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<idella4> ok the shotgun approach; can a kernel next or devel, ver. 3.13-rc4, be expected to boot a cubieboard2 in system on a micro SD card inserted into the phsical slot in/on the cb2 board?
<idella4> then; how to get a sane boot.cmd so u-boot can do it 'properly' 'cause atm it's most improper
<bjoernb> idella4: please ask in #cubieboard
<idella4> @ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/linux-sunxi points here, however the posts are mostly patches by sunxi devs. This is a user query. afaict it should be doable but I can't do it
<idella4> #cubieboard right
<rm> it's a valid question for this channel more
<rm> I don't think anyone in #cubieboard works on mainlining
<rm> or even aware of the current status
<bjoernb> rm: sorry
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<idella4> I won't go into detail yet, there's too much of it to spill in one line anyway
<idella4> first fact to ascertain, is that kernel up to it?
<idella4> second; how to get a sane boot.cmd 'cause mine doesn't seem quite sane
<rm> no, the very very first fact to ascertain: did you successfully boot 3.4 series kernels on your CB2 from the SD slot? :)
<idella4> yes
<rm> ok :)
<idella4> 3.4 does it fine
<rm> then it is indeed a mainlining matter... sorry I am not the person to ask about it
<idella4> mainlining it is yes
<idella4> well, I'm also going from uImage to zImage and the .dts -> .dtb FDT file
<idella4> last boot it seemed to'pick up' the cubieboard20 .dtb file ok, then it just went 'round in circles, after getting a serial console going
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<plaes> went round in circles?
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<idella4> 'round in circles
<idella4> count how many times it starts the kernel @ http://bpaste.net/show/182856/
<idella4> and 'reads boot.scr'
<plaes> ok, kernel crashes
<idella4> and 'reading uImage' although given a zImage, not a uImage
<idella4> well yes
<idella4> 'round in circles
<idella4> what I have ascertained is that the kernel 3.4 works and is configured quite differently
<plaes> can't you give it an uimage?
<idella4> the next or devel kernel appears to have the req'd drivers however it 'crashes' and goes 'round in circles
<idella4> did that
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<idella4> was advised to use a zImage
<idella4> so I did
<idella4> the added layer of technical difficulty is u-boot
<idella4> I need at least 2 things done right; kernel config; boot.cmd
<plaes> mhm
<idella4> and I can't tell if wither are satisfactory
<idella4> it seems the .dtb binary files is being picked up there from the log
<idella4> which is the only forward progress I appear to have made
<idella4> the boot.cmd I use may be right, it's a result of some tips from well informed sources
<idella4> I can't tell myself
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<idella4> I know the arm additions of code are still in progress, and the xen dev seems to think the next kernel has 'enough in it' to boot the sys on the SD card, a SanDisk 8G micro SD card.
<idella4> inserted in the apt. port or slot into the cb2 board
<mripard> idella4: the load adress is wrong, and you're not using a zImage in the bootlog you pasted
<idella4> well this suggests the boot.cmd isn't working
<idella4> fatload mmc 0 0x46000000 zImage \ fatload mmc 0 0x49000000 /sun7i-a20-cubieboard2.dtb
<mripard> this isn't what you showed us
<mripard> from the bootlog you pasted earlier, you are loading the a script.bin, a uImage, and no dtb
<wens> idella4: did you run mkimage to update the boot.scr from boot.cmd ?
<mripard> idella4: have you read http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainline_Kernel_Howto ?
<idella4> actually the last run I took the boot.scr. out from a tip
<wens> idella4: your log say "Bad data crc"
<idella4> ok
<wens> which means u-boot does not recognize your boot.scr
<wens> boot.scr is _not_ a text file
<idella4> no it has data
<idella4> I've observed it a number of times, I'll re-load and re-make the boot.scr
<idella4> not as yet, the pages I've read are from xen wiki that use sunxi, these ones are new
<ccaione> not really new
<idella4> ok
<idella4> seems the uboot files in that run wern't doing what I thought they were
<idella4> ah; reading zImage
<idella4> look more like it
<idella4> back to; ** Unable to read file /sun7i-a20-cubieboard2.dtb **
<idella4> which I had some time yesterday
<idella4> anyway that page gives me some different settings to try, if not new
<idella4> this is the one I came across from reading in last few hours; make sunxi_defconfig
<idella4> ok thx I can re-try with info from those pages
<idella4> I can start from srcatch more or less with this; looks good thx
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<hno> rellla, what about them?
<rellla> hno: can a10/a20 do deinterlacing theoretically?
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<hno> I see no reason why the scaler should not be able to also deinterlace. Why?
<rellla> but it's not implemented in our driver?
<hno> and plenty of references to it in the A20 User Guide, including full register descriptions.
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<rellla> so hardware can do it. only software implementation is missing. correct me if i'm wrong
<hno> rellla, look implemented to me.
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<hno> But not sure if implementation makes sense.. seems to only be enabled if CVBS output is used.
<jemk> rellla: there even is the software implementation, DISP_CMD_VIDEO_* can do deinterlacing, but in a terrible way not acceptable in vdpau
<jemk> I hacked it into vdpau some time ago, the result looks pretty nice, but it is a terrible code with too many quirks to be public usable
<hno> Err, misread that. It's NOT enabled on CVBS.
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<hno> Conditions: interlace mode set, DISP_FORMAT_YUV420, DISP_MOD_MB_UV_COMBINED.
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<rellla> jemk: can you provide your efforts somewhere?
<rellla> jemk: you put the hardware deinterlacer into vdpau and that result looks good? or DISP_CMD_VIDEO?
<rellla> jemk: deinterlacing is of interest for people dealing with 1080i streams ->VDR
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<rellla> it's the knockout argument for DVB streaming people not to go for a tiny arm device as a client.
<jemk> rellla: interlaced h264 can't be decoded anyway, that's another big job to do
<rellla> jemk: ah. i forgot ;) anyway, your code would be interesting :p
<jemk> rellla: big hack, was only meant to try it out, you are warned: http://sprunge.us/DgWI
<jemk> only applies pre osd merge
<rellla> thanks. i'll have a look at it.
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* rellla strongly suspects, that there is some more helpful code on jemk's machine, though not ready yet ;)
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<juanfont> rellla, jemk, i want to help with vdpau development. where should i start reading?
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<rellla> juanfont: source code https://github.com/linux-sunxi/libvdpau-sunxi and specs ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/vdpau/doxygen/html/group__api__core.html
<rellla> thats where i began to start, though i did not develop anything yet :p
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<juanfont> ok, thanks :)
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<rellla> <jemk>rellla: there even is the software implementation, DISP_CMD_VIDEO_* can do deinterlacing, but in a terrible way not acceptable in vdpau
<rellla> what do you mean by "terrible"?
<rellla> implementation or result on the screen?
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<jemk_> rellla: terrible implementation. for example they always show one field and after the next vsync the other field. but vdpau wants to show all fields itself, so it jumps forth and back
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<rellla> jemk: so in summary, sunxi can do weave, bob and motion adaptive. your code results in bob deinterlacer.
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<rellla> i have to do some investigating in deinterlacing, because there can be set more variables...
<rellla> juantfont, maybe you want to start at the deinterlacer :p
<jemk> I think it will be "easier" to write a new ioctl to do proper deinterlaced layers then to hack something good around the existing
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<rellla> jemk: it should work with the exisiting code, if flag_addr, flag_stride, maf_valid, pre_frame_valid is set correct. but i'm to new for this atm.
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<cubear> does anyone know of a decent dynDNS service - one where the your domain doesn't expire like every 30 days?
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> cubear: any similar service, but a paid subscription
<cubear> I should have mentioned the "free" keyword too
<JohnDoe_71Rus> think free all expire
<cubear> yeah, but is there an offer that doesn't expire in 30 days or less?
<cubear> like 6 months or so?
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> I use dyndns for very long. years from 2008. then he began to expire
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<ZetaNeta> Will allwinner, ever release a smartphone oriented SoC?
<Wizzup> tablets not good enough? ;)
<ZetaNeta> Wizzup, It starts to be a serious issue
<ZetaNeta> I wanted a Allwinner smartphone for a long time, but now... i just need one!
<ZetaNeta> If Allwinner ever to produce a single Smartphone soc, it would rock!
<Wizzup> considered a jolla or n900 instead?
<ZetaNeta> I wonder why current SOCs are not used there (except for their huge size, but lets remember MK802?)
<ZetaNeta> Wizzup, I considered Neo900, OpenMoko and a old HP iPaq 2210
<ZetaNeta> And still, allwinner would rock those devices in a moment
* Wizzup does not know why
<Wizzup> but sure
<ZetaNeta> Jolla is both overpriced, and would be beaten by Allwinner straight away
<ZetaNeta> Especially with the new A80 (as i remember its called)....
<ZetaNeta> I know allwinner dont have a modem, but what forces us to use the one from SOC when we can attach one?
<Wizzup> suggest the neo900 people to use an allwinner? ;)
<ZetaNeta> Their FAQ makes me doubt their brain activity
<Wizzup> They're very capable people.
<Wizzup> but I am also unhappy with the powervr / omap stuff
<ZetaNeta> They seem very "un"capable people
<Wizzup> k
<Wizzup> I will be buying one :)
<ZetaNeta> It looks like they are doing all those motherboards in the basement of their mom.
<ZetaNeta> I guess i will buy one too, unless i will find a proper allwinner
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<ZetaNeta> I guess i know what Olimex should be developing now...
<wens> just put a link to the A23 user manual on the wiki
<wens> really wish there docs had proper links
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<ZetaNeta> Awesome, A13
<ZetaNeta> But i wanted something like A10, or A31
<ZetaNeta> Even if it will be more than 25$
<plaes> this is A31 with PowerVR :S
* ZetaNeta just noticed a A31 in the end of the page
<ZetaNeta> o.o
<ZetaNeta> wait... a tablet....
<ZetaNeta> Too poor for a tablet :3
<rm> ...what
<rm> A13 is such an utterly bizzare choice for a smartphone
<rm> it doesn't have any GSM/3G integrates, so more chips higher cost
<rm> ted*
<rm> also I don't think it even supports 1GB of RAM
<rm> whatever that means "256MB -1GB RAM (adjustable by developer)"
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<ZetaNeta> Yet, its cheaper than olimex cheapest board.
<bjoernb> rm: yeah but it is nice to have a separate silicon for memory and cpu than gsm/lte/3g.
<ZetaNeta> Afaik LIME cost bit more
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<ZetaNeta> Is it possible to design and create A80 based devices now?
<ZetaNeta> Because if it is, it would be a perfect CPU for the DragonBox Pyra
<ZetaNeta> Instead of this dualcore TI thingie
<bjoernb> ZetaNeta: the a80 has the powervr for graphics, sadly no mali.
<ZetaNeta> Is that better or worser than the thing on this page: http://www.pyra-handheld.com/specs.html
<ZetaNeta> Seems like better
<ZetaNeta> 8 core AW against a 2 core TI....
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<bjoernb> ZetaNeta: you have to tell your preferences if you want to compare things. some like apples more, other oranges.
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<ZetaNeta> This is meant to be a gaming linux handheld
<ZetaNeta> It seems like AW beats both the graphics and the power.
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<Turl> oliv3r: who was it that was interested in GSoC?
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<bjoernb> ZetaNeta: you need graphics drivers for that. you need to watch out for drivers for powervr. if so there are only closed source ones for the powervr that is in your a80.
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<ZetaNeta> bjoernb, "Alot of users = Opensource driver"
<ZetaNeta> (someday)
<ZetaNeta> How much can you overclock a A10? (Technical limit?)
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<bjoernb> ZetaNeta: how many users has the rasberry pi? how open is that device and how good is that comunity?
<bjoernb> bbl
<idella4> does " Unable to read file /sun7i-a20-cubieboard2.dtb" mean it can't find it or it's there but it can't read it?
<Turl> idella4: probably the first one
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<marcus__> exit
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<ZetaNeta> bjoernb, The thing depends on whenever the device is used by idiots (or hipster-coders), or if its used by a real community
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<codekipper_> Hi all, can someone confirm if what I'm trying to do is possible
<codekipper_> I've got a sdcard image that I use for development. It's currently stage/3.4 + my debian with xbmc
<codekipper_> I've cloned this to another card which happily boots and now I've got this urge to play with Hans' devel branch.
<codekipper_> So in the boot partition there is my old and new uImage's and boot.cmd. The kernel seems to boot but it hangs on "Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2..."
<codekipper_> If I revert to old kernel + boot.cmd it's boots happily. Does the devel branch support ext4?
<kenny> codekipper_: You're using the lastest version of Hans' devel branch (rc3)? I'm getting the same issue with that branch: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/linux-sunxi/OVhaD1RHYyg/3u0wWiOoRvIJ
<kenny> codekipper_: You enabled ext4 in your .config, right? Do you happen to be using an SDXC card?
<codekipper_> kenny, I've not touched .config so I'll have a look. Using a SDHC card and I haven't changed the rootfstype=ext4 in boot.cmd
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<kenny> codekipper_: how did you config the kernel? If it was just with the defconfig it adds almost nothing (the hans/sunxi-devel one) so you'll want to add what you need.
<codekipper_> kenny, sunxi_defconfig I'm playing with my mele a2000
<kenny> codekipper_: menuconfig it and add everything that looks at all sunxi/allwinner related, or at least that was my plan. If there's a good list of 'this hardward needs these drivers' I haven't found it.
<codekipper_> kenny, well adding rootfstype=ext4 didn't work :(. I'm going to have to look at this again, my u-boot here is "U-Boot SPL 2013.10-rc2-08400-g8a4621c"
<codekipper_> It's probably the one that I've been using since I started hacking with the board. I'll look to update that
<kenny> codekipper_: pastebin your .config will probably help ppl here. I'm not one of the devs here so it's a bit of the blind leading the blind.
<kenny> codekipper_: I did update my u-boot using Hans' version as well, I needed to do that to get the dual-core part working.
<codekipper_> kenny, did you get it working in the end.
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<codekipper_> I'll have to pastebin in the morning as I'm away from my building machine
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<codekipper_> kenny, what branch did you use on Hans' uboot? can't see any devel branches
<kenny> codekipper_: sunxi-next (I think)
<codekipper_> kenny, Ok, as Maxime was the last submitter then that does look like the candidate
<kenny> codekipper_: Also that defconfig doesn't seem to have MMC enabled. Make sure you have CONFIG_MMC_SUNXI=y in your kernel .config
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<codekipper_> kenny, well I've updated u-boot and it's still the same. So I'll have a play with this tomorrow as now that I've generate the .config I do see '# CONFIG_MMC is not set'
<codekipper_> thanks for your help....I feel like I'm close to getting this working thanks to you
<kenny> codekipper_: good luck. My .config is posted in that mailing list post I linked to earlier in case it helps. Mine worked with the sunxi-devel branch up until it was updated to rc3. If I can get time I plan to 'git bisect' it, but I think it's an SDXC issue, so it won't effect you.
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<mripard> codekipper_: kenny: if you feel like the defconfig is missing some bits, patches are welcome :)
<kenny> mripard: okay, cool. I wasn't sure if it was just supposed to have the bare minimum and the mainline multi_v7_defconfig was for everything. I wish I knew more that was required. I might push up at least the MMC config option.
<mripard> kenny: sunxi_defconfig is intended to support any controller that is included in one of the Allwinner SoCs
<mripard> the MMC driver is definitely elligible :)
<mripard> multi_v7 has pretty much the same requirements, only for all the ARM platforms
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, You! Mighty board designer!
<ZetaNeta> Help me!
<ZetaNeta> I found a TERRIBLE board design
<ZetaNeta> and try to make the authors try not to repeat the errors the done in the v1
<ZetaNeta> they
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<ZetaNeta> The holywar open on #openpandora
<codekipper_> kenny, I couldn't wait until the morning but I still couldn't get it working. I'll have a look at the logs and if I'm stuck I'll jump on the email thread
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<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<wingrime> oliv3r: whats up with mmc on mainline
<wingrime> oliv3r: I saw recent activity in this direction
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<alexvf> hi
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<mripard> wingrime: it's being worked on
<wingrime> recent state
<wingrime> ?
<mripard> under review
<wingrime> nice
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<wingrime> mripard: whats up with dma engine driver?
linkmauve1 has joined #linux-sunxi
<mripard> I sent a first version for the A31 on monday
<wingrime> mripard: thats ported aw's?
<mripard> and the SPI driver for the A20 and older has been merged this weekend
<mripard> so we can use it to start doing the DMA to
<mripard> yep, heavily rewritten, but yes, I took the A23 one as a basis
<wingrime> heavily, what it means in this case?
<wingrime> for a first look it was nice
<wingrime> nove: mpeg4 works?
<mripard> rewritten to use the vchans properly, and be able to use as much devices as their is on the SoC
netlynx has joined #linux-sunxi
<mripard> and not only 16
<nove> wingrime: to tell the true i didn't tried
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<wingrime> mripard: we have something works with dma now?
<mripard> on the A31, yep
<wingrime> mripard: ?
<wingrime> mripard: SPI?
<mripard> yes
<Turl> if nobody does it by then, I'll probably make a proposal to work on the sun4i+ DMA on GSoC
<wingrime> Turl: GSoC, can we?
<Turl> wingrime: Linux Foundation
<Turl> (for mainline kernel work)
<wingrime> Turl: ?
<Turl> wingrime: Linux Foundation is a mentoring organization on GSoC
<Turl> wingrime: proposals to do stuff on mainline are suitable
<wingrime> mripard: also, about sound , it looks , our controller is ac97 compatible
<wingrime> mripard: so, it possible make it fly with dts only, but it still teory
<mripard> a part of it is
<mripard> on the audio side, it can do much more
<wingrime> Turl: unfortunetly I still have no expiriance with `good` kernel code style , and mainlining procedure
<mripard> wingrime: then submitting your IR driver would be a good first test :)
<wingrime> mripard: clocks
<Turl> wingrime: ir clocks have been ready for a lot of time..
<mripard> what clocks do you need ?
<wingrime> Turl: nice
<Turl> wingrime: current -rc have them already
<wingrime> Turl: cool, I realy must share some time for it
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<Turl> wingrime: we are rc4, if you hurry it may be still in time for 3.15 if maintainer is responsive
<wingrime> Turl: maybe in weekend
<wingrime> Turl: setting new mainline to mmc may take bunch of time
<Turl> wingrime: no mmc in mainline yet
<Turl> still under review
<wingrime> Turl: bootloader, I mean
<alexvf> ssvb: Do you know whether there is any support for g2d blit from an input RGB888 surface or is this a nonsense by itself?
<Turl> wingrime: ah
<wingrime> Turl: every time I configure it, I see strange behavior
<wingrime> Turl: I know
<wingrime> Turl: but I expect some love it need
<mripard> wingrime: then report these issues, otherwise they won't go away :)
<Turl> wingrime: easy uenv copy paste example there :)
<wingrime> Turl: for example :I booted successfully when reset using wire, when I reset using bootloader command, next boot fails for some reason
<wingrime> or inverse
<Turl> sound like uart vampire bug
<wingrime> Turl: are you about noice on uart?
<wingrime> *noise
<Turl> wingrime: vampire power draw via uart when board is shutdown
<Turl> wingrime: breaks next boot via mmc
<Turl> it boots nand instead
<wingrime> Turl: I noticed that, but it looks different bug
<Turl> ok, let us know if it happens again
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<wingrime> I have disscused about it earlier
<Turl> wingrime: what device btw?
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<wingrime> ctruck
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<hramrach> hello
<hramrach> putting some garlic around the board would not help I guess?
<hramrach> I tried a few different uart adaptors and it still sucks power off them :s
<ssvb> alexvf: 24-bit rgb format? it's not a nonsense, but it is not supported by g2d according to the a10/a20 manuals (IDMA_FMT bits of MP_IDMASET_REG)
<wingrime> hramrach: parasitic power is common problem
<wingrime> hramrach: fixable only within soc or board
<hramrach> you can see one of the TX/RX lights permanently on with the board off on adaptors with blinkenlights
<hramrach> can you not make vampire-resistant adaptor?
<alexvf> ssvb: ok, i guessed it could not be accelerated when the g2d api doesn't allow such input pixel format
<alexvf> ssvb: thanks for the explanation
<kenny> damn, I was hopeful this was a fixable issue. I have a board that I work on remotely but any time I reboot it with sysrq it boots from nand. Maybe I'll flash a nand image that just reboots again...
<kenny> are there any sysrq commands that might set it so it'll boot normally?
<wingrime> my new phone ISP have LTE but use squid, and IRC block as it have single IP for many users
<wingrime> and somehow have proxy port open
<wingrime> kenny: you can block hand block shorting some datalines from nand, than reading from it will faill and hw-bootloader failback to mmc
<wingrime> *nand boot
<ZetaNeta> Can someone join me at #openpandora, and explain "WHY" A31 is better than a OMAP
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: in some ways only
<Turl> ZetaNeta: it's not
<kenny> wingrime: I was looking for somethign more like 'put a resistor between tx and ground', that'd be about the most I think I could accomplish without catching the board on fire :). I'll may try to create the nand reboot image, maybe other people will find it useful too.
<ZetaNeta> wingrime, It seems like those "only" ways are very nice to have
<ZetaNeta> Turl, :P
<ssvb> ZetaNeta: A31 is only Cortex-A7, and AFAIK openpandora people don't even consider anything slower than Cortex-A15
<Turl> ZetaNeta: they're both PVR, so what's left to consider is support. TI wins right there.
<wingrime> kenny: there way, use ADUM or optical isolator
<wingrime> kenny: then uart will be newer power you device
<ZetaNeta> It doesnt seem open enough... and that bothers me
<wingrime> kenny: it "Industrial grade" solution if you want
<ZetaNeta> Can one buy one?
<Turl> ZetaNeta: one omap? sure
<Turl> ZetaNeta: go pick a galaxy nexus on your nearest used goods shop
<Turl> or a kindle fire
<hramrach> wingrime: shorting the nand pins does not help. It will just switch to FEL since it tries NAND only after the mmc fails
<ZetaNeta> I mean a BGA... or something like that
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: I respect Texas Instruments ICs, and prefer it for serious HW, not china tablets
<Turl> ZetaNeta: digikey and the like sell them
<ZetaNeta> My question is if one can buy in non-bulk
<ZetaNeta> And, if its easy to put linuxes there
<Turl> ZetaNeta: via digikey and the like
<Turl> ZetaNeta: you need to build a hardware design to put the chip in before you even consider linux :p
<ZetaNeta> Turl, In AW, it looks like you can use linux as soon as you connect SDIO XD (Dont take that seriously, but understand what i mean)
<kenny> wingrime: interesting. I never thought of that. Seems they're only around $15? I might pick one up just for fun. Thanks.
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: something like this
<wingrime> kenny: there still posible use cheap optical isolators but scheme will be much large
<ZetaNeta> wingrime, You been saying it to me?
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: it is bga
<ZetaNeta> Or to kenny ?
<ZetaNeta> It is BGA
<ZetaNeta> but.... erm....
<wingrime> kenny: don't buy any electronic parts form ebay
<ZetaNeta> I meant a OMAP as a BGA, not as a ready device
<wingrime> kenny: there much fakes
* ZetaNeta understood the sarcasm
<kenny> wingrime: good to know, thanks.
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: I like freescale imx too
<ZetaNeta> I like freescale too
<ZetaNeta> I like Freescale, i like rockchip....
<ZetaNeta> I like AW
<wingrime> kenny: nonono thats ebay thing are 12V ttl rs232
<ZetaNeta> But TI been a piece of proprietary sh*t for me
<wingrime> kenny: you need 3.3 v ttl
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: I can't find so much open SoC than A10/A20
<ZetaNeta> wingrime, Not me either, thats why i want them to use it in DragonBox
* ZetaNeta just wants his gentoo
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: just wait AW's Cortex A15
<kenny> wingrime: haha, I told you I'm likely to catch the board on fire :) . When I find a 3.3v one will I hook the vcc wires up on both sides instead of leaving them free?
<wingrime> kenny: there IC to do it too
<ZetaNeta> I hope it will be released before ARM reaches 10GHz and starts to control space ships
<wingrime> kenny: max3232 uart 3.3v to 12 v converter
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: spaceshis not long time ago used "analog PC"
<ZetaNeta> "Even better"
<wingrime> kenny: also, ADUM gurantee 15kV isolation ...
<kenny> wingrime: what I (think) I'd want is a 3.3v tty <-> 3.3v tty chip... (hooking it up to an RPi). Is this right? Which ADUM chip would that be?
<kenny> wingrime: ADM3252E? (I'm mostly guessing here, I'm out of my element)
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<nazcafan> hey, is there any special setting recommended when fine tuning the kernel for A20?
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<oliv3r> rrhmm possible
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<libv> tsvetan has a very busy booth at embedded world
<libv> and rightfully so, i don't think that there is anyone there who is offering oshw
<libv> even though many more than before try to market some somethingboard
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<oliv3r> libv: awesome; did you go?
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<libv> oliv3r: it's a metro ride away :)
<libv> Turl: yeah, and they're all crap that has no community behind it
<libv> and theyr're never OSHW
<libv> Turl: that is really pointless hoarding
<libv> Turl: egbert and others tend to like to collect hw like that too
<libv> and they never ever do anything with it, and they never ever pass it on to anyone who could make good use of it
<libv> Tsvetan will however leave some leftovers with a bulgarian of another stand (as his plane is tomorrow at noon already, in the middle of the third day), so i will get some more hw that is actually going to come in handy
<Turl> libv: sunxi? neat
<Turl> didn't you get a box with all the olimex boards already though?
<libv> not all the boards :)
<Turl> libv: did you get an A10S one? :p
<Turl> they deprecated it :/
<libv> nope, no a10s
<libv> and no a13 olinuxino either
<libv> as i had bought it a year earlier, but i already passed it on to someone who wanted to demo the ease of getting gles2 running to his customer
<libv> and it somehow got forgotten in the box
<libv> he has one at the event, so if noone steals it, i get it tomorrow
<libv> tsvetan will be announcing several big things in the next weeks or months, and it's going to be quite amazing
<libv> he hasn't blogged about it yet, but he said he will soon
<Turl> neato
<Turl> a multiSoC board would be nice for server dudes
<libv> no, think small :)
<Turl> with A80, for those wanting to do virt
<Turl> libv: shrinkage of current boards?
<Turl> they have done that in the past, many times
<Turl> the other possibility I see is IoT oriented stuff :p
<libv> :)
* Turl is not the most imaginative person around
<libv> it's going to be proper WTF
<Turl> haha
<Turl> I'll be waiting then :)
<libv> he had the boards in question there, but they weren't working yet, and i am sure that he will soon blog about it
<libv> it's just too good
<Turl> libv: all OSHW as usual?
<libv> yup
<Turl> libv: EAGLE or KiCad?
<libv> i dunno
<Turl> in either case it's not like I'm gonna edit the files :p
<libv> we have enough stuff to do on other sides :)
<Turl> indeed
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<nazcafan> http://linux-sunxi.org/Manual_build_howto#Building_script.bin seems to say that I need to add the mac address of my cubietruck ethernet adapter,
<libv> nazcafan: it kind of seems that way, doesn't it?
<nazcafan> however http://linux-sunxi.org/EMAC seems to say that this applies only to A10 components
<nazcafan> A10-based boards
<nazcafan> (and F20)
<nazcafan> libv, so should I add it?
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<Turl> the gmac driver didn't read it from script.bin I think
<Turl> maybe that changed recently though
<libv> Turl: where else would it read it from?
<libv> there's an 8pin chip at the back
<libv> it could be spi flash
<nazcafan> also, the wiki seems to imply that the sunxi-kernel uses fex. My understanding was that the somehow recommended way to go was to use device tree, so is it that the 3.4 doesn't have the necessary infrastructure?
<nazcafan> (in order to implement device tree)
<nazcafan> or rather than fex and dt are used complementary in the sunxi-kernel?
<Turl> nazcafan: fex is allwinner's in house "dt competitor"
<Turl> if you're going to use linux-sunxi 3.4, you'll need fex
<nazcafan> what about linux-sunxi 3.10? (just curious)
<nazcafan> Turl, libv so if I add the mac address and it turns out I don't need it, it won't hurt, will it? or is it going to generate a binary that's utterly unworkable?
<Turl> nazcafan: nah it won't hurt
<Turl> nazcafan: 3.10 is completely experimental, it's supposed to be a fex/dt hybrid
<Turl> mainline is dt only
<wens> nazcafan: doesn't hurt
<wens> and cubietruck doesn't have SPI flash
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<nazcafan> !dict SPI
<nazcafan> ah
<nazcafan> (not here)