next objective if it helps everything out
<ssvb> lennyraposo: just like with the mali driver, it takes some time...
<ssvb> lennyraposo: in fact, libdram is a lot more important than mali
<lennyraposo> I know
<lennyraposo> it allows for distribution under current agreements ;)
<longsleep> i am looking for ways to change the dtb u-boot, and for that i need to be able to create the checksum and stuff so boot0 accepts the damn thing - i either will package boot0img from apritzel or the crappy allwinner tools i extracted from the BSP
<longsleep> lennyraposo: what agreements?
<lennyraposo> the licensing
<longsleep> lennyraposo: which?
<lennyraposo> cfor uboot
<lennyraposo> or am I wrong?
<longsleep> lennyraposo: boot0 probably violates GPL, at least how it is shipped in the BSP
<longsleep> lennyraposo: what license are you talking about
<lennyraposo> GPL
<lennyraposo> my understanding is that you cannot be bundled with something closed
<lennyraposo> which violates
<longsleep> lennyraposo: we do not have a license to redistribute binaries of boot0 but eg. i do it anyways and allwinner does not seem to care
<lennyraposo> I know that
<longsleep> so what is the question then - what license are you talking about?
<longsleep> i will need a link to read it
<lennyraposo> the same you are talking about
<lennyraposo> currently with boot0 included it violates gpl
<longsleep> u-Boot is gpl, boot0 links u-boot with libdram which is closed source and thus violated gpl
<lennyraposo> yes
<ssvb> longsleep: we can't link the libdram code with the rest of the GPL licensed SPL code
<lennyraposo> that's what I mean ;)
<lennyraposo> sorry
<longsleep> ssvb: yes we cannot until its GPLd or another compatible license
<lennyraposo> not communicating my thought processes properly today ;)
<longsleep> btw - i am building Kernel 3.10.102 - if testing goes will i will release tonight
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<lennyraposo> kewl
<lennyraposo> iscsi support
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<longsleep> mhm all right, it crashes all over the place :/
<longsleep> seems like i cannot enable full iscsi support after all, my hack to enable it causes crashes :)
<longsleep> anyone cares to explain why iscsi over tcp needs infiniband and why infiniband needs PCI || BROKEN ?
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<lennyraposo> it hsouldn't need it
<longsleep> lennyraposo: well it does, reverted the hack to get it enabled and no more crashes https://github.com/longsleep/linux-pine64/commit/386bce4dfb7473af2869db943a0382e8d89ba762
<longsleep> lennyraposo: ah you are right, seems my hack is not required and i was just drunk at the time
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<apritzel> lennyraposo: vagrantc: I put a firmware build sketch here: https://github.com/apritzel/pine64/issues/7
<apritzel> feel free to fill in the gaps
<apritzel> was quite busy in the last days, so no time for Pine64
<apritzel> also Amit_T and me had some success with USB
<apritzel> we got a kernel loaded from a pen drive in U-Boot and also could mount partitions in Linux
<apritzel> but it's a bit hacky, you can try to use the USB bits from a64-wip bits and keep the ohci node disabled
<longsleep> apritzel: i want to package your boot0img for Ubuntu, do you have any plans to make it a seperate git repository?
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<apritzel> I suspect it's the (undocumented) USB PHY being different
<apritzel> longsleep: no, not really
<apritzel> longsleep: it will become obsolete once we have the DRAM init code in U-Boot's SPL
<apritzel> I made some extensions, though, which I will push shortly
<longsleep> apritzel: yeah but i could need it for the BSP U-Boot - so it would be awesome if it could learn to add the DTB
<apritzel> longsleep: I remember, but it's not very high on my priority list, to be honest
<apritzel> feel free to hack it in, though
<longsleep> apritzel: i can understand that :)
<longsleep> apritzel: i am getting distracted by soccer all the time
<vagrantc> apritzel: thanks for the link
<apritzel> longsleep: c'mon, it's almost half time ;-)
<apritzel> vagrantc: upstream U-Boot should build and work now
<longsleep> apritzel: not only today - and i am testing a new BSP Kernel build
<vagrantc> apritzel: yeah, i did some compile tests, but didn't have any luck trying to install it ... but with those brief instructions there's some hope :)
<longsleep> currently every time i would have some time to hack on thinks there is soccer on TV :P
<apritzel> I think I still owe U-Boot the README.Pine64 I actually started already
<longsleep> apritzel: How does upstream u-boot handle HDMI for the Pine64?
<longsleep> apritzel: or LCD for that matter
<apritzel> longsleep: don't know what you mean with HDMI & LCD ... ;-)
<apritzel> longsleep: btw: you have 15 minutes hacking time now ...
<Wizzup_> ssvb: Out of all things, I forgot my SD cards. I'll see if I can boot a minimal image using FEL boot, and then I can figure out what exact pin I need
<Wizzup_> the datasheet mostly shows the ones I need, though
<Wizzup_> not sure if I'll manage to get everything done today
<apritzel> AFAIK it initializes HDMI and sets up the display engine, so U-Boot can use the framebuffer for output
<longsleep> apritzel: yes i hope 15 minutes is enough to tag my Kernel release without breakage
<longsleep> apritzel: yes, and without U-Boot initialization the Kernel framebuffer does not work properly
<lennyraposo> thanks apritzel
<lennyraposo> glad it worked out longsleep
<lennyraposo> :)
<lennyraposo> anyone watching spain game today?
<longsleep> sure, it distracted me all the time
<lennyraposo> nice 2 goals there
<lennyraposo> turkey is giving spain too much space
<lennyraposo> and they are too concentrated iround their own goal instead of covering
<lennyraposo> easy win for spain today
<apritzel> that's_annoying:_my_space_bar_key_just_died
<KotCzarny> use dots
<KotCzarny> or remap kb
<KotCzarny> or copy space into paste buffer and use shift-insert instead of space
<apritzel> yeah_but_tell_that_the_shell_;-)
<longsleep> lol
<apritzel> using the middle mouse button now
<apritzel> still annoying ;-)
<KotCzarny> shift-insert works nicely
<longsleep> is it a lenovo keyboard
<KotCzarny> one hand
<longsleep> ?
* ssvb has 3 keyboards at home
<apritzel> it's a Sun type 5 :-(
<apritzel> and shift insert works better
<longsleep> well then you can repair it
<apritzel> time to get that Happy Hacking keyboard from the cupboard
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<apritzel> so, back in business ;-) Happy Hacking time now
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<Wizzup_> ssvb: exporting pins 64(pc0), 65(pc1), 66(pc2) and 87(pc23). The way to check is to connect the multimeter with one of those and ground, yes? (to check if I have the right pin)
<Wizzup_> (of course, I still need to set the gpio/pin to high/low)
<ssvb> Wizzup_: yes, at least in theory
<ssvb> Wizzup_: it looks like the needed pins are 16, 17 and 18 on the NAND socket
<Wizzup_> Looking at A20-OLinuXino-Lime2_Rev_C.pdf - it doesn't show the exact position of the pin and the numbering is a bit weird (at least is not fully consistent with on the board)
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<Wizzup_> ssvb: Yes, that is indeed what I see too on this pdf
<ssvb> Wizzup_: I'm actually bad at soldering and would not dare to do it myself, the pads seem to be too small for me (now looking at my A10-Lime)
<Wizzup_> Ah, ok, so actually the numbering should make sense.
<Wizzup_> I'm decent with soldering, and a few people here are good at soldering and thought it was very doable :)
<Wizzup_> (I don't think it is easy at all)
<ssvb> are you going to solder some wires to these pads?
<Wizzup_> Yes, that was the plan
<Wizzup_> I can try to check if they work first, with a multimeter. I'd set the direction to out, and the value to high, presumably?
<Wizzup_> (and to low and see if the values on the multimeter change)
<longsleep> since when does systemd log how long booting took?
<longsleep> Jun 17 20:45:18 pine64 systemd[1]: Startup finished in 4.115s (kernel) + 28.447s (userspace) = 32.562s.
<Wizzup_> (I'm only somewhat clueful on hw, but like to run my thoughts past someone since hardware is not my strong side)
<longsleep> thats actually nice
<Wizzup_> longsleep: it's something that any init can do, really. :)
<longsleep> Wizzup_: sure, but i just saw this line the first time in the logs - must be new or i am blind
<Wizzup_> Just a simple time syscall (get uptime)
<ssvb> Wizzup_: yes, setting them as high/low and checking with a multimeter is a good way to confirm
<apritzel> Wizzup_: I tend to setup some timed loop to toggle a pin between high and low every few seconds, gives you both hands to do the measuring
<lennyraposo> that's handy
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<Wizzup_> going to try now - yeah, loop is useful
<apritzel> ssvb: do you know if the BROM has other well known entry points to the other boot methods (apart from 0x20 => FEL)?
<ssvb> apritzel: there is a relatively small function, which checks the FEL button status and calls some functions which are responsible for different boot methods
<apritzel> ssvb: ah cool, so worth to disassemble then ...
<ssvb> apritzel: the addresses of these functions are probably different for different BROM revisions, but probably can be tabulated in the bootloder if necessary
<apritzel> ssvb: for my case it would sufficient to pass from SD to SPI
<apritzel> so that I can keep the SD card in
<ssvb> why not just erasing the bootloader on the SD card?
<apritzel> I have this hack with a GPIO check which then calls into FEL, and it's very handy
<ssvb> ok
<apritzel> ssvb: where is the fun in that? ;-)
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<ssvb> Wizzup_: just in case, for connecting the SPI flash chip you also need 3.3V power and GND, but I guess it is way too obvious to mention
<Wizzup_> OK, I can read at least PC23
<Wizzup_> ssvb: good to mention still
<jrg> the banana pi m3 seems to be holding its own as a standalone web server
<Wizzup_> I don't think I will get to the buspirate part today, but I want to verify I have the right pins and solder wires on them
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<Wizzup_> ssvb: ok, going to solder now :)
<ssvb> Wizzup_: good luck
<ssvb> Wizzup_: in a good sense of this phrase
<Wizzup_> I found that the pins work at least - that's good
<Wizzup_> Hehe
<Wizzup_> THanks
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<Wizzup_> 18 done ...
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<Wizzup_> OK, 16,17,18 done, all seperate
<Wizzup_> will continue later
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<t00thless> hi.. i've a real stupid question.... i'm trying to cross-compile my own kernel on debian stretch.. by the guide I came to step where I compile he kernel and I want to ask what exactly mean toolchain-prefix.. Is that the arm-linux-gnueabihf- or something else like path to this command? thanks very much for help.. I know that this is really stupid question...
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