<Joerg-Neo900> I had occasional issues every other week from multiple sender accounts during last year maybe
<Joerg-Neo900> last gimmick: 450-4.2.1 The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that 450-4.2.1 prevents additional messages from being delivered. Please resend your 450-4.2.1 message at a later time.
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<Joerg-Neo900> but I guess suggesting that for a news topic been done with tongue in cheek
<Joerg-Neo900> ;-)
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<Kabouik_> Joerg-Neo900, sn0wmonster, I have no complaints about the last news, and in fact I was very happy to see an update on the website. Sorry if that was misunderstood in my post on TMO, but I didn't mean that news need more prior reviews before being published. At all.
<Kabouik_> So I hope I have not offended sn0wmonsterfor his first contribution, in fact I meant the opposite and my post was mostly targeted at haters (who are not true haters, they still want a Neo900).
<Joerg-Neo900> Kabouik_: i'm very happy about your post and I didn't think you complained about anything.
<Joerg-Neo900> yes, I perceived your post exactly like it been meant. My answer was meant to say almost same
<Joerg-Neo900> excuse me if it sounded like tergeted at you
<Kabouik_> Good, was just afraid it got misunderstood. There is frustration on both sides, surely, I'm very frustrated too but I know there is nothing to do about it and that it's just up to you to wake up one morning with the device ready.
<Joerg-Neo900> no at all
<Joerg-Neo900> not*
<Kabouik_> No no, you did not. I just wanted to make it clear just in case.
<Joerg-Neo900> :-)
<Kabouik_> Hence saying it here and not posting on TMO where it would be read by more people.
<Kabouik_> just NOT up to you, sorry.
<Kabouik_> Now give me my Neo900.
<Joerg-Neo900> it's incredible how many misconceptions the tmo threat is causing
<Kabouik_> That's probably one of the reasons why it needs more "officials" in to keep misconceptions well contained before they blow up and spill
<Kabouik_> People have been very hyped about the Neo900 when the project was ignited, then they waited long, and seeing that the project was still going but not finished brought two things: impatience, and at the same time realization that it's not an abandonware yet. Hence more hopes.
<Kabouik_> But then when they (we) are left without any tangible news for 6 months, not being involved in the project every day like you are, we start to think, keep our tongue in our cheeck for two months even though we want to ask, and at some point someone pulls the trigger and posts in the thread to ask questions that look more like anger because they have kept their tongue in for too long.
<Kabouik_> And then we, dogs with rabies, come unleash the rage as well. :]
<Joerg-Neo900> pichlo has a point in "biting more than can chew", juust I didn't initially bite that much, it's more like somebody came along a dozen times adding to my plate. Stuff like a company, a website, taxes, layout, production, whatnot else
<Joerg-Neo900> and yes, I see clearly how that evolved
<Joerg-Neo900> you're 100% right about that
<Kabouik_> I know, I do understand. Not complaining. I am not even sure how you manage keeeping the project up with that kind of support, but I'm glad you do
<Joerg-Neo900> the irony in all that is that it's been the newspost that triggered the "no newspost" shitstorm
<Kabouik_> Yes. People probably forgot about the kickstarter and the several key steps along the figure you have on the website about the road to production.
<Joerg-Neo900> ((not even sure how you manage keeeping the project up with that kind of support)) It's hard and close the the cliff, paying with my health
<Kabouik_> Once you told me here that you had good hopes the device would be out by Q4 2016, I think it was at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. My hopes were high since I knew you wouldn't disclose an estimation this easily. Then it was clear that it would not happen in 2016 or even in 2017, but there was no reason to even mention it in the thread or discuss the delays. I knew that estimation you gave just turned out being impossible for real and
<Kabouik_> good reasons. And I feel that some of the supporters don't want to consider that the reasons are good, however frustrating and harmful they are to the project success itself.
<Joerg-Neo900> yeah, any estimations for "how long will it take" are firtune telling - *particularly* for stuff that gets done the very first time
<Kabouik_> Well, there are supporters that are not hostile. They are that are hostile. There are that forgot about the project. There a probably unfortunate ones that died since their initial pledge. But the point is the hostiles ones on TMO are just a handful, always the same, and even if they have a point, the way they express it is not necessarily a good illustration of what people interested in the Neo900 think.
<Joerg-Neo900> :nod:
<Kabouik_> But surely, all who are still interested would like more news, probably like the Pyra way of disclosing information. It works very well for them. But maybe it's because they already have actual stuff to show with the prototypes.
<Kabouik_> These are just forum posts, probably not undergoing heavy reviews like that you mentioned.
<Joerg-Neo900> (fortune telling) for example I wouldn't have thought it takes us another 3 months or more to clean up the schematics and footprints to a shape so layouters not familiar with the project have no objections of any kind
<Joerg-Neo900> then I also wouldn't have thought that it nevertheless takes several months to find a layouter willing and capable to do the job
<Joerg-Neo900> both are delays that for sure were not even *possible* to ever show up, with the orifinal concept and structure of the project
<Joerg-Neo900> original*
<Kabouik_> Sure, I did not want to bring the release date on the table, really, it was just an unfortunate example of the fact that some supporters believe that delays are caused by bad will. I think after 4 years and still working on the project instead of running to the Bahamas with the cash shows that it's not a matter of bad will, and the delays are just caused by real stuff.
<Joerg-Neo900> where Nikolaus was our layouter
<Kabouik_> We all wish the Neo900 is ready tomorrow. I can assure you I do. :p
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<Joerg-Neo900> I couldn't run to the bahamas, I need to find a fulltime job aside from Neo900 to make a living while still supporting the project
<Kabouik_> Sorry, had a "cat peeing out of the littertray" emergency.
<Kabouik_> You should have run with the money 4 years ago when there was still enough!