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<kek> tvandorffy opened an issue: (Noka N9 version of Maemo Leste)
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<buZz> hmmm, my droid4 wont charge?
* buZz tries a reboot
<buZz> yep, that fixed it
<Wizzup> buZz: try replugging sometimes
<buZz> i did a bunch of times, different cables, adapters
<buZz> nothing gave me >10mA draw
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<Wizzup> are you on -devel ?
<buZz> i dont think i am
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<buZz> oh i am
<buZz> :P
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<buZz> but didnt update anything recently afaik
<buZz> at least, charging was working yesterday, didnt aptupdate/upgrade since
<Wizzup> maybe check if there is a kernel upgrade?
<buZz> will do
<buZz> just libsdl and hildon updates (oooo sdl!)
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<Wizzup> yeah the sdl build will fix some problems but causes severe problems in the lock screen currently
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<buZz> hmm, lock screen seems to work fine for me?
<Wizzup> buZz: yes, but fullscreen sdl + lock is a problem
<buZz> ahhh
<buZz> i only tried to start scummvm which still segfaulted :)
<Wizzup> buZz: yeah so I fixed scummvm but it didn't build on our CI
<Wizzup> which is caused by the armhf build machine having an aarch64 kernel
<Wizzup> we're resolving that first
<Wizzup> hopefully by today
<buZz> ahh
<Wizzup> (if you know any good arm build hw, let me know)
<Wizzup> wanted to get some solidrun machine but the shipping time is in months
<Wizzup> we're going to try a rpi4 now
<Entitlement> buZz - [ ARM Server - GIGABYTE Global ]
<buZz> not sure who sells em
<Wizzup> maybe a bit out of our price range but will take a look
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<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ HoneyComb LX2 - LX2160A 16-core Arm Workstation | SolidRun ]
<buZz> 1500 gbp and up for that 1U gigabyte there
<Entitlement> buZz - [ Gigabyte R181-2A0 (6NR1812A0MR-00) - Configure Online ]
<buZz> oh cute
<buZz> has cool hw listed too
<Entitlement> buZz - [ 96Boards - Develop & Prototype on the Latest Arm Technology - 96Boards ]
<Wizzup> I think the one you linked is intel
<buZz> the r181 is cavium thunderx
<buZz> oh huh
<buZz> horrible mess :)
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<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ SC0FQAA-B Socionext | Embedded Solutions | Single Board Computers (SBCs) - chip1... ]
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ CLUSTERBOARD with 7 SOPine compute module slots - PINE STORE ]
<Wizzup> but it does get kinda tricky then, we might have to do beowulf
<buZz> Free 32GB memory with DDR4 ECC with purchase of Socionext’s “SC0FQAA-B” solution board!!!!
<buZz> :D
<Wizzup> beowulf cluster of beowulf devuan ;)
<buZz> beowulf is kinda ancient though :P
<buZz> i think for a buildserver a single system makes more sense
<buZz> but what do i know, i rarely use CI
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ ARM Desktops ]
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<buZz> damn @ 11k desktop
<buZz> 80cores though :D
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ 32 core Marvell Cavium ThunderX ARM Desktop ]
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<tmlind> hmm how fast does it need to be?
<tmlind> if it does not have to be super fast, m1 mini running linux might do. i don't think it has 32-bit arm support if you need to compile in a chroot though, i could be wrong
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<tmlind> my m1 macbook air running linux builds kernel and modules in about 5 mins, so quite usable for building stuff
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<tmlind> i think it's thermal throttling a lot though
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Arch-TK is now known as atk
<tmlind> mostly x86 right now, but for build boxes, this is a good benchmark to watch:
<tmlind> the current generation of arm servers may be disappointing for build boxes still, single core performance sucks on them and that's needed for linking unless lld is used
<buZz> tmlind: how's the linux port for it?
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<tmlind> buZz: mainline has basic support for the cpu, driver patches missing for nvme and wlan at least. still using the corellium kernel that works with xorg
<Wizzup> tmlind: if kvm works that's fine too
<tmlind> Wizzup: folks are playing with virtualization on #asahilinux, not sure if kvm works yet, some patches went in though
<Wizzup> tmlind: hmmm ok, I am kind of looking for something that 'just works' given that I am not always physically around to reset/fix things
<Wizzup> but it's an interesting suggestion
<tmlind> Wizzup: yeah, get a remove power switch too still :)
<tmlind> s/remove/remote/
<tmlind> if 32-bit instructions don't work, m1 mini might not be that usable for m-l though
<Wizzup> well our current setup does, it's just scummvm that's particularly bad wrt build system
<buZz> 'a pile of raspi' with some remote relays etc might make a lot more sense
<buZz> financially
<buZz> or well, raspi-alike with real storage perhaps
<tmlind> yeah fast storage and preferrably at least 8GB of memory is needed to build stuff
<tmlind> rust is a different story though.. i tried building alacritty for arm and had to add a swap file despite 8GB of memory :(
<Wizzup> we'd use ata over ethernet'
<buZz> and usbethernet? :D
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<Wizzup> buZz: doesn't pi4 have gbe?
<buZz> yeah it does
<buZz> and comes in high ram modesl
<buZz> models*
<buZz> all other pis use usbethernet though
<buZz> always suprised me that -broadcom- would make a soc without networking
<Wizzup> I think I have the 8GB model here
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<uvos> wait whats the problem with crosscompiling everything on x86
<uvos> am i missing something?
<Wizzup> do you mean with qemu-user?
<uvos> no i mean with just arm-linux-gnueabihf-g* and a leste rootfs
<bencoh> just a leste rootfs won't be enough, many packages break when crosscompiling them out-of-the-box
<bencoh> but you can do what scratchbox used to do, it's just a pain to setup/optimize
<uvos> why/ how do they break
<uvos> i have done this before, addmitily with farily trival programs
<bencoh> I don't remember for every package, but you can try to build Xorg and see if it works for instance
<bencoh> it might have been fixed since then though
<Wizzup> uvos: things break (like scummvm), and I don't want to fix their broken build systems and just work on our things
<bencoh> (by out-of-the-box, I meant using the dbuild/dpkg-buildpackage crosscompiling facility)
<Wizzup> and we had it like this before: qemu-system for armv7l
<uvos> i gues the most cost efective way to do it would be to have a beefy x86 box that uses debian crosscompile suport and have jenkins build on that and then if the build fails it trys to do it on a rpi or soemthing
<uvos> should not be to hard to set up
<uvos> a beefy arm box is even less work ofc
<uvos> or a big farm of cheep sbcs
<uvos> but you will run into a package that just needs to mutch ram for a sbc eventually
<buZz> 8GB ram on pi4, uvos :)
<uvos> 8gb is tight
<Wizzup> uvos: we do it with less atm
<uvos> try compiling something like freecad
<buZz> uvos: i'd name libboost as notoriously big to build
<uvos> Wizzup: sure our packages are small atm
<Wizzup> I have a system where we can do qemu-user with armv7 btw
<Wizzup> it's NP to do that now
<Wizzup> but it's slow
<Wizzup> even if it's beefy
<Wizzup> a pi is faster
<uvos> i mean a realy quick optimization for that box is for it to try to crosscompile and then use qemu
<uvos> i dont see mutch downside to doing this
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<Wizzup> uvos: it will break in many unexpected ways, especially newer build systems are not good at cross compiling
<Wizzup> cmake used be a bad offender
<Wizzup> probably not so much anymore
<Wizzup> I'd really rather have a 'native' arch (even if it's emulated), rather than a chroot with different host arch
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ scummvm/configure at master · maemo-leste-extras/scummvm · GitHub ]
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ scummvm/configure at master · maemo-leste-extras/scummvm · GitHub ]
<Wizzup> it'll only be worse with packages we import from fremantle I think
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<uvos> Wizzup: btw regarding the n9 we should have something akin to on the hompage
<Entitlement> uvos - [ Devices - postmarketOS ]
<uvos> Wizzup: just listing that really we only "support" n900,mapphones and the pp
<uvos> Wizzup: with the rest being just testing and dont-expect-it-to-even-boot
<uvos> Wizzup: otherwise people get dissapointed
<uvos> and makes a bad image
<Wizzup> agreed
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<Wizzup> not sure if we can do it with our wiki, or if we need plugins like semantic mediawiki
<sicelo> M-L evolving too fast for me to know what's the plan ... dropping N9?
<Wizzup> sicelo: no, just state it as 'not really working atm'
<uvos> yeah right now its really hard to discover what devices acctually work
<uvos> and the level of testing and developer attention between something like the n9 target
<uvos> and the d4 target is vast
<sicelo> Last I recall parazyd was doing some N9 work
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<Wizzup> I have one too
<Wizzup> dreamer: have time to help us with our wiki? :-p
<dreamer> omg -_-
* dreamer hasn't done serious wiki-work in like 6 years
<dreamer> what do you need exactly? :)
<dreamer> (and I don't exactly have that much time to spare, but many hands make light work I guess :) )
<dreamer> apparently I do have an account on the wiki though :)
* enyc meows
* enyc thinks n900 battory failed somehow ;-( never stays on long
<uvos> enyc: possibly
<uvos> enyc: my n900 underdischarges the battery with leste
<enyc> uvos: interesting... in my case I put on external charger in any case
<uvos> ok
<uvos> but be carfull, with mapphones too
<uvos> currently leste will turn off at <3v in cases
<uvos> thats pretty bad for the batteries
<enyc> I don't understand "mapphones too"
<uvos> enyc: mapphones = the motorola devices
<enyc> i.e. droid4 and otherwise [ok]
<Wizzup> dreamer: well, I think our wiki could benefit from someone who understands it a bit better, so some semantic mediawiki stuff perhaps (maybe it's not even required)
<Wizzup> Being able to do something like this would be nice:
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ Devices - postmarketOS ]
<uvos> i would be great if we had a template for a device page
<Wizzup> dreamer: in general our wiki is a bit of a mess, but I guess nobody really took responsibility for that :p
<uvos> that forces you to specify all the values in the table of the page
<Entitlement> uvos - [ Motorola Droid Bionic - Maemo Leste Wiki ]
<Wizzup> yeah
<uvos> and then a devices page that agriates all those into a table like the pmos dievices page
<uvos> Wizzup: btw you tested a phone call on bionic right?
<uvos> so i can make that a yes on the page?
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<Wizzup> uvos: I don't think I have tested that, I can try it later tonight
<Wizzup> btw, bionic 4G, is that also only US?
<Wizzup> uvos: charging my bionic atm
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<Wizzup> uvos: btw I have two d4's from ebay that do now show the battery charging on start
<Wizzup> they just stay on the motorola logo
<Wizzup> maybe I need to flash them or something?
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<uvos> this happens with a totaly dead battery
<uvos> as in overdischarged
<uvos> the device just refuses to do anything if the battery is below 2.5v or so
<Wizzup> but it does continually show the motorola logo?
<uvos> yes
<uvos> the kernel boots
<uvos> immidatly gives up
<uvos> and then mbm reboots the device
<uvos> ad inifinitum
<uvos> so you would be at moto logo forever
<uvos> you sould be able to check this by entering fastboot mode
<uvos> it will tell you the battery is not ok
<Wizzup> ok
<uvos> if it dosent enter fastboot mode something worse is afoot
<uvos> or just transplant a battery
<uvos> i mean you have plenty :P
<Wizzup> sure
<Wizzup> less than I have devices, though
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<uvos> i could mass produce the d4 terminals to battery to wire adapters at some point
<Wizzup> :D
<dreamer> Wizzup: hmm, I'll see if I can help at least improve it a tiny bit :)
<dreamer> maybe buZz wants to help :)
<dreamer> no idea to what extend SMW would help here. is that installed?
<dreamer> indeed some compatibility tables would be nice
<dreamer> to have a single view of progress etc.
<Wizzup> yeah
<dreamer> don't see SMW installed:
<Entitlement> dreamer - [ Version - Maemo Leste Wiki ]
<dreamer> oh, I see pmOS does that with some new thing called `cargo`
<dreamer> (which just makes me think of rust ..)
<Wizzup> cargo? hmm
<dreamer> from that page you linked: `#cargo_query:`
<dreamer> which seems to be installed
<dreamer> "Cargo is an extension to MediaWiki that provides a lightweight way to store and query the data contained within the calls to templates, such as infoboxes. It is similar in concept to the Semantic MediaWiki extension, but offers a number of advantages, including ease of installation and ease of use. "
<dreamer> I'll see if I can copy/paste some things from pmOS :)
<dreamer> then you don't have to install SMW
<dreamer> and I don't have to drudge up old knowledge, but instead learn something new
<Wizzup> cool
<dreamer> I hope to have some more time in 1-2 weeks. will see if I can at least make a start at that
<dreamer> (and remind me if I don't :D)
<Wizzup> ok, great
<dreamer> Wizzup: do you want such a table on the frontpage?
<Wizzup> Maybe a 'Devices' page?
<dreamer> hmhm
<Wizzup> (Then we can decide to move it there)
<kek> MerlijnWajer closed a pull request: (allow x11 backend to type more unicode chars)
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<Wizzup> parazyd: is the arm64 pi still offline?
<Entitlement> Wizzup - [ hildon-input-method-binaries #24 Console [Jenkins] ]
<Wizzup> Is that waiting on me setting up the pi4 here?
<uvos> oh nice you merged him
<uvos> salutem would be next if you have time
<Wizzup> uvos: yeah but our CI is broken atm
<Wizzup> need to fix that first