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<d1b2> <OmniTechnoMancer> need to get it to map to LUT ram 😛
<whitequark> i think logic cells in commercial FPGAs are typically laid out by hand
<d1b2> <OmniTechnoMancer> most likely
<d1b2> <OmniTechnoMancer> but if doing an FPGA in an FPGA you can probably abuse the distributed RAM to let you program the LUT
<whitequark> oh right i see what you meant
<whitequark> totally lost the context for a moment, sorry
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<mogery> so i made something like this: and when i run the simulator i only see the wave of "a.a" in gtkwave
<mogery> how can i make the simulator display all of the as?
<mogery> oh, right. i need m.submodules, nevermind
<asu> you probably got an unused elaboratable warning, right?
<asu> i also got confused by the same thing once and i didn't really pay close attetion to the warning
<mogery> yup, i did
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<lkcl> mogery: about what jeanthom said yesterday, yes i use yosys "read_ilang {filename}" followed by "show {insert modulename which defaults to top}" a _lot_
<lkcl> you need graphviz and xdot installed.
<lkcl> if you want it to generate pdf or svg check how with "help show" in yosys
<lkcl> a useful clue that you'd missed out the "m.submodules +..." was missing would have been that, in the visual graph, the submodule instance would have been entirely missing
<lkcl> the graphs i've found to be an extremely important understanding and sanity-checking of any given design
<lkcl> consequently i set myself a rule, "if i can't understand it or read it on graphviz it's not been subdivided into small enough submodules"
<whitequark> i mean or you could look for the warning...
<whitequark> it's true that our diagnostics kind of suck
<whitequark> fortunately, newer python (than we support...) has writable .tb_next
<whitequark> we can't polyfill it on 3.6, but we can start integrating with python's native backtraces on 3.7+
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<lsneff> Got started on the software. Working on the mmapping code first, and the searching database (
<lsneff> (This is for the gtkwave replacement)
<asu> nice, did you decide what to use for gui yet? (not the rendering itself)
<asu> dear imgui would seem appropriate to me
<mogery> hmm... "NotImplementedError: Division by a signed value is not supported"
<mogery> how could i get around this?
<mogery> or rather, what's a good way to implement signed divison
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> save the sign of the numerator and divisor, and flip the sign of the result if numerator_neg ^ divisor_neg
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> abs(signal) actually takes the absolute value of a signal in an efficient manner (as far as I can tell)
<Lofty> For what it's worth, while nmigen *could* lower to a Yosys $div cell, you'd end up with a combinational division, which is, um, quite slow.
<whitequark> nmigen *should* lower to that cell
<whitequark> mostly useful for simulation, of course. pretty fast on cxxrtl :)
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> does nmigen have a way to annotate multi-cycle processes?
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> actually can yosys/nextpnr handle them?
<whitequark> nope, too low-level for that
<whitequark> either of these tools
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> ah, ok
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> so you would probably go sync -> sync and just manually verify that the failed timing looks about right?
<whitequark> hang on
<whitequark> *those* multicycle processes
<whitequark> i was thinking of something entirely different and irrelevant
<whitequark> ok, so nmigen and yosys don't necessarily care
<whitequark> as far as i'm concerned, a multicycle process is just a clock domain with a related clock
<whitequark> it would be mostly on nextpnr to support that
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> ah, ok. Not planning on doing that any time soon, so it's not super concerning to me, but I'm just curious
<mogery> if i do abs(self.a.as_signed()) // abs(self.b.as_signed()) it still thinks it's a signed value and errors out on me
<mogery> abs(self.a.as_signed()).as_unsigned() // abs(self.b.as_signed()).as_unsigned() doesn't work because "AttributeError: 'Operator' object has no attribute 'as_unsinged'"
<lsneff> asu: I haven't decided yet. Imgui would be fine, iced is also a good choice.
<whitequark> "as_unsinged" should be "as_unsigned". typo.
<mogery> :facepalm:
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