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<reiffert> Hey guys. I was bricking my dlink DWR 960 with installing the latest sysupgrade .. jboot recovery even broke.
<reiffert> Reset button had been pressed
<reiffert> that's the last thing it outputs
<reiffert> any generic advice as to what to do?
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<pkgadd> if the 'standard' ways don't work, serial console access remains
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<reiffert> it is getting more weird. The router is booting fine after releasing the reset button right after the first "Reset button has been pressed".
<reiffert> without pressing the reset button it doesn't get out of the boot loader messages. Keeping the reset button pressed until the message shows up twice als doesn't let it boot.
<reiffert> to me it looks as if the sysupgrade was overwriting the jboot/jrecovery partition.
<reiffert> is anyone familiar with ramips/mt7620/dlink dwr 960?
<reiffert> Is there a way to download the sysupgrade.bin from August 28 2020?
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<reiffert> or have the buildbots build a snapshot for me?
<pkgadd> if you didn't back that up yourself, no - snapshots are replaced daily and not backed up
<reiffert> I was downloading the factory.bin that day, not the sysupgrade.bin
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<reiffert> sysupgrade -F factory.bin got me back to the original jboot/recovery .. it doesn't make any sense ...
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<KGB-0> has been updated. (98.2% images and 97.4% packages reproducible in our current test framework.)
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<reiffert> r14281 again works (August 28 2020). The snapshots from today both do not. sysupgrade on top of r14281 and factory on top of the stock firmware.
<reiffert> what should I do?
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<lmore377> would it be fine to define an led that's on the inside of a router (you can only see it thru a little crack) in the device tree?
<lmore377> just for background, im adding support for this device
<Namidairo> I wouldn't assign it anything by default unless stock does
<Namidairo> but the option is nice no?
<lmore377> alright sounds good. i'll just make a note in the device page or something in case someone somewhere happens to install it and finds a use for it.
<Namidairo> worst case scenario you get told to take it out when you submit the PR on github or patch on the mailing list
<lmore377> i actually already have a pr in github but its been a month since the last reply lol. by the way, do you think you could help me with the led naming a bit?
<lmore377> i'll just ask just in case someone can help
<lmore377> so this device has a microcontroller that controls a single red/blue led and that's connected to the cpu with 3 gpio pins. based on what combo of pins you pull high or low, it'll blink different patterns with either color. right now the names for the pins are rt4230w:ledctrl:x where x is 1,2, and 3 but on the pr someone said that the names should be different. any advice on what to do with the names? also
<lmore377> the pr is #3115
<pkgadd> lmore377: adding existing LEDs (regardless of if you can see them or not) should be fine, DTS should describe the hardware as it is (not just to make linux work)
<pkgadd> but yeah, a comment about the LED's location sounds good
<pkgadd> iirc, the model name prefix has been dropped from all devices a couple of weeks ago
<pkgadd> err: iirc, the model name prefix for LEDs has been dropped from all devices a couple of weeks ago
<lmore377> pkgadd: thanks I didn't know about that
<pkgadd> btw. target/linux/ipq40xx/files/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-ipq4019-map-ac2200.dts is using a single rgb LED, controlled by the TI/National LP5523/55231 LED driver chip. perhaps it helps as a potential reference
<pkgadd> it's really a pity that the rt4230w (or something similar, at a similar price point) isn't available in Europe, looks like a really nice device (but importing it, with shipping alone -before customs- kills any price advantage)
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<lmore377> damn that controller runs over i2c. do you know if there's a way to like have a script that intercepts led commands from openwrt and does it's own thing?
<pkgadd> the LP5523 controlled rgb LED is exposed to OpenWrt, but switched off by default (as soon as lp5523 module is loaded), no idea if there's a way to intercept LED sequences from the OEM firmware
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<reiffert> Hey guys, I've found an issue with mediatek 7620 - what is the best way to report it?
<PaulFertser> reiffert: probably sending a patch to fix it ;) The next best way might be to add a ticket to the bug tracking system.
<reiffert> FS#3539
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<russell--> reiffert: what is jboot?
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<russell--> up until several minutes ago, i was not aware such a thing existed
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<reiffert> where in gituhub would I find the part that splits the image in parts and installs it into mtdblocks, I'm trying to find if there was a change between 8/26 and 12/26 specifically for ramips but I couldnt find any in openwrt/tree/master/target/linux/ramips
<reiffert> if I'd knew how to do it I'd fetch the source tree for a specific date and could try to narrow down when it breaks
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<gospod> how can i enable debug msgs in syslog for hostapd without recompiling openwrt/hostapd? can it be done? is there a package with that enabled?
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<danijelt> hi everyone. i'm struggling with getting ethernet to work on mikrotik rb2011 on ath79. pretty much everything else works, except wired networking. rb2011 has ar8237 gbit switch for the first 5 ports and sfp, and internal 100m switch for ports 6-10
<danijelt> i'm at the point where the switches are initialized, swconfig detects link status on the ports, but i can't reach anything. however, ARP table is built up over time, and i'm even able to create conflict if i plug it in my main network with ip (because there's already a gateway with the same IP)
<danijelt> i just can't ping anything from the rb2011, or ping it from anywhere
<danijelt> here's my github repo with the current (a bit messy) state:
<danijelt> i got qca,ar8327-initvals values from the mach-rb2011.c file from ar71xx, as well as gmac-config and pll-data values. i tried using only eth0/mdio0, and eth1/mdio1, i tried using both, i tried defining ports on eth0 as they are defined in ar9344_pcs_cr5000.dts with has the same switch and 5x gbit ports, i tried not defining them, i tried with and
<danijelt> without gmac-config, i tried phy-mode rgmii and rgmii-id (which should be the correct value since the delays are configured in ar8327 registers), and nothing helped
<danijelt> a bit more hw info: rb2011 uses ar9344 SoC. According to old mach file, gmac0 is connected to the ar8327 switch, gmac1 is internal switch. port0 on ar8327 is cpu, port6 is sfp. mode defined there is rgmii for port0 and sgmii for port6. gmac1 is in gmii mode. i got ar8327-initvals by reading that mach file, referring to the ar8237 datasheet and
<danijelt> comparing it to other ar9344 boards using ar8327 which are already ported to ath79
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<reiffert> I was checking out a specific git revision, how can I make sure that the feeds are from that timeframe of the revision?
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<reiffert> building and installing r14281 over r14281 on ramips/mt7620 has worked.
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<Hauke> reiffert: normally the feed is flexible with the openwrt core version
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<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: ping?
<adrianschmutzler> f00b4r0: pong
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: I just saw your comment on GH. How close are we to stable closing?
<adrianschmutzler> Possibly very close
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<f00b4r0> my main concern is that the 4K_SECTORS situation hasn't been resolved. That has consequences beyond mikrotik devices
<adrianschmutzler> I don't expect any major changes on that battleground
<f00b4r0> you do understand that this will break sysupgrade on all affected devices?
<adrianschmutzler> I do understand, but that's nothing I can act on personally
<f00b4r0> and it will make a number of them extremely slow, in particular for the first boot after sysupgrade (we're looking at _minutes_, not seconds)
<f00b4r0> so nobody cares?
<adrianschmutzler> probably
<f00b4r0> amazing. So it's okay to release known broken software?
<f00b4r0> despite the fix being available?
<adrianschmutzler> considering the size of the project, you cannot expect every area to be working
<adrianschmutzler> has there been any change to the situation upstream concerning the fix
<adrianschmutzler> ?
<f00b4r0> I suspect a lot of users expect upgrades between stable releases not to softbrick their devices.
<f00b4r0> I for one certainly holds that expectation.
<adrianschmutzler> that's why I consider to just disable these, devices, at least a subset
<f00b4r0> try git grep 4K_SECTORS
<f00b4r0> you're looking at a _lot_ of devices
<swalker> updated openwrt/upstream,
<adrianschmutzler> Apart from that, that's why there is a preparation and rc phase
<shibboleth> PaulFertser, ping re the patches, re what adrianschmutzler said
<adrianschmutzler> anyway, I forgot again, is the mikrotik nand problem a separate issue or entangled with the 4k problem?
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: just in case, I'd like to emphasise that if there's a release with broken 4K support, there won't be a clean upgrade path to a fix. It's break on release, and break again on fix
<reiffert> r14793 from 10/28 is still working on mt7620 .. any guesses what could have broken it on yesterdays snapshot? FS#3539 for details
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: separate
<PaulFertser> shibboleth: didn't have a chance to send them yet, sorry. I do not think there's any chance they get accepted prior to the next release branching anyway.
<shibboleth> device support/p1 is pretty straightforward, the device is identical to the c2600 save for the extra pcie lane
<adrianschmutzler> f00b4r0: do have a link at hand what that was about? is this severe enough for disabling devices?
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: i would recommend disabling the nand mikrotik devices. As for the 4K sectors I'll leave that to the powers that be. Expect a lot of complaints though.
<adrianschmutzler> ah, that bad sectors thing
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: tl;dr: we don't perform badblock management on the kernel segment: every time it's written, the tool assumes 0 badblocks. Of course after a while that assumption doesn't hold water.
<adrianschmutzler> so, based on the discussion for ipq40xx, that effectively affects ath79 and ramips then?
<adrianschmutzler> I'm not aware of mikrotik in other targets?
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: correct
<f00b4r0> indeed
<f00b4r0> i think there's only one NAND device in mikrotik/ramips
<adrianschmutzler> okay, so I would disable those relatively soon already.
<f00b4r0> seems desirable. People will complain but I think it's better than luring users into false security
<adrianschmutzler> and for the 4k I would wait until the branch and the first complaints, and then either somebody fixes it (/applies the fix) or I just will disable all of them
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: the problem is it will break sysupgrade. People upgrading remote device will be in a world of pain
<f00b4r0> at the very least you should put a note in the release notes
<f00b4r0> and if I'm not mistaken, not only will it break sysupgrade but the devices won't preserve their settings across reboots either, due to mismatching blocksize between image and kernel
<adrianschmutzler> Well, the release notes will be after the release. I assume we will either have fixed or disabled devices by then
<f00b4r0> honestly, the situation is really bad and not addressing it will poorly reflect on the project, in my very humble opinion.
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<reiffert> am I affected? [ 1.056540] jffs2: version 2.2 (NAND) (SUMMARY) (LZMA) (RTIME) (CMODE_PRIORITY) (c) 2001-2006 Red Hat, Inc.
<reiffert> system type: MediaTek MT7620A ver:2 eco:6
<adrianschmutzler> mt7620: CONFIG_MTD_SPI_NOR_USE_4K_SECTORS=y
<reiffert> do I need that or not having means I'm not affected?
<f00b4r0> mt7620 is a "special" case because it also sets LIMITS to 16MB. Meaning all devices with less than 16MB flash are effectively using 4K sectors already (which is why some people complain they're slow)
<adrianschmutzler> well, I'm afraid I cannot do much in this context. and unfortunately, with a project that big there is always something which cannot be fixed for a release
<f00b4r0> it's a little more than "something" tbh
<reiffert> it would be great if sysupgrade would detect, warn and ask back for "are you sure?" for affected devices
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<danijeltudek> adrianschmutzler f00b4r0 are you saying that mikrotik nand devices might get dropped? that means that the work i just started a few days ago on rb2011 could become useless?
<adrianschmutzler> not dropped, the just won't be built by default
<adrianschmutzler> the code remains as is
<adrianschmutzler> you just won't get prebuilt images for download
<adrianschmutzler> until the issue is fixed somehow
<rsalvaterra> Uhh… guys? I'm probably late to the party, but the current snapshot is completely broken on my APU2C4.
<adrianschmutzler> f00b4r0: what's the nand device in ramips?
<f00b4r0> let me check
<danijeltudek> if memory serves me, there was already a discussion somewhere about other devices affected by this, not just mikrotik... maybe some tplink? there's even a note in the wiki for some device telling people to remap partitions in case of bad blocks
<adrianschmutzler> For ath79, it probably would be as simple as putting DEFAULT := n directly into Device/mikrotik_nand?
<rsalvaterra> Ok, ubus is dead. WTF…?!
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: indeed. For ramips I was under the impression one of the RBM was NAND, but it's not obvious from DTS. I'm looking at website
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: seems I'm wrong. All ramips we support are NOR.
<adrianschmutzler> maybe it's one of the still-open PRs we both had in mind for ramips ...
<f00b4r0> possible :)
<adrianschmutzler> would you kindly prepare a short commit message for disabling the NAND devices for me?
<adrianschmutzler> so I don't have to scan that entire discussion?
<mangix> doesn't MIR3G use NAND?
<mangix> or is there a difference between NAND and eMMC?
<adrianschmutzler> (I assume you are not too intent to send a patch ...)
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: I'm not, but I can help with the commit message. moments :)
<PaulFertser> mangix: eMMC is apparently NAND, but it behaves similar to SD card (also featuring NAND inside), and whatever software works with it doesn't need to deal with low-level details.
<danijeltudek> unrelated to 4k spi/nand, does anyone have any idea or tips about the switch issue on rb2011 i described above? i'm working on it for the last 3 days and either i'm doing something totally wrong or ath79 needs rework to support the rb2011 hw configuration?
<rsalvaterra> Hmm… something's weird. An image built like I usually do (with the image builder) is completely broken on the current snapshot. The standard image works, though.
<f00b4r0> adrianschmutzler: sent you an email. Off to diner, ttyl
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<adrianschmutzler> thanks, do you want to be mentioned for that one, or can I just put it into my patch?
<f00b4r0> no need, make it your own ;)
<f00b4r0> really off now.
<adrianschmutzler> thanks again!
<f00b4r0> np yw
<reiffert> my ramips/mt7620 broke between r15101 and yesterdays snapshot. Can someone help get some ideas please
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<Hauke> reiffert: what is broken?
<Borromini> there's someone named looter in #openwrt who is also saying an mt7620 build broke his Archer C2
<adrianschmutzler> reiffert: and what's your device?
<reiffert> Hauke: the bootloader doesn't find the partition to start from. I was documenting it in
<reiffert> I just built a couple of snapshots for testing and the last working version is r15101. Currently building r15207 which is about mid of December.
<reiffert> adrianschmutzler: a D-Link DWR 960
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<Hauke> reiffert: thanks for narrowing it doen which comit broke it
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<reiffert> r15207 was building but the version.buildinfo file still says r15101-61e381d322 and wasn't updated from the previous build.
<reiffert> ignore that, my bad. I'll update when r15207 is working or not
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<rsalvaterra> I narrowed it down to urandom-seed. Without urandom-seed, the system doesn't boot. I haven't noticed any change that could cause this…
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<mangix> rsalvaterra: dev/random blocking?
<rsalvaterra> Nope.
<rsalvaterra> At least, the system didn't come up in two days. Even a blocking /dev/random wouldn't cause this.
<rsalvaterra> And there's always urngd.
<rsalvaterra> Building a new image with urandom-seed, but with DISABLED_SERVICES="urandom_seed"…
<reiffert> r15207 is working .. from 12/13
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<rsalvaterra> … and it also breaks.
<mangix> so random blocking :)
<mangix> IIRC urngd can't be used on mt7621. I forgot the details.
<rsalvaterra> mangix: It can't be. I never had this issue in over two years.
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<rsalvaterra> MT7621? This is x86-64, an APU2C4.
<mangix> aoh
<mangix> that's strange
<reiffert> I'm on mt7620
<rsalvaterra> Also, [ 27.612980] random: crng init done.
<rsalvaterra> So, at this point, there's enough entropy.
* rsalvaterra scratches his head…
<Hauke> reiffert: it could be related to the image size
<Hauke> or the kernel size
<rsalvaterra> (I don't want urandom-seed because I don't like the idea of writing to the flash at every boot.)
<reiffert> Hauke: yep .. currently building b837534f029da10abbd1069392867e0700134ace mt76: update to the latest version
<rsalvaterra> mangix: Oh, urngd works just fine on my MT7621 system. I can't vouch for the entropy quality, though.
<reiffert> there is one other mt76 related fix which looked promising .. "736eee5cc6d9e96f5fae26bd6fcbfdc3d7968166 mt76: Fix compile against glibc
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<reiffert> Hauke: isn't the kernel size checked by a couple of scripts.. I remember something similar back in the days with ipq40xx
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<rsalvaterra> This is something else… urandom-seed is innocent. I need to keep digging…
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<aparcar[m]> nbd: can you please have a look at
<reiffert> r15239 is working on mt7620
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<enyc> Curious -- is this normal / intentional-choice that the 'master' builds/snapshots do not include LuCI by default, that will change for test-20.12 builds, , or if this is a mistake/regreission
<reiffert> enyc: I'm calling it normal. You can install it with opkg update; opkg install luci;
<enyc> reiffert: well inded can and that does work =)
<enyc> and so-far said snapshots work well on Homehub v5a in some silghtly-fiddly configs
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<enyc> not clear to me how to tell if WPA2 or WPA3 in use with any particular wifi-client [...]
<rsalvaterra> Hm… How do I mount the filesystem bound to the loop0 device from OpenWrt, on another system? I need to recover the data from /overlay/upper.
<rsalvaterra> The overlay is ext4, so it should be easy to mount, but I can't find any documentation on how to do it (I don't have much experience with loopfs).
<PaulFertser> rsalvaterra: it's not loopfs, it's just a loopback device. What filesystem's in the dump? Probably the easiest would be to use binwalk -e?
<PaulFertser> rsalvaterra: ah, with ext4 it's just mount -o loop your.image.ext4 /wherever
<rsalvaterra> Uh… what image?
<PaulFertser> rsalvaterra: the filename of the file containing your filesystem.
<rsalvaterra> This is what I have on a normal OpenWrt system…
<PaulFertser> rsalvaterra: if it's a real device you should be able to just mount it as usual.
<reiffert> from my life system:
<reiffert> /dev/mtdblock4 on /overlay type jffs2 (rw,noatime)
<reiffert> overlayfs:/overlay on / type overlay (rw,noatime,lowerdir=/,upperdir=/overlay/upper,workdir=/overlay/work)
<rsalvaterra> reiffert: This is x86-64, squashfs with ext4 overlay.
<reiffert> I'm very sorry.
<rsalvaterra> I'd love to avoid the dump-and-binwalk dance, but…
<PaulFertser> rsalvaterra: I see now where the confusion is from. It's a tricky trick used by OpenWrt. You also need to check parameters from "losetup -l", that loop0 has some offset.
<rsalvaterra> No losetup here.
<rsalvaterra> Ok, let me explain: I have a broken OpenWrt system (on a mSATA device). I booted a working OpenWrt system from a USB drive.
<PaulFertser> When mounting it determines where squashfs ends and configures the loop device accordingly. And you need to somehow learn that offset to mount it externally.
<PaulFertser> Without losetup it should probably be available from /proc or /sys somewhere.
<rsalvaterra> That's… horrible.
<rsalvaterra> So it's just writing in the raw device (sda) after the squashfs?
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<PaulFertser> rsalvaterra: basically, yes.
<rsalvaterra> What the actual fuck…!
<rsalvaterra> Yeah, binwalk. I don't care.
<rsalvaterra> I'll just dump 200 MiB and be done with it. Should be more than enough.
<rsalvaterra> Can anyone even explain why this is done? Why not just create a real partition?
<PaulFertser> Would you prefer OpenWrt to require LVM instead?
<PaulFertser> How else to repartition on upgrades?
<aparcar[m]> adrianschmutzler: can you give me a crash course in device/dts reviewing at some point?
<Pepe> Public recorded webinar would be great.
<aparcar[m]> works for me
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: I think I'm actually just an idiot… let me just test my theory…
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<rsalvaterra> PaulFertser: binwalk did the trick nicely. It still even had the sysupgrade.tgz there, to make things easier. :)
<russell--> won't an msata device just have a partition table?
<rsalvaterra> russell--: No, it's like PaulFertser said. The loop device just points to an offset in the raw mSATA device. It's weird, indeed, and it caught me completely by surprise.
<russell--> what devices is this from?
<rsalvaterra> x86-64, an APU2C4.
<russell--> that's what i guessed
<rsalvaterra> Oh, well… TIL. :P
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<rsalvaterra> mangix: Yeah, I'm an idiot. I'm including extra files, some of them in /etc, and didn't notice my local etc directory had 700 permissions. *facepalm*
<funman> hi
<funman> is Gabor Juhos present on this channel?
<funman> I have some questions about pci-rt3883.c
<reiffert> Hauke: I dont know how but r15355 (todays snapshot) is working great. I'm resolving the bug report
<aparcar[m]> rsalvaterra: what is the filesystem of an initramfs?
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<rsalvaterra> aparcar[m]: tmpfs, I think. It's a cpio archive which is extracted to tmpfs at boot.
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<aparcar[m]> so how would you call the filesystem?
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<rsalvaterra> Hm… call? What do you mean?
<aparcar[m]> what type is it
<aparcar[m]> squashfs, ext4, etc
<aparcar[m]> or is tmpfs an actual thing?
<rsalvaterra> It's not a filesystem, it's a cpio archive. Similar to tar.
<aparcar[m]> ok so cpio
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<aparcar[m]> mangix: please review this list and let me know what packages could be moved
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<mangix> aparcar[m]: many of those have been moved
<mangix> thc-ipv6 stuff can probably be moved at this point
<mangix> I have no idea what ugps is
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<adrianschmutzler> aparcar[m]: not really, because it depends heavily on what's in the device support PR
<adrianschmutzler> as you might have mentioned, at least my knowledge is limited to specific areas
<adrianschmutzler> mentioned->realized
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