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<whitequark> _whitelogger: \o/
<whitequark> mnemoc: http://irclog.whitequark.org/radxa done.
<mnemoc> whitequark: thanks!
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<mnemoc> my radxa rock arrived!
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<utente> mnemoc, you dammned! im gelous my one still on travel :D
<mnemoc> mine is still officially in frankfurt :p
<mnemoc> but was just delivered here in potsdam (near berlin)
<utente> mine stil in "swden post" :-)
<Adibek> my radxa arived yesterday it is already rooted and flashed with recovery boot from SD card and im working with buld linux from ubuntu 13.04 armhf rootfs
<tonikasch> Adibek which kernel source?
<utente> Adibek, tell me better about "recovery boot"? what does it means/works?
<mnemoc> utente: .cn -> bulk swedish post office in .hk -> .sg -> .se (real posting happens) -> europe
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<morfoh> moin
<Adibek> kernel 3.0.36+ and recovery from Victor
<tonikasch> Victor?
<tonikasch> do you have the url of the repository?
<tonikasch> ahh, ok, you downloaded the precompiled kernel from Galland's blog?
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<Adibek> who know how to build module for rtl8188etv ?
<Adibek> i have https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8188eu sources and git with kernel
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<tonikasch> Adibek: mmm, you'll need kernel sources for that
<Adibek> i have
<Adibek> i have problems with ethernet ??? one time i have link up and working other time link is almost up and ping to net are death
<naobsd> ethernet works fine after cold boot, but after warm boot(reboot), link up, down, up, ... happen
<Adibek> but how to make cold boot if i run linux after reboot recovery from SD
<tonikasch> :P
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<Adibek> naobsd super news but how now to use this on my Rock ? booting linux from recovery i can only load modules , zImage of kernel is in the recovery image , so i have to update recovery image first ??
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<Adibek> can i use https://github.com/linux-rockchip/rockchip-3.0.git branch rockchip-3.0 to compile kernel for my Rocky ???
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