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<kbeckmann> I'm new to litex, soc-on-fpga and so on. Is it possible to debug e.g. a picorv32 softcore using gdb that runs on my physical fpga and if so, how? I.e. not using qemu, verilator etc. on my PC. I feel that there is a *lot* for me to learn here and I'm not really sure where to read up on all of this.
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<forksand> kbeckmann: i'm noob at this too, but I think what you're describing can be done with openocd + gdb.
<tpb> Title: OpenOCD Users Guide: GDB and OpenOCD (at
<CarlFK> forksand: "that runs on my physical fpga" ?
<forksand> CarlFK: idk. meaning running gdb on the fpga ? /me bows out....
<RaYmAn> Xilinx seems to have some special blocks for hooking into the on-chip JTAG. Maybe ECP5 has something similar?
<CarlFK> I think an answer is: linux and thus gcc and any other linux binary
<daveshah> RaYmAn: yes it has JTAGG
<daveshah> I know Sprite_tm has been playing with it here
<tpb> Title: hadbadge2019_fpgasoc/top_fpga.v at master · Spritetm/hadbadge2019_fpgasoc · GitHub (at
<kbeckmann> sorry for the confusing wording. i meant that gdb runs on my host pc and connects to the softcore's debug port using some interface, e.g. jtag or "litex bridge". seems that this little guide tells me what i want to know.
<tpb> Title: Debugging · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
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<_florent_> kbeckmann: you can probably also look at the fomu workshop:
<tpb> Title: GitHub - im-tomu/fomu-workshop: Support files for participating in a Fomu workshop (at
<kbeckmann> thanks! will do that. that looks like a great resource.
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