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<steev> le sigh
<steev> just exploded my usb hub
<steev> apparently the trimslice power cable *will* plug in to a mini-x
<steev> and if you have a usb hub plugged in to it, poof
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<steev> bleh, looks like the mini-x is poof too
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<steev> yay, looks like not
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<steev> Jan 1 00:00:39 kali kernel: [ 11.345553] ERR: script_parser_fetch usb_controller_type failed
<steev> i get that on a mini-x (512mb revision - old, with no holes in the case)
<steev> usb does seem to work though
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<oliv3r> steev: what's a trimslive power cable?
<steev> Tegra2 system
<steev> Same barrel, very different voltage ;)
<oliv3r> oh ok
<oliv3r> so more then 5V USB has to do?
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<oliv3r> hno: did you happen to have time to check my 2GiB branch on my github?
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<mnemoc> moin
<oliv3r> lo
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<mnemoc> yes, saw greg posts on G+
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<oliv3r> and that's why you should run opensource software
<oliv3r> go go openwrt
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<focus> keebler: droooooollll!!!! how much are they planning to sell the module at and the mboard - hint will be fine - i'll order 2 for my company
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<EGM> Hi guys, anyone of you encountered problems with USB devices (kernel does not detect disconnection of USB devices in some cases)?
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<balage> arokux1, hi, are you there? i was offline for some time but had time to test sunxi-3.4 on my hackberry A10 for usb issues. I though I would share my findings and also look for some news on usb frontier :)
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<balage> arokux1, so in short. i managed to have usb buses seen by dmesg and lsusb, however none of them actually works. I mean when I plug an usb device (kb, usb stick, stick over passive usb hub) nothing happens, neither in dmesg nor in lsusb output. so I experienced the same with sunxi-nighly and Fedora19 kernel from Hans de Goede.
<balage> arokux1, the most I could achieve (not 100% reproducible) is to have some outputs in dmesg saying 'ehci_irq: port change detect' but nothing else.. so I am stuck with 3.0 at the moment.
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<kriegerod> balage: maybe power issues?
<balage> kriegerod, then why does it work with same fex file, same hardware plugged in but on 3.0?
<kriegerod> 3.0 what?
<kriegerod> kernel?
<balage> kriegerod, sunxi-3.0 (3.0.76 at the moment)
<EGM> I have problems with USB on sunxi 3.4.x (3.4.43 and 3.4.61), but not on 3.3.0.
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<mnemoc> tried on stage-3.4 ?
<balage> EGM, other people having usb issues too, at least on Hackberry (http://goo.gl/LCfGJg)
<EGM> balage: Oh, thanks for the link. I noticed it on Cubieboard, but it's somehow USB device specific...
<mnemoc> cb1 or cb2?
<EGM> cb2
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<balage> mnemoc, no I haven't, last time someone told me it is not necessary as it doesn't have usb changes over sunxi-3.4, but I could try in the afternoon..
<EGM> Haven't tried stage-3.4
<mnemoc> balage: just for the sake of testing. also there might be some a20/usb related changes on the ML which haven't been noticed by the lazy maintainer wannabe
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<mnemoc> if you are using defconfig you can find pre-builts at http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/nightly/linux-sunxi/
<balage> mnemoc, okay I'll try stage-3.4 in the after work and report here
<mnemoc> thanks
<EGM> mnemoc: Thanks for the prebuilts link!
<mnemoc> EGM: they aren't really "nightly"... they only update when the corresponding branch updates
<mnemoc> and tried every 3h
<EGM> BTW, what does "nuclear" in version mean?
<mnemoc> nuclear is the nickname of aw's devkit
<mnemoc> usually implies android
<mnemoc> like crane for a1
<mnemoc> a10
<EGM> Oh, ok.
<mnemoc> the prebuilts are for each defconfig, not all of them are really usuful
<EGM> Looks like my USB issues are bit different from what is described on miniand forums. But it seems related, because it works in older version than 3.4
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<mnemoc> EGM: can you try with the latest -rN tag with N > 0 ?
<EGM> mnemoc: I am not sure what are you asking me to do, sorry...
<mnemoc> EGM: the git repository has sunxi related tags
<oliv3r> mnemoc: awesome
<mnemoc> git tag --list | grep sunxi
<oliv3r> i should add cubietruck to that list ;)
<oliv3r> and olimexino
<mnemoc> oliv3r: that's one of the motivations for these builds
<mnemoc> oliv3r: if they become usable, people will contribute more
<oliv3r> aye
<oliv3r> i would have expected those to have been added
<oliv3r> thena gain i only usbmitted ct last week
<mnemoc> maybe not starting with sun?i-* ?
<oliv3r> btw, A80 is more or less confirmed to be powerVR benn said, A6x looks like it might be mali
<oliv3r> but benn wasn't sure yet either
<mnemoc> push him to push aw about the importance of linux drivers
<oliv3r> for powervr?
<mnemoc> for any SOC
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<oliv3r> pff, fsck powervr :p
<mnemoc> for a31 and a80 that means pvr, yes
<mnemoc> if they decide to invest a little more a31/a80 wouldn't be.... THAT hated
<mnemoc> sure it's a crap GPU and still a blob, but they would be more usable with a linux native blob than without
<oliv3r> yer barkin' up the wrong tree for that one ;)
<mnemoc> :p
<EGM> mnemoc: So I should test sunxi-v3.4.43-r2? There's no N>0 for 3.4.61, right?
<mnemoc> you seem to have more interactions with benn than I
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<mnemoc> EGM: right.
<mnemoc> EGM: -r0 are immediatelly after the version jump, and regressions may exist. -rN with N>0 are usually "stable"
<EGM> mnemoc: Ok, gimme while, I will look into that. I am booting stage-3.4 right now...
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<EGM> mnemoc: Well, it's "stable", it just messes up with USB a bit...
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i only replied to the mail :p
<mnemoc> ^^
<oliv3r> ok cubietruck 3.10 pushed
<mnemoc> Tsvetan: did you get a datasheet for the A23 or only a list of specs?
<Tsvetan> they do not have datasheet yet
<oliv3r> oh any info is good atm :)
<oliv3r> no pdf at all available yet?
<mnemoc> Tsvetan: any documentation, even if it's in chinese! it's highly welcomed ;-)
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<arokux1> hi balage now I'm here. what did you do to get "port change" output?
<arokux1> oliv3r: do you know till when is Benn on vacation?
<mnemoc> he returned yesterday
<mnemoc> oliv3r: http://sprunge.us/QgTh
<mnemoc> added the rev... but filenames are kind of.... long :|
<balage> arokux1, tried on kernel (without usb debug enabled in sw_hci_sunxi.h +37) plugged a passive usb2.0 hub in, then tried to plug a simple stick into its ports one-by-one
<balage> arokux1, then I realized it's a non debug kernel, so booted a debug kernel up and it did not occur again
<oliv3r> mnemoc: we should add references to the nightly kernels on the wiki
<oliv3r> i see if i have time (read, feel like) doin gthat later
<oliv3r> i have an emergency project i have to take care of in the next 7.5 days
<oliv3r> i'm getting a new power meter, which can be read from, and i wanna monitor it :)
<Tsvetan> I dont know if we need A23 board, no Ethernet, no SATA, no HD ...
<oliv3r> Tsvetan: it's the replacement of the A13; e.g. dualcore a13
<oliv3r> personally, it's more for tablets
<oliv3r> but if its (much) cheaper then a20, it's a viable replacement for robotics
<mnemoc> as a13, but there is an olinuxino with it
<oliv3r> it's NOT pincompatible; it's the same size as a10s, but less pins
<mnemoc> ok
<balage> arokux1, though i noticed that /proc/ccmu changed a bit, newertheless which debug option I used: http://sprunge.us/UDPR
<arokux1> balage: you should get additional output, even for non-debug kernel.
<arokux1> balage: that is strange, debug option shouldn't change anything in that file.
<balage> arokux1, I recompiled it without debug mode and it hasn't changed, ccmu output was the same, the only difference for my prior .configs was to disable rtl8192_sw and use rtlwifi :)
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<arokux1> balage: the point is, with "sw_hci_sunxi.h +37" set to 1 you should see a whole lot of the output, in particular: "sw_hci_sunxi.c +765"
<EGM> mnemoc: 3.4.43-r2 still has issues with USB :(
<mnemoc> uh
<mnemoc> EGM: and -r1 ?
<mnemoc> uhm... that might not have A20 support
<arokux1> EGM: which issues with USB? usb host or usb otg?
<balage> arokux1, i see but nothing was displayed (side question, is it still necessary to power cycle the device between kernel changes?)
<arokux1> balage: hm.. if you replace the kernel you must reboot. turning off and on is not necessary.
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<balage> arokux1, just asking because older kernels did not 'boot' correctly, though I have updated u-boot also recently. ok, all is clear.
<arokux1> balage: so did you reboot after "sw_hci_sunxi.h +37" set to 1
<EGM> arokux1: Host, seems like kernel does not register disconnection of some devices.
<EGM> For example, when you unplug wifi dongle (rtl8188 based), it still shows up in lsusb, iwconfig and such.
<arokux1> EGM: ah, you were the one who sent an e-mabil about this to the ML?
<arokux1> e-mail*
<EGM> Yeah, I thought it got lost.
<balage> arokux1, so what do you suggest, try it again with debug kernel (sw_hci_sunxi.h +37 set to 1) and plug in different thing? as it hasn't worked so far :( maybe with stage-3.4?
<EGM> I am not familiar with mailing lists, to be honest...
<EGM> arokux1: Yes
<mnemoc> can anyone suggest a better gmane group name to ask for a rename? we aren't a subporject of "netbook"....
<EGM> I believe that that hub related error is in fact related to USB hub integrated in one deviced I tried, so it's probably not issue of CB nor sunxi
<arokux1> balage: I suggest you to get the output of those debug lines. as said, you do not need to put to kernel to the debug mode (though I'm not sure what do you mean by this), you just need to put 1 in sw_hci_sunxi.h, rebuild your kernel and reboot with it. just for making sure you are booting the correct kernel you could add a random printk at sw_hci_sunxi_init in sw_hci_sunxi.c
<arokux1> EGM: so is everything works as expected with another hub?
<EGM> arokux1: Basically yes, but I believe that that hub works only one USB port, not in the other one.
<arokux1> EGM: is your hub externally powered?
<EGM> It can be externally powered, but it worked without external power.
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<arokux1> EGM: it worth to try with external power to rule out these kind of issues.
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<balage> arokux1, yes I meant 'debug kernel' when sw_hci_sunxi.h +37 has been set to 1... I am a bit lost between my tests with different kernels, I'll do a clean test tonight. thx
<arokux1> EGM: will USB devices disappear on disconnect if you have them disconnected directly from the board?
<arokux1> balage: ok. just make sure you get those debug lines, only then we can move forward.
<EGM> arokux1: No, I have wifi dongle connected right in the board and it does not disappear on disconnect.
<EGM> arokux1: No, I have wifi dongle connected right in the board and it does not disappear on disconnect.
<EGM> Ooops, sorry
<EGM> Oh cra
<EGM> Wow, when I disconnect the hub from board, it does not disappear either...
<EGM> <3>hub 3-0:1.0: port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling... [ 1071.750523] hub 3-0:1.0: port 1 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling... <6>usb 3-1: USB disconnect, device number 6 <6>usb 3-1.1: USB disconnect, device number 7 <6>usb 3-1: new high-speed USB device number 8 using sw-ehci <6>hub 3-1:1.0: USB hub found <6>hub 3-1:1.0: 5 ports detected <6>usb 3-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 9 using sw-ehci <6>generic-usb 0003:21
<arokux1> EGM: what does the "uname -a" outputs right now?
<EGM> Sorry for formatting, probably webchat caused that...
<EGM> Linux colposcope 3.4.43 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 14 10:53:56 CEST 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
<EGM> That's 3.4.43-r2
<mnemoc> Tsvetan: btw, http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/nightly/linux-sunxi/ includes pre-builts (updated each 3h) of the different sunxi kernel branches. including the experimental (dts-based) 3.10 and mainline. and the .dtb files for your olinuxinos ;-)
<arokux1> EGM: I see, I do not have any ideas right now, I'll try to reproduce your problem tonight with my boards.
<EGM> arokux1: I can provide you my config, if you want. But I believe that it behaves same way using defconfig for sun7i
<mnemoc> Tsvetan: they are built out of the defconfigs, but intended to be used by real users, so improvements to defconfigs are welcomed
<EGM> arokux1: I will try to test it under stage/sunxi-3.4 today and post results...
<mnemoc> if you detect relevant outstanding patches in the ML, please let me know
<arokux1> EGM: yes, I think config shouldn't matter, but maybe it is a good idea to test it too. So just cat .config | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us
<Tsvetan> mnemoc thanks I will check
<EGM> arokux1: http://sprunge.us/SFMD
<EGM> Should it be FEX related? Should I try fex file from 3.3.0 image that works as expected?
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<EGM> arokux1: Ok, I just booted stage-sunxi-3.4 and it's same :(
<arokux1> EGM: I do not know why it should be FEX related.
<mnemoc> EGM: 3.3.0 is a AW's GPL violating and SOC-specific kernel, sunxi-3.* are integrated and community maintained. reviewing the changes done by AW and integrating them properly into the unified takes time and resources. any help is welcomed
<arokux1> EGM: can you please try 3.4.43-r1?
<mnemoc> EGM: what you are facing implies that we are missing something AW did in their 3.3 for a20/usb
<mnemoc> arokux1: I think he did already...
<arokux1> mnemoc: what works for EGM import/lichee-3.3/a20-dev or import/lichee-a20-3.3 ?
<arokux1> mnemoc: and what is the difference between them?
<mnemoc> import/lichee-3.3/a20-dev is based on a git drop
<mnemoc> the other is a source drop
<mnemoc> git drop has history ;-)
<arokux1> EGM: which one works for you?
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<mnemoc> but it's from march. devices are usually shipped with a newer snapshot.... diffs need to be found
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<mnemoc> a20-dev vs latest 3.3 from aw
<arokux1> mnemoc: diffs between what? do we have other kernels shipped with new devices?
<mnemoc> arokux1: 3.3 kernel in their 2.0 SDK and the -dev we got
<mnemoc> to see what changed after march
<arokux1> mnemoc: I see.
<EGM> arokux1: I will try 3.4.43-r1 in a while.
<arokux1> EGM: what exact kernel works for you as expected?
<EGM> I haven't tried that one yet.
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<EGM> arokux1: 3.3.0 from hramrach's wheezy image
<mnemoc> http://sprunge.us/cjdg .... interesting diff of the builddirs of sun7i and the others
<mnemoc> ^---- from the 3h-ly "nightly" builds
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<EGM> Unfortunately, using that image, I have problems with wifi support... :\
<arokux1> EGM: ok, I'll try to see if we have missed something during unification tonight. but please first try 3.4.43-r1 once you have time.
<arokux1> EGM: thank you for helping us to track down this problem.
<arokux1> EGM: what are you wifi problems? in-kernel rtlwifi and vendor's drivers work just fine, although the latter demonstrates superior performance.
<pirea> arokux1 i will make nighly builds :)
<pirea> where i can upload my nightly builds ? :)
<arokux1> pirea: what nightly builds do you mean?
<pirea> i will compile every night kernel from git on my cubieboard
<mnemoc> pirea: we do nightly kernel builds out of all branches, with their defconfigs. help improving those defconfigs is appreciated
<arokux1> pirea: mnemoc has already set up the each-3rd hour builds.
<pirea> tnx :)
<arokux1> mnemoc: do you think that link deserves the place on the main page of the wiki? maybe it should be a link to some other page, that explains all the branches...
<mnemoc> arokux1: probably :)
<mnemoc> but they are NOT stable releases!
<arokux1> mnemoc: maybe we should put it here: http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux
<mnemoc> feel free do improve the wiki as you find better :)
<mnemoc> it's a wiki ;-)
<mnemoc> next step will be to do the same for every board in u-boot-sunxi
<arokux1> mnemoc: yes, I do it with pleasure, however it is better to ask before changing the main page
<mnemoc> arokux1: :) +1
<arokux1> mnemoc: how about building hardware packs with our sunxi-bsp?
<arokux1> mnemoc: for some distros...
<mnemoc> arokux1: the sunxi-bsp needs to be adapted
<mnemoc> u-boot and the blobs have changed a lot
<mnemoc> also we have projects that's don't cross compile yet
<mnemoc> arokux1: so reviving the nightly hwpacks is also in the TODO, but implies more work
<mnemoc> we need different branches on the bsp (mimicing what we have in the kernel)
<arokux1> mnemoc: I see, hwpack automatic build could be cool I think. we may have a buildroot image to minimize it size and ask people to test it, if bisecting etc
<mnemoc> a lot to todo, and too little time :(
<mnemoc> err
<mnemoc> a lot to do, but too little time :(
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<EGM> arokux1: Well, using 3.4.x kernel, 8192cu works fine. But under that 3.3.0 kernel, iwconfig shows two interfaces for one wifi dongle, and it does not work well (I can't connect to cubieboard configured as AP, using same configuration as in newer kernel)...
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<mnemoc> is github down?
<n01> Turl: ping
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<EGM> arokux1: I am trying to build 3.4.43-r1, but there's no support for sun7i yet...
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<popolon> EGM, then build 3.4.61
<popolon> git clone https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi -b stage/sunxi-3.4
<popolon> use stage instead of stable for sun7i
<popolon> it works fine
<EGM> popolon: We are trying to figure out which versions have broken USB support.
<popolon> oh, sorry
<EGM> I already tested sunxi-3.4, stage/sunxi-3.4, 3.4.43-r2, but arokux1 asked me to test it on 3.4.43-r1 too.
<EGM> Is there any pre-3.4 release of sunxi, which I can test?
<mnemoc> meaning your problem is not a regression
<mnemoc> in amery's github you can find a copy of aw's 3.4 source drop
<mnemoc> diff needs to be found and integrated into stage/sunxi-3.4
<mnemoc> yes
<mnemoc> that's the kernel that comes in their last a20 sdk
<mnemoc> it's there only for reference
<EGM> mnemoc: I'd love to help, but I am afraid that I can't find the right diff.
<mnemoc> EGM: submit a report to the ML. hansg is the usb master, he can problem find the cause without much trouble
<EGM> Ok, and what is "right" way of submitting to ML? Last time I used google groups and I thought my post is lost, I wasn't able to find it.
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<mnemoc> EGM: by email....
<mnemoc> their web interface is odd
<EGM> For reading only it's enough, but posting was odd.
* mnemoc misses nntp and newgroups :<
<mnemoc> mailing list are a crappy alternative, and forums made the things even worse
<mnemoc> but gmane provides an nntp interface to the lists they track
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<EGM> mnemoc: OK, I submitted problem to ML, but I can't find it (again...).
<mnemoc> EGM: held for moderation.
<EGM> Oh, that explains it.
<EGM> I wasn't aware of that.
<mnemoc> now it's there, on top
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<gzamboni> mnemoc the 3V3 is really present in 0909 rev of cubieboard
<gzamboni> i'm trying to use i2ctools on the i2c devices and i'm getting: incomplete xfer (0x20)
<gzamboni> anyone have a clue of what it can be ?
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<Turl> n01: pong
<Turl> gzamboni: do you have a logic analyzer?
<gzamboni> yes i will try to see if its comming out.
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<Turl> heh, AW is going into the wearable electronics market
<gzamboni> nice to know A23 will be TQFP
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<gzamboni> Turl it semms like the communication is getting into the line
<gzamboni> i'm trying i2cdetect witch checks all address in the bus to search for present devices.
<gzamboni> and i get -- incomplete xfer (0x20) in each address
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<Turl> hmm
<Turl> so the transfer is made correctly
<Turl> but you still get an error?
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<gzamboni> still...
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<Turl> gzamboni: does your device have an axp?
<Turl> gzamboni: axp is usually wired to i2c 0
<Turl> does it do that too if you i2cdetect that bus?
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<gzamboni> yes, im using a cubieboard
<gzamboni> im trying to use the i2c 1
<gzamboni> the only one exposed in cubieboard
<gzamboni> Turl, i get the same error at i2c 0 where axp is
<Turl> odd
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<Turl> let me install the tools, sec
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<gzamboni> do you know the adress of the axp ?
<Turl> gzamboni: http://sprunge.us/PXLN
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<Turl> gzamboni: that is on a mele a2000
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<Turl> gzamboni: the kernel is a bit out of date, 3.4.43+ from aug 28
<gzamboni> if i do output to a txt i get the same results
<arokux2> should we really have "A"- Series features and then Comparison table afterwards?
<gzamboni> i had a high kernel console level
<Turl> gzamboni: ah, I should have checked my dmesg
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<Turl> it's full of failed transfers too
<Turl> it may be normal, as there's nobody on the other side of the wire to ack the transfer at that address
<gzamboni> but even when i did set it to 0 on /proc/sys/kernel/printk i still get the error in the console
<gzamboni> humm, ok
<Turl> gzamboni: do you get them too if you try to read the axp registers?
<gzamboni> i dont have the axp datasheet here, let me check a valid address for reading some values
<Turl> there's an i2c command to dump them all I think
<gzamboni> Error: Could not set address to 0x34: Device or resource busy
<gzamboni> normal the driver is using the resource
<gzamboni> should be working, gotta check why my device is not found in bus 1
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<arokux2> leviathanch: hi
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<n01> mripard: ping
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<vgrade> \o
<vgrade> anyone working with H6 netbook?
<WarheadsSE> never heard of that
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<vgrade> just wondered if there were multiple versions as the h6.fex in git does not power the ethernet on my hardware
<chazy-> I'm trying to mount nfsroot with a cubieboard2 using mainline. Do I neeed DT hacks / patches for the kernel for this to work?
<vgrade> chazy-: not sure how many devices are supported by DT at the moment. not sure if I've seen ethernet
<vgrade> looks like net-next has it, http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.network/271214
<vgrade> but thats a10
<popolon> I hope next year will be the year of ARM netbooks
<vgrade> popolon: new HP chromebook looks nice
<popolon> it's the same than previous year chromebook
<popolon> I mean samsung arm chromebook
<popolon> samsung will make a far better one this year
<libv> chrome keyboards suck :(
<popolon> <= want a netbook with a true gnu/linux, not with Android/Linux or chromeOS/linux
<vgrade> quality is poor
<vgrade> to be expected for the price
<popolon> I would like to put my cubieboard2 in an old laptop wheremotherboard is near from hs
<popolon> :)
<vgrade> libv: if you think the chromebook keyboards suck then don't go near one of these
<popolon> => longer batterytime, lighter, less noise
<chazy-> vgrade: thanks, I'll give it a go!
<vgrade> popolon: seen the Pi hacks with the atrix dock
<vgrade> chazy-: maintainer mentions he's running nfs so looks ok
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<popolon> interesting :)
<popolon> but I alread have a laptop
<popolon> with a big screen
<popolon> and big keyboard
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<popolon> If only the pcmcia A20 modules would work on the pcmcia included ports
<popolon> I could include 2 :)
<mnemoc> gzamboni: did you do something to "enable" this pin?
<chazy-> vgrade: hmm, I already had those patches in my tree and I heard from ojn as well that he's using nfs, but I somehow can't get this thing to work.
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<Turl> chazy-: I think cb2 ethernet should be working on torvalds/master
<chazy-> Turl: ok, hmm, it appears to talk to the device, but somehow fails to actually communicate on the network
<chazy-> sun4i-emac 1c0b000.ethernet: eth0: at f0068000, IRQ 87 MAC: 0e:31:e6:c4:f5:cf
<chazy-> ibphy: 1c0b080.mdio-mii:01 - Link is Up - 100/Full
<chazy-> Turl: but no response on ping, :(, any clues?
<chazy-> does the bootloader version determine anything for example?
<Turl> chazy-: did you up the interface and give it an ip?
<Turl> bootloader shouldn't be relevant
<chazy-> this is all during kernel boot, so yes:
<chazy-> IP-Config: Complete:
<chazy-> device=eth0, hwaddr=0e:31:e6:c4:f5:cf, ipaddr=, mask=, gw=
<chazy-> I guess I can load an initrd and poke around
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<gzamboni> mnemoc no, in fact i had an extension board and with the ext board it didnt work, dunno why because it was nc to anything. maybe its a gnd issue.
<Turl> chazy-: I know ojn boots a cubietech board via the network
<Turl> maybe he has an idea on what's wrong
<gzamboni> Turl i made my i2c device work, it was set to spi, it works both using spi and i2c, but you have to set it thrue other pins
<chazy-> Turl: yeah, may wait for his wisdom and move onto something else. thanks for the input.
<Turl> gzamboni: :) great
<Turl> chazy-: yw
<Turl> chazy-: you could try ethernet on uboot, I know for a fact that tftp works
<chazy-> Turl: which u-boot do you use? (wondering if it turns on some clock or configures the PHY layer that Linux needs…)
<wingrime> Turl: a13 have emac?
<Turl> chazy-: I don't recall the exact version, it's pretty dated now
<Turl> wingrime: don't think so
<chazy-> Turl: ok, will poke around
<Turl> wingrime: only a10/a10s/a20
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<wingrime> Turl: a31?
<Turl> wingrime: a31 only gmac I think
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<wingrime> Turl: what is coolflex ?
<Turl> wingrime: I wonder the same
<Turl> wingrime: also see "nMBus"
<n01> gh, the "+" in the patch files breaks indentation
<n01> wtf
<wingrime> Turl: maybe aw's AMBA variant?
<wingrime> Turl: mbus is :/
<Turl> n01: :)
<Turl> n01: if you use a fixed width font it is ok most of the time
<n01> Turl: I use it (vim and mutt with terminus) but the problem is still there
<n01> in fact if you delete the "+" everything is ok again
<n01> :(
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<wingrime> ssvb: wow, odroid now have LPDDR3 with 800 Mhz speed
<Turl> n01: do you use tabs or spaces?
<n01> Turl: tabs
<n01> I didn't know the difference between aligning and indenting
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<wingrime> err
<wingrime> Turl: Interesing how fast it will be if I connect it to a20?
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<Turl> wingrime: is it compatible?
<Turl> mripard: ^
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<wingrime> Turl: emmc are same protocol than mmc , it should
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<wingrime> Tsvetan: ping
<wingrime> newer get hi alive here.....
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<Turl> hm?
<Turl> mripard: ping, what did you base your a31 reset controller patches on?
<Turl> mripard: I cannot apply them on torvalds/master nor where I had them applied previously
<popolon> there are some Computer-on-module on the allwinner site, now
<Turl> mripard: it seems you rebased them not on top of your kconfig resort patch
<popolon> the link a20 CoM doesn't work
<Turl> interesting
<Turl> they all link to the same page
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<Turl> mripard: hmm, you sent the same patch on the hstimer and the new clocksource series
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<Turl> mnemoc: I'm having a look at the nightly builder
<Turl> mnemoc: you can 'make dtbs' to build them all in one shot
<Turl> although you probably would still need the name shuffling to copy them
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