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<amstan> naobsd: am i missing anything to get the gmac working?
<amstan> naobsd: when i boot i get absolutely no sign of the mac being there
<amstan> i see the /sys/devices/ff290000.ethernet but that's it
<amstan> i need to change my kconfig, don't i? *facepalm*
<naobsd> amstan: can I see dmesg?
<amstan> naobsd: i did a grep for mac, ethernet, phy and there's nothing
<amstan> yeah, so my /sys/devices/ff290000.ethernet doesn't have a driver
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> CONFIG_STMMAC_ETH=y should be enough
<amstan> there's a DWMAC_RK as well
<naobsd> which tree are you using?
<amstan> chromeos
<naobsd> ah...
<amstan> but DWMAC_RK is upstream
<naobsd> in linux-next, CONFIG_STMMAC_PLATFORM=y enables everything, and default is y
<naobsd> I have no experience with chromeos 3.14 kernel
<amstan> yeah, it was off
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<amstan> recompiling
<amstan> naobsd: there we go, now i get eth1: No PHY found, but that's different
<naobsd> is phy-rst right?
<amstan> i do get stmmaceth ff290000.ethernet: no reset control found
<amstan> naobsd: not sure if it's right
<amstan> the pin GPIO4_B0 is correct
<amstan> it goes to the PHYRSTB of on the rtl
<amstan> that signal is also high
<naobsd> can I see full dmesg?
<amstan> sure
<naobsd> hm... phy power is on, right?
<amstan> yeah, both 3.3v and 1v
<amstan> is there an rtl driver i need?
<amstan> it could be that the hardware is wrong, that's also possible
<naobsd> generic phy driver should work...
<naobsd> can you try to remove phy_rst from pinctrl-0 in gmac node?
<amstan> it will complain now: ERROR (phandle_references): Reference to non-existent node or label "phy_rst"
<naobsd> then please disable phy_rst in pinctrl too
<naobsd> I'm not sure why I added it in firefly.dts... "snps,reset-gpio = <&gpio4 8 0>;" should be enough to reset phy
<amstan> will the 0 change the pinmode too?
<amstan> naobsd: nope, same deal
<amstan> reset signal still high
<naobsd> snps,reset-gpio does "inactive - active - inactive"
<naobsd> it's active_low, so "high - low - high" should happen
<amstan> naobsd: i see it go down for like 10ms
<naobsd> then reset is done...
<amstan> yep
<naobsd> how about clock for phy?
<naobsd> on firefly there is 25MHz xtal for phy
<naobsd> btw it's rtl8211?
<naobsd> rtl8211e is used on firefly
<amstan> yeah, same
<amstan> so the clock comes from the rtl(clk125) and goes to gpio4_3
<amstan> which is already pinmuxed to 3 in rk3288.dtsi
<naobsd> clock comes from rtl(clk125) is for mac
<naobsd> 25MHz clock is for phy
<amstan> ah
<amstan> ok, i could check both
<naobsd> is 25MHz clock fine? (it should, otherwise 125mhz for mac shouldn't be supplied...)
<naobsd> I have no idea for now...
<amstan> 25MHz looks ok
<amstan> 125 i can't really measure without getting a pretty waveform
<naobsd> can you try to specify "snps,phy-addr" ?
<naobsd> I never tried that property so I'm not sure it works...
<amstan> naobsd: does this work on firefly already?
<amstan> should i just make snps,phy-addr 0?
<naobsd> I don't use "snps,phy-addr" in firefly.dts for linux-next
<naobsd> gmac is working without it
<naobsd> 0 or 1 or something, it depends on board configuration
<naobsd> debug prints might be needed for mac-phy communication
<naobsd> I have no idea anymore, please try to see what happen...
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<naobsd> stmmac_mdio_(read|write)
<naobsd> probably "snps,phy-addr" will not help...
<amstan> [ 12.557996] eth1: device MAC address 4a:f4:9b:a6:50:ef
<amstan> [ 12.563150] stmmac_init_phy: trying to attach to stmmac-0:ffffffff
<amstan> well that's encouraging
<amstan> it got a mac
<naobsd> phy addr ffffffff should be -1...
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<ttyman> hello to all
<ttyman> any1 tried to build a Linaro version for Teclast P90HD?
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* libv has a date with some pencil pushers at the opposite end of town, so he can go pay some petty amount of taxes
<libv> but i should return with a 4GB firefly :)
<naobsd> libv: :)
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<naobsd> hm, stmmac phy regulator fix is not merged to linux-next yet...
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<Omegamoon> hi there, finally found some time to try linux-next
<Omegamoon> still breaking my head over the device tree... steep learning curve ;-)
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<Omegamoon> using the Radxa for now
<Omegamoon> @naobsd: do you know if USB should work on radxa? I mean, no device is recognized when I plug it in
<rperier> Omegamoon: if you build your kernel with Dual Role support for USB , as there are no phy-usb for rk3188 the driver won't be initialized. You should configure your kernel to use only the mode "Host" for now
<rperier> check your kernel logs in case (dmesg)
<rperier> the host mode works fine
<Omegamoon> rperier: ah, thanks, I'll try that right away!
<rperier> could you check your kernel logs about dwc2 driver
<rperier> please
<rperier> that's just an idea, perhaps your problem is another thing
<Omegamoon> sure I will
<Omegamoon> I think I used host mode before, and switched to dual mode later since no device was recognized
<Omegamoon> but let me have a look
<mmind00> Omegamoon: also there is a strange usb-whitelist option, which I had active (for unknown reasons) in the beginning and was then wondering why nothing was recognized :-)
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<Omegamoon> bootlog of Dual Role USB is here:
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<Omegamoon> host mode seems to make no difference...
<Omegamoon> mmind00: what usb-whitelist option are you referring to, do you remember?
<mmind00> Omegamoon: I think it was USB_OTG_WHITELIST
<mmind00> Omegamoon: but in your log ... you can already see "platform 101c0000.usb: Driver dwc2 requests probe deferral" and friends
<mmind00> Omegamoon: but as the "no platform data or transceiver defined" is part of the gadget portion, the log for a host-only compile should look a bit differently
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<Omegamoon> the Host-only log (with verbose debugging) looks very different indeed. see here:
<Omegamoon> I'll try the USB_OTG_WHITELIST option now to see if that helps, thanks for that one :-)
<mmind00> Omegamoon: it should be off :-)
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<Omegamoon> mmind00: it was off already :-)
<Omegamoon> is it a known error that the console is flooded with errors like...
<Omegamoon> "rtc-hym8563 1-0051: no valid clock/calendar values available"
<Omegamoon> ?
<naobsd> linux-next works fine for me. I don't have a time to try -stable
<naobsd> mmind00: do you know what needs to be fixed for "clk: Add rate constraints to clocks" issue?
<naobsd> that commit is not reverted, I guess SoC specific implementation need to be updated...
<naobsd> probably I don't understand issue properly :(
<mmind00> Omegamoon: because your system is trying to read the rtc-time, without the rtc having any valid time information at all
<mmind00> naobsd: not sure which change you mean, but I guess something from linux-next?
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<mmind00> naobsd: juding by there not being a clk pull request for 3.20 yet, I guess they're having problems with this already
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<naobsd> mmind00: yes, clk related change in linux-next
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<Omegamoon> switching from stable to linux-next now, to see if that resolves the USB problems "automagically" ;-)
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<amstan> naobsd: have you ever tried doing rmmod stmmac; modprobe stmmac?
<amstan> it crashes nicely for me, even though the implicit modprobe at boot works
<mmind00> amstan: oh great ;-(
<amstan> mmind00: yeah, see my issue for more details
<amstan> hmm... firefly has schematics doesn't it?
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<mrueg> too bad firefly has no rtc :(
<amstan> rk808 has one
<amstan> but firefly doesn't use it for some reason
<mrueg> amstan: which reason?
<amstan> mrueg: no idea
<mrueg> I just bought a DS3231
<mrueg> seems to work with arduino, I hope it works with firefly, too.
<amstan> mrueg: 3.3V Operation
<amstan> mrueg: does the firefly have level converters? most ports on the rk3288 are 1.8V
<mrueg> ah haven't thought about that
<mmind00> mrueg: what makes you say that the firefly does not have a rtc?
<mrueg> mmind00: does it?
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<amstan> yes it does
<amstan> U30
<mmind00> mrueg: yep the same hym8563 also found on the radxa rock
<mrueg> but where's the power supply?
<amstan> mrueg: a battery connected to D10
<amstan> or the system power
<mrueg> ah :)
<mrueg> okay I thought it misses one as there's no battery slot
<amstan> mrueg: see where the trace from D10 goes
<amstan> and you'll find your battery
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<mrueg> amstan: ah its rtc_bat on the backside
<amstan> mrueg: yep, i just saw it too
<amstan> this is a pretty nifty board
<amstan> mrueg: what are you running on it?
<mrueg> amstan: nothing right now :)
<mrueg> plan to run gentoo on it
<amstan> mrueg: decent
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