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<gzamboni> moin
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<juanfont> rellla ping
<juanfont> well, rellla, oliv3r and i guess libv: the lastest A20 sdk (provided by benn) seems to hace OMX over cedarx
<juanfont> *hace -> have
<oliv3r> oh nice one
<oliv3r> while not really ueber usefull; it will help i'm sure
<juanfont> why not uber useful?
<Wizzup> if not foss :) etc?
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<gzamboni> juanfont, do we have this sdk somwhere ?
<gzamboni> oliv3r, do you know the sdram limitations/compatibility for the A10 ? i was checking the AW wiki http://service.awbase.com:8000/faq/index.php/A10_DDR%E5%88%97%E8%A1%A8 but i think i cant use it as base as we use a modified uboot
<juanfont> having functional OMX is a key step to have upstream xbmc running on sunxi. and as we know from rpi, that gives ton of users
<gzamboni> juanfont, you're right, i think omx is foss "Open"Max
<gzamboni> juanfont, thanks for the link
<wens> hope it's not just blobs
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<juanfont> the SDK is around 4GB. I've extracted (what I think is) the important part -> http://box.jisko.net/d/693511dd
<juanfont> wens, it seems to be the full code
<oliv3r> gzamboni: hmm, could you give me a little more background what you are trying to do
<juanfont> with god know what license xD
<gzamboni> i'm designing a new specific application board
<gzamboni> and i need to know whitch ddr3 i will use. i need to get one that i know i wont have problems
<gzamboni> i heard olimex had problems with a 2GB ddr3 on A10
<oliv3r> gzamboni: ah, old news yes
<oliv3r> gzamboni: a10 doesn't support 2gb; that's why they where having problems
<oliv3r> or rather, a10 should, but nobody got it working yet
<oliv3r> a10 should be conciderd 1gb max; dram controller won't do 2gb
<oliv3r> this was fixed in a20
<oliv3r> so a20 can do 2gb
<oliv3r> not sure if it can do 3gb though
<oliv3r> 2.5 maybe
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<gzamboni> i'm asking because im defining the hardware i will use based at the market
<gzamboni> how do they go up to 8gb in their compatible table list: http://service.awbase.com:8000/faq/index.php/A20_DDR%E5%88%97%E8%A1%A8
<gzamboni> at least for the A20
<plaes> gzamboni: the one of the 8gb says not supported and another not tested
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<plaes> memory with 32-bit bus seems to be not supported
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<gzamboni> in this page they say all SoCs but A13 support 32bits : http://service.awbase.com:8000/faq/index.php/%E9%A6%96%E9%A1%B5
<gzamboni> A31 supports even 64bits
<oliv3r> gzamboni: yep, all true
<oliv3r> a13 is limited by 512 mb ram
<oliv3r> a31 does dual channel
<oliv3r> but should have similar memory limitations
<gzamboni> did they keep the pin to pin from the A10/A20 for the A31 ?
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<wens> A31 package is larger
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<Gerwin-iPhone> Hello
<gzamboni> Hello
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<Gerwin-iPhone> Cant connect without VPN in china :(
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<gzamboni> china's great firewall
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<code-ninja> hi, I just dual booted an A20 based Android tablet. But my touch doesn't work. I used Ubuntu 12.04 as my root fs. My tablet does boot and I have a desktop environment. I can even chroot into my SD card on my host system. Just the damn touch doesn't work. Any help?
<binaryferret> First, if you can boot into Android and find out what touch screen driver it's running.
<binaryferret> As you'll need this info to find out which driver to build with the kernel.
<binaryferret> Hopefully it'll be part of the linux-sunxi tree, otherwise some hunting may be required.
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<binaryferret> I don't know if this will help, or if it's the correct way to do it - but on the tablets I've used, the android would have a number of different touch screen modules loaded, so I had to adb shell in and start disabling the touch screen modules until the touchscreen stopped functioning in android.
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<code-ninja> hmm, tried that. Android uses the ft5x_ts.ko driver. the sunxi image has it already but it doesn't work. I tried gt8x too because it is supposed to work everywhere, no luck. Ok... can you tell me how to compile this: https://gitorious.org/gslx680-for-sunxi
<code-ninja> by any chance?
<binaryferret> what did dmesg say when you loaded the drivers? as that can help give an indication of the issue.
<binaryferret> I've had an issue with an a13 where I loaded the module for the touchscreen and it still wasn't working. However, i checked dmesg and noticed that it had been assigned an input it's just the xorg conf wasn't picking it up. A little bit of tweaking and I got it working.
<code-ninja> 1 sec... I'll just dmesg and be back
<binaryferret> I'm still fairly new to this level of linux myself, so I'm afraid it might be worth waiting for someone who's actually a lot more experianced to help. For gslx680 it provides a README file that all you need to do is pretty much follow.
<binaryferret> generally modprobe <driver name> then dmesg will often let you know where it's falling over.
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<libv> Turl: i have unblocked our intelligent friend
* libv just went through recentchanges, for the first time in a week
<Turl> libv: :)
<Turl> libv: mediawiki has a timed ban mode btwq
<Turl> btw*
<libv> yes, but i had set it to indefinite back then
<libv> k70e is your device, right?
<Turl> libv: it's not
<Turl> it's this dude's
<libv> ah, right, sorry, mixing things up
<Turl> I just moved the content to its own page :)
<Turl> no worries
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<nove> "//A10's GPU has a bug, we can avoid it" at the openmax source transform_color_format.c
<libv> gpu?
<nove> what is interesting is that they are making the color transform in software
<libv> eh?
<libv> nove: url?
<libv> that's just alignment
<libv> that's not a bug, that's just an alignment limitation
<libv> nove: where is the rest of the code, and what do they mean with gpu here?
<nove> openmax source code http://box.jisko.net/d/693511dd
<nove> they are converting the frames from the vpu into a gpu buffer??
<libv> ah, ok, this is a new sdk and it hasn't been properly gitted yet
<libv> mali has no such limitations
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<nove> doing the convertion in software could mean, that the vpu can't output other than that tile32x32
<nove> or allwinner is also limited by what the binaries blobs allow
<libv> i somehow feel they are using the word gpu wrongly...
<libv> anyway, whatever you cedrus guys do, aim for dma-buf/dma-fence
<nove> another funny thing, h264 encoding is hard coded to only baseline profile, are the other profile fake?
* libv is returning to code, and starts off with facing the music for the second bit of apparently absolute bullshit he told at FOSDEM: dual monitor support
<Turl> libv: Tsvetan was surprised the other day wrt that
<libv> i couldn't find a way to switch hdmi or lcd0 to another lcdc
<libv> yeah, there is a big box of olimex kit en route
<libv> anyway, poking at script.bin right now
<wens> Turl: you think we should do a patch to check for missing clock-output-names ?
<oliv3r> libv: hdmi, is that forced on lcdc0 at all times? or can we do hdmi via lcdc1?
<libv> oliv3r: i don't know yet/anymore
<Turl> wens: hm?
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<libv> hrm, the howto there is for a vga/hdmi device...
* libv powers down the tablet
<libv> it smells as if hdmi _can_ be switched...
<libv> vga does seem to need to be at lcdc0, which confirms the lcdc0 h/vsync being tied to vga
<wens> Turl: well maxime mentioned that I should check the return code for getting clock-output-names in my gmac clock code
<Turl> libv: maybe if they had connected the ldc1 h/vsync pins it'd work there? :)
<Turl> wens: link?
<libv> Turl: that was my initial suggestion, but it seems hdmi might be more flexible than i first thought
<Turl> libv: HDMI pins are dedicated right?
<libv> Turl: yes, the hdmi connector is on its own pins
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<libv> Turl: the module comes with its own full timing information, which i thought a bit strange
<libv> but wait and see what the register dumps state
<Turl> wens: ehm
<Turl> wens: if you don't have the name, you're doomed, whether you print an error or not
<oliv3r> libv: the hsync-vsync thing is obvioulsy a board design choice; so not a limitation of the chip luckly
<libv> oliv3r: as i explained in my talk, yes
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> re-itterating!
<Turl> wens: but yeah, it makes sense on the overall picture
<oliv3r> it's all confusing now :p
<Turl> wens: keep in mind the other clocks do not necesarily have to have output-names
<libv> hrm, wonky cursor... on my kms driver.
<Turl> as it previously was using node->name and it technically would be ok if you had to use an old dt
<oliv3r> libv: hardware cursors, you basicallly upload an image to the video card and it uses that until you upload a new image right? So what about animations? Really bad for performance? or can you actually store animations too?
<libv> oliv3r: like any animation, you just reload
<oliv3r> libv: so only room for 1 image basically, not a list of
<oliv3r> so using animation would be bad for performance; ok
<libv> oliv3r: still better than redrawing on the actual framebuffer
<oliv3r> absolutly :)
<mripard> Turl: we're going to break the old DTs so hard the clocks aren't really an issue...
<oliv3r> mripard: why are you going to break the old DT's?
<wens> Turl: well we made them mandatory so we might as well check for them
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<mripard> oliv3r: yep
<wens> oliv3r: mripard submitted a bunch of patches renaming the old sun4i compatibles
<mripard> I wasn't going to at first, but the DT maintainers said it was ok
<mripard> I'm not really fond of it, but at least, we won't have to maintain legacy compatibles...
<wens> mripard: I don't get the "use clock-names" part, and I've been through other DTs, didn't see anyone doing it
<mripard> wens: hmmm, are you sure you looked for it properly ? If have 662 lines matching the clock-names property here
<ccaione> mripard: what do you think of tglx reply?
<oliv3r> mripard: rename sun4i to sun4i-a10?
<ccaione> I'm not sure he got the point
<wens> mripard: clock-names used in clock node, not the whole DT
<mripard> wens: clock-output-names are used in clock nodes
<mripard> clock-names can be used in any node that has a clocks property
<oliv3r> mripard: yay! my ocd is now happy
<mripard> oliv3r: yep
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<oliv3r> mripard, my hero!
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<mripard> ccaione: I'm not even sure I get what he said :P
<Turl> mripard: only on sun4i* :P
<mripard> Turl: and all the SoCs that use some sun4i IP
<mripard> like, timers, for example :)
<mripard> which they all do
<wens> and that breaks almost everything :/
<Turl> haha ok then :)
<mripard> wens: well, the point the DT maintainer had is that, since we do a lot of development, we would have updated our DT anyway
<ccaione> mripard: basically AFAICT he is complaining that my patch is valid only in the threaded case, that is true, but he is missing the central point that is that having a threaded handler is just the consequence of having an external level-triggered device whose IRQ regs are accessible via i2c
<wens> hmm, using clock-names seems to get a lot, when all we need is the global parent name, and it doesn't guard against someone putting the clock names in the wrong order
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<wens> but the code should look cleaner
<mripard> ccaione: yes, but you would be affected in the exact same way if you had a !threaded handler
<ccaione> i'm not sure about that
<ccaione> because it is the PMIC that is driving the IRQ line
<Turl> wens: clk-names is nice so you can do stuff like devm_clk_get(NULL, "bus") and get the bus clock
<wens> Turl: looking at your reply on of_clk_init
<Turl> whatever its position may be
<wens> I think it's not wise to use clock-names in a clock driver?
<mripard> wens: it's a bit more flexible, if someone doesn't set the clock and their names in the same order, it's pretty much an user error
<mripard> however, in your driver, you can very reliably use different policy for the two clocks
<mripard> like changing the rate for one, but not the other, etc.
<mripard> without having to rely on the exact order passed
<mripard> and all you need is passing the clock name to clk_get, instead of NULL
<Turl> mripard: the point is that clk_get is overkill on a clock driver
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<Turl> wens: the muxing is done by setting a bit field right?
<wens> Turl: yeah, and the behavior is actually tied into the gmac driver as well
<Turl> you can just dictate the parent index # must match the bitfield # or something like that
<wens> the gmac driver asks the clock to be muxed one way by asking for one or the other clock rate
<mripard> Turl: ah, right.
<Turl> mripard: you could have a of_clk_get_by_name or something though
<mripard> wens: then fill free to ignore the clock-names thing :)
<mripard> s/fill/feel/
<Turl> that scans the clock-names until it finds the right one, takes it index and runs of_clk_get_parent_by_index on it
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<wens> Turl: it still returns struct clk* right? kind of overkill IMO
<Turl> wens: nah, it returns the parent name
<Turl> that's not the right function name :P
<wens> oh :p
<Turl> of_clk_get_parent_name()
<Turl> takes np and index iirc
<Turl> anyway
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<Turl> that's overkill too for the issue at hand too :P
<Turl> as well as using two toos
<sehraf> is there a way to tell nand-part to use the remaining space for a partition?
<wens> that's what I'm using ATM
<libv> aha, mux_ctrl
<libv> register in lcdc0 reg space
<Turl> libv: great IP innit? :)
<wens> of_clk_init
<libv> :)
<libv> aha, seems the tvecs can be switched too, but all from the first lcdc only.
<libv> interesting stuff
* libv runs off to implement it
<libv> but first, one more script.bin and one more register dump to confirm
<wens> sounds like the port controller in usbc0
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<Philippe_Fouquet> HI
<Philippe_Fouquet> I want to use openssh on android
<Philippe_Fouquet> all compil without error and run (use comand start-ssh)
<Philippe_Fouquet> but went i want to conect it it crash with error : protoent* getprotobyname(char const*)(3) is not implemented on Android
<Philippe_Fouquet> some body have ides
<Turl> I think the error code is pretty self explanatory :)
<nove> Philippe_Fouquet: that is a android specific question, you should ask #android-dev
<nove> "It's not open for customer." http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=N6vb1ubz
<nove> but we aren't customers
<Philippe_Fouquet> thanks
Philippe_Fouquet has left #linux-sunxi ["Once you know what it is you want to be true, instinct is a very useful device for enabling you to know that it is"]
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<Turl> gzamboni: ping
<wens> my board is stuck on reboot :(
<Turl> wens: hung killing stuff?
<wens> hung before actual restart
<wens> maybe DT mismatch
<Turl> do you have PSCI enabled?
<wens> I do
<Turl> or PCSI or however it's called
<Turl> I've seen it happen, I think it was uboot mismatch or something
<Turl> another thing I noticed is that the 2nd core failed to be brought up
<Turl> or was brought up in some bogus state where it didn't do anything worthy
<Turl> apps like htop hung on it except if run inside strace
<Turl> odd stuff
<Turl> haven't seen it in a while though
<wens> anyway, should get a few wires to connect reset pin on my CT to my CB2..
<Turl> there's a reset pin? :p
<wens> there is :)
<wens> it's a CPU reset
<wens> the reset button on the board is actually for the AXP
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<ccaione> mripard: probably you are right and the problem is still there also for !threaded
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<ccaione> still we have the problem that I cannot ACK the NMI controller if I have not ACKed ahead the device connected to NMI
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<gzamboni> Turl: pong
Turl has joined #linux-sunxi
<mripard> ccaione: but in theory, tglx seems to agree with your patch, isn't he ?
<ccaione> in theory yes, but to be honest I have no idea what does he mean with "use the proper functions"
<mripard> ask him for clarifications then :)
<ccaione> also "less convoluted" ... on a 10 lines patch????
<ccaione> yeah, I'm trying to write something without making him angry :D
<mripard> yeah, you don't want him to be angry
<ccaione> hahaha
<mripard> I learnt that with the last patches I sent him... :)
<gzamboni> Turl: pong
<Turl> gzamboni: hey
<Turl> gzamboni: nevermind my earlier ping, I wanted you to check something on the mail server but it's all good now :)
<gzamboni> if you guys want i can redirect the dev@linux-sunxi.org to several emails addresses
<gzamboni> its currently redirecting only to you i think
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e-ndy is now known as indy
<oliv3r> gzamboni: isn't it fwd to linux-sunxi@gg.com
FreezingCold has joined #linux-sunxi
<gzamboni> yes, youre right, its forwarded to linux-sunxi@googlegroups.com
<gzamboni> and devel-tree to turl
<oliv3r> mail; next week or in 2 weeks i really wanna spend time finishing the setup
<oliv3r> with fosdem out of the way now :) i should have more time
<oliv3r> and i have to check the schedule for the book; i probably need some time for that this weekend too
<gzamboni> :) take your time i dont care to redirect them
<Turl> gzamboni: we never got to use the devel-tree one, feel free to remove it if you want
<oliv3r> gzamboni: yeah but it's the whole GG thing that has to go
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<gzamboni> i can setup a list on my server if you want
<wens> wow the ohci/ehci patches are at v9
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* Montjoie is annoyed, trying to buy another cb2, buying it on foreign country is cheaper than mine:(
<rm> usual thing
<rm> buying direct from China with free shipping is cheaper than from the greedy "local distributors" hiking the price by 2-3x
boycottg00gle has joined #linux-sunxi
<Montjoie> 2x is what I see
<Montjoie> if some french people have some experience with foreign buying here, contact me please:)
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<Turl> mripard: ^ :)
<wens> just saw an A31s based Android TV box, for around $120
<montjoie[home]> mripard didnt buy any:(
<libv> wens: there is one in our wiki already
<libv> needs to be properly categorized still
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<mripard> ccaione: the alarm is also connected to the NMI, isn't it ?
<mripard> that would be a good testcase for wether it's needed only for the threaded case or not
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<GatoMiador> Hi, I am trying to install Linux on a Merrii M2 (http://www.merrii.com/en/detail.asp?id=157). It have an A20 SoC. I am having problems retrieving the file "boot1.header" from the Android installed and the command "./fel read 0x42400000 0x82d0 boot1.header" didn't work, so any hints where this file could be? I managed to copy "script.bin" from the Android.
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<GatoMiador> Nevermind about that. It should be an entry on this page http://linux-sunxi.org/Retrieving_device_information explaining one should use try using both methods for entering FEL mode. I tried only the first one and that didn't work for me.
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<od6> hello
<od6> i just received my cubieboard
<mnemoc> .oO(where is ssvb?)o
<od6> but i don't have an hdmi screen. how can i use it?
<od6> is it possible to connect to it via ssh?
<plaes> od6: uart
<ccaione> mripard: that could be an idea. Let me check how the alarm works
<od6> plaes: should i buy an uart-usb adaptor?
<ccaione> od6: you have the uart pins on the board
<ccaione> btw my cubie came with an uart-usb adaptor
<plaes> od6: yes, you need it
<od6> ccaione: yeah, i identified them on the board
<ccaione> od6: yep
<od6> it seems it ship in my country too
<od6> so after connecting it a /dev/ttyUSB0 device will appear and i can connect to my cubieboard via the "screen" command, isn't it?
<plaes> screen or minicom
<plaes> or anything else
<mnemoc> <3 microcom
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<od6> ok thank you all
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<plaes> btw, you could use Arduino too for that
<plaes> oh well :)
<ccaione> fuck arduino :P
<specing> Fuckduino, now coming to a store near you
<mnemoc> oshw!
<oliv3r> while I'm a C guy, I don't appreciate how the arduino IDE uses C++ (without a sane reason)
<oliv3r> the whole arduino movement should be appreciated
<oliv3r> oshw, putting the device into users hands
<cubear> I learned that ARM is so much more awesome than AVR (atmega/arduino)
<oliv3r> letting people work on neat projects
<oliv3r> it is not
<oliv3r> AVR (8bit) is really really awesome
<cubear> bleh
<oliv3r> BUT, it's not reall yfair to compare it like that
<atsampson> they're both pretty awesome, really
<oliv3r> you can very much use them together rather then either/or
<cubear> The only thing I like about atmel AVR is the IDE
<oliv3r> what IDE?
<oliv3r> avr-gcc is just a compiler
<cubear> Atmel Studio
<oliv3r> oh, i don't use propriatery crap IDE's :p
<oliv3r> gvim is all you need tbh
<mripard> tsss
<mripard> heretic.
<oliv3r> do not tell me your an emacs guy
<mnemoc> oliv3r: hi, do you know if anyone has reported problems with CMA in stage 3.4? would like to merge the stage and jump to the latest stable
<mripard> I'm afraid I am
<mnemoc> *ouch*
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i haven't been around a lot; but haven't seen anything said here really
<oliv3r> BURN!
<ccaione> omg, mripard, that was unexpected
<oliv3r> i didn't see tha tone comming :p
<oliv3r> emacs, vim; it's all OS goodness
<cubear> vim yeah... the first time I used that editor I dodn't know how to exit it. ctrl+c didn't work, alt+f4 didn't work, q didn't work, so I ended up hitting the reset button to exit.
<oliv3r> LOL
<cubear> didn't*
<oliv3r> yeah; vim's initial learning curve is very steep :p
<cubear> seriously... :q
* atsampson starts up vim and presses Ctrl-C
<cubear> that's so different from anything I've seen before
<atsampson> "Type :quit<Enter> to exit Vim"
<oliv3r> i think there's vim-easy
<cubear> ":q"
<oliv3r> atsampson: in the very very early days ..
<cubear> I ended up using nano
<oliv3r> hahaa
<oliv3r> i sometimes even have to use vi
<oliv3r> because it sits in busybox; and sometimes that's all you have
<cubear> don't some old router firmware use vi too?
<oliv3r> well, busybox can be compiled with support for vi
<oliv3r> so it's available in a lot of embedded platforms
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<cubear> anyway some ARM microcontrollers are cheaper than the equivalent AVR that offer similar functionality
<cubear> and they're 32bit
<mnemoc> cortex-m3 are awesome too
<oliv3r> how about power consumption?
<ccaione> oliv3r: try cortex-m0
<cubear> Yeah, I have a LPC1756 that I've never used
<oliv3r> can arm micro's run for years on a single cr322 cell?
<ccaione> _really_ low power
<oliv3r> you can run an attiny85 for 2+ years on a single cell
<oliv3r> even doing wireless communication
<oliv3r> though I admit, the msp430's are in some scenario's even more power efficient
<oliv3r> i'm not saying m0 isn't nice, it really is
<oliv3r> but not every problem is a nail :p
<oliv3r> and arm isn't the big hammer :)
<oliv3r> i obviously really really like arm
<oliv3r> with all the sunxi stuff that we do :)
<oliv3r> but I also appreciate what AVR does :)
<cubear> I started on AVR and managed to make a program for xmas LED strip - basically it controls the brightness on 4 PWM channels and plays a lot of different cool patterns.
<cubear> In fact I ran out of flash space because I programmed in too many patterns
<cubear> btw I have a question about allwinner
<cubear> how's the encryption working? I hear there's some hardware acceleration available, but no driver yet
<mripard> ccaione: the m-0+ draws even less
<cubear> I'm planning to use cryptsetup to encrypt the sata HDD. Will that slow down the device?
<oliv3r> cubear: so how's that a bad thing :p
<oliv3r> cubear: for now; yeah; but montjoie[home] is working on the mainline encrpytion driver
<cubear> What would I need to install the rootfs on an encrypted HDD?
<cubear> I take it I'd have to use a nand boot partition with appropriate initramfs to decrypt the rootfs
<cubear> cryptsetup -v -c aes-xts-plain64:sha512 -h sha512 -s 512 -y -i 5000 --use-random luksFormat /dev/sda
<oliv3r> that'll be all software encrpytion
<oliv3r> maybe with neon; but we don't have crpyt acceleration yet
<cubear> but can dm-crypt support hardware acc?
<cubear> on allwinner ^^
<cubear> I'm assuming it won't eat up too much CPU, provided that I keep the disk I/O low
<oliv3r> if you add support, sure; i think montjoie[home] is adding it via the regular crypto framework
<oliv3r> i have to read so many mails still; i haven't kept up
<oliv3r> shit i have to submit my revisted chapter
<ccaione> mripard: the alarm does't use the NMI controller, it uses the same pin as the NMI controller to trigger the AXP
<mripard> damn.
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<Nyuutwo> AVR ... atmega32u4, 16 cycles = 1 byte sent to PC
<Nyuutwo> asm with loop unrolling, ringbuffer and other things
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<Nyuutwo> and it doesn't work on new laptop
<montjoie[home]> cubear read the email I have sent on the sunxi mailiing list for crypto hardware acceleration
<plaes> montjoie[home]: that it's slow?
<montjoie[home]> my current benchmark said that
<montjoie[home]> but i could do mistake
<ssvb> mnemoc: I guess it's the usual stuff, people will start reporting CMA induced regressions (if any) only after you merge the stage ;)
<ssvb> mnemoc: I'm here now, and hope to be able to work on the accumulated sunxi backlog for the whole next week
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<Turl> oliv3r: mrpdo you code on 386 machines that you need those editors? :p
<ccaione> mripard: I'm 98% sure that the problem is still there in the non threaded case but I have no idea how to test it
<ccaione> probably I'll just resubmit the v3 for irqchip with the hijacked unmask callback
<Turl> s/mrpdo/mripard: do/
<ccaione> Turl: see? I made tglx smile :D
<oliv3r> Turl: what's wrong with vim if it's 'comfterable' and most of time time, i code over an ssh session
<mripard> ccaione: then just do what tglx suggested
<oliv3r> Turl: what's your editor?
<oliv3r> mrpdo = mr. Pedo?
<mripard> Turl: I find emacs pretty decent, snappy, configurable and with almost no UI overhead
<Turl> ccaione: :)
<Turl> oliv3r: that's irssi autocomplete derping
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah but even so, sounds like mr. pedo
<ccaione> mripard: uhm, tglx "strongly suggested" to be sure that is the case also in the non threaded case before modifying the core
<Turl> oliv3r: mr fart, if you read it in spanish
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> Turl: so what is your editor of choice?
<Turl> oliv3r: nano for small stuff, geany for bigger things, often when I need to refactor or edit >1 file
<mripard> just reply that we have no way of checking then, and what does he suggest
<oliv3r> geany? sounds obscure :p
<oliv3r> omg whats that, Gui?! :p
<oliv3r> pure from the screenies, i like it; i hate the colorscheme though
<Turl> that's configurable
<Turl> :p
<oliv3r> in use vim :colorscheme blue
<oliv3r> blue background is good for your eyes
<oliv3r> it's the most 'easy'? relaxing color for your eyes
<ssvb> mcedit ftw :)
<Turl> ssvb: sounds like some obsure DOS day program
<oliv3r> omg
<oliv3r> mcedit lol
<mripard> Turl: oh, you're one of these guys
<oliv3r> like norton commander :p
<oliv3r> mripard: 'these'?
<ccaione> oliv3r: solarized is the way
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<mripard> come on, don't be so hard on him, Turl's probably not the only one using it :)
<oliv3r> well the screenies look interesting
<oliv3r> i might try it out
<oliv3r> but then again, it wont' work over ssh :p
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah it does
<Turl> ssh -Y geany ;)
<oliv3r> hur hur
<oliv3r> well i've been trying to find a nice GUI editor for a while though; and while gvim works quite well
<Turl> does gvim have tabs, file browser and symbol viewer? :p
<Turl> and a terminal?
<Turl> :P
<oliv3r> i have a terminal, so what'st hat point
<oliv3r> filebrowser, i don't really need in my editor either
<oliv3r> but yeah, tabs it has
<mripard> and yep, yep, and yep.
<Nyuutwo> Turl: vim has windows, filebrowser, you have youcompleteme (didn't used)
<ccaione> Turl: vim+nerdtree+ctags
<oliv3r> there's TONS of plugins
<oliv3r> i use ctags + taglist for tags
<mripard> I'm no longer a vim guy, but at least use some real arguments :)
<Turl> windows? that's so last century
<oliv3r> buffers :p
<oliv3r> but ihave 2x 24" monitors
<oliv3r> so i have lots of room for lots of vim windows
<oliv3r> but if i could choose, 2x 27" :)
<Turl> can vim build your kernel and reboot your board with 1 keypress? :P
<wigyori> is that "screwing up more than one thing at once" ? :)
<Turl> anyone, I'm not here to convince you to switch editors
<Turl> just know that geany also has plugins :p
<oliv3r> Turl: sure
<ccaione> Turl: cannot stand editors where you have to use the mouse
<oliv3r> Turl: both should work
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<Turl> ccaione: you must hate all editors then
<Turl> unless you code on a vt
<Turl> if you do, kudos :)
<oliv3r> using cat?
<ccaione> Turl: i3+tmux+vim -> mouse not needed
<oliv3r> but i think coding via screen + ssh is sorta vt :p
<oliv3r> and i've done it via the vt's often enough :)
<oliv3r> mostly when X was broken again
<Turl> oliv3r: I edited files with cat, grep and sed once :P
<Turl> I think I only had vi installed that day
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<oliv3r> Turl: you vi hater :p
<oliv3r> been there, done that :p
<Turl> oliv3r: vi is unusable unless you get 6mo training on it
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<oliv3r> LOL
<oliv3r> now your being a little girl
<Turl> emacs is around the same, but it has cooler keycombos with ctrl and the like
<Turl> the killed cli editor is nano, with builtin help for every edit :)
<Turl> killer*
<oliv3r> gedit!
<oliv3r> gvim can be used with a mouse ya'know
<oliv3r> vi is really hard to use, i'll give you that, 1 level of undo etc
<oliv3r> but its in busybox, what's not to love
<Turl> oliv3r: ed is also in busybox
<Turl> oliv3r: do you love it? :p
<oliv3r> if i'd need it; sure :p
<oliv3r> or use it
<oliv3r> turl is a troll!
<mripard> Turl: you should merge your patches instead of trolling! :)
<mripard> or maybe geany just gets in the way ? ;)
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> i need to get started writing patches again
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<plaes> just don't do it in MS word, ok?
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<oliv3r> i think packt revised my chapter in word; and completly messed up a lot of things of the odt
<oliv3r> (yeah they want pussy file formats)
<plaes> ouch
<oliv3r> i offered latex; but that scared them
<plaes> rst via sphinx
<plaes> what book?
<ccaione> LDD4
<oliv3r> LOL
<ccaione> :P
<oliv3r> i dunno the title even yet
<oliv3r> but i'm making it non-cubieboard specific
<oliv3r> writing it acking towards the LIME :p
<plaes> embedded stuff?
<oliv3r> 'beginners book to sunxi'
<ccaione> it's friday night we are not supposed to be on IRC
<oliv3r> what else is there to do?
* plaes is at work :S
<mripard> ccaione: pfff, who needs LDD4 when you have the source code... ;)
<ccaione> well, yeeaaahh :D
<mripard> but I'm half serious there, LDD3 is still mostly valid
<oliv3r> for new people; its the not mostly bit that's hard
<mripard> what is then?
<oliv3r> us noobs don't know! :p
<oliv3r> dt?
<mripard> well, a ldd4 wouldn't cover DT
<mripard> just like LDD3 didn't cover any ACPI stuff
<mripard> (or DT, actually.)
<ccaione> I have always seen LDD3 more like a reference manual than a book
<mripard> (or board files, or any architecture-specific stuff)
<oliv3r> well i tshould!
<mripard> why?
<mripard> any architecture has a different way of doing things
<mripard> and it might even change at some point
<mripard> and architectures are added on a regular basis
<mripard> if you want to make a book that it still a reference 10 years on, it's not a very good way of doing things :)
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<oliv3r> i ment the dt stuff should be
<mripard> I'm pretty sure the x86 would disagree
<oliv3r> x86 will be obsolete soon!
<mripard> and even aarch64 will use a mix of ACPI and DT...
<mripard> depending on the platform
<mripard> but if you're interested in some materials about the kernel and DT, and all this stuff
<mripard> I know a small training company that did just that :)
<mripard> we even talk about allwinner specific stuff
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<Turl> mripard: top 20 contributor is small? :P
<Turl> mripard: what is there for me to merge? :)
<Turl> usb clk?
<Turl> I cannot do boot testing until I get some networking back to patch my boards in
<Turl> pll6 clk
<Turl> 1-2 from usb
<Turl> v2 compatible rename
<Turl> am I missing anything?
<Turl> is wens' gmac v3 good to go?
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<ccaione> I think everybody is sleeping
<Turl> ccaione: it's barely 9PM :P
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<ccaione> Turl: I go :) c ya tomorrow
<Turl> cya