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<kbeckmann> _florent_: thanks for the reply! yeah that makes a lot of sense, migrating is probably a pretty high risk in its own. being able to use nMigen modules together with litex sounds like a good start.
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<somlo> daveshah: this is going to start out as a high level, dumb-user question... Back about a month ago, I used to be able to sometimes reach 60MHz for Litex+Rocket on the versa (with -abc9 -nowidelut and the xc7dsp patch, still a PR at the time). FWIW, commits were yosys #c7f1368, trellis #f692269, nextpnr #927077e.
<somlo> With recent versions (right now it's yosys #2daa568, trellis #e2e10bf, nextpnr #c365dd1 but I've been about it for the last week or so) I'm only reaching about 10MHz less on average, and couldn't hit 60MHz after running the build in a loop over the last 24+ hours.
<somlo> Is there something else I should try, flag-wise, and/or do you know of a possible explanation as to why the average Fmax would have dropped by 10MHz?
<somlo> Sorry, I know it's not a lot to go on :)
<daveshah> I can only think it's related to the 36-bit BRAM change
<daveshah> I can't think why that would reduce Fmax though
<acathla> somlo, any debug wire left somewhere?
<somlo> daveshah: maybe I'm just unlucky, 60MHz was never a straightforward, reliable outcome; it's just that I've been looping harder and longer than I remember before without managing to land on one...
<somlo> acathla: same design as before, no additional debug wires added in recent memory :)
<somlo> daveshah: maybe I should just focus on the trellis board and forget about versa -- then I won't have to '-nowidelut' to barely squeeze everything within 45k
<somlo> btw, does the 36-bit BRAM thing have an 'off' switch I could try?
<daveshah> There isn't one as I wasn't expecting regressions, but you could try removing the "PDPW" sections from
<tpb> Title: yosys/bram.txt at master · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
<daveshah> Or, reverting in its entirety
<tpb> Title: ecp5: Add support for mapping 36-bit wide PDP BRAMs by daveshah1 · Pull Request #1425 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
<somlo> daveshah: thanks, I'll give that a shot, and report back if I notice a difference...
<lolsborn> People running diamond, are you doing so using LiteX on Windows or Linux? I've had nothing but issues running it on Ubuntu, but I'm not sure what the cause is.
<daveshah> I've used LiteX with Diamond on Linux without any problems
<daveshah> What issues are you seeing? Does Diamond run alright on its own?
<lolsborn> I can find the error, but basically it was running out of stack when running synth
<daveshah> Might be a memory inference issue
<lolsborn> I have only 8gb of ram on this machine, I don't know if that is enough, but the system wasn't showing it was memory constrained when running
<lolsborn> This is what the error looks like
<tpb> Title: diamond error · GitHub (at
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<_florent_> lolsborn: strange, are you building an example target from litex-boards? I'm also using Diamond on Linux without issues
<daveshah> Seems like that error is coming from Tcl
<daveshah> Which is even odder
<daveshah> The only thing I can think of is Diamond version. I've only ever used 3.10
<lolsborn> I haven't tried synthing other designs on this machine in diamond. I'm just building the ulx3s target with picorv32. Works perfectly with Trellis.
<lolsborn> Using Diamond 3.11.0
<lolsborn> I might just try reinstalling
<lolsborn> daveshah: are you running Ubuntu?
<daveshah> No, Arch Linux
<lolsborn> I had to unpack the rpm and run the install scripts manually
<daveshah> I've previously run Diamond on Ubuntu 18.04 without issues too
<daveshah> Yep, I did the same
<lolsborn> I'll try reinstalling
<daveshah> I'd try 3.10 at the same time
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<lolsborn> will do
<lolsborn> This is where I'm at with diamond on ubuntu this seems to happen with 3.10 or 3.11 the command I am running is at the bottom
<tpb> Title: Issue with LiteX using diamond · GitHub (at
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<somlo> daveshah: after reverting yosys PR 1425 (but keeping trellis and nextpnr at yesterday's latest), I'm still hovering in the 45-50MHz Fmax
<somlo> maybe it's just that I've exhausted my quota of good luck earlier on, and now all the random seeds I end up with are balancing out the karma :)
<daveshah> I can't see anything obvious on the nextpnr side that would be causing issues
<daveshah> Could have been another Yosys change or just bad luck as you say
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<somlo> ok, I'll write it off to karma, keep spinning, while I work on migrating to the trellis board :)
<tpb> Title: fpga - Lattice iCEcube2, error synplify_pro 321 - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange (at
<_florent_> somlo: can you try to revert and rebuild? that's the only change i can think of regarding litex during last month that could impact timings
<tpb> Title: wishbone2csr: refactor using FSM, reduce latency (make it asynchronou… · enjoy-digital/litex@1425a68 · GitHub (at
<somlo> _florent_: I'll try that one next, thanks!
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<lolsborn> I finally got Diamond working, man that was painful. The only thing I think could improve in LiteX is discovery of Diamond if --gateware-tool-path is not specified. /opt/Diamond seems arbitrary since the rpm installs to /usr/local/diamond and if you create a symlink with a trailing / it breaks. The real issue on Ubuntu though is /bin/sh being a symlink to dash and breaking many of the scripts in diamond
<lolsborn> fwiw 3.11 seems to work fine
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<_florent_> lolsborn: ok good for Diamond, i'll try to add automatic discovery soon
<lolsborn> I may make a script that installs converts diamond rpm to deb, installs it and then changes all the scripts from sh to bash just because everyone in my office uses ubuntu/debian and I think it would be useful for other folks
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