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<awygle> and you can do "multi-channel design" with multiple references to the same schematic sheet but you can't do "rooms" without a plugin making it mostly useless in vanilla kicad
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<azonenberg> electronic_eel: the names are in the repo if you forget :p
<azonenberg> The external trigger will go through basically a LA input stage. That has always been the plan
<azonenberg> sorry i wasn't clear
<azonenberg> i'm not offloading TCP to the stm32 because i need to be able to push tcp at >1 Gbps from the FPGA for waveform download
<azonenberg> there will likely be a software stack, perhaps lwip, on the stm32 for the management interface
<azonenberg> but that will not replace the fpga tcp for waveform streaming
<azonenberg> awygle: yes good multichannel design in kicad is notably lacking
<azonenberg> electronic_eel: so how exactly are you planning to do this opamp attenuator exactly?
<azonenberg> something that runs on +/- 24V?
<azonenberg> also ADC test board just went to fab at oshpark, eta april 15th
<azonenberg> (the panel took longer to fill up than usual)
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<azonenberg> Sooo i just got a fun idea for a highish speed probe apparatus
<azonenberg> i wonder if you could design, out of 3d printed + commodity parts, something along the lines of an ezhook
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<azonenberg> but with a damping resistor right at the tip as close as you could get. To minimize unterminated stub length
<azonenberg> That might be a fun design project lol
<azonenberg> The standard ezhook is probably around (just guessing) 70mm long, so even if you have a buffer/resistor right at the end, you're limited to about 300-400 MHz
<azonenberg> and if you wait until you get to the LA pod, not more than ~100
<azonenberg> also my 75R's are now eta thursday
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<azonenberg> the big difference is that the external trigger input will be a 50 ohm input and not whatever higher impedance the LA's use
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<Degi> Hm you could put a logic buffer into the tip of the probe
<azonenberg> Degi: what sort of buffer, and how would you place/power it?
<azonenberg> anyway that sounds like something to think about for a next-gen probing system
<azonenberg> CONWAY is going to be relatively dumb and low speed
<Degi> Hm some tiny IC and maybe with tiny wires going to it
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<noopwafel> heh, passing -h says to use --help and passing --help does nothing :-)
<noopwafel> (reading docs now)
<azonenberg> noopwafel: lol
<azonenberg> yes, there are definitely some rough edges
<azonenberg> it's very much a work in progress