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<freemangordon> parazyd: which license?
<freemangordon> not sure about the email, lets see who is going to maintain the translations on weblate
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<freemangordon> though I guess you can put yours there
<parazyd> Yeah, fine already with having mine.
<parazyd> freemangordon: Lucenses for translations. Weblate wants us to set one, and maybe it'd make sense for us to have it in the repo too
<tmlind> Wizzup: try with modprobe n_gsm debug=0xff, and leave gpsd running with some client, if you see packet messages in dmesg, it means gps hardware is still feeding data
<tmlind> Wizzup: also some versions of gpsd had a bug where only one client could be opened or the output would hang
<tmlind> that finally got fixed maybe 1 or 1.5 years ago in gpsd, sorry don't know what fixed it
<parazyd> We have 3.20 in Leste
<parazyd> That bug is fixed
<parazyd> freemangordon: I compiled all the translations packages, and updated my VM. Seems good :)
<parazyd> freemangordon: This now integrates with GitHub, and it'll magically make pull requests.
<tmlind> parazyd: i think gpsd 3.19 is still in dec, what's the maemo version again?
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<tmlind> in dev
<parazyd> tmlind: 3.20
<tmlind> oh my git tree is out of date, sorry :)
<Entitlement> parazyd - [ GitHub - maemo-leste-upstream-forks/pkg-gpsd: Packaging of gpsd for Debian ]
<tmlind> hmm sorry not sure gpsd 3.20 has the bug fixed, it's easy to verify though: start gpsd, start gpspipe -r and wait until you see data, then start another gpspipe -r and there's no data except for the initial header
<tmlind> i guess the test with maemo is: open maep and wait until you get connected, then rung gpspipe -r in a terminal
<parazyd> Wizzup: ^
<parazyd> Good to know.
<parazyd> With liblocation we actually do have a single client all the time.
<parazyd> We shouldn't have an issue with updating to 3.21 btw
<tmlind> there's nothing like a flakey gps when you need it :)
<tmlind> heh the first time i tried using d4 with gpsd few years ago.. there were too many mosquitoes and and fresh bear tracks in the moss so i gave up on reloading the modules and restarting gpsd etc that was needed back then :)
<parazyd> heh
<kek> parazyd opened a pull request: (Add boot.cfg for Droid4 and Bionic.)
<parazyd> uvos: See my comment there ^
<freemangordon> parazyd: my question about license was more like - why the question, just use the appropriate FOSS license
<parazyd> ok
<parazyd> On weblate I put GPL-2 or later.
<freemangordon> ok
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<parazyd> tmlind: btw was consensus ever reached for omap2plus_defconfig changes?
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<Wizzup> looks like I had a power event earlier this morning, rebooted leste vm
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<Wizzup> tmlind: parazyd: ok, started gpsd with gpspipe -r running and n_gsm debug=0xff
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<Wizzup> tmlind: I am still seeing data on gpsd, but it's all empty, phone is near the window, but I get no sattelites or anything for a while
<Wizzup> there is still data coming in through gpspipe and dmesg, though
<Wizzup> let me reboot and see what happens later today, maybe my phone was in a weird state still
<Wizzup> the pvr traces make it a bit harder to read dmesg :p
<Wizzup> anyway it might be something else, letting this run now
<parazyd> Wizzup: Try dmesg with -w or -W and grep
<Wizzup> it's multiline so that's hard
<parazyd> :o
<parazyd> grep -v then :D
<Wizzup> much easier to not use the screen tbh
<Wizzup> in any case it would still be helpful to also just have some more sophisicated syslog setup
<Wizzup> I think we should be able to say log all modem debug to a specific file with syslog
<Wizzup> tmlind: nvm the above, I was probably too impatient, will use it all day and repor back
<Wizzup> report back*
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ linux - Is is possible to pipe kernel messages from a specific process to a file... ]
<kek> parazyd edited a pull request: (hildon-launcher: add environment config)
<uvos_> a more sane aproche would be for someone to bisect the pvr traces no?
<Wizzup> uvos_: yes, this is independent of the pvr stuff, though
<Wizzup> uvos_: for example even just being able to log all modem traffic (which can be spammy) is helpful
<uvos_> true
<uvos_> but maybe the traces _should_ be annoying so that someone looks at it :P
<Wizzup> I cannot do this much as once, I'm trying to wrap up things rather than jump from thing to thing
<Wizzup> (not finishing them in the process :p )
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<diejuse11> does anyone know how can I get "sudo" running for an user inside chroot?
<parazyd> diejuse11: What's the current problem?
<sicelo> journalctl (for logs) :-p
<parazyd> Never! :D
<diejuse11> I am chrooting Maemo on Android. I can enter like root or like user, but when I enter like user I can't to do "sudo" because I get "sudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root? "
<parazyd> So chmod u+s path/to/sudo/binary
<parazyd> And check it's owned by root
<diejuse11> It is "s" already
<diejuse11> It is owned by root too
<parazyd> Then perhaps Android is blocking you
<uvos_> selinux
<diejuse11> I am looking for ways
<diejuse11> No luck at the moment
<uvos_> android runs selinux
<parazyd> Why do you need sudo though?
<sicelo> parazyd: lol, but it natively does what Wizzup wants to do ;-)
<diejuse11> Because I want to be able to use Maemo like user too, and install apps with sudo
<Wizzup> sicelo: syslog-ng can do the same thing
<Wizzup> parazyd: I mean we rely on sudo to work in maemo
<parazyd> diejuse11: Then as uvos_ says you should look into selinux on Android and find out if you can either make an exception or, not recommended, disable it.
<diejuse11> I know that apps like "Linux Deploy" get "sudo" usable for no root users
<diejuse11> So it should be possible and not hard
<diejuse11> By the way, I've already gotten the sound to work.
<diejuse11> Now I am trying to install apps with the GUI
<diejuse11> Video running Maemo Leste on Android will be soon
<Wizzup> sweet :)
<diejuse11> I am going fastly step by step
<Wizzup> great, please keep documentation around :)
<diejuse11> And now I need to remove errors when I try to install apps with GUI
<Wizzup> so that we can document how to do it
<kek> parazyd review_requested a pull request: (Indent)
<diejuse11> Wizzup: I am thinking of doing that, but after achieving the goals.
<diejuse11> I am playing DOSBOX games with Maemo on my Android Phone. It works perfectly
<Wizzup> diejuse11: check
<Wizzup> nice
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<kek> parazyd review_requested a pull request: (hildon-launcher: add environment config)
<tmlind> Wizzup: ok yeah leaving it on for long time is a good test, i think i did few overnight tests a while back maybe a year ago
<Wizzup> interetsing, opening the slide definitely has an effect of gps
<Wizzup> s/of/on/
<uvos_> that should be obvious
<uvos_> iirc the antenna is in the body of the device
<uvos_> the screen section contains a huge metal plate
<uvos_> that more or less goes over the antena
<uvos_> flipping the device over should have around the same effect
<Wizzup> I mean, yeah, but I didn't expect it to be particularly strong
<uvos_> tbh im supprised it works at all close
<uvos_> theres 2 metal plates beteen the gps and the sky
<Wizzup> It works better closed it seems
<uvos_> one of witch is grounded to
<uvos_> hmm
<Wizzup> but I'm inside, so it's perhaps quite arbitrary
<uvos_> thats unexpected
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<freemangordon> uvos_: they could have created a waveguide to minimize losses
<freemangordon> or there might be holes that allow microwaves to pass
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<Wizzup> I guess why we no longer get gps data is clear, but why the modem turned off - not so much
<tmlind> Wizzup: heh looks like the modem rebooted :)
<Wizzup> right, but it does cause a situation where I guess GPS is no longer activated, but keeping the gps fd open results in no further data
<Wizzup> (regardless of what caused the modem to reboot)
<tmlind> yeah ok
<Wizzup> I think ofono still thinks the modem is online, too
<tmlind> well i guess /dev/gsmtty* devices exist again after reboot?
<Wizzup> reboot of modem, or device?
<tmlind> after reboot of the modem
<Wizzup> My assumption was that they never disappeared, but I haven't checked that, ls shows:
<Wizzup> # ls /dev/gsmtty*
<Wizzup> /dev/gsmtty1 /dev/gsmtty10 /dev/gsmtty11 /dev/gsmtty12 /dev/gsmtty3 /dev/gsmtty5 /dev/gsmtty6 /dev/gsmtty7 /dev/gsmtty8 /dev/gsmtty9
<tmlind> hmm there should be firmware info etc after reboot from the modem?
<tmlind> do you have any n_gsm messages in dmesg after modem reboot?
<Wizzup> just me setting SCRN=0
<tmlind> ok sounds like we need to reinit the n_gsm stuff on modem reset
<tmlind> heading out here now, later
<Wizzup> ok, ty, ttyl
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<uvos_> freemangordon: yeah possibly
<uvos_> no holes tho
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<diejuse1> i have installed calendar widget. How can I add it to the desktop? Is the same way like adding shortcut icons?