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<DocScrutinizer05> Hetzner Online Statusmeldung: Urgent security updates on vHosts 1-1493 Start: October 20, 2015 9:30:00 AM CEST
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<DocScrutinizer05> pali: http://paste.opensuse.org/46173325 status applet shows "4%"
<DocScrutinizer05> probably 3 now: battery.charge_level.percentage = 3
<DocScrutinizer05> nut what the heck is battery.charge_level.capacity_state = 'ok' then
<DocScrutinizer05> but*
<DocScrutinizer05> CSOC: 50 % RSOC: 50 % Reported Battery Voltage: 3620 mV
<DocScrutinizer05> :-S
<DocScrutinizer05> BME?
<DocScrutinizer05> on a sidenote: gallery also messed up, it eats 100% CPU for minutes and hours and never really finishes showing the thumbnail list. When selecting a single picture, it's black. Opening menu: black (no buttons in menu)
<DocScrutinizer05> I wonder what the heck is wrong with system
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<DocScrutinizer05> what the heck?! http://paste.opensuse.org/82880518
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<DocScrutinizer05> sth's messed up with tracker/hildon-thumbnailerd:
<DocScrutinizer05> IroN900:~# ll /home/user/.thumbnails/cropped/|wc -l
<DocScrutinizer05> 6885
<bencoh> you dont have 6885 pictures?
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<DocScrutinizer05> I actually do. Icons and stuff. The filters are messed up, so every album cover art, every app icon and every button image gets indexed. Tracker and image-viewer aka gallery is basically unusable - though finally after 1 or 2 hours even exporting 5 pictures I tool today worked, and took 'only' ~5 minutes. One mega flaw in GUI concept: there's _no_ way whatsoever to jump to end of a *very* long scroll list like the one in gallery "show
<DocScrutinizer05> all pictures" with >6000 pics. You need to wipe-scroll until you hurt your wrist
<DocScrutinizer05> s/tool/took
<DocScrutinizer05> I worked around the latter problem by using "filter by date range" which 'only' took 2 minutes to open the 3 menus and to re-display the filtered list of thumbnails
<DocScrutinizer05> the root problem though is in tracker-config app - it doesn't really support meaningful filter settings that are compliant with any possible bugs/flaws in trackerd
<sixwheeledbeast^> tracker and thumbnailer seem to cause me headaches more and more lately. As my music collection increases it can't seem to cope.
<DocScrutinizer05> it *allows* maybe, but doesn't *support* in a sense of really providing help or checks
<DocScrutinizer05> sixwheeledbeast^: yes, we need some expert who sets up a decent rule set in tracker.cfg (or whatsitcalled) so only forced re-indexing of particular files or dirs takes place
<DocScrutinizer05> even my ridiculous maybe 500 or 1000 songs already take same 45 minutes to get indexed when I unmount and remount the uSD
<sixwheeledbeast^> If I re-index the db for example on stock tracker.cfg settings the watchdog kicks in and reboots.
<DocScrutinizer05> o.O
<DocScrutinizer05> that's even worse. Oh my
<sixwheeledbeast^> I have >6000 tracks on uSD BTW
<DocScrutinizer05> damn tracker
<sixwheeledbeast^> I have got the throttle just right to not cause issues but stop the watchdog kicking in.
<DocScrutinizer05> :nod:
<DocScrutinizer05> we need somebody with deep understanding of trackerd to create a decent config#
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<sixwheeledbeast^> I mention all this as I am in search of why two newly added albums have no thumbnail, at the moment.
<DocScrutinizer05> ideally kick tracker in the garbage bin and replace every app that depends on tracker by a FOSS version that uses plain posix filesystem and - if needed - a local database
<DocScrutinizer05> afk, bbl
<DocScrutinizer05> o/
<sixwheeledbeast^> Another amusing bug is albums with a similar name confuse thumbnailer and use whichever was indexed first for all albums.
<sixwheeledbeast^> o/
<sixwheeledbeast^> "Greatest Hits" for example
<enyc> fun with battiries
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<useretail> hey everyone
<useretail> do all 3g modules have same pinouts?
<DocScrutinizer51> yes
<DocScrutinizer51> all cinterion moduls have compatible footprint
<useretail> btw, are there any plans to exntend headset circuit to recognize trrs/trs plug automatically?
<useretail> that would be a *major* improvement
<DocScrutinizer51> oplease rephrase
<useretail> n900 doesn't recognize stereo headphones with mic
<DocScrutinizer51> It does!
<useretail> rly?
<DocScrutinizer51> ys
<useretail> well i tried ones from iphone4 and they didn't worked properly: mic and controls didn't worked and only noise was heard
<useretail> so OMTP and AHJ standards have swapped mic-ground
<sixwheeledbeast^> Yep N900 is OMTP, which was the standard the others ignored following Apple's success.
<sixwheeledbeast^> I have no issues with my WH-205
<Oksana> WH-700 Nokia earphones work with mic http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=56389 BH-505 nokia is working great and it is nice headphone
<Oksana> Filters messed up is nasty, is it possible to properly configure them? /me does not remember how many pictures there were in the gallery of the phone which now refuses to boot up due to full rootfs - 2k or 20k - but it worked relatively nice, not-that-slow /
<Oksana> >> unmount and remount the uSD << Is it possible to put tracker on hold before unmounting and resume tracking after remounting, so that it does not notice anything happening? Or, even better, put not whole tracker, but just the uSD-indexing part of tracker on hold? uSD is removable by definition, so this feature would be nifty...
<sixwheeledbeast^> You could make it "not watched" automagically somehow I imagine
<Oksana> Well, if there is a script somewhere "what to do before unmounting uSD" a line could be added "tell tracker to pause indexing uSD without actually throwing away uSD database". And the script "what to do when remounting uSD" could have a line "tell tracker to resume indexing uSD, using old database"
<Oksana> Of course, it would only work with one uSD. If you are in a habit of switching between several different uSDs, you would need to somehow identify "which uSD is being remounted" and store several "paused tracking uSD databases"
<sixwheeledbeast^> in that case i would remove tracker completely.
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<sixwheeledbeast^> hmm, I wonder if making */folder.jpg non watched would stop the gallery filling with album art?
<DocScrutinizer05> /Yep N900 is OMTP)) Neo900 has an automatic switch between AHJ and OMTP
<enyc> DocScrutinizer05: are you donig well now? i reall discussionabout you being abit overstretched to say least or so...
<enyc> DocScrutinizer05: i've had a very slow start getting back into college work...!
<DocScrutinizer05> I'm about to announce sick-leave from 1st of nobember to mid of december. sorry for that, but otherwise you might have to continue without me all togehther
<DocScrutinizer05> I'm considering impact on project and how to leverage that
<DocScrutinizer05> this project is too big for one person in charge
<DocScrutinizer05> I'm EE
<DocScrutinizer05> not a lawyer or a clerk
<enyc> who else is now helping?
<DocScrutinizer05> Werner Almesberger is *the best guy* in project
<DocScrutinizer05> I'm searching for help in my pool of friends
<DocScrutinizer05> found a accountant yesterday (so I hope). And a Proy (Werner Haupt) a 90 minutes ago
<DocScrutinizer05> proxy*
<enyc> i've had to take time out myself similarly for diffeent reasons... long long story
<DocScrutinizer05> the latter is my oldest and best friend
<enyc> these things are always complicated and hard to see sometimes whats' happening!
<DocScrutinizer05> anyway I _hope_ I will be on sick_leave from end of November to x-mass
<DocScrutinizer05> my gf takes care about this
<DocScrutinizer05> until then, thoughts about startink a kickstarter campaign occupy my mind
<DocScrutinizer05> starting*
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<enyc> good luck
<DocScrutinizer05> our webshop down payment campaign mostly failed thanks to PP not making CreditCard payments available to us. So we can't order risk parts
<enyc> DocScrutinizer05: kickstarter for neo900 ar something else?
<DocScrutinizer05> Neo900
<enyc> oh i see hrrm
<DocScrutinizer05> unless I find a way out and ahead, we're broke in 3 months
<DocScrutinizer05> production of proto_v2 is not exactly cheap
<jonwil> sounds like PayPal are being their usual crappy selves and seizing money for no good reason
<enyc> (not) silly quesiton but is there a paypal-alternative to be used?
<DocScrutinizer05> OTOH proto_v2 is better than most other kickstarter project "proof of concept" or "spec sheet"
<DocScrutinizer05> jonwil: there is a good rason: Credit Card allows roll back of *any* payment for at least 180 days. For *any* credit card, and *any* payment
<DocScrutinizer05> PP only forwards that to us
<DocScrutinizer05> all this subject to approval, since PP doesn't provide *any* data on what and why they do
<DocScrutinizer05> consideration: already start kickstarter order of final prodict, at a prise a tad higher than what our valued supporters had to pay via our webshop
<DocScrutinizer05> we have a completed schematics. We will be able to produce a working prototype
<enyc> hrrm
<DocScrutinizer05> so nobody can say we are scam
<enyc> i think a working proto will help a lot yes indeed
* Oksana is glad to have done all payments through bank transfers... And yes, it would be fair to have kickstarter backers pay a little more than webshop backers. Also, kickstarter rewards may have several levels, like "100x small price for early birds, 100x larger price for later birds"
<DocScrutinizer05> yes, that's what I want to get done now
<ds2> is amazon payments any better?
<enyc> what are the blockers to good proto_v2 ?
<Oksana> Especially with videos of the prototype as it works, boots, calls, something...
<DocScrutinizer05> Oksana: suggestions welcome. I agree with you but it's complicated
<Oksana> Evacuation. Hopefully, a drill, not an actual fire | Problem is, Ks will be not just down payment, it will be "final price"?
<Oksana> Do not use lifts. Fire. :-( :-(
<DocScrutinizer05> we have enough money to accomplish the proto_v2 layout (given I don't pay anybody for anything else. Neither Werner nor me) We might have enough (available [PP]) money to build one or two or maybe 3 proto_v2
<DocScrutinizer05> ordering N900 is out of vicinity with PP freezing the down payments
<enyc> hrrrrrrrrrrm
<enyc> so you have asked for help from whover yo ucan get?
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<DocScrutinizer05> I'm still in panic mode
<DocScrutinizer05> and close to the edge, regarding my health
<Oksanaa> Two fire trucks :-( Fire, not drill
<Oksanaa> Two fire trucks :-( Fire, not drill
* Oksanaa wishes you good health
<enyc> DocScrutinizer05: you'd pspoke of (somebody) caming back to the project but tied up with pyra .. .r so...
<Oksanaa> Nicholaus ?.. /blind guess/
<DocScrutinizer05> sorry you lost me. Prolly my fault, I'm tired and 90% AFK
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<DocScrutinizer05> """I have a dream. A Kickstarter Project based on solid research and backed by a awesome huge (maemo) community. This kickstarter project reaching 3000 backers withing a one-digit number of weeks. Allowing the project to not obnly go ahead with R&D but also consider if making own cases and mech parts would be the economically better choise"""
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<Oksanaa> choice* And do you have a good contact for prototyping and making own cases and mech parts?
<DocScrutinizer05> yes
<DocScrutinizer05> xiangfu, our trustworthy and valued contact into the chinese economy
<DocScrutinizer05> sorry folks, I need to get some chillout (aka sleep) *now*, or I won't be able to contribute tomorrow
<wpwrak> enyc: the guy coming back from pyra would be nikolaus (of goldendelicious)
* Oksana is back from sleep - closest to hibernation that I could do for safety of electrical equipment in probably-fire situation | E70 form factor for Neo900 board would be neat...
* Oksana recalls having a huge voucher. Would making one more downpayment from this voucher help? Not in terms of finances available, I guess, but slightly lifting the numbers... /if only I could choose which modem variant I like more.../
<Oksana> Also, this one looks weird: https://neo900.org/git/?p=scans;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=data/jpg/n900-bot-inside-nostylus-100um.jpg Aka, not-complete-picture
<DocScrutinizer05> what the heck is https://neo900.org/git/?p=scans;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=data/jpg/n900-bot-inside-nostylus-100um.jpg ?
<DocScrutinizer05> anyway, sorry folks, I have to leave for an 8 hours
<Oksana> wpwrak: Bottom shell, without stylus http://neo900.org/stuff/werner/scans/ https://neo900.org/git/?p=scans;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=data/jpg/n900-bot-inside-nostylus-100um.jpg
<Oksana> Good night :-)
<DocScrutinizer05> tomorrow I will consider how to carry on without any (monetary) support from the project's funds
<Oksana> Since anything "surplus" will be returned to customer once Neo900 is done, over-donating is possible? Bank transfer some more ;-) ?
<jonwil> I wish I could help out with money but I dont have any spare
<jonwil> So I will have to help out with code instead :)
<Oksanaa> :-D /opposite is true for me: no time for code, no skill-experience for RE/
<jonwil> and I think my code contributions (MCE etc) have more than made up for my inability to contribute money :)
* Oksanaa nods
<ds2> prehaps we should go back to using IRCs if they still exists
* Oksana blinks - what is IRCs?
<ds2> let me find a wikipedia; but it should be International Reply Coupons
<ds2> nevermind
<ds2> they are only good up to postage
<jonwil> Usually when people talk about "PayPal sucks" these days, BitCoin is suggested as an alternative. Not necessarily even holding BitCoin but the person sending the money buys some bitcoins then sends it to the other guy who converts the money straight back into Euros or whatever.
<jonwil> Never used BitCoin myself but a lot of people seem to like it :)
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<Oksana> Depends on exchange rates and fees
<Oksana> So can I still do a bank transfer to Neo900 and have it added to my cumulative voucher?
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