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<willmore> Several times what megi said.
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<megi> diizzy: ^ hopefully not too late
* willmore fears diizzy is on fire.
<megi> :)
<diizzy> heh
<diizzy> No, it's crosscompiling
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<willmore> Yay!
<diizzy> Hmmm...
<diizzy> btw, eth seems to be a bit wonky i mainline (5.7)
<willmore> On h6?
<diizzy> yeah
<diizzy> well, as close to mainline as libreelec (master) is
<willmore> Gotcha.
<willmore> I'm not sure what I run on my OpiOnePlus.
<diizzy> refuses to boot when eth is attached from cold boot, leds are acting very strange
<diizzy> but it doesn't seem to drop link
<willmore> Power supply sequencing issue?
<willmore> Forgetting to shut things off when powering down?
<diizzy> I tried two different ones 2A+ that runs other SBCs just fine
<diizzy> so I'm quite sure its not a psu issue
* willmore is hacking on surplus server power supplies (hulking 870W things). Pretty sure I have enough power...
<diizzy> I mean, it works fine if you wait until you see the slash screen
<willmore> Could be something in the init of the tranceiver chip. I forget the name for them.
<diizzy> Yeah, it seems to hang pretty much instantly
<diizzy> I should probably hook up serial at some point
<willmore> Got kernel debugging on?
<willmore> LOL, yeah, that's where I was thinking you should go.
<willmore> earlyprintk and all that joy.
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<diizzy> a bootlog is probably fine
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<megi> if you'll see phy attaching issues (timeout) it's probably the same issue that Opi 3 has (the circuit looks identical, for sure)
<diizzy> I'm fairly sure it did work earlier like a few months ago but I might be wrong
<diizzy> megi: ...which I guess is non fixable?
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<megi> no, it's fixable, I have it fixed on Opi 3
<diizzy> hammer? :P
<megi> it's just that power supplies for the phy have to be enabled at the same time
<megi> and they are not in some cases
<diizzy> ...okay?
<megi> like every boot :)
<diizzy> dts hacking? :)
<diizzy> or possibly uboot?
<megi> you have to fix ATF
<megi> and the driver
<diizzy> so it boils down to dodgy hw *sigh*
<megi> no, dodgy sw
<megi> ATF is just wrong
<diizzy> okay
<megi> this should help fixing it
<diizzy> cool, is that 5.7 friendly?
<megi> yes
<diizzy> awesome, I'll give that a try
<megi> if you want a better description than what's in my patch...
<diizzy> I think I kinda understand the issue
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