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<de-facto> I have a Raspi3, which is the correct image for that? website only seems to offer images for Raspi 2 and 4
<de-facto> mine is Raspi 3 without the "+"
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<GNU\colossus> de-facto, use the RPi2 image that is linked to on the page
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<de-facto> ok and then just dd the img to the sdcard device, e.g. /dev/sdc or such?
<chewitt> correct
<chewitt> RPi2/3 share the same image (same SoC)
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<de-facto> thx
<de-facto> are there any checksums provided to ensure integrity?
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<de-facto> ok installed it, seems to work
<de-facto> now i made a mistake and clicked on the libreelec setup button in its GUI
<de-facto> i am trapped in there, it does not have any home button or such
<de-facto> how do i come back to main menu?
<de-facto> is there some secret trick to go back to home?
<de-facto> would i need to pull the power plug in order to come back to home?
<de-facto> im in there via SSH, can i somehow reset the GUI?
<de-facto> meh this is annoying
<de-facto> im just gonna reboot this and never click on LibreELEC setup again
<de-facto> i would have expected to always have a way back to home
<GNU\colossus> uh... don't you have anything other than a pointing device connected?
<de-facto> damn even from the "Videos" menu i cant get back to main menu?!
<de-facto> what is wrong with my setup?
<Strykar> whatever you've assigned to the back button isn't working?
<de-facto> i would have expected to have a "<- go back to home" link somewhere in the GUI
<de-facto> there is no back button anywhere on the screen
<de-facto> is there some secret way to go back?
<Strykar> because its assigned to a mouse right click and Esc on your keyboard
<de-facto> omg thanks for revealing this secret to me, i almost wanted to uninstall it again
<de-facto> would have been quite annoying if i would have to reboot everytime i was trapped in a sub menu
<de-facto> imho such secrets should be revealed in the welcome screen so users know how to go back to home
<r0bert> cant you access the "remote control" guy via your webbrowser?
<de-facto> what do you mean?
<de-facto> port 8080?
<r0bert> my rpi's ip is so i just direct my browser to it
<de-facto> oh thats nice, but i would need to go into another room for having a webbrowser
<r0bert> dunno if :8080 is the standard port
<r0bert> i might have changed it, ye
<de-facto> i downloaded the Android remote control
<de-facto> yeah was on 8080
<r0bert> i used to use "yatse" on a mobile device
<r0bert> was a great app
<r0bert> but didnt really have a use for it
<r0bert> other folks dont need anything at all coz their TV's remote will handle everything via CEC anyways
<de-facto> id need to control it either per keyboard and mouse or android because its in my living toom
<r0bert> or your tv's remote control
<de-facto> how would i use that? its controlling the tv?
<r0bert> those remotes usually have specific buttons "play", "left", "right", "back"...
<r0bert> which are automatically sending those signals to LE
<de-facto> i dont think its supported on my tv, it only displays the tv firmware menu
<de-facto> maybe i have to enable something for that?
<r0bert> no idea, with that small tv i had it worked out of the box
<de-facto> ok have to look into that later, does not seem to work out of the box, but maybe i need to tweak some settings or its not supported on that tv
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<de-facto> where would i put external addons zip files onto the raspi from network?
<de-facto> SMB "Downloads" or such?
<de-facto> SSH .kodi/addons/something?
<de-facto> any cannonical location for addons?
<de-facto> seems downloads works
<de-facto> thats pretty awesome, i like it already, yet have to learn about all of its possibilities
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<tete_> hi, wanted to test the latest libreelec on my odroid n2 but... i somehow do not find the image :/ - can someone tell me which one should it be?
<tete_> chewitt, i read your comment on - "Images from ~ 5 mins ago have much improved audio on G12A, G12B ..." can you tell me where to get those images? because those in yandex are from 29.12
<tete_> perfect, thanks :)
<chewitt> I have no idea if the petitboot garbage that HK install detects an extlinux boot arrangement yet
<chewitt> I do all my tests with that switched off
<tete_> i have an emmc module installed in my odroid, guess there is some way to have this dual booting with emmc and sd?
<tete_> thought when i select SPI it uses some kind of internal bootloader where i can select sd or emmc
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<de-facto> the IPTV addon is awesome
<tete_> hm, i am somehow stuck now in that petitboot thing
<tete_> i upgraded it to use so i can change the boot behaviour
<tete_> but when i press enter on "scan devices" it does not print anything except a * at the top
<tete_> do i have to install the OS over usb when i want to use that feature?
<tete_> thought i can flash the sd, turn on SPI and then configure the boot behaviour
<tete_> seems like that petitboot thing is a bit bitchy...
<tete_> its impossible to boot anything other than that damn petitboot
<tete_> anyone an idea? :/
<tete_> had to recover that petitboot thing, now it works again
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<tete_> hey cool, even the h265 files at least play the audio stuff :)
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<de-facto> is there a plugin for youtube that works? the official one from LibreElec tells some error message about API own keys or such
<de-facto> i dont have a youtube account, i just want to watch some videos
<de-facto> how can i use youtube on libreelec anonymously just like in my browser?
<de-facto> does anyone here have a Google Developers Account on ?
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<de-facto> i would like to have the api_key, client_id and client_secret for LibreELEC Youtube plugin
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<|Jeroen|> yeah its a hassle with api keys these days
<|Jeroen|> you have to create them de-facto
<de-facto> i dont have an account for that
<de-facto> which are the official api keys for LibreELEC?
<|Jeroen|> you can create an free account
<|Jeroen|> there are no offical ones
<de-facto> so there is no way without asking Google for an official Developers Account with that API key?
<|Jeroen|> you don't need to ask, just create one online
<de-facto> it probably requires email and phone number
<de-facto> i really dont want to provide them with that
<de-facto> is there no other way, i just want to watch some youtube videos, i dont need to be linked to an account with history and all that
<|Jeroen|> watch online, but then they also track you
<|Jeroen|> thats the payment i guess
<|Jeroen|> its shit but its the way
<de-facto> how do i watch online?
<de-facto> with LibreELEC on my TV?
<|Jeroen|> no browser i meant
<de-facto> yeah thats exactly how i want to use it, but not only on my computer but also on LibreELEC on my TV
<de-facto> anonymously like in the browser
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<de-facto> there literately could not be any more complex way to do this, its totally maxed out to be the worst experience possible
<de-facto> "OAuth is limited to 100 sensitive scope logins until the OAuth consent screen is verified. This may require a verification process that can take several days." LMAO is that a joke?
<anxdpanic> I can't fix that issue in the YouTube add-on (branding etc). But I am trying to resolve this for v19+, . It is what it is.
<|Jeroen|> lol i did it once but it is indeed a hassle
<|Jeroen|> and mine is also broke now
<|Jeroen|> but i think its the same for openelec and coreelec to
<de-facto> yeah it cant be a worse experience, not LibreELECs fault but its absolutely horrible
<|Jeroen|> true
<|Jeroen|> lucky i don't like youtube all that much
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<de-facto> i think i give up on youtube with LibreELEC its simply too much effort
<de-facto> is there a webbrowser for LibreELEC?
<r0bert> took me 1mins to setup YT with LE
<r0bert> maybe 2
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<de-facto> yeah if you have the keys ready and just have to enter them its fast, but if you would have to register for a google developer account, register with your phone number and create all those api keys it easily takes an hour or more
<de-facto> pretty much fastest possible clicking is this here when that google developer account already is active
<}8]> they require a phone number now? screw that
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<de-facto> yeah.
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<de-facto> not LibreELEC's fault but Googles
<de-facto> yet i wonder if it could be made more streamlined for end users, why not create one developer account for LibreELEC and then have users register with their google accounts to that?
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