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<naobsd> ganbold: congrat! :)
<ganbold> naobsd: you saw that :)
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<hipboi> ganbold_, oh, freebsd is already running?
<ganbold_> hipboi: yes :) it was today :)
<hipboi> ganbold_, good work
<hipboi> ganbold_, i will write a post :)
<ganbold_> hipboi: only basic stuffs, gpio, dwc usb host mode :)
<hipboi> ganbold_, good start is half of success
<naobsd> hipboi: did you try bootable SD card making tool in SDK? I tried, but I can't select removable media :(
<hipboi> naobsd, the bootable sd is a disaster
<hipboi> naobsd, i heard of other Chinese engineer in Shenzhen complain about it
<naobsd> disaster? it doesn't work?
<naobsd> oh :(
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<hipboi> naobsd, wait, you can't select removable media?
<hipboi> naobsd, i can make a bootable sd card
<naobsd> yes, I inserted USB card reader with SD card etc, but nothing is appeared in selection area
<naobsd> mmm
<hipboi> naobsd, it should not be
<naobsd> I tried Win7
<hipboi> naobsd, i use vbox under linux
<naobsd> which Windows ver.?
<hipboi> xp
<naobsd> hmm.. ok, I'll try my old slow PC...
<naobsd> with XP
<naobsd> I wish it will boot ;)
<hipboi> naobsd, i can boot from sd card
<hipboi> naobsd, but there seems not much output from the serial console
<naobsd> hipboi: very nice.
<naobsd> hipboi: I can see USB card reader on XP :)
<naobsd> I understand there are 3 kind of card it can make
<naobsd> for upgrade, for running system on SD card... and what's PCBA Test...?
<naobsd> probably I only want for "SD Boot", don't care other options ;)
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<naobsd> hmm, sd card for upgrade(flashing?) can run kernel/recovery, but sd card for boot stop after bootloader loaded (bootloader says No parameter)
<naobsd> it's nice because Windows is not needed anymore for mask rom mode
<naobsd> but it seems not perfect ;)
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